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Thursday, October 22, 2020

"I rest my case" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

"I rest my case" = tôi nghỉ biện luận được rồi -> nghĩa là điều bạn vừa nói/nghe đã chứng minh, ủng hộ hay tổng kết lại quan điểm của tôi.

Ví dụ
I rest my case. I suspect you would like your Tesla much less if you had to pay for all those repairs yourself. Tesla will ultimately wither (khô hé) and die unless they can improve the quality of their vehicles. Range (tầm xa) doesn't matter if your car is constantly in the shop.

Don't believe me? Remember when every phone came with a set of earbuds? I rest my case. The problem is the way Apple dropped (bỏ) the charger out of the box. There are over a billion iPhone users and most of them have an Apple-certified charging brick with a USB type A (that's the big one) port and a cable that plugs (cắm) into it with a lightning connector on the other end.

Determined (xác định) to have the last word, Noel hit back: "Point proved (chúng tỏ). I rest my case." He also addressed the dispute when he was evicted (đuổi) from I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in 2018, telling hosts Ant and Dec: "We had a spat on This Morning. "I would love to go on This Morning again and properly talk about the subject of the human body energy system. "I never said electro-pulse (xung điện) therapy (điều trị) cured my cancer. I never said that. We got into one of those silly production squabbles."

"Mr Mapeza he said he's fine he will go back to his sister in-law (chị dâu). Then I followed up with Mr Mapeza and he told me that he was in Zimbabwe. Then I rest my case. "The answer today is that Mr Mapeza is no longer with us. Mr Mapeza, he won't be with us anytime soon. And Mr Mapeza is history to us. Joel Masutha, one of our own, will take the baton (đảm nhận trách nhiệm) and move forward. I thank you."

Ngọc Lân

"Man crush Monday" nghĩa là gì?

"Man crush Monday" và "woman crush Wednesday" -> câu đi kèm bài đăng về một người trên mạng xã hội mà người đăng thấy hấp dẫn, thường là người yêu hoặc người nổi tiếng. 

Ví dụ
On September 21, Kandi gave her husband a special shout-out (cảm ơn) in honor of Man Crush Monday. The mom of three posted a photo of the couple rocking matching denim-on-denim outfits and staring lovingly into each other’s eyes.  

Back in January, Maceo channeled his inner (bên trong) model when he posed for a photograph in a cool white tee and black shades. Berry said that he is her forever "Man Crush Monday." With those looks and attitude, he could be anybody's MCM! 

Kelly Clarkson rocked a bright yellow dress and high boots on the set of her talk show in a new Instagram share in honor of Woman Crush Wednesday. The singer and host (chủ) sported a big smile for her followers in a pic where she showed off her sunny personality (nhân cách) and a dress that flattered her figure.

Siya Kolisi is our Man Crush Monday and it's clear why. The hunky (được lòng) rugby player led his team to victory in the #RWC2019 and he is an inspiration (nguồn cảm hứng) both on and off the field.

Ngọc Lân

Vì sao Thủ tướng Nhật chọn thăm Việt Nam và Indonesia đầu tiên?

ko mỹ (bầu cử chưa ngã ngũ, covid tan hoang), ko china (ko phải đạo chính trị, chuyến thăm nhà nước của chủ tịch tập còn phải dừng), ko seoul (tự sát về chính trị, mối thù/bất đồng về đền bù cho lao động thời chiến)

thì là một trong các nước thành viên asean thôi,

việt nam là chủ tịch asean, indonesia là một trong các nước g20,

trong khi thủ tướng suga thăm Jakarta, bộ trưởng quốc phòng indonesia Prabowo Subianto (2 lần bị mỹ từ chối vì vi phạm nhân quyền) thăm mỹ theo lời mời của người đồng nhiệm Mark Esper (trùng hợp chăng?)

Topics in the meeting covered security cooperation, defense trade, maritime security and peacekeeping, among others. The dialogue took place less than a month before Suga’s visit. Is this another coincidence? Maybe it is, but it also should bee seen as part of a series of renewed U.S. efforts to strengthen defense ties with ASEAN members.

singapore thì: A week earlier, the U.S. acting under secretary of defense for policy visited Singapore and with his Singaporean counterpart, jointly chaired the 11th Singapore-U.S. Strategic Security Policy Dialogue. Last year the two nations extended their 1990 defense agreement by another 15 years to 2035. Washington’s efforts in the area will most likely continue.

