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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

“Busiest men have the most leisure” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jason Ortego

“Busiest men have the most leisure” = người bận nhất thì rảnh rỗi nhất -> nghĩa là ai làm việc nhanh và hiệu quả nhất thì sẽ có nhiều thời gian rảnh để làm điều họ muốn.

Ví dụ
Let's try to finish this task as soon as possible so that we can have a great weekend as the busiest men have the most leisure.

Vacations should involve a tranquil (yên tĩnh) atmosphere in order to rejuvenate (làm khỏe lại, làm trẻ lại) ourselves from the hectic (cuồng nhiệt, sôi nổi) lifestyle. As the saying goes, the busiest men have the most leisure, one should make the most of it by escaping for holiday once in a while. A short period of luxury travel not only revitalizes (đem lại sức sống mới) your mind but also makes you more productive at work. Taking some time off to try new things or simply laze around in exotic locales (nơi đẹp lạ) can do wonders to infuse fresh energy. So, here are a few outlandish destinations for all the luxury seekers for an extravagant (quá cao, phung phí) vacation.

Ka Tina

“Big-time spender” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Obi Onyeador

“Big-time spender” -> nghĩa là người chi tiêu lớn, xài tiền phung phí vào những thứ vô bổ.

Ví dụ
Talk about being a big-time spender. Well, the truth is definitely somewhere in the middle as each of them say that the other one is lying.

“This is totally an accommodation for a big-time spender who does have some traction (sức kéo, sự thu hút),” said Wayne Steger, a professor of political science at DePaul University.

During this campaign season, though, for-profits have received little mention. And they’re mostly staying on the sidelines themselves. For-profit chains that were once big-time spenders -- mostly on GOP campaigns -- have once again dropped their campaign spending in the midterm elections, a downward trend (xu hướng đi xuống) that has continued for multiple election cycles.

Ka Tina

"Out of the blocks" nghĩa là gì?

Bứt phá Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU on Pixabay

'Out (of) the (starting) blocks' nghĩa là tại điểm bắt đầu, từ vị trí bắt đầu.

Ví dụ
Hull City must get out of the blocks fast in Championship survival bid. IF the coronavirus lockdown brought a bit of footballing respite (nghỉ ngơi) for relegation-threatened Hull City, there will be no easing back into the final nine matches of the season.

European governments have been rolling out smartphone tracing apps to help beat back any fresh coronavirus outbreaks. Norway was one of the first out of the blocks but its “Smittestopp” raised concerns because it used GPS tracking and uploaded data to central servers every hour.

Reece must be a real chance to win MasterChef Australia as he has secured a place in the final seven with another immunity win (được miễn thi và là người thắng cuộc của vòng đó) last night. He was first out the blocks on the four-way cook last night and he looks full of confidence and went about creating his dish methodically.

Bích Nhàn

“Beat time” nghĩa là gì?

“Beat time” -> (trong âm nhạc) nghĩa là đánh nhịp bằng hành động cơ thể như vỗ tay, gõ chân, gật đầu, vv.

Ví dụ
Many of us have plenty of time on our hands right now. So if you want to know how to beat time, check out Inspector Pulse's show about rhythm!

The concertmaster (người chỉ huy dàn nhạc) often beat time with the scroll of his violin, suggesting that Jansons wasn't entirely in control of the performance.

It was raining ferociously (hung tợn, tàn bạo), causing the women and orphans (trẻ mồ côi) to move away from the open windows to avoid getting wet. The meeting had opened with singing as survivors of the 1994 genocide (tội diệt chủng) in Rwanda danced away their sorrows (nỗi đau). A teenaged orphan beat time on a drum to the music. Women wore long flowery dresses and beautiful head scarfs. Babies sat on laps; toddlers (đứa bé chỉ mới biết đi) wandered freely. After the singing, the Solace Ministries director of counseling, “Mama Lambert,” welcomed newcomers—many of whom walked miles to the ministry’s Kigali headquarters. They had come because someone told them it was a place of comfort.

Ka Tina

“Be before time” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by frankie cordoba

“Be before (one’s) time” -> nghĩa là diễn ra trước thời đại của ai; trước khi ai sinh ra đời.

Ví dụ
“James is before my time at VHS,” adds Michalowski, “but I knew of him because I went to school with his younger brother. I asked him to come in and talk about his time at HBW and VHS, his career as a puppeteer (diễn viên rối) and puppet maker, and a simple demonstration of puppets.”

