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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

"Ark at ee" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Gabe Pierce

"Ark at ee" -> nghĩa là tập trung chú ý.

Ví dụ
Ark at 'Ee – listen to him (with incredulity). 11. Manchip – jam-filled, rolled pastry, almost exclusive to Bridgwater. Also known as a 'manchit'.

What about, "Ark at ee then!!" meaning "Listen to him!!". Yes Ian...........Like you, I'd love to see Cormann go through the test.

In Jack Thorne’s new drama Kiri (9pm, 10 January), Sarah Lancashire plays Miriam, a social worker whose smelly mongrel (chó lai, người lai) is, out of hours, her only companion (người đồng hành, bạn). Likeable but flawed – she carries a hip flask with her at all times, a habit lifted disappointingly straight from the working-women-and-their-empty-lives playbook (of which more, later) – she is kind, funny, sceptical, impatient and determined. She’s also a native Bristolian. And yes, ark at ee! Lancashire’s Bristol accent (chất giọng) alone may win her another Bafta for this one. To these northern ears, her mastery of it is total.

Ka Tina

"A thing you don't want is dear at any price" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

"A thing you don't want is dear at any price" có dear là đắt đỏ -> câu này nghĩa là thật tốn tiền khi mua cái mà bạn không cần dù nó rẻ cỡ nào.

Ví dụ
OMG! I'm so crazy to buy things like that. See!!! A thing you don't want is dear at any price.

Why do I still want to have this T-shirt? Oh no...a thing you don't want is dear at any price.

Tomorrow is Black Friday. Are you going to get a new handbag? No, I'm not. I have some of them already. You know a thing you don't want is dear at any price.

Ka Tina

"Correct the press" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

"Correct the press" có press là in ấn -> cụm từ này nghĩa là sửa bản in, chữa lỗi in.

Ví dụ
A press release by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about Nepal’s head of the state’s message of sympathy (cảm thương) and grief (chia buồn) to Indonesian President Joko Widodo had a serious typo. The disastrous (thảm họa) typo that occurred in the release--“Sent a message of congratulations” on “the loss of many lives”--caught social media users’ attention instantly and the ministry had to correct the press release urgently.

Jamil quickly tweeted Tuesday to correct the press release, saying she would only be judging (phán xét) the competition, while Wesley would serve as host. "Reading an inaccurate press release about our new show yesterday was upsetting, and it triggered a lot of incorrect news articles about it," she wrote.

Davis says Cohen testified (chứng tỏ) truthfully and was unable to correct the press reports due to the ongoing criminal investigation. Cohen pleaded guilty Tuesday to campaign-finance violations and other charges.

According to Pawel­czak, the “Rough Journal of Congress” records an order “That the committee appointed to prepare the declaration, superintend (giám sát) & correct the press.”

Ngọc Lân

"Press an attack" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Duncan Kidd on Unsplash

"Press an attack" -> nghĩa là dồn dập/liên tiếp tấn công.

Ví dụ
When you press an attack, you’re unfortunately locked to your animation, meaning you’ll be left vulnerable if you miss. The same goes for rolling out of the way; you’ll be stuck rolling and recovering, which will more than often leave you a sitting duck in the face of hordes (đám) of enemies.

The bad guys are becoming very, very skilled and cloud-enabled technologies and scripted (mã hóa) infrastructures can spin up machines all over the world very quickly and press an attack on a victim.

Campolindo's Savannah DeCarlo (18), left, clears the ball away as Analy's Tannin Klunis (8) tries to press an attack during the second half of the NCS Division 3 girls varsity (đại học) soccer championship match between Analy and Campolindo high schools, in Rohnert Park, California, on Saturday, February 24, 2018. 

Don’t press an attack so hard that you plunge (lao vào) headfirst into the enemy base at low health—it’s almost always a better idea to temporarily (tạm thời) retreat (rút lui) and heal yourself.

Ngọc Lân

Chắc chắn là trốn ra ngoài ban đêm rồi

các chuyên gia không hiểu sao con trăn 62 tuổi ở vườn thú st. louis đẻ trứng, bất chấp việc... ko gần con trăn đực nào trong hai thập kỷ :D

Mark Wanner, manager of herpetology (khoa học về loài bò sát) at the zoo, said it unusual but not rare for ball pythons to reproduce asexually. The snakes also sometimes store sperm (tinh trùng) for delayed fertilization (thụ phấn, thụ tinh).

The birth also is unusual because ball pythons usually stop laying eggs long before they reach their 60s, Wanner said.

“She’d definitely be the oldest snake we know of in history,” to lay eggs, Wanner said, noting the she is the oldest snake ever documented in a zoo.

Không hài hước chút nào

một người đàn ông ở Salford, nước anh vi phạm lệnh cấm của thành phố khi thay vì đeo khẩu trang lại quàng... rắn quanh cổ và miệng...

The man used the large reptile (loài bò sát), which hung around his neck, as a face covering while boarding the Swinton to Manchester service at Salford precinct. 

Shocked passengers stared in astonishment as the man - clearly making fun of coronavirus restrictions (lệnh cấm/hạn chế) including the compulsory (bắt buộc) wearing of coverings on public transport in England - removed the snake from around his neck.

