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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

"Clinch the deal" nghĩa là gì?

"Clinch the deal" có clinch là ký kết -> cụm từ này nghĩa là đạt được hợp đồng/thỏa thuận.

Ví dụ
Microsoft was in the running before Oracle came in to almost clinch the deal. In a blog post, Microsoft explained why the deal didn’t go in its favour.

GJ Gardner Homes Whanganui Athletic have the chance to clinch the deal in the Lotto Central Federation League on Sunday. Athletic wrested (giành lấy) the lead in the competition back from Peggy Gordons New Plymouth Rangers with a convincing (thuyết phục) 4-nil win over Havelock North last weekend, while Rangers sat out the bye.

To clinch the deal, the 27 member states agreed that they would also punish (trừng phạt) Ankara if it continues drilling (khoan) for oil and gas in disputed waters of the Mediterranean, a reassurance (cam đoan) to Cyprus, which had blocked sanctions on Belarus unless Ankara was similarly rapped.

It was reported last month that Samsung lost Qualcomm’s 5nm chip orders to TSMC. However, it turns out, Samsung Foundry has managed to clinch the deal to manufacture (sản xuất) all Snapdragon 875 chipsets. The company will use its 5nm EUV process to make Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship (sản phẩm đình đám) mobile processors.

Ngọc Lân

"The best defense is a good offense" nghĩa là gì?

"The best defense is a good offense" -> nghĩa là 'tấn công là cách phòng thủ tốt nhất'.

Ví dụ
It’s football season again in Western New York. Our Buffalo Bills seem quite promising (hứa hẹn) this year. Have you heard the phrase "the best defense is a good offense"? The Bills have been a great defensive team leading the league in many defensive categories (danh mục) over the years. It’s time for a great offense to get us to the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

While the old adage stresses the best defense is a good offense, Saturday proved the opposite for Reynoldsville’s varsity (đại học) squad as it secured a 30-6 victory over Brockway in the Pennsylvania Youth Football League quarterfinals Saturday at Mansell Stadium.

Two weeks down for the Florida Gators and two wins are in the record books and to quote (trích dẫn) something completely unrelated to football – war principles – “the best defense, is a good offense” and Florida certainly is buzzing on offense.

Wray added the cyber offense component in response to a question from Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah. “I think we can agree the best defense is a good offense,” Romney said, asking whether the government is doing enough on that front.

Ngọc Lân

"Tip the scales at" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Sue Henderson

"Tip the scales at" -> nghĩa là cân trọng lượng cụ thể.

Ví dụ
Katmai is home to some of the largest grizzly bears on the planet. After this year's record-breaking salmon run brought 800,000 fish up the Brooks River, the park's 2,200 bears were able to bulk up quite easily, allowing competitors like the aptly-named Chunk and Grazer to tip the scales at well over 450 kilograms.

In fact, this fish seemed a great deal larger than the five-pound previous catch. Once it was netted and in the boat, we could see why it was tougher to land. It was actually a great deal larger. This fish would definitely tip the scales at nearly ten pounds.

Tires will lose air pressure or flat-spot. Cars are heavy. Compact sedans (xe oto mui kín) weigh more than 2,500 pounds, and midsize SUVs can tip the scales at twice that. If they don’t move, all that weight rests on whatever side of the tire is in contact with the ground. So, not only has the tire begun to lose air, which happens faster during cold weather, but it gets flat spots. If you catch uneven wear early enough and add air pressure, the tires can round out again. Otherwise, you’re looking at permanent tire damage, which will create vibrations (sự rung chuyển) when driving and potentially lead to unsafe steering and handling situations.

Ka Tina

"Throw yourself at his feet" nghĩa là gì?

"Throw oneself at (one's) feet" = lao mình dưới chân ai -> nghĩa là xin sự giúp đỡ, bảo vệ hoặc sự tha thứ của ai.

Ví dụ
Jimmy Berman, please love me, I throw myself at your feet
Jimmy Berman, I’ll give you money, oh, won’t that be neat?
Jimmy Berman, just give me your heart and yeah! your soul
Jimmy Berman, please come home with me, I would be whole

She is on your side and my side and her side
And she knows what she intends to create
Oh, and I love her!
God knows that I love her!
I would throw myself at her feet and swear that I am unworthy!
But she doesn’t want that from me
She begs me to arise
As she looks slightly behind me
She knows me!
She loves me!
From where and when and why I don’t know
So I do arise

"I care about him a lot," said Freeman. "I love him. I know who he is and I respect him very much, just as if you had a pastor who looked after your soul, you would love and care for him as well because of the spiritual nature of the relationship. But you're not going to worship him. You're not going to pray to him. You're not going to throw yourself at his feet like what's being said. That's ridiculous."