When Georgi Kinkladze signed for City at the start of the 1995 season they were rubbish. Really rubbish. During the Georgian’s time at the club things would get worse and when he left, in 1998, they had been relegated twice. And yet, through that horrendous period (giai đoạn kinh khủng, khủng khiếp) in the club’s history a jinking Kinkladze was one of the only shining lights. If that period is before your time, just Google ‘Georgi Kinkladze, Southampton.’

The saddest notes about the legacy (di sản) of “Summer Girls” is that cancer killed two of LFO’s three members — Cronin in 2010 at 36 and Devin Lima in 2018 at 41, both before they accomplished all they wanted. Still, the song lasted longer than anyone could have expected. “Summer Girls” is before my time, but Abercrombie & Fitch became the teen retailer after its release and rode that momentum (đà, động lực) for all of my high school years. Rolling Stone’s Brittany Spanos described it as a karaoke hit for people who know and don’t know the song. Above all, though, Harvilla describes the song, though, as a “pathos-free time capsule,” an anthem (bài thánh ca) for a lighthearted summer feeling. It is carelessly perfect.

Ka Tina

“At (some time) sharp” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Romain B

“At (some time) sharp” -> nghĩa là vào lúc đúng giờ, nhấn mạnh việc không được chậm trễ một giây phút nào cả.

Ví dụ
It’s 11 am and Anjana Sharma has already been on the landline phone at her desk for four hours non-stop. Sharma, 35, walks into this unsung Covid control room at 7 am sharp everyday, after a hurried breakfast and a long car pool.

My first big break was when a store manager told me the delivery date of the paper product truck. He said to arrive at 7 a.m. sharp, which was when the store opened. Who would have thought I’d be setting an alarm at 6:30 a.m. to snag some TP?

Today is an unusual Memorial Day in that the coronavirus has canceled parades (cuộc diễu hành) and cemetery (nghĩa trang, nghĩa địa) events to remember those that have given their lives for our freedom. There is a way you can celebrate this day. Today at 3 pm sharp buglers (lính kèn) around the country will play taps. If you hear taps in your neighborhood, step out your door and stand to show your respect. Please share this with your families and all sports fans.

Ka Tina

“Anytime you're ready” nghĩa là gì?

“Anytime you're ready” = bất kỳ khi nào bạn sẵn sàng -> cụm từ này dùng để khích lệ người nghe/đối phương hãy bắt đầu hành động.

Ví dụ
"We might see Tyson Fury in his MMA debut this year too," Fury told Sky Sports News on Sunday. "It's different, but like I said, Tyson Fury is taking over. I've been speaking to Conor about it and he's willing to train me. It's going to be good. He just said, 'Anytime you're ready, when you get the time, let's go. Come over to Dublin and we'll start training.' So, I'm going to take him up on the offer and we're going to get it done."

On this week’s Wednesday’s Child we won’t be introducing you to a child in need of a family. Instead, we have an update that is sure to make you smile. This holiday season, two boys will be getting exactly what they’ve been wanting for a long time. On Monday, KSL was invited to the Third District Court to be a part of the adoption finalization for Tyler and Joshua. The boys were surrounded by their new adoptive family. “Anytime you’re ready, go ahead and use the gavel (cái búa),” Judge Renee Jimenez told the two boys.

At the end of Temple University football practice, cameras, microphones and reporters all gather around Scott Hayward. He's not the star quarterback, but he is now a star thanks to a viral Twitter video. Hayward, a member of the Owls video department, challenged ESPN analyst and former NFL punter (người đánh bạc, đánh cược) Pat McAfee to a punt-off before the game against East Carolina. He did it while mimicking (bắt chước, làm theo) Randy "Macho Man" Savage's raspy voice. "Anytime you're ready Pat, I'm challenging you to a punt-off. Mano y mano, brother. Let's go for it brother," he said.

Ka Tina

“A question of time” nghĩa là gì?

Why does it rain? why does it hurt? Photo by Erik Brolin

“A question of time” = chỉ là vấn đề thời gian (mà thôi) -> nghĩa là điều không thể tránh được và sớm muộn cũng sẽ xảy ra'.

Ví dụ
"I mean, I do want people to be calm, because we're going to win this, and it's just a question of time, and I want it to go quickly.".

Bautista believes Team HRC is the place for him to become World Champion, as he said: “I think I have a really strong factory behind me to be World Champion. It’s just a question of time. I don’t know if it’ll be this season or next season but for sure we are pushing for that. It is my target and also it is Honda’s target.”

