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Monday, June 8, 2020

"Life isn't all beer and skittles" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Darya Tryfanava

"Life isn't all beer and skittles" = cuộc sống không phải chỉ là uống bia và chơi bowling -> nghĩa là cuộc sống trọn vẹn không chỉ toàn những điều vui vẻ/thú vui để tận hưởng mà còn có lúc cực nhọc và khó khăn.

Ví dụ
Life isn't all beer and skittles. We may soon bid adieu (lời chào từ biệt, vĩnh biệt) to a Texas icon as the future of Lone Star Beer doesn't look bright, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Pabst Brewing Company, which owns "The National Beer of Texas," could end up on the losing end of a legal dispute with (bàn cãi với) MillerCoors, leaving us all with a tear in our last Lone Star Beer.

Gauging by their numbers in that one little off season excursion (cuộc du ngoạn, đi chơi) it is not difficult to believe the memes that spiders consume some 500 million tons of insects (côn trùng) every year worldwide, or that wherever you go there is a spider within 6 feet of you. But life isn't all beer and Skittles for them. They are not the apex predator (côn trùng ăn mồi sống đỉnh nhất) in their world, but serve as fodder (cỏ khô) for a host of other creatures (sinh vật).

The problem with all of this, of course, is life isn't all beer and skittles. Everyone has good days and bad days, but our online personas don't often reflect (phản ánh) that reality. While the advertising industry spends billions of dollars convincing us that we don't quite measure up by comparing us to the lives of the rich and famous, social media deploys our own social network in this enterprise (doanh nghiệp). As a result, we compare ourselves not just to celebrities, but ordinary people, those within our immediate social circle - if their life is that amazing, why isn't mine? The result is an endless quest for validation characterised by projecting false versions of the self - my life is as amazing as theirs, just look at my Facebook.

Ka Tina

"Life is short and time is swift" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Olivia Snow

"Life is short and time is swift" = cuộc sống thì ngắn ngủi và thời gian lại trôi nhanh -> nghĩa là cuộc sống/thời gian của con người có giới hạn nên chúng ta hãy sống và tận hưởng nhiều nhất có thể.

Ví dụ
Don't be so sad like that! Be happy! "Life is short and time is swift".

Life is short and time is swift. Let's travel all around the world and enjoy good foods together.

Time waits for no one and life is limited. Just do what you love and enjoy every moment in your life. It's because life is short and time is swift.

Ka Tina

"Life in the slow lane" nghĩa là gì?

Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated. Photo by  Simon Migaj

"Life in the slow lane" = cuộc sống trên làn đường đi chậm -> nghĩa là lối sống thoải mái, nhẹ nhàng và dễ chịu không quá bộn bề.

Ví dụ
Life in the slow lane. Slow living - which is basically about dialling down a gear and being more present - was made for this time of year.

I am certain I would have enjoyed sipping some espresso at TCC with your husband, as we compared notes regarding life in the fast lane and life in the slow lane.

Because the economic and community backbone (xương sống, nghị lực/sức mạnh) of the region is agriculture, that occupation will figure prominently in Around the Nation; but we’ll certainly touch on other aspects of life in the slow lane, including politics, general commerce, social intricacies, prominent people (người nổi tiếng, xuất chúng), specific places, and much more.

Ka Tina

"Life has been good" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Han-Hsing Tu

"Life has been good" -> nghĩa là cuộc sống của ai đó vẫn tốt đẹp, gặp nhiều may mắn trong cuộc sống.

Ví dụ
Life has been good to us in a lot of ways. We've had two family things: We don't get to be physically with our grandkids, that's been a little tough.

Life has been good, I’ve been a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual for almost five years now. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife, Alexyss, since October of 2017. We currently live in Huxley where we have been since 2015.

“We have real security issues (vấn đề an ninh) on a daily basis. We don’t want our kids to be targets so we have to pay attention,” he said. Clooney also said during his interview that life has been good for him generally. However, he misses being able to go out on walks in Central Park.

Ka Tina

"Life after" nghĩa là gì?

