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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

"The eighth wonder of the world" nghĩa là gì?

Kiệt tác của đấng tạo hóa. Photo by Globelink Insurance from Pexels

"The eighth wonder of the world" hoặc "eighth wonder" = kỳ quan thứ 8 trên thế giới -> nơi/ điều gì đẹp/ kỳ diệu đến mức sánh ngang với Bảy kỳ quan còn lại trên thế giới.

Ví dụ
Palm Jumeirah is often proclaimed (tuyên bố) the eighth wonder of the world, a symbol of creativity (sáng tạo) and ambition (tham vọng). This huge tree-shaped island was built from sand, rock and sheer determination (quyết tâm).

Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. Rudyard Kipling described (mô tả) it as the "eighth wonder of the world" - a 15km fiord (vịnh hẹp ở Na Uy) flanked (vòng bên sườn) by sheer (dựng đứng) rock faces, majestic peaks (đỉnh núi hùng vĩ), and stunning waterfalls.

The Chapel of the Rosary (Nhà nguyện Mân côi), housed in the Temple of Santo Domingo, in the city of Puebla, is undoubtedly one of the masterpieces (kiệt tác) of the New Spanish Baroque in Mexico. Built around 1690, this architectural jewel (viên ngọc kiến trúc) was considered in its time as the “eighth wonder of the world”.

Thu Phương

"One-hit wonder" nghĩa là gì?

Thà một phút huy hoàng rồi chợt tắt còn hơn buồn le lói suốt trăm năm. Photo by Cheyenne Shotton from Pexels

"One-hit wonder" = một hit để đời. Từ "hit" ý chỉ ca khúc/ tác phẩm cực kỳ nổi tiếng của một nghệ sỹ. Cụm này ý chỉ một ca sỹ/nghệ sỹ chỉ được biết đến bởi một ca khúc/tác phẩm nổi tiếng, đặc trưng gắn liền với tên tuổi, những sản phẩm sau đó đều không vượt qua được và dễ bị lãng quên.

Ví dụ
Comedy Central's Tosh.0 (10/9c) returns with new episodes (tập) — and a segment (phân đoạn) titled "Web Legends," which features one-hit wonder Rebecca "Friday" Black.

Starting in February 1970, Tony Burrows, a British recording session singer, had three top hits, with three different one-hit wonder bands, all at the same time — and few people knew it.

Mikel Arteta’s early efforts (nỗ lực) at Arsenal have earned him a B+ grade from Paul Merson, with the Spaniard able to avoid being labelled (dán mác) a “one-hit wonder” as long-term vision (tầm nhìn) is favoured.

Jacksonville native Bruce Channel had the No. 1 pop hit on this date in 1962 with a catchy tune (giai điệu bắt tai) called “Hey! Baby.” It topped the chart for three weeks and sold more than 1 million copies. It was his one and early hit. His other songs never cracked the Top 40 leaving him as a one-hit wonder.

Thu Phương

"Chinless wonder" nghĩa là gì?

Ở đây chỉ tuyển người giỏi. Hoặc... con ông cháu cha. Photo by fauxels from Pexels

"Chinless wonder" chỉ một kẻ thuộc tầng lớp thượng lưu nhưng lại ngu ngốc, ngớ ngẩn, kiểu người dựa hơi người khác mà ở vị trí cao chứ không phải do thực lực. "Chinless" (lẹm cằm) được cho là dấu vết của quan hệ cận huyết.

Ví dụ
Rumor has it, in about 1949 or 1950 and while struggling (vật lộn) to find her place in Los Angeles as a model and actress, Monroe overheard a casting director (đạo diễn) refer to her as a “chinless wonder.”

The former resident chinless wonder of SmackDown, James Ellsworth, is someone who has competed (thi đấu) for the WWE Championship. However, despite this fact, Ellsworth would have no chance stepping up to the likes of Goldberg or Lesnar.

As he put it to me, if objecting (phản đối) causes fireworks, then so be it. But he’s damned (nguyền rủa) if he’s going to rubber-stamp (tán thành) the selection of some chinless-wonder staffer who’s coming straight from gofering in Central Office after getting a second-class PPE and seeing the constituency (khu vực bầu cử) solely as the first step on his political career path.

Thu Phuơng

"Gutless wonder" nghĩa là gì?

Hẳn là giả vờ đau để được ngồi chơi. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

"Gutless wonder" = kẻ nhát gan, nhu nhược, thụ động.