Constantinople was deeply weakened by 1453 and its eventual fall to the Ottoman Turks shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone. Its fall was inevitable (không tránh được), really only a question of time. Yet the fall of Constantinople proved to be a turning point in modern history. So, what were the consequences or effects of the fall of Constantinople?

Ka Tina

"Time has come” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Markus Spiske

“(Someone’s or something’s) time has come” = thì giờ đã đến/thời khắc đã điểm -> nghĩa là đã tới lúc ai chết/ra đi; cái gì đã không còn chức năng sử dụng.

Ví dụ
“On Thursday morning she called all the family members and said her time has come to bid the final goodbye and she is satisfied with life.

“It is now time for us to consider more expansive, systemic change (thay đổi hệ thống),” Arambula said via Zoom. “We see and hear the cry for it all across America, and its time has come as you and we deliberate local and state budget priorities.”

A glance (thoạt nhìn, lóe lên) into my mirror at day's end dramatically points out that this is not the case. Make-up may be needed. Anything but vibrant (rung động mạnh mẽ, sôi nổi), my entire outer covering is stretched, so worn out. The virus has ravaged (tàn phá) nothing. Introspection (sự xem xét nội tâm) has delivered a grim truth — I have aged 20 years in seven weeks. The reflection suggests to me that my time has come. I am not speaking of death.

Ka Tina

"Time to push along” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ben Koorengevel

“(It’s) time to push along” có push along là xô đi, đẩy đi -> cụm từ này nghĩa là tới lúc phải rời đi, di chuyển hoặc lên đường.

Ví dụ
Curfew a 'possibility' tonight, but protesters (người biểu tình, phản động) will 'know when it's time to push along '.

Once you get your food, it’s time to push along. “Right now Toronto Public Health does not allow any congregating (tụ tập, hội họp) or tailgate (cửa hậu) parties on sites for the time being so it’s simply a grab-and-go concept,” said Suos.

"If you're no longer challenged in your position and have tried communicating with your boss to no avail (vô ích, không hiệu quả), this may be a sign that it's time to push along," says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert, leadership coach, and author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant."

Ka Tina

“Tell the time” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Brad Neathery

“Tell the time” -> nghĩa là nhìn đồng hồ để biết mấy giờ.

Ví dụ
A girls school is now teaching its teenage students how to tell the time after staff found its senior pupils were lacking in the basic skill.

While cats can’t tell the time from a clock (as far as we know), they do have a general sense of time. They keep track of when things usually happen and know full well if you’re not sticking to their allotted (được phân chia) mealtime or you’ve overslept. Cat behaviourist Anita Kelsey explains that like humans, cats have a sort of internal clock that keeps their waking and sleeping hours fairly regular. Anita tells ‘Cats are crepuscular, meaning that they are primarily active around dawn (bình minh, rạng đông) and dusk (chạng vạng). This is evolutionary, meaning all cats instinctively (theo bản năng) and naturally do the same.’

It has long been a rite of passage (nghi thức đi qua, trôi qua) for young children; the moment they first begin to grasp how to tell the time as their parents patiently explain the significance of the “big hand” and the “little hand”. But the ubiquity (sự có mặt khắp nơi) of mobile phones and tablets, with their digital 24-hour clock, is threatening to make the art of telling the time from a traditional timepiece (đồng hồ truyền thống) redundant. So much so that a school in Scotland has found that pupils as old as 13 are unable to tell the time from the ‘analogue’ (mô hình, tương tự) clocks hanging in classrooms and corridors.

Ka Tina

"Sweatshop" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: billow 926 on Unsplash

"Sweatshop" có từ shop là phân xưởng/xí nghiệp, sweat là mồ hôi (trong 'đổ mồ hôi, sôi nước mắt') -> nghĩa là xí nghiệp bóc lột công nhân tàn tệ.

Ví dụ
Shopping in lockdown but do we ever consider sweatshop worker. To bring affordable ‘fast fashion’ to the UK, garment (quần áo) workers on the other side of the world are made to work in shocking conditions.

SF Weekly, the Bay Area’s muckraking (nhà báo chuyên đi tìm hiểu về những thông tin khó chịu của người dân và các tổ chức rồi công khai chúng) newspaper, today published an exposé about poor health and work conditions at Tesla’s Fremont plant. One Tesla factory worker said, “This is a life and death situation.” Another worker, who refused to return to work, said, “It’s a modern-day sweatshop.”