Ka Tina

"The wolf is at the door" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Mitchel Lensink

"The wolf is at the/(one's) door" = sói đang ngay trước cửa -> nghĩa là mối nguy hiểm/đe dọa sắp tới gần.

Ví dụ
Sir, – Last spring every country in Europe except Sweden locked down. The mass quarantine was defended as a prudent delaying tactic, premised on a vaccine arriving before winter. Now the wolf is at the door. Each passing day makes Sweden’s hard choice look more farsighted (viễn thị), and our expensive gamble more naive. Changing course now would be admitting our mistake; economic ruin is preferable to that embarrassment.

“COVID-19 probably has a little brother somewhere ready to rear its ugly head in the coming months or years,” says Hicks. “It’s kind of the stuff movies are made about, but we need to be vigilant and start training and educating people today for whatever is coming our way. We can’t wait until the wolf is at the door. We have to start preparing now.”

Senator Molan expands on these points, stating, "I want Australia, as the very first step, to acknowledge that we face markedly changed strategic circumstances. That is a politician’s way of saying 'Threat!' We are threatened and we need to act now — not when the wolf is at the door as we have historically reacted to crises, but now. We are threatened by several authoritarian states, but especially by a rising power that is hostile to everything we are: free, democratic, prosperous, occupying a still undeveloped continent, an ally of the US. 

Ka Tina

"The matter at hand" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Startaê Team

"The matter at/in hand" = vấn đề trong tay -> nghĩa là điều đang được thảo luận, cái được ưu tiên nhất.

Ví dụ
“(The rules) were clearly broken,” Richards told iPolitics. “There’s clearly an effort here to avoid the meetings. There’s clearly an effort to cover up the matter at hand, which is the WE scandal.” 

This leads us to the matter at hand: the quickly approaching 2020 Presidential Debates. While recent polls show a ten point lead for Joe Biden heading into the debates, Biden sits at a 21 point deficit in supporter strength, with 89 percent of Trump supporters voicing strong support and Biden at a much more slender 68 percent. This means the election could very much still be in play, but the ball is most certainly in Biden’s court.

While committee of the whole meetings typically see members of council debate the matter at hand, asking staff questions and potentially putting forward amendments (sự sửa đổi, bổ sung) ahead of an upcoming ratification (sự phê chuẩn, thông qua) vote at the next council meeting, Monday’s meeting was instead dominated by the large number of people who called in to speak on the project.

Ka Tina

"The best of men are but men at best" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Vladimir Fedotov 

"The best of men are but men at best" -> nghĩa là dù người có tốt đẹp cỡ nào nhưng vẫn chỉ là con người nên vẫn có những thiếu xót.

Ví dụ
Please don't get shocked to see him like that because the best of men are but men at best and no one is perfect.

She's very self-confident in everything she does, but the best of men are but men at best. Therefore, you should advice her to be more humble.

He: Are you disappointed with me, babe? She: Absolutely no, I'm not. You did try your best to finish it The best of men are but men at best. Next time, you can do it.

Ka Tina

"Have jack-shit" nghĩa là gì?

Không một bóng người. Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

"Have jack-shit" -> nghĩa là chả có cái vẹo gì hết. 

Ví dụ
We don’t have jack shit to do either, so we might as well blog through our apocalyptic boredom (chán nản).

As far as my perspective (góc nhìn) goes it is absolute in the fact that your claim is literally unbelievable as you made a ridiculous (nực cười) claim and have jack shit in terms of evidence to back it up. 

Without heart, you don’t have jack shit in acting. So, it made sense to me. The movement’s biggest achievement is opening up the conversation. Awareness. The movement’s biggest challenge is to keep maintaining and growing its intersectionality (giao nhau).

Catalogue is good; if you don't have it, you don't have jack shit. Say you're an artist and you have six albums and you can only pull one song off each, then you kind of only have people knowing six songs.