"Life after (something)" -> nghĩa là ám chỉ về cuộc sống bình thường/cuộc sống hằng ngày sau chuỗi sự kiện/thành tựu đặc biệt, lạ hoặc lớn lao nào đó.

Ví dụ
"My life situation has helped [clients] understand that it's life after football even as they're playing," Williams said. "You always have to be prepared to stop at any moment because at the end of the day, there's not much we really control about being able to play the game."

That’s the life after lockdown plan for a Ilford nursery provider, which reopens its nurseries this week. Busy Bees, the UK’s leading provider of quality childcare and early years education, has confirmed that its health and safety plans for its nurseries in Ilford won’t require children to play in hoops (cái vòng) as some schools have suggested.

He said on the third series: “Because so many of you watched #AfterLife2 so quickly and made it Number 1 again, the nice people at Netflix have suggested that I get off my fat a**e and do another season. This is all your fault.” Ricky writes and stars in the Netflix show, which first hit our screens in 2019. He plays widower Tony who is trying to navigate life after the death of his wife, supported by friends, family, and his loyal pooch (con chó trung thành).

Ka Tina

"Lead a cat and dog life" nghĩa là gì?

Hôn nhân là mồ chôn tình yêu. Photo by Sheri Hooley

"Lead a cat and dog life" = sống như chó với mèo -> nghĩa là nói về cuộc sống của các cặp vợ chồng/cặp đôi thường biểu hiện bởi những cuộc cãi cọ, đánh đập hoặc bất đồng trong cuộc sống.

Ví dụ
According to old English folklore (văn học dân gian) from the 1800s, couples who get married on a Friday are doomed to a cat and dog life.

It is not exaggerated (phóng đại lên) to say that the environmentalist (nhà môi trường học) and economist (kinh tế học) have are likened to have led a cat-and-dog life. Environmentalists see economists as the mercenaries (hám lợi, vụ lợi) of a culture of greed, the cheerleaders of an affluence (sự giàu có, sung túc) that is unsustainable (không thể chống đỡ được). On the other side, economists see environmentalists as romantic reactionaries (phản động), wanting to apply the brakes to an economic engine that is at last reducing global poverty (giảm nghèo toàn cầu).

In Jane Austen's time it simply was the case that in the Henry Crawford/Maria Rushworth situation the man was a naughty (hư đốn, nghịch ngợm) boy who was back in society as soon as he abandoned his partner, while the woman was ostracised (bị khai trừ, tẩy chay), often for the rest of her life, and if divorced could be forbidden to marry the co-respondent. That's why some people sought annulments (sự bãi bỏ, thủ tiêu) rather than divorces. But I would not necessarily agree that Wickham does not get some comeuppance. He has married Lydia after all, and has to put up with her. It is pretty clear from the last chapter of the book that they live a cat and dog life, dependent on the dubious (mơ hồ, đáng nghi ngờ) charity of relatives since they never have any money, and there is no indication that Lyida becomes more mature and sensible. And Willoughby is portrayed as suffering emotionally for his repudiation (sự khước từ, bác bỏ) of Marianne when she is dangerously ill.

Ka Tina

"Lay down your life" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Josh Applegate

"Lay down (one's) life" -> nghĩa là hy sinh tính mạng/chết vì ai hoặc điều gì (thường là hy sinh vì mục đích nào đó).

Ví dụ
They each answered the call of our nation, but they died for their friends on the line and their family at home. They perfectly and nobly embodied (cụ thể hóa, biểu hiện) the words of Jesus found in John 15:13: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

As I searched for a meaningful definition of a mother I realized that the above verse says it better than any dictionary. Once a woman becomes a mother, she starts giving up things that were once important to her and this represents how she begins to lay down her life for her child.

“With most people, especially in the service position, when we see things like (George Floyd) that are constantly happening, you are definitely hurt. It is in part to recognize a country and represent a country and lay down your life for a country that appears to not respect your life and value your life,” she said.