Upset about the theft (ăn trộm) of one of the thousands of garments she had sewn, sweatshop worker Li Chen was devastated to hear Monday that the jacket she worked so hard on was looted.

Ngọc Lân

"Work up a sweat" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

"Work up a sweat" = làm việc đến đổ mồ hôi -> nghĩa là cố gắng, nỗ lực, dồn nhiều sức lực để làm việc.

Ví dụ
Lionel Messi and Barcelona teammates work up a sweat in training as La Liga restart fast approaches (tiếp cận) - in pictures.

Depending what you choose to do you're unlikely to need much specialist (chuyên dụng) equipment and setting that time aside each day to get your heart rate going and to work up a sweat will be really beneficial to how you feel and how to can cope with (đối đầu với) stress and worry.

But while he's said to have all the answers, for some of our film folk, just coming up with a metaphysical (trừu tượng) question is enough to work up a sweat.

Ngọc Lân

"A good Joe" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: J W on Unsplash

"A good Joe" -> nghĩa là người đàn ông tốt bụng, tử tế, đáng kính.

Ví dụ
"He really was just, for a lack of a better word, a good Joe," Serpico said. "He was a good guy." Officer Cappello was a dedicated (tận tâm) father, husband and a huge Chicago sports fan.

Towards the end of Blade Runner 2049, K comes across a Joi billboard, who calls him "a good joe" - like his Joi did - and he seems to realize her feelings for him were probably simulated (giả vờ).

Bush was a good Joe, no stickler (người khắt khe về) for rank. That was the point about [his] nickname: it was like calling a bald guy Curly.

Ngọc Lân

An toàn khi lướt web

đừng để sao khiêu dâm khỏa thân đến tận cửa nhà nhé...

chính phủ New Zealand quảng cáo/nâng cao nhận thức cho người dân,

It’s a scene out of every parent’s – and teenager’s – worst nightmare (ác mộng tồi tệ nhất): two adult-film actors (diễn viên phim người lớn) turn up naked (khỏa thân) at the front door, to tell a stunned (choáng váng, sững sờ, sửng sốt) mother: “Hiya … your son’s been watching us online.”

The sudden appearance of a smiling but nude Sue and Derek has become something of a sensation (giật gân) as part on an unusual series of TV ads by the New Zealand government about internet safety (an toàn trên mạng) for young people.

In the latest video for the Keep It Real Online series, actors pretending (giả vờ) to be porn stars (ngôi sao phim khiêu dâm) tell a woman played by comedian Justine Smith that her son has been watching their clips “on his laptop, iPad, Playstation, his phone, your phone, Smart TV projector”, adding that they don’t talk about consent and “just get straight to it”.

“Yeah, and I’d never act like that in real life,” the man, Derek, says, as the woman’s horrified (khiếp sợ, kinh khiếp, kinh tởm, khó chịu) son enters the room holding his laptop.

Sue explains: “We usually perform for adults but your son’s just a kid. He might not know how relationships actually work.”

"For a while" nghĩa là gì?

nên bình tâm một khoảng thời gian sau khi chia tay. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

'For a while' nghĩa là trong một khoảng thời gian (ngắn), 'một thời gian', 'có thời gian'...

Ví dụ
Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may not be available for a while after its announcement.

When you have the liberty of time, you can invest it in building and developing other meaningful relationships which you have ignored for a while.

Often, people tend to forget what they are looking for in their partners and that might lead to emotional and even physical dissatisfaction. When you spend a considerable amount of time analsying yourself (suy xét bản thân), you tend to deduce (suy ra, suy luận, suy diễn) what qualities (phẩm chất) you would like him/her to have be it passion, compassion, idealism, religious views (quan điểm tôn giáo), political views (quan điểm chính trị), or even sexual compatibility (hòa hợp về tình dục). Remaining unattached for a while taking time to gain perspective in this regard often gives more clarity.

Crime analyst (nhà phân tích tội phạm) Mark Baughman says the reform is long overdue, but he supports the President’s Executive Order and insists it can still expand. "It’s a start, as it progresses we will see how the first objectives are obtained and how we get to that point," said Baughman. "Acts of abuse have been going on for a while, they are very isolated when they do occur and they're get exposed like they have been. With the way social media is now, people have phones with cameras on them to video things, a lot more is captured."