Ví dụ
Warren is a soulless (không có tâm hồn), gutless wonder who has built a career based on lies and mistruths. She has appropriated (chiếm đoạt) the culture of a Native American tribe (bộ lạc) in hopes of advancing herself and then lied about it.

Of course, Ryan didn't do that, not because he is something of a gutless wonder, which he is, and not because he wants to run for president (tranh cử tổng thống) when the smoke clears, which he does, but because he was getting most of what he wanted.

Pound for pound (bảng xếp hạng không phân chia hạng cân) the worst player we've had the misfortune (vận xui) to see in a Blue shirt. Him feigning injury (giả vờ chấn thương) in the derby (cuộc đua ngựa) allowing the Liverpool player to shoot unmarked when he should've been closing him down shows what a complete gutless wonder he is.

Thu Phương

"I don't wonder" nghĩa là gì?

Bồ không tò mò ai là người đã tặng quà à? Photo by Immortal shots from Pexels 

"I don't wonder" = tôi không tò mò/ nghi ngờ (vì điều đó có vẻ đáng tin/ hợp lý). 

Ví dụ
Julie's so pretty, I don't wonder Andrew is jealous (ghen). Did you notice that French boy in the hotel at dinner last night? He was staring at Julie all the time. 

I hope they'll none of 'em ever be the slave (nô lệ) their poor mother is: they sha'n't (shall not) if I can help it. What do you say? Nothing? Well, I don't wonder at that, Mr. Caudle.

"Do you ever wonder who Taxi's father might be?" 
"No," Camilla said firmly. "I don't wonder. Very carefully I don't wonder. 

A: "Can you wonder at it, when you remember all that he has suffered (chịu đựng)." 
B: "I don't wonder at it in the least ; and I don't wonder at his disliking me either."

Thu Phương

"Titless wonder" nghĩa là gì?

Ngực có hay không không quan trọng, mặt xinh cân tất! Photo by Úrsula Madariaga from Pexels

"Titless wonder" (tiếng lóng, thô tục) xúc phạm, chê bai phụ nữ có ngực nhỏ. Nghĩa khác là một người vụng về, đần độn hoặc điều gì đó không vừa ý.

Ví dụ
He called me a 'titless wonder' and everyone in the packed room (phòng chật cứng) burst into laughter (phá lên cười).

That’s when he called me a ‘titless wonder’. It haunted (ám ảnh) me. I was flat chested (ngực phẳng), slender (mảnh khảnh) when I was younger.

“I have never complained (phàn nàn) about it because it was acceptable at the time,” she said. “The only thing I complained about was that he called me a ‘titless wonder’ in a room full of people.”

But there are times when a patient (bệnh nhân) needs to be sad, Schwartz says. Rollin writes self-critically (tự trách cứ) of her frantic (điên rồ) chattering after surgery (phẫu thuật): she referred to herself breezily (hớn hở) as a "titless wonder" and talked about the operation at social events. Then she realized she was using humor to hide her sadness from herself, to keep from feeling the loss.

Thu Phương

"Get a say in" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tobias

"Get a say in" = Có tiếng nói trong việc gì -> Có được/giành được cơ hội cho cá nhân tham gia trong việc đưa ra quyết định về việc gì.

Ví dụ
“I would say my lines and leave. I didn’t get a say in who my co-star was, pick the words coming out of my mouth or what take they were going to use. That’s why I became a producer – to have control of the final product," Longoria told The Guardian.

City officials said changing Orange Avenue would be one of several projects that could come out of the master plan. Residents will get a say in what it ultimately looks like, too, as there will be meetings and other ways for the public to join the discussion.

Parenting author and family counsellor Alyson Schafer says it’s a child’s job to find and negotiate boundaries. If they know that asking you for a popsicle (kem que) four times will cause you to give in, they will. But kids stop badgering (bán hàng rong, làm phiền) and negotiating when you’re consistent. And Schafer says they are more likely to follow the rules if they get a say in them.

Ka Tina

"Wonder about" nghĩa là gì?

Đây là đâu? Tui là ai? Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

"Wonder about (someone or something)" = tò mò, nghi ngờ về

Ví dụ
Do you wonder about the coincidences (sự trùng hợp) surrounding COVID-19?

Mary Hull is a sophomore communication studies major (sinh viên ngành nghiên cứu truyền thông) who is now wondering about the future of her employment (việc làm) status with the university.

Few professions (ngành nghề) get closer to us as patients (bệnh nhân) than dentists (nha sĩ), and with the push for social distancing (tách biệt xã hội), you might wonder about the safety of practicing good oral hygiene (vệ sinh răng miện).

