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Saturday, March 7, 2020

"Put into effect" nghĩa là gì?

Xâm nhập trái phép là bắn bỏ luôn. Photo by Specna Arms on Unsplash

"Put/bring (something) into effect" hoặc "put something into force" = đưa vào thực hiện -> thực hiện, thực thi điều gì (chính sách, luật lệ).

Ví dụ
That data, represented (được thể hiện) here, shows how concentrations (nồng độ) of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a pollutant (chất gây ô nhiễm), dropped sharply between early January and late February over China — just as quarantines (cách ly) and business restrictions (hạn chế) were put into force.

Under the policy (chính sách) bring into effect in January 2019, most non-Mexicans who seek asylum (xin tị nạn) at U.S. border checkpoints (trạm kiểm soát biên giới) or while crossing the border illegally (bất hợp pháp) are sent back to Mexico to await further hearings on their claims (yêu sách).

OPEC also said voluntary cuts (cắt giảm tự nguyện) of an estimated 2.1 million barrels a day, already in place, should be continued for the rest of the year. If all the existing (hiện có) and suggested (được đề xuất) cuts are put into effect, OPEC and its allies (đồng minh) will have removed close to 4 percent of supply from the market.

Thu Phương

"Of no effect" nghĩa là gì?

Xin hãy hạn chế đến nơi đông người vào thời gian này. Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

"Of/to no effect" = không ảnh hưởng gì -> có kết quả không như mong đợi, không hiệu quả, không có kết quả.

Ví dụ
The contribution (đóng góp) of randomization (sự ngẫu nhiên hóa) to formal inference (kết luận) is most clear when expressed in terms of the test of no effect.

Importantly, it would have little to no effect on living standards (mức sống) because while economic growth (tăng trưởng kinh tế) might slow overall, gross domestic product (tổng sản phẩm quốc nội - GDP) per person would be little changed.

"There have been calls by some in our community (cộng đồng) to close schools, shutter businesses (đóng cửa hàng), or cancel events because of the mere threat of the virus coming to Pima County, not just when there is a confirmed case here," the group said. "Doing so will only cause severe economic and social disruption (gián đoạn) beyond what we will already experience and will have little to no effect on containing (ngăn chặn) the spread of this virus. We don’t close schools due to the flu, and we’re going through a pretty bad flu season currently, and we shouldn’t close schools and the like for COVID-19."

Thu Phương

"Have an effect on" nghĩa là gì?

Hãy tự biết cách bảo vệ mình, thay vì quá sợ hãi trước thông tin về dịch bệnh. Photo by Burst from Pexels 

"Have an effect on (someone or something)" = gây ảnh hưởng lên ai hoặc điều gì. "Have a bad effect (on someone or something)" nghĩa là có ảnh hưởng xấu. 

Ví dụ 
Coronavirus hasn't reached Iowa, but it's already having an effect on the state. State and local officials (quan chức) are evaluating a range of considerations (cân nhắc) this week about Iowans' ability to do regular things like work, learn and congregate (tụ họp).

I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome -Hội chứng ruột kích thích) and was concerned that the yogurt culture I was eating may be having a bad effect due to my sensitivity (nhạy cảm) to Dairy products. So, I considered using Kombucha as a substitute probiotic (lợi khuẩn). 

How can the state keep $9.75 billion tourism industry (ngành du lịch) healthy in Utah while the coronavirus is having a bad effect on travel? State leaders (lãnh đạo nhà nước) say they’ve already seen the coronavirus impact on tourism, and they’re trying to prevent the virus from keeping people away. 

Thu Phương 

Bài trước: "Sell on credit" nghĩa là gì? 

Đồ chơi của tỷ phú

trước khi trở thành công cụ của cảnh sát, phần mềm nhận diện khuôn mặt Clearview được tỷ phú John Catsimatidis (sở hữu chuỗi cửa hàng tạp hóa Gristedes) dùng để phát hiện nhanh người hẹn họ với con gái mình là ai...
One Tuesday night in October 2018, John Catsimatidis, the billionaire owner of the Gristedes grocery store chain, was having dinner at Cipriani, an upscale Italian restaurant in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, when his daughter, Andrea, walked in. She was on a date with a man Mr. Catsimatidis didn’t recognize. After the couple sat down at another table, Mr. Catsimatidis asked a waiter to go over and take a photo.