Ka Tina

"Juice back to life" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Johnny McClung

"Juice (someone or something) back to life" có từ juice trong juice up là làm hăng hái lên, back to life là trở lại sự sống, hồi tỉnh -> cụm từ này nghĩa là phục hồi năng lượng hoặc sức mạnh cho ai/điều gì.

Ví dụ
At first I enjoyed the time at home. It helped juice me back to life. I feel fortunate that prior to this I had a healthy amount of shows. The hardest thing right now for me is seeing the polarization (sự phân cực) on social media. You see people being really mean to each other online when we should be listening to each other. It’s healthy to agree to disagree.

Day One saw two tournament matches on the card from Tokyo's Korakuen Hall: Chaos (Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI) versus Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki and Takashi Iizuka) and Death Juice (Juice Robinson and Sami Callihan) versus Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL & Seiya Sanada). Chaos squeezed by Suzuki-gun when Goto took down Suzuki with the GTR. In a grueling (trận đòn nhừ tử) match which had EVIL doing his chair smash on Callihan only to have the chair around Callihan's head go flying into the crowd and Callihan bringing Juice back to life by slapping his face and kissing him, Callihan hit Juice is Loose to pin EVIL. "Don't be kissing me until we win the A Block," Juice joked as he and Callihan celebrated their win in the ring. "I lost the I.C. Championship. I lost the Never-Open title shot. I lost my United States Championship title shot. F--k, I have lost a lot but I have never tried for the Tag Team Championship and that's why we are here," a thrilled Juice told the crowd.

Ka Tina

"Have the time of your life" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Omar Lopez

"Have the time of (one's) life" = khoảnh khắc đời sống -> nghĩa là có thời gian cực kì vui vẻ, thú vị và tận hưởng làm điều gì đó.

Ví dụ
You’ve looked at Billie Joe’s playing techniques, now have the time of your life with these Green Day inspired riffs! Here you can put your technical know how into practice while you learn some punk (loại nhạc rock mạnh) style riffs (đoạn ngắn những nốt nhạc được lặp lại trong âm nhạc dân gian).

Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is devastated when her fiancé (chồng sắp cưới) (Rajkummar Rao) calls off their wedding the day before it's supposed to take place. On a whim, she decides to go on her European honeymoon (tuần trăng mật) alone. Despite feeling severely out-of-depth, Rani manages to have the time of her life in Paris and Amsterdam on her own. She meets new people and discovers herself on her journey. Fair warning, Rani’s adventures in Amsterdam, including tours of the canals (kênh đào) and the infamous sex clubs, will make you fervently (nồng nhiệt) wish you had teleportation (dịch chuyển tức thời) abilities.

This is the true story El Presidente follows and, in any other context, that would be a wrap on the story: a plucky FBI agent – perhaps one with a drinking problem or an unprocessed divorce – doggedly pursues dirty money through Europe’s luxury hotels and Central America’s gated compounds, before taking down that evil big fish, Blatter. Case closed. But, thankfully, El Presidente is a joint Chilean-French production, so, instead, far from a yanqui morality tale, we get to experience the story from the viewpoint of those very same corrupt officials. And it’s a lot more fun. “Life’s tough,” the show shrugs, “so what’s a man gotta do around here to get a $150 million bung, anyway?” Crime does pay, for a while, and while it does you’ll have the time of your life.

Ka Tina

"Suit you down to the ground" nghĩa là gì?

Không phải ai cũng phù hợp với môi trường công sở. Photo by Philip Boakye from Pexels

"Suit (one or something) down to the ground" nghĩa là rất thích hợp/phù hợp/lý tưởng cho ai hay điều gì.

Ví dụ
Anyhow I hope you will be happier than you have ever been before, that would suit you down to the ground.

I have a phone call to make but I think I know someone who has a job that would suit you down to the ground.

That would suit you down to the ground, wouldn't it, to claim the credit for discarding (loại bỏ) her without having to forfeit (mất đi) the enjoyment she provided?

For one reason or another Pochettino and Mourinho didn’t/don’t see him in the role but I feel that with his technical ability (khả năng công nghệ) he’d suit it down to the ground. Whether he goes comes down to whether the young Argentine is going to get game time. He wants it and if he isn’t then he’ll look to move on.