If I’d been reading this book two months ago, I may not have thought about the reality of a life so confined (hạn chế). As it is, it made me wonder about the next time I’ll get to leave my small part of Norwich, where I’m writing this. It’s unusually (lạ thường) quiet outside and even London suddenly feels a very long way away …

Thu Phương

"Get a rise from" nghĩa là gì?

Đừng dại mà chọc điên con hổ đang ngủ say. Photo by  Samuel Scrimshaw

"Get a rise from/get a rise out of someone" = Làm cho ai nổi khùng lên, nổi điên lên, làm cho ai phát cáu lên.

Ví dụ
When I was a child, the quickest way to get a rise from an adult was to say, “I’m bored.” Off they’d go, raging about how spoiled and ungrateful you were, or how only the boring got bored. It was a version of the 1980s lecture given to the child who wouldn’t finish his dinner – the standard “there are starving (đói) people in the world” – designed to guilt and shame into obedience (sự nghe lời/vâng lời). It didn’t work, really, but one could see why they did it.

“Darren likes to troll people,” he said. “That’s what the kids are doing nowadays on social media. They’re trolling everybody, just doing something completely ignorant and stupid, saying whatever comes to mind, which is usually something stupid or ignorant to get a rise out of people, a reaction out of people. But I’m a grown-ass man, and I’m gonna sit here and laugh at the dumb sh*t and acknowledge the real sh*t. So, you won’t see me acknowledging any of that dumb sh*t.”

That mess is both emotional and physical, as George and Martha (played here by Mark Meadows and Pooky Quesnel) play tricksy (láu cá, tinh ranh), psychological cat-and-mouse ‘games' in front of the guests, each trying to get a rise from the other. These games are oblique and we, like Nick and Honey, are never entirely sure what from their arguments is real and what's not. But it can't be denied that George and Martha's marriage is at its tether's end. It has become a violently unhappy cage, with the couple constantly spiteful, unbalanced and vicious (hằn học, dữ dội).

Ka Tina

"Keep him in ignorance" nghĩa là gì?

Suỵt, không được để ai biết nha!! Photo by: Radu Florin on Pexels

"Keep someone/oneself in ignorance" = không cho ai biết -> nghĩa là ngăn cản ai tìm hiểu thông tin cụ thể về vấn đề gì.

Ví dụ
It’s theoretically possible that Rupp didn’t know about this and that his coach wanted to keep him in ignorance so as not to derail (làm trật bánh) his training. Alternatively, Rupp may not have been allowed to speak on the matter publicly at the time.

Okay, enough of the outdoors analogy! But to me, one of the golden rules in raising children is that we have no right to keep them in ignorance. If we don’t teach them about resilience (tính kiên cường), relationships, money, politics, the natural world, sex we are setting them up for failed adult lives. We only have to look at previous generations and our own generation to see the sad truth of that.

Children should learn about the science of life and how human life begins. They also need to learn about the importance of consent, which is now included in the new curriculum. Why wouldn’t parents want their children to know about that? In their schools and future workplaces, they will meet LGBT people (or may even be LGBT themselves). It’s a crime to keep them in ignorance.

Ngọc Lân

"Get a pasting" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Quino Al

"Get a pasting" = Thua/nhận một trận đòn nhừ tử; thất bại; bị chỉ trích/trừng phạt nặng.

Ví dụ
Even allowing for the fact that Government parties tend to get a pasting in mid-term local elections, he feels the party is on the up.

Northampton's bonus-point success made it two wins from two at the start of their Champions Cup campaign, but Boyd was unhappy: "We have to be way better and if we play like that again, we'll get a pasting. I don't think either side can say they played well enough to walk away with five points.

And this isn’t the only fan theory to get a pasting in Frozen 2, also related to the King and Queen’s ill-fated sea voyage. For a while, fans have speculated than the sunken ship they died on was the same one explored by Ariel in The Little Mermaid – specifically the one filled with “thingamabobs” (of which she’s got 20).

Ka Tina

"Ignorance is no excuse" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Dan Meyers on Unsplash

"Ignorance is no excuse" = ngu dốt không phải là cái cớ -> nghĩa là không được bao biện cho những việc sai trái bằng thiếu hiểu biết.

Ví dụ
Lastly, there have been several cases of irresponsible (vô trách nhiệm) or ignorant behaviour (hành vi) by contacts of patients who have bypassed screening protocols and exposed themselves to numerous other non-Covid-19 patients and medical personnel before informing medical doctors of their high risk. Your ignorance is no excuse. Please follow protocols at proper Covid-19 triage and screening centres.