Mr. Catsimatidis then uploaded the picture to a facial recognition app, Clearview AI, on his phone. The start-up behind the app has a database of billions of photos, scraped from sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Within seconds, Mr. Catsimatidis was viewing a collection of photos of the mystery man, along with the web addresses where they appeared: His daughter’s date was a venture capitalist (nhà đầu tư mạo hiểm) from San Francisco.

“I wanted to make sure he wasn’t a charlatan (kẻ bất tài mà hay loè bịp; kẻ lang băm),” said Mr. Catsimatidis, who then texted the man’s bio to his daughter.

Trump không phải tổng thống Mỹ đầu tiên Sanders đối đầu

năm 1988, thượng nghị sĩ bernie sanders khi đó là thị trưởng Burlington đã đến Xô viết để kết nối 'thành phố chị em' với thành phố Yaroslavl, thách thức kế hoạch di tản tránh chiến tranh hạt nhân của chính quyền tổng thống reagan, nói rằng: mục tiêu là ko có chiến tranh hạt nhân, chứ ko phải là lên kế hoạch và chuẩn bị cho nó...

...“Mayor Sanders was proud to join dozens of American cities in seeking to end the Cold War through a Sister Cities program that was encouraged by President Reagan himself,” a Sanders campaign spokesman, Mike Casca, said in a statement. “The exchange between Burlington and Yaroslavl, which continues to this day, confirmed Sanders’s long held view: by meeting face to face, we can break down the barriers (phá vỡ các rào cản; dỡ bỏ hàng rào) and stereotypes that exist between people and their governments.”

Mr. Sanders’s involvement in the Cold War debate grew in the 1980s as he forcefully opposed the Reagan administration’s plans to have Burlington and other American cities make evacuation plans (kế hoạch di tản/sơ tán) for a potential nuclear war (chiến tranh hạt nhân có khả năng xảy ra).

Instead, Mr. Sanders reached out to the Soviet Union via an organization based in Virginia, requesting a sister-city partnership with the Cold War adversary in an effort to end the threat (nỗ lực chấm dứt mối đe dọa) of nuclear annihilation.

“We were saying: The goal is to not have a nuclear war, not to plan and prepare for it,” 

"Play God" nghĩa là gì?

Papa. Photo by  Igor Rodrigues

"Play God" = Đóng vai Chúa -> Chỉ người có ảnh hưởng lớn đến cuộc sống, hạnh phúc và cả cuộc đời bạn; chỉ người cứ tỏ ra mình là nhất có quyền quyết định tất cả.

Ví dụ
"But most often than not, it is almost like you play God and you go, ‘Hmm, I want to create this human that exists. But this human likes these things, this human is moved by these things, this human is passionate’. This person exists somewhere in the world. I think most people view casting as directors finding the actors. I think often, it is the actors finding us.

Singapore is not an isolated community in a far-flung corner of the planet. And we learnt that very well when SARS hit us in 2003, that viruses can spread fast and furious on this small congested island of 5 million people in unending contact with visitors and businessmen and workers from all parts of the world. The public stocks of essential medical items should have been checked and monitored all the time and not to be hogged by anyone. Make it easier and not unnecessarily difficult for all Singaporeans to take care of themselves. Don’t draw lines and play God.

The second temptation is more insidious (quỷ quyệt, xảo quyệt), the destruction of God as the source, centre and end of all things. Set in The Temple the devil carefully juxtaposes (đặt cạnh nhau) Jesus role as the coming saviour with our great spiritual temptation (sự cám dỗ tâm linh), the subtler one to manipulate religious faith to suit our own ends, to demonise and control others, or worse still to make God in our own image, exactly what the first reading from genesis tells us in the story of Adam and Eve' sinful behaviour. The antidote (cái trừ tà, thuốc giải độc) is clear: do not play God with God and remember who you are, God's creation and one of God's friends!

Ka Tina

"Flog it to death" nghĩa là gì?