"It speaks to me" nghĩa là gì?

I trusted you!!! Photo courtesy: LegoWyrm

"It speaks to someone" = nó nói với tôi -> nghĩa là có ý nghĩa đặc biệt hay quan trọng; hiểu được cảm giác của sự việc. Thường được sử dụng để nói về những lĩnh vực nghệ thuật như âm nhạc, tranh ảnh hoặc thơ ca.

Ví dụ
Selena reportedly told the crowd before beginning her acoustic version of Timberlake's breakup anthem: "I've been through a lot the past few months. It's been weird and sad and cool," adding, "This song definitely speaks to me."

“I love Casaluna’s color palettes, emphasis on a great night’s sleep and the natural materials used in the collection—from cotton to hemp (sợi gai dầu). That really speaks to me, not just as a designer but as a person who is always looking for ways to fuse (hợp nhất) the worlds of design and wellness,” she says.

“I... saw something on Tumblr that said it’s really funny how we all started out quarantine season playing Animal Crossing, a game about building a beautiful house in a meadow with flowers and all your best animal friends, and now we’re mid-way through it playing a game about being locked in a spaceship with people who are trying to kill us, and that really spoke to me.”

"You will always be one of my biggest idols. You taught me so much about how to keep it simple and real. I felt such a kinship (tình thân) with you even before we met," Timberlake wrote. "Your words and melodies... the chords that accompanied them... they reached into my soul and spoke to me so deeply. That’s what your music did. It brought so many of us closer to you and to each other. And, to actually know you was truly something special."

Ngân Nguyễn

Không ổn rồi

trẻ em uống sữa công thức qua chai nhựa đang nuốt hàng triệu hạt vi nhựa mỗi ngày...
Bottle-fed babies are swallowing millions of microplastic particles a day, according to research described as a “milestone” in the understanding of human exposure to tiny plastics.

Scientists found that the recommended high-temperature (nhiệt độ cao) process for sterilising (khử trùng) plastic bottles (chai nhựa) and preparing formula milk (sữa công thức) caused bottles to shed (rơi, tung ra, tỏa ra) millions of microplastics and trillions of even smaller nanoplastics.

The polypropylene bottles tested make up 82% of the world market, with glass bottles being the main alternative. Polypropylene is one of the most commonly used plastics and preliminary tests by the scientists found kettles and food containers also produced millions of microplastics per litre of liquid.

Microplastics in the environment (vi nhựa trong môi trường) were already known to contaminate (làm ô nhiễm) human food and drink (thức ăn và đồ uống của con người), but the study shows that food preparation in plastic containers (chuẩn bị thức ăn trong đồ chứa bằng nhựa) can lead to exposure (phơi bày, phơi nhiễm) thousands of times higher (cao hơn hàng nghìn lần).

Bài trước: Thật đáng sợ

Thật đáng sợ

ô nhiễm không khí gây ra cái chết của nửa triệu trẻ em trên toàn cầu...
Air pollution (ô nhiễm không khí) last year (năm ngoái) caused (gây ra) the premature death (chết yểu) of nearly half a million babies in their first month of life, with most of the infants (đứa bé còn ẵm ngửa, đứa bé dưới 7 tuổi) being in the developing world, data shows.

Exposure (phơi bày, phơi nhiễm) to airborne pollutants (chất gây ô nhiễm (do xe cộ, động cơ.. thải ra)) is harmful also for babies in the womb (tử cung). It can cause a premature birth or low birth weight. Both of these factors are associated with higher infant mortality (tỷ lệ tử vong cao hơn ở trẻ em).

Nearly two-thirds of the 500,000 deaths of infants documented were associated with indoor (trong nhà) air pollution, particularly arising from solid fuels such as charcoal (than củi), wood, and animal dung (phân động vật) for cooking (nấu nướng).