Ngọc Lân

"Not mean jack shit" nghĩa là gì?

"Not mean jack shit" -> nghĩa là chẳng có tí giá trị/ý nghĩa nào hết. 

Ví dụ
There was always something about that voice. You only had to hear a few notes to know it was special, and to whom it belonged. I’ll never forget the first time I heard it, not 15 feet away from him in Greenwich Village’s Cafe A Go Go, on his very first night as the new lead singer of Blood Sweat and Tears, a group I believed in from their getgo (ngay từ đầu), but which was struggling to survive because critical acclaim does not mean jack shit to major label accountants.

Human rights do not mean jack shit to SADC....And to some of the so called educated morons (lũ ngu) on this board it appears.

I feel like this type of shit is missing in our culture on the West — being different but still ride for our side. Everybody’s pretty much sounding the same, even with their production. There’s heads that want more outta Hip Hop, instead of the same ol’ same ol’. In this day in time, all that flexing and flossing don’t mean jack shit. It’s about being who you really are and if you ain’t coming with something that’s repping who you really are and where you really from then sit yo’ punk ass down!

That said, five wins don’t mean jack shit in the grande scheme of things and the Oilers have to find a way to keep the ball rolling against a Blackhawks team that has struggled (chật vật) through their first three games.

Ngọc Lân

Anh không cố ý làm tổn thương em

Vụ này cũng buồn cười :D. Không rõ có phải anh Chủ tịch cố tình làm nhục cựu CEO của mình không nhưng anh cựu CEO da đen này đã bỏ ra khỏi phòng trong lễ sinh nhật Chủ tịch Ngân hàng Credit Suisse khi chứng kiến cảnh một anh da đen nhảy múa trong trang phục người dọn vệ sinh; by linh hoàng vũ,

The New York Times reported that Tidjane Thiam, who ran Credit Suisse between 2015 and February this year, walked out of the room during the act at Urs Rohner's 6oth birthday celebration (mừng sinh nhật).

The Studio 54-themed birthday bash for Rohner, held last November, featured 1970s costumes and performers. Later, Rohner's friends also performed a number on stage, all of them wearing Afro wigs.

Thiam was ousted this year in the wake of a spying scandal (xì căng đan gián điệp) at the Swiss lender, ending his five-year tenure (nhiệm kỳ) as the only black executive at the top of a major global bank (ngân hàng toàn cầu). Thiam, 58, was born in the Ivory Coast and holds Ivorian and French citizenship.

Nụ hôn đầu

các nụ hôn về sau ko còn thi vị/hấp dẫn nữa, ko phải do quy luật lợi ích cận biên giảm dần đâu, mà vì ko còn ý nghĩa nữa...
Dear Dan,
Why does a first kiss feel so magical? Is it because of the law of decreasing marginal utility (quy luật lợi ích cận biên giảm dần), according to which the utility derived from every ensuing kiss decreases, or is it because (besides the fun of the clinch itself) the kiss provides you with so much new information—notably, that the other person feels the same way about you, which in most cases offers a huge relief from the anxiety that you were on a one-way road?

I suspect that the reason first kisses are special isn't related to waning marginal utility or rising familiarity—and certainly not because they're better. (The technique, strategy, approach and objective performance of a smooch probably increases over time.) The key is that a first kiss has tremendous meaning (rất nhiều ý nghĩa) attached to it. It provides a transition to a new kind of relationship and a new way for two people to think about themselves, separately and together. Maybe it is time to try to imbue our other kisses with more meaning?

Bài trước: Thua vợ hết

Bí quyết để chồng chịu "xì" lương ra

nhớ đụng chạm cơ thể, thậm chí massage cho chồng nhé :)

nghiên cứu năm 2010 cho thấy được phụ nữ đụng chạm thì có những quyết định tài chính rủi ro hơn -> nên giám đốc công ty yêu cầu nữ nhân viên bán hàng thỉnh thoảng (chủ ý) chạm vào tay khách hàng đấy :D
Dear Dan,

I am a saleswoman working at a major company. Recently, we've been told to try to make physical contact with customers—for example, by touching their arm when stressing an important point. I don't like this approach. Do you know if it has any scientific basis?

