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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Ô nhiễm không khí: Vấn đề không của riêng ai

khiến con người bị trầm cảm và rối loạn cảm xúc lưỡng cực đấy...

"There's quite a few known triggers (for mental illness) but pollution is a new direction,"

"Research on dogs and rodents (loài gặm nhấm) shows air pollution can get into the brain and cause inflammation which results in symptoms (triệu chứng) resembling (giống như) depression. It's quite possible that the same thing happens in humans."

...The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that air pollution kills 7 million people each year - equivalent to 13 deaths every minute - more than the combined total of war, murder, tuberculosis (bệnh nhiễm khuẩn làm hao mòn dần sức khoẻ (xuất hiện những khối u trên mô của cơ thể, nhất là phổi); bệnh lao), HIV, AIDs and malaria (sốt rét).

It could shorten the life expectancy of children born today by an average of 20 months,

Increasing concern over the issue has seen cities including Paris, Bogota, and Jakarta experiment with car-free days (ngày ko xe hơi).

Tương ớt bá đạo

thảo nào hôm nào ăn tương Sriracha là cứ thấy high high

Four people have been arrested (bị bắt giữ) after allegedly (bị cáo buộc) trying to sneak 400 kilograms (880 lb) of methamphetamine into Australia in hundreds of bottles of Sriracha-branded hot sauce.

The boxes -- which were sent by freight from the United States to Sydney -- were declared as containing bottles of the chilli sauce. But testing by the Australian Border Force earlier this month found the bottles contained large amounts of meth, which has an estimated potential street value of over 300 million Australian dollars ($208 million). In Australia, the street drug is colloquially (thông tục) known as "ice."

"This has been a complex investigation and we know the methylamphetamine in this import was headed for a clandestine (giấu giếm, bí mật) lab in the Sydney Metropolitan area for the extraction process to occur,"...

"Truyền kỳ Mạn lục" có gì hay?

“Quạt hơi dương vào hang tối, thả khí nóng tới mầm khô” :)), hat tip to Linh Hoang Vu,

Cô gái chặn đường
Miền Nam hy sinh vì điều gì?

"Out of countenance" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Caleb Woods on Unsplash

"Out of countenance" có từ countenance là sắc mặt -> cụm từ này nghĩa là khó chịu, xấu hổ.

Ví dụ
Is so appropriate (hợp lý) to its surroundings that it seems to have grown out of them by some process of nature, and it is equally appropriate to its purpose. It explains itself at once as a gentleman’s summer home, but with a simplicity (giản dị) which does not put the humblest (khiêm tốn) village neighbor out of countenance.

There it is, right there in the middle of the nicest man in film's otherwise kind and straightforward (trung thực, thẳng thắn) face, and it puts Meg Ryan badly out of countenance.

In truth, Grandma was out of countenance in the face of sloppy decorating, and some family members greeted the season of midnight embellishing (làm đẹp) with a slightly heavy heart.

Ngọc Lân

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