Thu Phương

"Ride off into the sunset" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

"Ride off into the sunset" = đi về phía hoàng hôn -> nghĩa là kết thúc tốt đẹp, mỹ mãn.

Ví dụ
You know he didn’t wanna fight the best guys in the division and the thing is he’s happy now. Yea, he got the two losses out of the way. He got his paychecks (tiền lương), but you know what? Woodley didn’t have to lose to me. So he can ride off into the sunset and go to his retirement home and be happy that he doesn’t have to deal with psychiatric (bệnh tinh thần) he would have to deal with if he had to fight me. He thankful and he’s lucky, he dodged a bullet.

According to Testa, the owners no longer want to build anything on the property. He said they want fair-market value for the land and then will ride off into the sunset, as he put it.

On the other hand, fans were happy to see him ride off into the sunset on his own terms, where he could enjoy his retirement without risking further injury or additional surgeries. In fact, we have all enjoyed watching his exploits (thành tích) in retirement through social media.

Ngọc Lân

"Not your long suit" nghĩa là gì?

Lịch sử và toán, bạn chọn gì? Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

"Not (one's) long suit" = không phải bộ bài cùng hoa. Trong trò bài Tây, người cầm nhiều bài nhất trên tay gọi là "long suit". Nếu nói điều gì "not your long suit" nghĩa là bạn không giỏi về nó.

Ví dụ
She did histrionics (lịch sử) well, but logic was definitely not her long suit.

I am surprised such an experienced gentleman as you should require the hint, but then breeding (chăn nuôi) is obviously not your long suit.

Although math is not your long suit, you realize that it is not unreasonable (không hợp lý) for a $1s) million gift to impose a little burden (gánh nặng) on you.

One last point about stories and humor: If telling jokes and stories isn't your long suit, it's perfectly OK not to do it. There are other personalization methods (phương pháp cá nhân hóa) that might work better for you. Some people are simply not good storytellers.

Thu Phương

"Men in suits" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

"Men in suits" =người đàn ông mặc com lê -> nghĩa là người (đàn ông) có thẩm quyền hoặc nhiều ảnh hưởng như giám đốc, chủ tịch, chính trị gia...

Ví dụ
"I have a dream, but I can't breathe," Hu wrote in one post, sharing a cartoon of a lighthouse and beacon (đèn hiệu) adorned with the American flag crushing black men in suits.

That's the grand name I'm giving to the moment when people everywhere in the Western world finally realise that when it comes to running stuff and making important decisions, white guys in suits aren't necessarily the best people to listen to.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser joined the protests Saturday afternoon, wearing a green mask that said “Hope” outlined by the District’s border, and a green shirt declaring “We are D.C.” Many protesters cheered as she walked past, flanked (phòng vệ bên cạnh) by men in suits and masks.

I'm kind of in a in a state of shock and disbelief (hoài nghi). That White House video (Monday) with Trump and 20 other white men in suits walking out and that sort of fake show of power and holding up the Bible when clearly it's a book he's never opened. ... I'm not a Christian myself, but that's definitely not a religious man there.

Thu Phương

"Frighten the life out of" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Robert Zunikoff

"Frighten the life out of (someone)" -> nghĩa là làm ai sợ mất vía.

Ví dụ
People seem to enjoy being scared. The horror and sci-fi genres (thể loại kinh dị và khoa học viễn tưởng) exist largely to frighten the life out of us. We call it entertainment and many have looked at the world this way since learning how to operate the TV remote.

Stuart Morton worked as a gardener on the Regent’s Park estate, and for several departments at Camden Council before getting a staff job with the Met Police working alongside detectives (thám tử trinh thám). He recalled favourite walks with his father along the Southbank in the 60s in “Jack the Ripper territory” that would “frighten the life out of me as a kid”.

