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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

"Woman of the match" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Michael Kilcoyne on Unsplash

"Woman of the match" = người phụ nữ của trận đấu -> nghĩa là nữ vận động viên thể hiện tốt nhất trong trận đấu, thường là bóng đá, bóng bầu dục hoặc cricket.

Ví dụ
Arguably the greatest women’s cricketer of all time, Australia’s Ellyse Perry is the complete athlete, having also represented her nation at a FIFA World Cup in 2011. A four-time winner of the ICC World T20, Perry was woman of the match in the final as Australia won the tournament in 2010, paving the way for a hat-trick (ghi bàn 3 lần trong một trận đấu) of championships.

Sophie Molineux was named woman of the match after taking three wickets for 19 runs off her four overs.

The winners scored their goals via form one student Marion Wafula, 17, who was undoubtedly (rõ ràng) the woman-of-the match, scoring four goals in the 12th, 25th, 60th, 53rd and 86th minutes.

Ngọc Lân

"Be spitting feathers" nghĩa là gì?

Bình tĩnh lại nào anh bạn. Photo by FINNDEN STUDIO from Pexels

"Be spitting feathers" có từ "spit" nghĩa là khạc nhổ" và "feather" là lông thú -> cụm từ có nghĩa là cực kỳ tức giận (thể hiện bằng lời nói).

Ví dụ
I was spitting feathers about it all and said that she had enough.

Hull Road Share said: "Not sure why you ended up in the left lane though? You were already in the correct lane. Other than spitting feathers and wanting to prove a point. That's why I said both drivers were not very good!"

I have to look after the interests of Stranraer FC but I would be even more spitting feathers if I was Partick Thistle. They’re being penalised (bị phạt) for getting to the semi-final of a cup, because their league fixture (ngày thi đấu) was off.

As Asha becomes aware of the stares she is getting, she wonders what is going on – how will she react (phản ứng) when she discovers (phát hiện) what has happened? And who is responsible? Meanwhile, when the police are called over the ruckus (om sòm) at their home, Tracy and Steve are spitting feathers…

Thu Phương

"Spitting into the wind" nghĩa là gì?

Khi những người khác cố gắng ở trong nhà thì có những người như thế này... Photo by Adriaan Greyling from Pexels

"Spitting into the wind" = khạc nhổ vào gió -> nghĩa là làm việc vô ích, lãng phí thời gian.

Ví dụ
So surrendering (đầu hàng) to life — as if life knows better than I do, how to live it. Because, of course, I've got my own opinions about what would be good, but life, when I look back at it, has been pretty darn good to me, even when I was spitting into the wind and fighting it.

Until the post-post-War era of optimism (lạc quan) and white prosperity (phồn thịnh), we could take comfort in the belief that the government (chính phủ) we created was on our side. Never mind Sinclair Lewis, John Steinbeck, Arthur Miller, Woodie Guthrie and Paul Robeson, among the demurrers (kẻ phản đối), spitting in the wind.

My buddy spends his time, tucked away from family and friends, so he can protect them and fight to continue being husband, father, grandfather and friend. The back-to-work crowd, on the other hand, will be out and about, spitting into the wind and endangering (gây nguy hiểm) themselves and others. Thank God idiocy (sự ngu si) isn’t nearly as contagious (dễ lây lan) as the coronavirus is.

Thu Phương

"Mad enough to spit" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by from Pexels

"Mad enough to spit" = tức đến khạc nhổ cả ra -> nghĩa là giận quá mất khôn. Cụm "mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets" cũng có nghĩa tương tự.

Ví dụ
I tell him to stop, but, like my granddad says, I might as well flog a dead horse (cãi chày cãi cối). Norris makes me mad enough to spit feathers!

Though Richter was mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets about the fake security guard (nhân viên bảo an), he was more concerned about JoLynn and was anxious (lo lắng) to see her.

The children mad enough to question everything. The children who have had everything taken away from them. The children who are broken and mad enough to attempt (cố gắng) to repair themselves. The children mad enough to spit and fight.

We let you leave because if you have even a single drop of our blood in your veins, then you would have been mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets if we'd locked you in. Better to let you go and let your natural curiosity (tò mò) bring you back.

Thu Phương

"Spit and sawdust" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Chan Walrus from Pexels

"Spit and sawdust" có từ "sawdust" nghĩa là mùn cưa. Trước đây, cụm từ sử dụng để tả quán bar, pub cũ và hơi bẩn (vì có mùn cưa trên sàn).

Ví dụ
The gym is owned and run privately by two local men, and is what you might call a 'spit and sawdust' place - no frills (kiểu cách) and very basic amenities (tiện nghi).