Streicher paved the way for the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. These statutes negated (phủ định, phủ nhận; thừa nhận sự không tồn tại của; tước bỏ) the German citizenship of Jews, forbade (ngăn cấm, cấm đoán) marriages between Jews and German Christians, and prevented Jews from being teachers in state schools or holding many other professional positions. As a result, Louis Kissinger was suddenly deemed unfit to teach true Germans and lost the job of which he was so proud. For a while, he worked to establish a Jewish vocational school (trường dạy nghề) in Furth, where he taught accounting. But he was a broken man, humbled and humili­ated (xấu hổ, nhục nhã) by forces of hatred that his kindly soul could not comprehend (không thể hiểu được).

Phạm Hạnh

Chính phủ đồng hành cùng doanh nghiệp

bạn có nghĩ là chính phủ nên dẹp thị trường xe cũ, để các doanh nghiệp bán được nhiều xe mới hơn ko?


-> vậy đừng mong chính phủ (can thiệp) giúp doanh nghiệp này/doanh nghiệp kia "bành trướng" thị trường, same vậy thôi...
Mr. Wilson:

Thanks for your follow-up e-mail. Alas, I strongly disagree that “government provides a public good by utilizing tariffs to expand the market for US-made goods.”

You’re correct that the opening of foreign markets can enable some American producers to produce on larger scales. You’re correct also that the resulting greater profits would be a benefit to these American producers. Yet it doesn’t follow that government should intervene in order to enable firms to take advantage of larger economies of scale.

Before leaping to the conclusion that I’m mistaken, ponder this question: Should our government outlaw the sale of used cars? After all, people who buy used cars don’t buy new cars. The availability of used cars thus keeps the market for new American-made cars smaller than otherwise and, as a result, causes production runs at GM, Ford, and Chrysler to be smaller than otherwise. The availability of used cars therefore denies to American automakers the greater profits they might earn by producing at even larger economies of scale.

Do you believe that our government fails to provide a “public good” by not “utilizing” its power to “expand the market” for U.S.-made automobiles by outlawing the sale of used cars?

I understand that a thriving used-car market differs economically and ethically from the interventions of foreign governments that obstruct their citizens’ freedom of commerce. But I submit not only that the principal victims of those foreign interventions are not Americans, but foreigners – and not only that unilaterally imposed tariffs have a poor track record of expanding global markets for U.S.-made goods – and not only that it’s unethical for our government to help some of us expand our access to buyers by harming others of us by shrinking our access to sellers – but also that your use here of the concept of a “public good” is evidence that this concept has in practice become little more than camouflage (ngụy trang) for government mischief (điều ác, việc ác; mối hại, mối nguy hại, sự tổn hại; mối phiền luỵ).

Donald J. Boudreaux

Kỷ niệm nào buồn

một tiệm kem hong kong tạo ra kem với hương vị mới như khí hơi cay (đàn áp người biểu tình)...

The main ingredient (thành phần chính) is black peppercorns, a reminder of the pungent (hăng, cay), peppery (có nhiều tiêu, cay; châm  biếm/chua cay) rounds fired by police on the streets of the semi-autonomous Chinese city during months of demonstrations (biểu tình) last year.

...The flavor is a sign of support for the pro-democracy movement, which is seeking to regain its momentum during the coronavirus pandemic, the shop’s owner said. He spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid repercussions (tác động trở lại, ảnh hưởng; hậu quả) from the pro-Beijing government.

“We would like to make a flavor that reminds people that they still have to persist (kiên gan, bền chí) in the protest movement and don’t lose their passion (đam mê),” he said.

Bài trước: Đánh cho Hán cút

Đánh cho Hán cút

thượng viên mỹ thông qua luật loại các dn tq khỏi sàn chứng khoán nếu ko chứng minh được là ko chịu sự kiểm soát của chính phủ (đcs tq)...
The Senate overwhelmingly (áp đảo) approved (chấp thuận, thông qua) legislation (luật) Wednesday that could lead to Chinese companies such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Baidu Inc. being barred (bị cấm) from listing (niêm yết) on U.S. stock exchanges (thị trường chứng khoán) amid increasingly tense relations (quan hệ ngày càng căng thẳng) between the world’s two largest economies.

The bill, introduced by Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, and Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat from Maryland, was approved by unanimous consent (đồng thuận, nhất trí) and would require companies to certify that they are not under the control of a foreign government.