That’s our DC Trivia #2 for today. In an interview with WENN earlier, Michael Caine shared, “You think Jack Nicholson in the role and you can’t imagine anyone topping him. Heath’s just as good in another direction. He’s terrifying. The first time I saw him, we were rehearsing. He comes up in the elevator to me in Batman’s flat and raids the place. And I hadn’t seen him, I’d never met him and he comes out screaming and it’s like ‘wow’. I completely forgot my lines. Scary. It will frighten the life out of people.”

Ka Tina

“Fail at life” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Brusk Dede

“Fail at life” = cuộc đời thất bại -> câu tiếng lóng này nghĩa là khi bạn thất bại ở việc gì thì nó được ví như thất bại cả cuộc đời (so sánh kiểu phóng đại nó lên).

Ví dụ
Your kid isn't going to fail at life because they sat in front of Netflix for a day. And we all wear PJs while homeschooling. It's fineeee.

“You cannot fail at life. Brains are built to learn our whole life,” she said. “I was really surprised at the high percent, that 80 percent of them are struggling. Millennials (chỉ những người sinh ra từ khoảng năm 1980 đến những năm đầu thập niên 2000) do a good job of being confident in the work place, but there is some disconnect primarily from social media relationships rather than face to face.”

“No matter how many times you fail at life you gotta pick yourself up and keep marching forward. So I just want everyone to be motivated by what I was able to do. And that’s what I hope to do with the rest of my career, no matter how many times I win or lose or how many titles I win, at the end of the day it’s never give up. No matter what you’re going through in life. It’s a hard world, it’s not a fair world, and it’s a crazy world that we live in, you just gotta keep a goal, keep driven, and keep your desire to be the best.”

Ka Tina

“End your life” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by lucas clarysse

“End your life” = kết thúc cuộc đời/kết liễu mạng sống -> nghĩa là tự tử hoặc dành những ngày tháng cuối đời ở tại nơi nào/theo cách nào đó.

Ví dụ
“This is something that could end your life.” That's the message they're trying to get across at the Charles Drew Health Center in North Omaha.

“Especially when you look at it in the sense of one, being innocent (vô tội), and two, relying on these people to protect us and serve us which is their job, they’re essentially civil servants (công vụ). And so when you kind of look at it like that, that the person who’s meant to be protecting you and keeping you safe could be the person that’s potentially going to end your life, or now I have a child, end your child’s life or end your brother’s life, as a black person that is a very harsh reality to face,” he added.

I agree that dealing with them should not end your life, but some people take that gamble (cuộc đánh bạc, mạo hiểm) and things get out of hand. Don’t blame it entirely on the cop (cảnh sát). Regarding the journalists and elected officials who were roughed up during their picketing (nhóm cảnh sát làm nhiệm vụ, đứng gác), whether black or white, the point is that the cop said to do or not do something that they wanted to argue about and they ended up getting maced (bị đánh bằng gậy) because they did not obey the cop. Cops always win; remember that.

Ka Tina

"Come to life" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota

“Come to life” = trở lại với cuộc sống -> nghĩa là được tiếp thêm năng lượng, được sống lại sau một thời gian dài không hoạt động hoặc bị hôn mê.

Ví dụ
To Cassie, renewal comes not only by letting springs pour into pools and long-dormant seeds come to life. It also comes through the love that goes into the burials (chôn cất). “I do think the burials help heal the land,” she says.

She says advisors need to validate (phê chuẩn, thông qua) their clients’ emotions and be human, too, perhaps by acknowledging they’re also feeling the pain when markets fall. “You have to lead with your heart first before the data make sense or come to life for a client,” Ms. Wright-Schwietz says. Advisors know behavioural science is working when a client becomes more knowledgeable about their relationship with money, she says.

Becoming an academy (học viện) has enabled the curriculum (chương trình giảng dạy) to "come to life" and spaces to be transformed at Manchester's St Hilda's C of E Primary School. Now more than six months since officially becoming part of Vantage Academy Trust, the Trafford school's principal Carla McCoy has reflected on the positive changes that have quickly been taking shape to enhance (đẩy mạnh, nâng cao) learning and the school's environment.

Ka Tina

"Empty suit" nghĩa là gì?