The spit and sawdust was no longer tolerated (tha thứ), mercifully (khoan dung), but there were still one or two pubs in Breckham Market that hadn't been completely sanitized (sạch sẽ).

However, partly due to the considerable presence of Brits and Americans in Rome, there are nowadays plenty of bars and pubs conducive (có lợi) to an evening's drinking, from spit-and-sawdust wine bars to sleek (kiểu dáng đẹp) cocktail lounges to Irish pubs.

When it had been completed, it was soon apparent that the bar had retained (giữ lại) the spit and sawdust decor that folks were proud of and it was the lounge (ghế dài) which sported the red dralon (loại vải) upholstery (chất liệu bọc) and pictures of hunting, shooting an' a fishing.

Thu Phương

"Within spitting distance" nghĩa là gì?

Nhà ven sông chẳng phải rất thơ mộng sao? Photo by Adrien Olichon from Pexels

"Within/in spitting distance (of someone or something)" nghĩa là trong khoảng cách ngắn.

Ví dụ
I was within spitting distance of signing an NFL contract (hợp đồng)… and then, all of a sudden, my desire (mong muốn) to play football died. I suppose I can't say all of a sudden because there isn't anyone moment I can point to. Maybe it was a series of moments.

I did not make a bargain (thương lượng) with anybody. What the judge (thẩm phán) ruled is what the judge ruled, and I must live by it. I don't seem to remember any marriage requirement (yêu cầu), and I was there in spitting distance to hear it all from the judge himself.

"Gary Watkins has lived on Possum Track Road for too many years to recall. He still refers to the area flooded (ngập lụt) to create Falls Lake, spitting distance from his house, as 'the river.' He is not alone. Most of the remaining residents (cư dân còn lại) of the tiny Falls community (cộng đồng) think the same way," she wrote.

Thu Phương

"Make an honest woman of her" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Deesha Chandra on Pexels

"Make an honest woman of her" -> nghĩa là cưới người con gái mình đang hẹn hò làm vợ.

Ví dụ
Ms Nicholl wrote: "Before Christmas 2009, Carole Middleton had anxiously (lo lắng) asked him when he planned to make an honest woman of her daughter. "After what was at that point a seven-year courtship and two breakups there was still no ring on Kate’s finger, and she was nearly 28.

Maybe this is the year one of the lads (thằng bé) from the Garda Band will finally get the knee dirty  (quỳ gối cầu hôn) and make an honest woman of her!

Mick said: “We knew Sheila was very poorly and I wanted to make an honest woman of her. “We had been due to be the first couple to marry at the new Wedding Chapel on the Promenade when it opened, but we were so busy running our businesses we never got round to it.

Ngọc Lân

"Spit and polish" nghĩa là gì?

Ngày hội dọn dẹp. Photo by BECOSAN from Pexels

"Spit and polish" nghĩa là lau chùi sạch bóng (hành động nhổ và lau đi). Nghĩa khác là quá chú trọng đến vẻ ngoài mà bỏ qua những điều quan trọng hơn.

Ví dụ
When I was in boot camp in the Navy (Hải quân), we had to have spit-and-polish shoes.

Given the ol’ spit and polish doesn’t meet new health standards (tiêu chuẩn), the ICC is investigating (nghiên cứu) ways bowlers could legally work the ball without saliva (nước bọt).

This revelation (khám phá) heralded (báo trước) much spit and polish and I learned the technique (kỹ thuật) of a daily application of boot polish and cold water, which eventually resulted in this glass like perfect shine.

Since the Army was largely left to itself throughout most of these two decades, post commanders (chỉ huy) sought to attain (đạt được) order, precision (chín xác), neatness (ngăn nắp), and the superficial brilliance (sáng chói) laboriously (chăm chỉ) achieved with spit and polish.

Thu Phương

Thật là giản tiện

phóng viên đài truyền hình abc ghi hình từ nhà (giãn cách xã hội), mặc comple nhưng... ko mặc quần dài :D
ABC correspondent (phóng viên) Will Reeve apparently (rõ ràng, có vẻ như) got a little too comfortable (khá thoải mái) working from home on Tuesday when he appeared on “Good Morning America” without any pants.

Reeve did his best Winnie the Pooh impression (ấn tượng) during a segment to report on pharmacies using drones to deliver medicine (nhà thuốc dùng thiết bị bay không người lái để giao thuốc) during the coronavirus pandemic. He delivered the report to Michael Strahan and Amy Robach with a suit jacket and dress shirt, but no pants.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way content is produced (thay đổi cách thức nội dung được sản xuất), as everyone from newscasters to A-list celebrities are forced to work from home...