Thôi chán rồi, đi đây. Photo by: Vera Arsic on Pexels

"Flog something to death" = quất (cái gì) đến chết -> nghĩa là bàn tán, lải nhải mãi về một vấn đề khiến ai đó phát chán, không còn hứng thú nữa.

Ví dụ
They know one thing, which they flog to death. “Donald Trump is the brassiest thought leader in existence,” says Drezner. His book makes a plea for the return of the public intellectual (trí tuệ). But he concedes (thừa nhận) it is a tall order.

I wanted to get out of this last 10 years of what we were doing. It was so routine (theo lịch trình). It was like, go to the studio, do an album, go out on the road, go round the world and flog it to death, and by the time you came back it was time to do another album.

“The question is how do you make another Angry Birds?” said Richard Holway, chairman of TechMarketView. “You’ve really got to be extremely careful in the way you do it because you can flog it to death and people will get fed up (chán nản).”

Ngọc Lân

"A domino effect" nghĩa là gì?

Một cây đổ sẽ làm đổ tất cả. Photo by Kurt:S

"A domino effect" = hiệu ứng domino. Đây là một phản ứng chuỗi xảy ra khi một thay đổi nhỏ tại điểm gốc của hệ có thể gây ra những thay đổi tương tự tại các điểm lân cận, từ đó lan tỏa ra các điểm xa hơn và tạo ra một chuỗi thay đổi tuyến tính. Nói đơn giản hơn là một tác động nhỏ xíu có thể gây ra một thay đổi vô cùng lớn.

Ví dụ
Losing him could spark (gây ra) a domino effect whereby some other key players (cầu thủ quan trọng) follow suit, and also head for the exits.

Nadine Houghton, GMB National Officer, said: "These unfolding developments are a tragedy (thảm kịch) not only for Flybe's loyal workforce (nhân viên), but a domino effect now puts 1,400 jobs in the wider supply chain (chuỗi cung ứng) at immediate risk and threatens the future of vital regional airports."

For one South Korean multinational company (công ty đa quốc gia) that makes smartphone components (linh kiện used by Apple Inc. and LG Electronics Inc., the coronavirus epidemic is dealing blow after blow (đòn liên tiếp). “The virus has a domino effect on suppliers (nhà cung cấp),” a senior executive (giám đốc điều hành) at the firm said. “I just look up to the sky and sigh.”

Thu Phương

"Sell on credit" nghĩa là gì?

Hàng này chắc chắn không cho cà thẻ rồi. Photo by Macarena Rivera Cruz

"Sell (something) on credit" = bán dùng thẻ tín dụng -> người bán cho phép người mua trả bằng thẻ tín dụng.

Ví dụ
American exporters (nhà xuất khẩu) that depended completely on the European demand (nhu cầu), started to sell on credit.

Rural lands (vùng nông thôn) may also be sold at auction (bán đấu giá) or by private contract (hợp đồng tư nhân), but lots of first-class land may not be sold on credit if less than £15.

A factor or merchant (thương gia), who buys or sells upon commission (ăn tiền hoa hồng), or as an agent for others, for a certain allowance, may, under certain circumstances (trường hợp), sell on credit, without any special authority (thẩm quyền) for that purpose, though, as a general rule, an agent for sale must sell for cash, unless he has express authority to sell on credit.

Thu Phương

40 năm không quên

người dân làng Mullaghmore ở hạt Sligo của Ireland không thể "chạy trốn" khỏi sự kiện IRA khủng bố ngày 27/8/1979 giết chết Lord Louis Mountbatten - tổng trấn cuối cùng của ấn độ (chú của vương tế Philip, công tước xứ Edinburgh)

The remembrance (lễ tưởng nhớ) will be held on a grassy hill overlooking the Atlantic waters where the IRA bomb exploded (bom nổ) on a clear sunny morning 40 years ago, killing Lord Louis Mountbatten and three companions (người đồng hành).

There will be prayers (lời cầu nguyện) and hymns (hát thánh ca), recollections (hồi tưởng) and tributes (vật tặng, lời nói để tỏ lòng kính trọng; cái để tỏ lòng tôn kính), messages and flowers, a small, intimate affair.