“Crisis (khủng hoảng) can bring out latent (tiềm tàng) fears and prejudices (định kiến), but that is when it is most important for us to come together,” Frontus added. “Ignorance is no excuse for spreading hateful messages.”

"The increasing trend (xu hướng) of anti-Asian hate incidents is extremely concerning," said CAIR-NY Litigation Director Ahmed Mohamed. "Ignorance is no excuse for bigoted (tin mù quáng) and xenophobic (ghét người nước ngoài) attacks targeting Asian-Americans."

Ngọc Lân

"Get a load on" nghĩa là gì?

Con gái nhà người ta. Photo by  Andrey Zvyagintsev

"Get a load on" = Say xỉn/say rượu (tiếng lóng)

Ví dụ
I’m guessing everyone has their own dip preference. Mine is the Beer Battered Onion Ring Dip, using BBQ chips to get a load on! It’s the creamiest dip I’ve ever tasted!

“People just get a load on as they do at any bar,” Mr. Raschilla, 41, said of the crowds that gather from afternoon until night, “but the fact that they’re right under a bedroom window, right outside my kitchen window, with the kind of loud behavior and cursing that goes on — I’ve got the baby in my arms, saying, ‘Hey, could you please keep it down?’ and they say, ‘Oh, well, why don’t you move?’ ”

These Starbucks bacchanals (chè chén ồn ào) will be on tap from Napa to Newark — with two locations each in Burlingame and Livermore — but there’s not a single outlet in the South Bay where customers can simultaneously take a load off and get a load on. San Jose doesn’t currently figure in the company’s plans to turn espresso shots at dawn into a nocturnal booze cruise, though as Starbucks spokeswoman Holly Hart Shafer noted, “We’re always looking at the right neighborhood for this type of experience.”

Ka Tina

"Get a life" nghĩa là gì?

Sức sống mãnh liệt. Photo by  Ravi Roshan

"Get a life" = Sống cho ra hồn; sống tự lập và có trách nhiệm; sống cuộc đời có ý nghĩa và trọn vẹn (đôi khi cũng dùng như một tiếng lóng để nói với ai ngừng làm mấy chuyện tào lao/tầm thường mà hãy trưởng thành và làm chuyện lớn lao hơn).

Ví dụ
Alan Brazil tells Dan Gosling to 'get a life and grow up' after Bournemouth star accuses referee Jon Moss of mocking club's relegation battle.

While Thorburn is quite literally using her life experience, and earned wisdom, in a constructive offering, trying to be a voice for Australians in a topic she knows about, the advice in the backlash (sự phản ứng dữ dội, khoảng chết) is for her to “get a life”… when that’s really what she’s doing.

You and I are going to have to get a life. We’ll all have to find substitutes for our sports obsession (ám ảnh), at least for the time being, and help take our minds off real-world problems such as a global pandemic (đại dịch toàn cầu) that’s causing all these disruptions (sự gián đoạn, trì trệ).

Ka Tina

"Get a hurry on" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  John Tecuceanu

"Get a hurry on" = Rất vội, làm nhanh/di chuyển nhanh, thúc đẩy quá trình.

Ví dụ
AMD need to get a hurry on and release zen 2 cores into mobile form factor and not give it a 4x number unless they skip 4x on the desktop.

Only 100 charges against 30 individuals and outlets are continuing, relating to reporting on Pell's high-profile sexual abuse trial which was shrouded in secrecy (tính kín đáo/bí mật) to avoid prejudicing the case. But lawyers involved in the prosecution of journalists have been told to get a hurry on.

We spent a lot of time refining the design to get really high yields and produce as little waste as possible. We also spent a lot of time visiting manufacturers in China to make sure we were dealing with the right type of people, as well as background checking the certifications they had in place. So even though we had eight years of knowledge and experience to draw on with the original Zerobag, it still took us 10-11 months to finalise production. Then when we were about halfway there, the supermarkets started talking about a plastic bag ban, so we thought ‘right, we better get a hurry on’. We finally launched Zerobag 2.0 at the end of July last year.

Ka Tina

"Get a cob on" nghĩa là gì?

"Get a cob (lõi ngô, cục than tròn) on" = Trở nên tức điên/cáu gắt

Ví dụ
If they get a cob on I'll invite them to be part of the show. Have you told me everything about the show and the films projections?