Giải cứu khoai tây

người dân bỉ được chính quyền khuyến khích đi nhà hàng 2 lần 1 tuần (thay vì 1 lần như trước đây) và ăn khoai tây chiên để giải cứu nông dân (trồng khoai)... :D

-> việt nam cũng thế, (kêu gọi) người dân ăn nhiều dưa hấu, lê v.v... lên, sao cứ phải rồng rắn lên biên giới... ;)
BELGIAN FARMERS ARE currently facing a 750,000-ton surplus of potatoes (khoai tây), and the government has come up with a creative solution (giải pháp sáng tạo) to ensure (đảm bảo) the vegetables don’t go to waste (lãng phí): Encourage everyone to eat more frites.

Lockdown measures (các biện pháp phong tỏa) in the country have crippled (làm hỏng, làm lụn bại, làm tê liệt) restaurants, and in turn farmers are feeling the heat ("cảm nhận sức nóng", nghĩa bóng), too, with nowhere to sell their produce. However, frites, a twice-fried snack sometimes paired with mussels or topped with mayonnaise, is considered a national dish (đặc sản quốc gia) of Belgium, and many snack bars where they’re sold have been given special permission (cấp phép đặc biệt) to stay open.

The Department of Agriculture (bộ nông nghiệp) hopes that Belgians venture out of the house (mạo hiểm ra khỏi nhà) to eat frites (at a safe distance from their countrymen) twice a week instead of just once in order to aid efforts to deplete overflowing potato stocks...

"Turn an honest penny" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

"Turn an honest penny" = lật đồng xu chân thật -> nghĩa là kiếm ra tiền bằng cách hợp pháp, chính trực, bằng sức lực của mình.

Ví dụ
I have sympathy (lòng cảm thông) with the wind lobby in one respect. Its members are trying to turn an honest penny and must plan ahead.

Plunkitt bought up property around the gashouses, and the bill went easily through the state Senate and Assembly. But at the last second, Odell decided to veto (bác bỏ) it. Still, Plunkitt took flack for voting in favor of the bill that would benefit him. "I was really only workin' for my district (quận) and tryin' to turn an honest penny on the side," Plunkitt explained.

This surely reassures bureaucratic (quan liêu) patrons (người bảo trợ) of supposedly avant-garde expression – though the great auctions rooms, as we know, will find a way to turn an honest penny on even the most apparently recalcitrant (cứng đầu) forms of contemporary (đương thời) art.

Ngọc Lân

"Body and soul" nghĩa là gì?

Thư giãn, đặt toàn bộ tâm trí và cơ thể hòa làm một. Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

"Body and soul" = thể xác và tâm hồn -> nghĩa là toàn bộ, tổng thể, về mặt thể chất và tinh thần. Ngoài ra, nếu nói "body and soul" nghĩa là bạn tin tưởng mạnh mẽ vào điều gì.

Ví dụ
“I would eat a lot and very high calorie foods all weekend,” she tells body+soul.

All products featured on body+soul are selected and reviewed by our awesome squad of writers and are totally unbiased (không thiên vị).

Referring to her life as a person with diabetes (bệnh tiểu đường), she added: “Nutrition, fitness and wellness has since transformed (thay đổi) my life – reconnecting my mind, body and soul – teaching me how truly valuable my body is.”

One day, while hearing the account (thuật lại) of an old woman, he thinks he has found a lead that might guide him to his father, a guerrillero (du kích) who went missing during the war. Against his mother's wishes, he flings himself body and soul into the case, looking for truth and resilience (phục hồi).

Thu Phương

"God rest soul" nghĩa là gì?

Bình yên nơi đó. Photo by Micael Widell from Pexels

"God rest (one's) soul" nghĩa là mong chúa phù hộ người đã khuất được yên nghỉ.

Ví dụ
God rest his soul, he [died by] suicide (tự tử), he decided that was the best way out for himself.

"God rest his soul - he was a nice boy - may he finally find peace," wrote one friend. "He was a friend and had a big heart.

May God rest this man's soul He was right! When he breaks free, the world won't know what hit it! Incredible (không thể tin được)! RIP Anthony Causi.

Tony Dukes, God rest his soul, he got into the drugs and the alcohol, and he died too young, just like Steve Farmer, you know Steve Farmer, from the Amboy Dukes, died [on April 7 this year at the age of 71].

Thu Phương

"Thirsty soul" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Flickr from Pexels

"Thirsty soul" nghĩa là tâm hồn khao khát hoặc người đang khát nước hoặc kẻ say rượu.