But for Mullaghmore, a village in County Sligo on Ireland’s north-west coast, it may feel on Tuesday as if the whole world is watching. And perhaps judging (đánh giá).

...Instead of celebrating Mullaghmore’s beauty an endless stream of books, documentaries  (phim tài liệu) and articles (bài báo) – including this one – stigmatise (làm nổi rõ tính cách (xấu); bêu xấu (ai); đóng dấu sắt nung vào (người nô lệ)) the community and force it to revisit the tragedy (thảm họa), said McGowan. “You’re a plague. We get our snouts pushed into it whether we want to or not.”...

"Play out" nghĩa là gì?

"Play out" = Tiến hành cho tới khi hoàn thành; chơi cho đến hết; thấy điều gì chán/không hấp dẫn nữa vì chơi hết rồi; cạn kiệt.

Ví dụ
While the country has touted its “remarkable diagnostic and treatment abilities,” vice health minister Kim Gang-lip said, “It’s not easy to make predictions about how the situatio would play out.”

"These circumstances don't play out like this very often," Baldelli said. "These situations don't come up, and we know how important that is to our guys. But as far as playing in the game, I don't think it's necessarily good to send [Polanco] out there in unusual circumstances for him to go play in those games. Because everything will be a little bit different and a little bit unknown. I don't think rushing him out there to do that is something that we'd want."

Earlier this week we told you not to automatically buy on the dip. We’d hang on to some of that sense of caution. We don’t yet know how serious Covid-19 will turn out to be. But we do know that the disruption it has already caused is going to take some time to play out. The obvious casualties of the nasty combination of supply and demand shocks are all around us – anything to do with travel or anyone working with a complicated supply chain, for example. Who wants to go on a cruise, take a tour of Italy or fly to France for a three-day property investment conference right now?

Ka Tina

"Play on heartstrings" nghĩa là gì?

"Play on (one's) heartstrings" = kích động/cố gắng có những tình cảm sâu sắc nhất của ai, làm cho ai hết sức cảm động.

Ví dụ
Mike meets with Walter and tells him that he needs to consider selling his company by trying to earn his trust. He found about his loss and tries to play on his heartstrings and win his trust before it is too late. Harvey tells Logan he needs to move quick if he wants the deal to happen.

It is a tangible (có thật, rõ ràng) impact. It is also not very flashy. If you look at the donations driven by recent social media crazes, they are very sensational or they play on your heartstrings. But at the end of the day, what really is done? I like conserving land because it is very real and the impact is permanent, or as close to that as possible.

"Star 1117" really showcases their vocal abilities. Or, at least, their ability to emote. Which is right on point here, actually. They do a good job of translating heartbreak and profound emotions (cảm xúc sâu sắc) into vocals and play on your heartstrings. The song "Precious" is a push and pull between soft and hard, with raps filling out quite a few of the main verses. It's quite an epic-sounding song, possessing a gravitas the lyrics don't quite match. It's still a great tune, though.

Ka Tina

"Play off against" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Joseph Pearson

"Play (someone) off against (someone)" = Thao túng/điều khiển hai phe đối lập để họ chống đối và cạnh tranh với nhau để đạt mục đích riêng/hưởng lợi cho mình.

Ví dụ
We’ll make it a priority of our reporting in 2020 to take a critical look at these reports and to play them off against each other to really try to understand what it happening with global democracy – and if this is something that can even be properly measured.

The U.S. will find it difficult to collaborate with other trade partners, such as Europe, to cordon off China and push them to change, Cramer said. Europeans, he said, would be more willing to come to terms with the Chinese — if it means that BMW and Mercedes Benz in Germany can take market share from Ford and General Motors. “There’s no way to form a united front against China on trade because they can play us off against each other,” Cramer said.

However, while his rivals on the right, like his then-Education Minister Naftali Bennett or former aide-cum-archrival Lieberman, started to jockey for pole position, both they and possibly Netanyahu overlooked the critical flaw in his decades-long strategy. In his quest to minimize challenges to his position and policies, Netanyahu had played a tactically brilliant game of divide and conquer (chế ngự). He dangled ministry appointments to coax adversaries into quiescence (sự yên lặng, thụ động) or foils to play them off against each other.