U.S. lawmakers have raised red flags over the billions of dollars flowing into some of China’s largest corporations, much of it from pension funds and college endowments in search of fat investment returns. Alarm has grown in particular that American money is bankrolling efforts by the country’s technology giants to develop leading positions in everything from artificial intelligence (trí tuệ nhân tạo) and autonomous driving to internet data collection.

Biểu tình ở Mỹ: ý định của Tổng thống Trump?

xém nữa cho xe tăng dẹp loạn rồi...
Less than 24 hours after President Trump said he was prepared to send troops (quân sĩ) into cities across America, senior officials in the Pentagon began to try to distance themselves from those words and from the idea itself, underscoring that not one governor had requested additional military assistance (cứu viện từ quân đội) from Defense Secretary  (bộ trưởng quốc phòng) Mark Esper.

Trump has for days pushed state leaders to take a tougher stance against “antifa” protesters (người biểu tình), saying on a call with governors Monday that if they did not mass arrest protesters they would end up looking like “a bunch of jerks.” Then, Monday evening, the president took it a step further.

Police surrounding Lafayette Park in D.C. cleared protesters with tear gas as the president walked through to St. John’s Episcopal Church to pose for a photo op, with the Bible. He declared himself the “president of law and order” and said he would take all the necessary steps to suppress (đàn áp) the unrest (bất ổn) sweeping the country (quét qua đất nước).

"Rush into print" nghĩa là gì?

Từ từ thôi!! Photo by: Bank Phrom on Unsplash

"Rush into print" có từ rush là vội vàng -> cụm từ này nghĩa là ra sách, viết bài vội vàng, thiếu chín chắn.

Ví dụ
Don't rush into print until you are certain (chắc chắn) you have the best available version of the truth.

One experienced journalist (nhà báo) who received Shu’s documents was sceptical (đáng nghi), and decided not to rush into print without further checking. Another who reviewed the files before they had been given any publicity, the AFR’s Neil Chenoweth, was also cautious.

"Someone" tweeting about "something" is not necessarily proof it happened or is true. Unlike the majority (phần lớn, số đông) of tweeters, journalists (nhà báo) and their employers get sued (kiện) for lots and lots of money if they rush into print without checking, checking and checking.

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"Read the fine print" nghĩa là gì?

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"Read the fine print" -> nghĩa là đọc hàng chữ nhỏ, thường là các quy tắc, điều khoản, điều kiện của thỏa thuận, hợp đồng.

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They’re actually quite stringent (nghiêm khắc) and I would urge everyone to read the fine print because I think they are much more restrictive than what folks think they are in terms of providing adequate safety, especially on high-speed roadways.

Shipping the item to an assigned address and paying for the postage (bưu phí) out of pocket may be required. Read the fine print to determine whether it’s worth it for you.

It is important for homebuyers to read the fine print before going for any of these offers.

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"Dictated but not read" nghĩa là gì?

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"Dictated but not read" -> câu này được dùng ở cuối đoạn văn để thông báo rằng nó không được tác giả viết mà có thể đã được đọc cho người khác đánh máy và tác giả không có thời gian đọc, chỉnh sửa.

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"Letter dictated but not read for accuracy to expedite (tiến hành) care." That scares the heck out of me. In our efforts to speed things up we risk slowing things down, throwing sand into the gears that should move things along.

In a 1959 poem he asks, for example: “Why does man cry?/What tears can ease/the pain of being man?” The answer is unclear, but these stanzas (thơ tứ tuyệt) and others can seem to be dictated but not read, as lawyers like to say.

At the same time, Ms. Chasen could be remarkably old-fashioned. While pushing to get a reporter interested in a story pitch, she would often mail stacks (đống) of research instead of relying on e-mail attachments. She was perhaps the last person in Hollywood to send e-mails via an assistant, with “dbnr” - dictated but not read - appearing at the bottom of missives (công văn).

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"Read the runes" nghĩa là gì?

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"Read the runes" = đọc chữ run -> nghĩa là đoán những sự kiện sẽ xảy ra trong tương lai bằng cách xem xét những gì đang xảy ra.

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Or, maybe, you’ve read the runes, considered the prospect (viễn cảnh) of social distancing at Stansted — and concluded that this year you’re going on a holiday much closer to home.

If we try to read the runes then the outlook for 2020-21 appears to be very price supportive and not just for demand-recovery reasons.

O’shea Abersoch was shut down (đóng cửa) a week before the March 23 lockdown (cách li). Its owner had read the runes and was prepared to take a small financial hit for the greater good.

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