Giám đốc mà nhân viên chưa bao giờ thấy mặt. :D Photo by emre keshavarz from Pexels

"Empty suit" nghĩa là người có vẻ ngoài uy quyền nhưng không có năng lực, sếp bù nhìn, chỉ được cái vẻ ngoài tri thức.

Ví dụ
Now we have marches (diễu hành), riots (bạo loạn) and “get tough” slogans from that empty suit – AKA Donald Trump. There is a hue and cry, but no real action it seems.

Now, the empty suit in the White House is claiming that Obama and Joe Biden committed (phạm phải) unspecified crimes (tội ác không xác định) that should be investigated (điều tra) and prosecuted (thuy tố. They should be in prison for what “they did to him.”

Having worked with Brad for over five years at the PSC, you take it from me. There is no beef. In between a big cowboy hat and a shiny pair of western boots, all you’ll find is an empty suit – satisfied (hài lòng) to occupy the office, but utterly unwilling to do the work.

“Joe Biden is an empty suit,” said Michael Cojanu, a 53-year-old furniture (đồ nội thất) store employee who lives in Sterling Heights, in Macomb County. “Liberals (đảng Tự do) have grown too nasty,” added Cojanu, who voted for Obama in 2008, Romney in 2012 and Trump in 2016.

Thu Phương

"Leave word for" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

"Leave word for (someone)" nghĩa là để lại lời nhắn hoặc yêu cầu cho ai đó.

Ví dụ
Detectives went to Thomas’ home and left word for him to contact them. He called on the cellphone number used in the chat with the detective, the affidavit states.

A talented musician living in New York in 1841 with his family, Northrup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) accepts an attractive financial offer from a group of traveling performers. Without leaving word for his wife, who is away at the time, he travels with the group to Washington, D.C., where he awakens to find himself drugged and bound in chains.

Charlie — on a public relations tour in Detroit hocking his latest musical accompaniment (bản nhạc đệm) to a boffo advertisement for Charmin bathroom tissue — flies the coop when he gets wind Rose is hunting for him from overseas. Lickity-split, he’s gone, leaving word for brother Alan to care for his household. Their mother Evelyn, in a frantic attempt to harbor an international fugitive (Grant), uses Charlie’s abode as a “safe house” for him where Alan and Jake become taken with their new room mate. Comedy ensues week to week.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Leave them alone" nghĩa là gì?

"Penguin suit" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Deepak Verma from Pexels

"Penguin suit" = bộ đồ chim cánh cụt -> (tiếng lóng) nghĩa là loại trang phục dạ hội của nam như tuxedo...

Ví dụ
Edward, look! Look! We’re invited to the awards! And she’d accepted on his (and her) behalf, and hired a penguin suit for him (and bought something nice for herself), and in the plane they got, and at the big city airport the plane landed, and in a cab they went to the important hotel on the hill.

Take, for instance, last night's turn at the Baftas, in a jacket (áo khoác) with silky lapels (ve áo) that had clearly enjoyed a strong course of steroids. Rather than pair it with standard penguin suit accessories (phù hợp), Lowden went for a classic tie, wider trousers, and shoes that weren't dress shoes.

If you’re more accustomed to copping a hot-pink sateen kimono then you are a traditional penguin suit, navigating your fit for the White House Correspondents (phóng viên) dinner can probably feel like a bit of a daunting (nản chí) exercise. The solution? Stick to what (or who) you know and get a midnight blue, made-to-order Gucci suit tailored.

Thu Phương

"Blue suits" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ludmila Aleksandra from Pexels

"Blue suits" = bộ đồ màu xanh -> (tiếng lóng) nghĩa là cảnh sát.

Ví dụ
Protesters marched (diễu hành) south after a speech from organizers at Clark and Superior Street, when a demonstrator (người đi biểu tình) spotted Chicago Police Director Glen Brooks walking in a blue suit in the crowd.

“Hello friends, I am already here … I am André and I was born on May 30th. The flight on my stork (con cò) had a bit of turbulence (hỗn loạn), but angels in blue suits saved my mom and me, I weighed 2.5 kg and I measured 51 cm,” he explained in one of the photos shared on Instagram.