Ka Tina

"Play musical chairs" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Kyle Smith

"Play musical chairs" = Chơi trò giành ghế âm nhạc -> (nghĩa bóng, thường mỉa) tình hình trong đó người ta thường lần lượt có được một cái gì, nhất là việc làm; sắp xếp/đổi vị trí của những nhóm người trong tổ chức hoặc công ty nào đó; di chuyển xung quanh đổi từ vị trí này sang vị trí khác.

Ví dụ
Zeller drew the start once again as Charlotte Hornets' Head Coach James Borrego continues to play musical chairs with the center position.

Spring football is often a time when offensive line coaches like to experiment with their lineups and switch players to different spots so they can figure out what to do when injuries occur. New Miami Hurricanes offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee explained Tuesday why he and new offensive line coach Garin Justice would prefer “not to have to play musical chairs” over the next few weeks.

Ross continues to play musical chairs with a group that includes incumbents David Bote and Daniel Descalso; top-rated prospect Nico Hoerner; and non-roster invitees Jason Kipnis (who is a Northbrook native, something you probably didn’t know) and Hernán Pérez. That’s without considering Robel Garcia, Carlos Asuaje, or Trent Giambrone, the latter of whom leads the whole group with a .412 average (10-for-17) this spring.

Ka Tina

"Play kissy-face" nghĩa là gì?

"Play kissy-face" = Hôn ai đắm đuối ở nơi công cộng; làm cho mình được yêu mến bằng cách nịnh hót/bợ đỡ họ; cư xử rất thân thiết/gần gũi với ai để đạt ân huệ hay mục đích của mình (thường là khi để bắt đầu một mối quan hệ hoặc hợp tác kinh doanh với ai).

Ví dụ
Don't play “kissy face” in church. While it is wonderful to go to church with the one you love, it is not the place for public displays of affection.

“For me and a woman in my life there’s got to be a lot of trust and she has to trust me and I have to make sure she knows that I got her back,” he explains. “But what I do for a living means (kế sinh nhai), one of the perks, or job requirements is I get to play kissy face a little bit.”

Considering DJ Khaled pulled out all the stops to promote Father of Asahd — even going so far as to play kissy-face with Gayle King on CBS This Morning — one would think he’d have something impressive to deliver. But when the album dropped, we all realized he’d been doing the same thing since 2006. And while that sound and overloaded list of features then, it’s become stale and boring in what is about to be 2020.

Ka Tina

Chắc phải đoạt giải Nobel

nhà khoa học tạo rùa cái 3D để nghiên cứu sở thích làm tình của rùa đực, và khẳng định con đực thích... làm tình với con cái to hơn :D

...‘If a typical male encounters many females of varying sizes, which happens because of the unusual overwintering habits of this species, and cannot possibly mate with all of them, he should prefer to mate with the larger ones,’ Bulté wrote in an article summarizing the experiment in The Conversation.

Bulté and his team used a 3D printer to create two artificial female ‘sex dolls’ to test the reaction from males in the mood for mating.

"Play in Peoria" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Raúl Nájera

"Play in Peoria" = Chơi ở Peoria -> Được chấp nhận/xuất hiện như một người tiêu dùng/yếu tố bình thường, tiêu thụ viên/các thành phần cấu tạo bình thường. Peoria, Illinois thường được coi là biểu tượng về thị hiếu, hệ thức tư tưởng hoặc góc nhìn/quan điểm chung của cả nước Mỹ.

Ví dụ
A groundbreaking play set in the 1950's is set to play in Peoria. Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun" opens at the Peoria Players Theatre this weekend and runs March 6-15th.

To his credit, he now admits to letting career plans cloud his thinking during his earliest days in Congress. He says he didn’t think gay would play in Peoria — not when voters would head to the ballot box.

Peoria’s film scene is continuing to grow. A movie is set to be shot in Peoria this summer. If you’ve wanted to act in a movie, here’s your shot. A local filmmaker is taking parts of her father’s childhood, and turning it into a movie. She wants local actors to show the world not only can it play in Peoria, but it can be made in Peoria.