Okay son, settle down, no need to get a cob on, it was just a joke. Nice passive-aggressive angry staring, though, we like that. I’ll just put a tick in the box next to Looks Like He Can Kick Off At Any Moment. You’ve every right to be angry, having to sit next to Alan Green, you poor sod. Bet he steals all the pies.

"He had so much energy and loved to run. When he was about seven, he went training, for two weekends in a row, at the Liverpool FC Academy, in Kirkby, and while he wasn’t the best footballer there he could outrun every other child who attended.” Sharon added: “He also loved playing on the PlayStation. He was always on it and would get a cob on if he didn’t win.” But, Peter stressed: “Jack would always sit and learn and persevere, so he could become as good as his friends, or his big sister – Laura, who is now 29.”

Ka Tina

"Get a grasp on" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Aranxa Esteve

"Get a grasp on" = hiểu triệt để một vấn đề, nắm vững vấn đề.

Ví dụ
Paulsen said the market’s inability to get a grasp on the extent of the virus’ effect is evident in the “massive volatility going on,” with the Dow moving 9% or more up and down in the last three sessions.

"The botton line is with the health concerns, the less people that are kind of going in and out for things like weekends and delayed confinement (sự hạn chế, sự giam giữ)," said Sheriff Mike Mondul. "We are pushing that back until hopefully our area and the country for that matter can get a grasp on this issue."

Two of the most widely felt symptoms of the coronavirus are uncertainty and confusion. Part of this is about jargon (biệt ngữ). A doctor can make bad news even more alarming by using scientific terms that the patient doesn’t understand. And it doesn’t help the masses trying to get a grasp on just what — and how bad — the situation with this virus is when discussions about it inevitably drift into technical territory (lĩnh vực, phạm vi).

Ka Tina

"Get over and done with" nghĩa là gì?

Để sóng cuốn đi. Photo by  Humphrey Muleba

"Get (something) over and done with" = Làm xong/hoàn thành cái gì, nhất là điều tồi tệ/đau khổ (vượt qua hết rồi; mọi chuyện đã qua rồi).

Ví dụ
That being the case, we figure buying the right cover at a fair price is something you’d rather get over and done with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

There was a time, as recently as two seasons ago when a west-coast road swing for the Raptors was tantamount (có giá trị như, ngang với) to a trip to the dentist for Joe Public. You knew it was going to be painful, but you knew it had to be done and it was something to just get over and done with.

This one’s one of the main signs that you’re def done with your old school mates. If hanging out just feels like a chore that you have to get over and done with, then it’s time to drop that and move on. Friends are supposed to be fun to hang with, ’cause that’s what it’s all about. If you’re at the stage where every plan is a hassle (sự tranh cãi, điều rắc rối phức tạp), and you’re just going because you don’t know how to say no, or are too polite, then you probably don’t like your friends as much as you think you do. Spending time together should be the highlight of your week, not just another job on the check-list.

Ka Tina

"Get off pat" nghĩa là gì?

Đã giống người trí thức chưa? Photo by  Timothy Dykes

"Get/have/know (something) off pat" = Biết cái gì ngay tức khắc -> đã nhớ hoặc biết rất rõ cái gì; biết quá rõ đến nỗi có thể lặp lại bất cứ lúc nào.

Ví dụ
“My mother-in-law saw what was happening and ran from the car to try and get them off Pat but one of the boys headbutted her in the face.”.

This was a very special song for Amy because she and I used to sing it together or 'duet' it when she was a child - although we never really managed to get it off pat.

"If it wasn't for Keith, we wouldn't have been able to do many of our renovations, including the koroing (lo âu), which we have 'off pat' now," Mark discloses. "It's always good to have people that keep the faith, and stick with you. Keith has been one of those guys, and I suppose it helped that he's a Palace fan himself."

Ka Tina

"Get a load of" nghĩa là gì?

Yêu là cùng nhau nhìn về một hướng. Photo by  Alexandre Debiève

"Get a load of" = Nhìn/quan sát, lắng nghe ai/cái gì một cách chăm chú.

Ví dụ
Toys are better now. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I treasure the tub of action figures gathering decades of dust in my parents’ attic (gác mái), but get a load of this Super Mario Lego play set. I would have happily used up all the nights of Hanukkah on the thing.

Morsel, bridezilla leaves you no choice: It’s time to break out the petty (lặt vặt, tầm thường). Unless she specifically stated, “No dyeing your beard pink and dusting it with gold glitter,” I’d say go full fab. That little tip won my Auntie Weetabix first place in the Miss Snortling-on-the-Rind Beauty Pageant (cuộc thi/sự phô bày sắc đẹp), by the way. Speaking of sights to behold, get a load of the outfits I caught during this week’s red-carpet stakeout.