The reptile then wrapped itself around the hand rails as fellow bus riders described the surreal  (kỳ quái, kỳ dị, không giống thực tế) scene as 'definitely entertaining'.

...The public stunt was swiftly condemned by local authorities today as they insisted that snakes are not replacements for face coverings.

Bài trước: Công an quá nhàn

2 ngón tay điêu luyện

ko phải điều các mem nghĩ trong đầu đâu nhé :D

dùng 2 ngón tay chọc vào mắt cá sấu để ko bị nó kéo xuống mương -> thoát chết...
Mark Johnson, 61, has lived his entire life around alligators (cá sấu). That's why he was so surprised when one tried to grab him and drag him into a canal (mương) behind his southeastern Port St. Lucie home.

Mark Johnson, 61, a marine artist from Port St. Lucie, is glad he can smile alongside his faithful golden retriever (chó tha mồi), Rex, after being grabbed by an alligator behind his home on Sept. 13, 2020.

"I've always thought I had a greater chance of encountering a rattlesnake (rắn chuông) on my morning walks than I did of being grabbed by an alligator," said Johnson, a marine artist and Florida native who was born and raised in Winter Garden, near Lake Apopka. "This was scary (làm sợ hãi, kinh hoàng, rùng rợn). I was cussing the gator out saying, 'You're not going to get me into the water.'"

Lương, thưởng là lý do hàng đầu khiến nhân sự IT nghỉ việc

nên thuyết phục sếp thưởng cho những công việc có ý nghĩa (dài hạn), kể cả khi điều đó phức tạp, khó lượng hóa, chứ ko nên chú trọng những dự án ngắn hạn...
Dear Dan,

I work for a tech company (công ty công nghệ) as a software engineer (kỹ sư phần mềm). Our bonuses are tied to quarterly evaluations (đánh giá theo quý), which means that managers are much more likely to reward short-term gains than ideas that take a year to generate results. Since the introduction of this bonus structure, I’ve been concentrating much more on short-term projects with visible results. Am I really doing the right thing for the company, or am I just gaming the system (lợi dụng/tận dụng kẽ hở hệ thống) to get paid more?

There’s no question about it: Your strategy is designed to make more money for you personally, but it will hurt the company in the long term. When the company created this bonus structure, they probably thought it made sense, because short-term results are easier to measure. But it is counterproductive (phản tác dụng) if employees become less motivated to take on riskier, more ambitious projects with potentially higher payoffs. It’s hard to ignore a bad incentive structure, so if I were you I would try to convince management to change it and measure the things that matter, even if they are complex or hard to quantify.

Tiết kiệm giản đơn

hẹn hò và sống chung khi còn là sinh viên, thì lập tài khoản chung cho chi tiêu chung, và tài khoản cá nhân để tiết kiệm riêng nhé, đỡ tranh cãi, 

tiền để mua hạnh phúc, tranh cãi vì tiền thì nói làm đếch :)
Dear Dan,

My partner and I are students (sinh viên), and we have very different approaches (cách tiếp cận rất khác nhau) to dealing with money (về (ứng xử với) tiền bạc). My policy (chính sách) is to spend less than I earn and invest my savings (tiêu ít hơn kiếm được và tiết kiệm cho dài hạn) for the long term. But my partner feels that since we will both be earning more money after we graduate, we should spend freely now and enjoy the moment (vì ra trường sẽ có nhiều thu nhập hơn, nên giờ chi tiêu thoải mái và hưởng thụ từng khoảnh khắc (cuộc sống)). Is there any way to avoid fighting about this issue?

The bad news is that our preferences about spending and saving can be difficult to change (sở thích/ưu tiên về chi tiêu và tiết kiệm khó mà thay đổi). That’s why most divorced couples name finances as one of the major reasons for their split (nhiều cặp vợ chồng li di vì vấn đề tiền nong). The best way to avoid that fate is to recognize that you and your partner can’t change each other. Instead, you should minimize areas of conflict (giảm thiểu vùng xung đột).

Try setting up a joint bank account (tài khoản ngân hàng chung) in which you can both deposit your paychecks. Use that account to pay shared expenses such as rent and utilities. In addition, you should each have individual accounts for discretionary spending, into which you can transfer a fixed amount from your joint account every month. That money can be used for spending or saving as you see fit. You may still disagree, but this way you’ll only be arguing about the smaller amounts in your individual accounts, which limits the size of the problem. And remember, the goal of money is to buy happiness. If you keep fighting about it, what’s the point?

"Knock on wood" nghĩa là gì?

Gõ xem có may mắn không? Photo courtesy: juanmzgz

"Knock on wood" = gõ vào gỗ -> nghĩa là tránh điều không may; hy vọng vận may sẽ tiếp tục diễn ra.

Ví dụ
I haven't had a cold all winter, knock on wood.

It was one of those moments that in hindsight Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter wishes he would have knocked on wood and spit three times as he said on Aug. 19: “We’ll be in decent in shape unless a hurricane hits us.”

After several rounds of tests, followed by some pretty good medications, I was sent home with a strange plastic bottle and a tiny strainer, neither of which I ever used. And 187 bottles of Gatorade later, I must have passed the stone as the pain went away and was not present on the ultrasound (siêu âm), which I had the following week. Knock on wood, a year later, no more signs of kidney stones (sỏi thận).

Ngân Nguyễn

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