Ka Tina

"Play hob with" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Rad Pozniakov

"Play hob (cọc ném vòng, dao phay lăn) with (someone or something)" = Chơi trò xấu với ai; quấy rầy/làm phiền ai; phá ai.

Ví dụ
"Golly, mightn't this play hob with the accusation that Donald Trump is the one inciting riots?" HotAir's Ed Morrissey wrote. "This is yet another example of how the leftist media is legitimizing the kind of mayhem we saw in San Jose yesterday," argued InfoWars' Paul Joseph Watson.

One might as well explain this as the wealthy donor base attempting to seize direct control of the primary. Tom Steyer certainly made that attempt himself, even if he turned out to be spectacularly inept at it. Bloomberg will likely have more success — he might be able to fund a grassroots organization based on his existing Everytown gun-control group — but it’s tough to see the populist progressives controlling the party at the moment falling in love with one of the biggest billionaires in the world. Especially if he’s coming in to buy the nomination, which might play hob with their EAT THE RICH! message.

I should probably mention here, to avoid unnecessary confusion, that I’m not one of those latter people. I learned enough about energy flow and the laws of thermodynamics (nhiệt động) many years ago to realize that if you dump billions of tons of infrared-trapping gases into Earth’s atmosphere, you’re going to play hob with the delicate energy balance that maintains Earth’s climate in its present condition. The fact that Earth’s climate has changed drastically in the past, without benefit of human interference (sự can thiệp), simply shows how stupid it is to tamper with a system so obviously vulnerable to destabilization (việc làm mất ổn định).

Ka Tina

"Play havoc with" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Amit Jain

"Play havoc with" = Tàn phá, gây rắc rối và làm gián đoạn công việc của ai.

Ví dụ
The boiler failures also play havoc with the hot water supply at the Williamsburg Houses, forcing residents to take cold showers or use stoves and pots to heat up water on their own.

The biggest detractors to any effort for Iowa to go it alone and become a year-round daylight saving time island in a Midwest region surrounded by the time-switching status quo were representatives of the broadcast industry who worry the change would play havoc with their programming schedules.

The fallout from Fico’s and Muscat’s alleged activities seems to confirm an observation that global institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have made for several years: endemic (dịch địa phương) corruption can play havoc with countries’ political and even macroeconomic stability (sự ổn định kinh tế vĩ mô) – not least because of its capacity to generate public discontent, particularly among young people. Moreover, one need only reflect on US President Donald Trump’s treatment of Ukraine in the past year to see how alleged assaults on the rule of law can become a strategic problem. When a national leader acts in this way, even a powerful state with robust democratic institutions can struggle to implement a coherent (mạch lạc, chặt chẽ) foreign policy.

Ka Tina

"Play hardball with" nghĩa là gì?

"Play hardball with" = Ném bóng chày vào mặt ai -> Hành động/phản ứng quyết liệt và hung hãn với ai về một vấn đề hoặc để đạt điều gì.

Ví dụ
BORIS JOHNSON has ordered his Brexit team to find ways round the Northern Ireland protocol, as he prepares to play hardball with Brussels in the forthcoming trade talks.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had good reason to play hardball with Moscow, instead he showed subservience (sự giúp ích, phụ thuộc, khúm núm) to Russia, wrote Tom Logan in the Washington Examiner on Friday.

Manchester United are reportedly playing hardball with Roma over the transfer of Chris Smalling. The defender has impressed while on loan with the Serie A side, while he’s also thought to have settled well in the Italian capital. He’s featured 24 times for them this season, scoring twice.

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"Play freeze out" nghĩa là gì?

"Play freeze out" = Làm cho không gian/địa điểm lạnh vô cùng với mục đích ép ai đó thừa nhận mình quá lạnh và cho họ ra rìa/bị loại; mở cửa sổ/cửa chính/giảm nhiệt độ để làm ai đó lạnh.

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We'd roll all the windows down in the winter and play freeze-out, doing 80 in a 40mph zone.