Ví dụ
It is thirsting for happiness, and seeking it every where and finds it not. It looks in all directions, tries all objects, but in vain (vô ích). To such a weary (mệt mỏi) and unsatisfied sinner (tội nhân) the grace of Christ is as cold waters to a thirsty soul.

Sometimes we live in a desert with a dry mouth and a thirsty soul. Trouble drains (cạn kiện) the moisture (độ ẩm) and energy out of us. In such times, God restores our strength when we look to Him. Psalm (thánh thi) 63:1 says, “You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek You; I thirst for You, my whole being longs for You, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.”

We all know what DStv has become during this lockdown. It has become a life saver to many a restless (không yên)soul, a companion (đồng hành) to many a lonely soul, an anti-depressant (chống trầm cảm) to many a depressed soul and a purveyor (người cung cấp) of news to many a coronavirus thirsty soul. Sometimes, even its background noise gives a notion (khái niệm) of normalcy in these abnormal times.

Thu Phương

"Soul brother" nghĩa là gì?

Hợp cạ là vậy. Photo by Mikey Dabro from Pexels

"Soul brother" hoặc "soul sister" nghĩa là bạn bè thân thiết (nam-nam hoặc nữ-nữ) hoặc chỉ người bạn da đen.

Ví dụ
“The whole soul thing came from my parents,” he explained in a later interview with this writer. “My dad was like a soul brother and kinda funky (sôi nổi)."

Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye, who record under the name Maddie & Tae, are more than collaborators (hợp tác). In the liner notes of their new album, each calls the other her “soul sister."

“I had a lot of adrenaline (một loại hormone),” Pence said. “It felt really good. It’s always exciting to play with Pablo, my soul brother. It’s just so fun to watch him play. That was a pretty good first to third.”

He will forever be remembered by his immediate and extended family and his whole entire community (cộng đồng), especially his soul brother, Joseph Apon and his dear friend and first love, Olivia Smith. Isabella, Elliott, Oliver, Archer and Uma Misiura.

Thu Phương

"The iron entered into your soul" nghĩa là gì?

Là phụ nữ thì có tội ư? Photo by Mobola Odukoya from Pexels

"The iron enters (into) (someone's) soul" có từ "iron" ý chỉ "fetter" (gông cùm, xiềng xích). Cụm từ này nghĩa là ai đó bị đau đớn, trầm cảm hoặc tuyệt vọng vì bị giam cầm hoặc đối xử tệ.

Ví dụ
I think I've got to the point where I can no longer see any good endings to all this. The iron has entered into the national soul, and the two sides are now irreconcilable (không thể hòa hợp). The Prime Minister (thủ tướng) and his acolytes (người hỗ trợ) aren't even bothering to make up convincing lies anymore.

I passed through a terrible scourging (áp bức) when last at my father’s. I cannot tell you how deep the iron entered my soul. I never felt more keenly the degradation (mất danh giá) of my sex. To think that all in me of which my father would have felt a proper pride had I been a man, is deeply mortifying to him because I am a woman.

Mr Johnson was frequently presented as a jovial figure (nhân vật vui tính)—a clown or Bertie Wooster-style buffoon (anh hề). He liked to make people laugh. He laced his language with eccentric (kỳ quặc) phrases. But though he can still make people smile, he is much more focused and disciplined (kỷ luật) than anyone expected. The iron has entered his soul.

Thu Phương

"Can't call my soul my own" nghĩa là gì?

"Tôi là ai và đây là đâu chứ?" Photo by Sofia Garza from Pexels

"Can't call (one's) soul (one's) own " = linh hồn của mình không còn là của mình -> nghĩa là dành quá nhiều thời gian để làm việc cho người khác hoặc mất đi sự độc lập.

Ví dụ
Jack will nag (quở trách) Collie till she can't call her soul her own. Between them they will wear her down.

"Emilius — for thirtythree years” — her voice broke as she quivered (run rẩy) under her loaded anguish (nỗi thống khổ)— “for thirtythree years you've shouted me down. You haven't let me call my soul my own. Yet it is my own."

They require (đòi hỏi) total fealty (trung thành) and obedience (phục tùng). Give them an inch and they'll park their car in it. You've set a dangerous precedent (tiền lệ), my girl, and from here on in they'll walk over you. You won't be able to call your soul your own.

I've been here for a year; in another year I'd know less than I do now. In another year she'd have me licked so completely I couldn't leave! I'd be a sort of errand (làm việc vặt) boy, a pensioner (người được hưởng trợ cấp) on her bounty (hào phóng), her tall nephew sitting aroung waiting for her to die. I couldn't call my soul my own. And I'd deserve it. No. I'm going now, while I can.

Thu Phương

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