You might not want to hear the answer, but we do have some evidence suggesting the efficacy (tính có hiệu quả, hiệu lực) of physical touch. Perhaps someone at your company read about a study by Jonathan Levav of Columbia University and Jennifer Argo of the University of Alberta published in Psychological Science in 2010. They found that individuals who experienced physical contact from women—a handshake (bắt tay) or a touch on the shoulder (chạm vai)—felt calmer and safer, and consequently made riskier financial decisions.

Another study published two years later—by Paul Zak and his team, in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine—found that after receiving a 15-minute massage (especially the females) were more willing to give their money to others. Dr. Paul also found that their blood contained elevated levels of oxytocin, a hormone linked to trust (tin tưởng) and intimacy (thân mật).

More research backs these findings up. One 2010 study, carried out by researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, found that 45 minutes of Swedish massage reduced the levels of hormones that are released during stress and tied to aggressive behavior.

And why stop there? Armed with this information, you could go to your boss and suggest that massaging the customers is inefficient: There are lots of them, and they stay in the store for only a short time. Why not massage the employees each morning instead to make them more friendly and trusting? :D

"At a rate of knots" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

"At a rate (of knots)" nghĩa là rất nhanh.

Ví dụ
As the main series of The Walking Dead moves towards its conclusion, spin-offs (phim ăn theo) keep popping up at quite a rate of knots. 

For the first time I regretted not having anyone to push me on, as my own motivation (động lực) was vanishing (biến mất) at a rate of knots.

Nobody can understand whether the UK government is determined to crash out with No Deal or is playing a tactical (chiến thuật) game designed to obtain what they believe to be the best deal possible. Trust is being burned at a rate of knots. 

In this case, however, Kissinger was more honest, perhaps because he was less pleased by the policy. In a background discussion (chỉ thị bí mật) with reporters on the way to Midway, Kissinger said that Vietnamization (Việt Nam hóa chiến tranh) could help if it placed before Hanoi the specter (bóng ma) of an opponent that would grow stronger. "If, however, we withdraw (rút quân) at a rate that gives Hanoi the feeling that we are really just looking for an excuse to get out, then it will thwart (cản trở) negotiations, because they will just sit there and wait." 

Thu Phương

Tại sao càng học, càng đọc sách càng 'ngu'?

vì những vấn đề thắc mắc, chưa hiểu lại càng nhiều thêm mà,
Dear Dan,

I do lots of research online for work. I've noticed that, as more and more information sources become available, I'm less and less sure about my research's quality. Is my trust in online information dwindling?

I suspect that the real reason isn't trust. During my first years at university, I took many introductory classes (lớp học nhập môn) and felt that I knew a lot about all the topics I was studying, from physiology to metaphysics. But once I got to graduate school and started reading more academic papers, I realized how large the gap was between what I knew and what I needed to learn. (Over the years, this gap has only widened.)

I suspect that your online searches have a similar effect on you. They show you the size of the gulf between what you know from online research and the other knowable information still out there.

The magnitude (tầm lớn, độ lớn) of this gap can be depressing, maybe even paralyzing. But the good news is that a more realistic view of how little we really know—and more humility—can open the door to more data and fewer opinions.

Nợ công tăng kinh hoàng biến Mỹ thành "chúa Chổm" thế giới

ko phải lãi suất rẻ thì cứ vay đâu,
trích dẫn hôm nay… is from page 200 of the late Alberto Alesina’s important 2019 book – co-authored with Carlo Favero and Francesco Giavazzi – Austerity:

Another line of argument against austerity (chính sách "thắt lưng buộc bụng") is that public debt is not really a problem. This argument is especially popular now, given that interest rates are generally very low, so debt is not expensive. We think that this view is problematic for at least three reasons. First, large public debts imply a redistribution (tái phân phối) between current generations and future ones who cannot vote. This is simply unfair and needs to be taken into consideration by those who seem to advocate more and more debt. If one considers not only measured public debt but also the state of many pension systems, the picture becomes even more troublesome. Second, interest rates will not be low forever. Sooner or later they will return to more “normal” levels. With higher interest rates, more and more taxes will be needed to service the debt, reducing growth and generating a potential vicious cycle: high taxes, low growth, debt over GDP ratio not decreasing, and so forth. Third, in some countries high debt levels may generate default risk, high interest rates, capital outflows (as in Greece), and a debt crisis that may impose austerity when it is particularly costly.

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