With temperatures in the teens, Matthews cracked his window to make the guys in the backseat – Mathews and Layman -- uncomfortable. Hopkins followed his lead, and within seconds all four windows were cracked. "Then, somebody said, "Let's play freeze out,'' Mathews said. A friendly bet ensued. Moments later, all four windows were down as the car hopped on the Interstate. Matthews then took his jacket off to up the ante, before taking off his shirt off. The other three players followed suit. A bet is a bet, after all. Then it was cranked up another notch: Matthews turned on the air conditioner.

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Bạn có đọc được bài này không?

thuốc chữa rối loạn cương dương có thể gây tác hại đến thị giác...

Erectile dysfunction drugs can lead to prolonged retinal ((giải phẫu) (thuộc) màng lưới, (thuộc) võng mạc (mắt)) dysfunction (rối loạn),

“Sildenafil, also known as the little blue pill (viên kim cương màu xanh) or Viagra, is a common medication (thuốc chữa phổ biến) for men who need a little downstairs perk-me-up, but Turkish researchers noted a pattern of male patients whom (sic) took the pill suffering from all sorts of visual disturbances (rối loạn thị giác).”

Study authors report patients experienced blurred (mờ, nhòe) vision, light sensitivity and color-vision disturbances, including “intensely blue colored vision with red/green color blindness (mù màu)” after taking the highest recommended dose of Sildenafil, which was originally developed as a treatment for high blood pressure (cao huyết áp).

"A dead cert" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: bruce mars on Unsplash

"A dead cert" -> nghĩa là người hoặc vật chắc chắn sẽ chiến thắng, thành công.

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Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: "Perri Kiely has already broken betting records and he's a dead cert to win Dancing on Ice on Sunday if the latest odds are anything to go by."

The Canaries are rock bottom of the division – a dead cert for relegation (loại bỏ) to be honest. Defeat on Friday all but guarantees them dropping down to the Championship next season. Rodgers will not want his players to ruin (làm hỏng) an opportunity for a win, therefore his team selection must be spot on.

While more than two-thirds of fans looking for BTS tickets are female, women aged between 18 and 24 now account for just 29% of demand for the tour to promote (quảng bá) the new album, down from a height of 49% in 2018. The sales of the new material are said to reflect this too as the album touches 4 million pre-orders (đặt trước) globally, making it a dead cert for a Billboard chart-topper.

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"A string of bad luck" nghĩa là gì?

Nghe nói cầm cái lá này theo người thì sẽ may mắn :) Photo by: Amy Reed on Unsplash

"A string of bad luck" = chuỗi vận đen -> nghĩa là các sự việc rủi ro, tai họa nối tiếp nhau xảy ra.

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"I have to ask for help": Veteran (cựu chiến binh) going through a string of bad luck needs help. At first glance (cái liếc nhìn) inside Zach Schomaker’s apartment (căn hộ), all seems well for the 30-year-old Army veteran, but looks can be deceiving.

She was only too happy to say yes – after finding her Prince Charming after a string of bad luck early on into the series. There’s no denying the chemistry between them, and the pair revealed that when filming wrapped, one of the first things they did was have sex.

But after a string of bad luck and near escapes, DOCTOR APHRA is back on the job! She’s been keeping a low profile (giữ kín thân phận) – jobs are scarce (khan hiếm) and credits scarcer.

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"Harp on the same string" nghĩa là gì?

Nói cái gì khác được không?? Photo by: Jopwell on Pexels

"Harp on the same string" có từ harp là đàn hạc và string là dây đàn -> cụm từ này nghĩa là lải nhải, nói đi nói lại về một vấn đề.

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Having said all that is unwanted about this Mianwali-born, his weakness is also his strength when formats are reversed. I’m going to harp on the same string because the argument warrants (chứng thực) it.

Now, Schiff continues harping on the same string that Bitcoin is not money, and everyone who plans on investing (đầu tư) in it is in for a rude awakening. He believes that whales at the top of the food chain have complete control over the market.

We have been harping on the same string about how people from Chiredzi are critically neglected and marginalised (cách ly khỏi xã hội), but to no avail. If we do not have people with two Ordinary Level passes, do you then expect us to have teachers or nurses from the area? I think it is important for us to continue encouraging our communities to go to school.

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