The image of Donald Trump leading his advisers (nhà cố vấn) to St. John’s Church may prove to be a defining one of his Presidency: Trump, passing through streets that had been cleared of protesters by tear gas (hơi cay), to pose with a Bible while fires burned all over the country. For many members of the military, the image contained an especially discordant note (nốt nghịch tai). Amid the political aides (sĩ quan) in blue suits was a barrel-chested (ngực rộng) Army officer wearing combat fatigues (quần áo dã chiến): General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Chủ tịch Hội đồng Tham mưu trưởng Liên quân Hoa Kỳ) and America’s highest-ranking soldier.

Thu Phương

"Leave them alone" nghĩa là gì?

Đừng ai quan tâm tới bà lão này! Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

"Leave/let someone/something alone" nghĩa là ngừng gây chú ý, làm phiền ai; không can thiệp vào việc gì.

Ví dụ
With fawns (hươu nhỏ) being born in the City of Kelowna, the Conservation Officer Service is asking residents to leave them alone. They’re cute, defenceless and may look lonely, but baby deer and other wild animals should not be touched or moved.

ABU DHABI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 31st May, 2020) The Abu Dhabi Police, ADP, urged families to follow preventive measures when taking their children on trips and not leave them alone inside vehicles that could lead to their suffocation.

On her first trip back to Aretuza, Yennefer meets some of its current students and she's very spiteful towards them. She turns them against the place and insults them for ever having been accepted in the first place. It'd be prudent (thận trọng) of her to leave them alone, but she manipulates and scares them out of spite.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Leave your mark" nghĩa là gì?

"Leave your mark" nghĩa là gì?

Hãy tạo dấu ấn của riêng bạn! Photo by Thomas Schweighofer on Unsplash

"Leave/make (someone's) mark" = để lại dấu ấn -> cụm từ này nghĩa là có ảnh hưởng, tác động đáng kể; trở nên thành công và nổi tiếng.

Ví dụ
Time is running out, and I think most of us see it. I'm not going to get on my soap-box about climate change because most of you have already heard it from me. I just want to encourage every one of you to leave your mark on this world. Change something for the better.

“One of our team sayings or team values is to ‘leave your mark’ and to leave everything better than you found it,” Stephenson said. “One of the things we look for in people is that they have a lot of pride in playing here and that they care about what the culture is going to be like in three years, five years, or 10 years from now.”

“Now is your time to shine. As army noncommissioned officers (hạ sĩ quan), we are always told that wherever we go, we are supposed to leave that place better than we found it. That’s how I encourage my fellow veterans — leave your mark in Brownsville. Whatever you do, do it with pride, do it with love and concern for your community, and you will be successful.”

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Leave the field clear for" nghĩa là gì?

Thị trường học IELTS bát nháo

ad chưa từng học ielts một ngày nào, ko có chứng chỉ IELTS, nhưng là du học thật, có bằng thạc sĩ thật nhé :)

ad lập web với sứ mệnh 'no child left behind' in english, cứ vô web học 'one phrase a day' với ad và team, 'It's free and always will be' ;)

Bài trước: In fighting trim nghĩa là gì?

"Fancy that" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Krystian Maliszewski from Pexels 

"Fancy that!" hoặc "just fancy" = quái lạ thật -> nghĩa là biểu thị sự ngạc nhiên. 

Ví dụ 
Someone been shooting rubbish here, just fancy that! 

Just fancy! I could hold up my hands and one could play a tune on the piano by looking at them. 

While a vast number are enjoying the blue skies and chance to spend time with families, their rivals are generating revenue (doanh thu) that avoids future debt and pays for gas, electricity, rent, hire purchase agreements and more. Some are even managing to pay themselves a wage: fancy that. 

Just fancy! He is only nine-and-twenty, and he has an immense lunatic asylum (nhà thương điên to rộng) all under his own care. Mr Holmwood introduced him to me, and he called here to see us, and often comes now. I think he is one of the most resolute (kiên quyết) men I ever saw, and yet the most calm. 

Thu Phương

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