What was the most challenging part of the Arlo Parks shoot? I ask. “I don’t remember it being that challenging,” answers Ryan, without missing a beat. “Get a load of this guy,” laughs his brother. “We actually worked really fucking hard, man. We were as prepared as we could be and had the whole thing planned out. We spent four, five, maybe even six weeks being on the phone with each other every couple of days going through ideas, re-writing, changing bits.”

Ka Tina

Lela Coffee - 7A Tống Duy Tân

Địa chỉ: 7A Tống Duy Tân, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
Điện thoại: 092 104 36 88

"Get a line on" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Brendan Church

"Get a line on (someone or something)" = Có được thông tin hữu ích và quan trọng về ai/cái gì.

Ví dụ
It’s hard to get a line on the total number of murals in the city. Theron Corse, a history professor at Tennessee State, operates the blog, with public art “defined as anything outdoors.” It includes a map locating various artworks.

Basically, on an M car, they recommend to regularly apply moderate braking. At the same time, braking hard on the track can lead to a phenomenon called ‘brake lining’. Basically you get a line on the discs which is of a slightly different profile than the rest of the disc’s surface. That can be fixed though, with a couple moderate or light brakes. There are also a couple of other useful tips in the video below, which is actually quite informative.

He said the store manager called and jokingly asked if he could put the officers to work, and the two officers began bagging groceries. “We just figured – we’d help out,” Hardwick said. “People see us, and of course they know the officers, and it just gives them sense of community.” Hardwick says his department is primarily focused on “trying to get people to calm down a little bit,” and bracing for a busy Spring Break/Week. Other than that, he’s trying to get a line on hand sanitizers (dung dịch rửa tay, sát trùng). “Our officers go through hand sanitizers like candy anyway.”

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"Get a jump on" nghĩa là gì?

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"Get a jump on" = Nhảy một bước trước ai/cái gì -> Bắt đầu làm việc sớm/trước ai để giành lợi ích hoặc chiến thắng cho mình.

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“No. I think the slump (sự sụp xuống) is just part of being in the ACC,” his father said. “The first half of the season, teams don’t really know about you. You have an opportunity to get a jump on them. Second half of the season, … when they start keying in on you [defensively], then … it’s up to the coaching staff to help that kid with that.”

The two riders popped out onto the long finishing stretch together. Not wanting to let Bakker get a jump on her, Jackson upped the pace and then launched her sprint. With the two riders giving it everything they had, Jackson got to the line first by the slimmest of margins. Centimeters, if you will, for our friends from the north and across the pond.

Coach Tom Arth said 13 new players enrolled early to get a jump on their academic and athletic careers. “We hung on to the end. We were supposed to start [Friday]. It’s tough to kind of share that, obviously,” Arth said during a recent interview. “We’ve had a really incredible winter, just so much progress, so much growth — the competitive spirit, the attitude. You feel like you’re kind of getting to where you want to be culturally in the program, then everything’s put on hold and they’re sent home.”

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"Get a hand with" nghĩa là gì?

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"Get a hand with (something)" = Có được sự trợ giúp một tay từ ai; nhận được sự giúp đỡ của ai để làm việc gì.

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If it’s successful, healthy retirees and young adults would take seniors to doctor appointments, shop for groceries, shovel snowy sidewalks, make a bed or mop the floor, or simply visit a few times a week. Older adults would not only get a hand with household tasks, but also companionship and relief from social isolation. And family caregivers could get a break.

Your lengthy to-do list doesn’t have to be something you dread (kinh hãi) because you can get a hand with everyday tasks via TaskBee. To get started, a Seeker posts a task on the platform detailing the task they need a hand with and the amount they are willing to pay a Tasker to help them out. This could be as simple as picking up a case of wine and dropping it to an office function.

It prolongs tax breaks on investments in machinery (máy móc, thiết bị) and real estate (bất động sản), while reducing corporate taxes. It also earmarks some €500 million for municipalities (đô thị tự trị, thành phố tự trị), to be used on energy-saving projects or to shore up public buildings in seismic areas (vùng địa chấn). Young Italians get a hand with purchasing their first home, graduates who have headed abroad are offered financial incentives to return, and the government also plans to compensate (bồi thường, đền bù) savers hit by the failure of small regional banks. "We are giving a strong boost to the country's economic recovery, with concrete measures to support businesses and investments," Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Facebook.

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