Giá cho iPhone 12 Pro Max 64GB sẽ giảm?

dưới 699 usd ko, khi được lắp ráp ở hải phòng :D
Manufacturers are knocking on the doors (gõ cửa) of Vietnam’s northern provinces and committing (cam kết) billions of dollars to set up operations, including Samsung Electronics Co., where it is producing about half its smartphones. Apple assembly partner Pegatron Corp. plans to invest $1 billion in the northern port city of Haiphong, local media reported, following moves to Vietnam of other suppliers for the Cupertino, California company. Apple recently posted Vietnam job openings, including for a mechanical quality engineer (kỹ sư chất lượng cơ khí), and managers for supply chain operations (hoạt động chuỗi cung ứng) and government relations (quan hệ chính phủ).

...The government is building a river port for transporting parts and, at Apple’s request, provided land for workers’ housing near the 16-hectare complex of Luxshare Precision Industry Co., the world’s biggest manufacturer of AirPods, Luong said.

...Vietnam’s challenge (thách thức) going forward is to ensure that education improves so the country can avoid the “middle-income trap” (bẫy thu nhập trung bình) once factories leave (nhà máy rời đi) as costs eventually rise (chi phí rồi sẽ tăng) and pivot to a high-skilled economy, said Scott Rozelle, a Stanford University development economist.

A high-quality education (giáo dục chất lượng cao) for future generations (các thế hệ tương lai) is the dream (giấc mơ) of Bac Giang residents (cư dân) such as boarding house owner (chủ nhà trọ) Lanh, who as a child harvested rice (gặt lúa) from a “basket boat” (thuyền thúng) on flooded fields where factories now rise up.

Tin sốt dẻo đây

miếng lego rơi khỏi mũi đứa bé 7 tuổi sau 2 năm khu trú...

Seven-year-old Sameer Anwar of Dunedin, in the south of New Zealand, inserted (ấn) a tiny piece (miếng nhỏ/bé xíu) of Lego up his nose (mũi) in 2018. Sameer’s father, Mudassir, and his wife became alarmed (tá hỏa) when their son told them he had lost a piece of Lego up his nose, and couldn’t find it.

The concerned (lo lắng) parents took their son to the GP, who was also unable to find, or remove it. The doctor advised them the piece would move through their son’s digestive tract (ống tiêu hóa), if it had even been there in the first place.

With Sameer showing no signs of pain (đau đớn) or distress (đau khổ, đau đớn; cảnh túng quẫn, gieo neo), his parents soon forgot (quên) about the ordeal (sự thử thách, cách thử tội). “Since then he’s never complained (phàn nàn) or anything,” Anwar said, telling the Guardian his son was “quite playful (vui vẻ nô đùa) and a mischievous (tinh nghịch) character”.

...Then last night, the “unbelievable” (không thể tin nổi) happened Anwar said. A plate of pink cupcakes prompted his son to lean down and take a great big sniff of them.

Immediately, his nose began to hurt. Thinking he’d sniffed up some cake crumbs (mẩu vụn bánh), his mother helped him blow his nose, hoping to thoroughly clear his nostrils (lỗ mũi).

But instead of pink cake crumbs, out dropped a tiny piece of black Lego, covered in fungus (nấm).

Hàng xóm tốt

quấn toàn bộ xe oto hàng xóm trong băng đen vì... chặn lối ra vào hơn ngày rưỡi...
Most drivers will be familiar with the frustration (thất vọng, vỡ mộng) caused by someone blocking their driveway or parking space - but one exasperated man decided to take matters into his own hands.

Tobe Bailey, 49, from Margate, Kent, hilariously wrapped his neighbour's entire car in black cellophane after it blocked his driveway for a day and a half. That's one way to get your point across, eh?

After leaving a note (mẩu ghi chú) placed on the windscreen (kính chắn gió xe hơi) requesting that the driver please remove their vehicle, Tobe went to extreme measures (biện pháp cực đoan) to deliver his message (ra thông điệp).

Bài trước: Dị chưa

Tại sao không?

quần lót nhật bản khi cất vào tủ có thể được gấp lại thành hình... mèo :D
Felissimo Nekobu, Japan’s leading cat-themed lifestyle brand, is always ready to let you incorporate your love of the cute creatures to the world, like with their feline (giống mèo, như mèo; giả dối, nham hiểm)-inspired kimono and headbands. So at first glance, you might think they’ve forgotten to put the finishing touches on their new undergarment line.

Those are just simple, understated panties (quần lót), with no cat-based aesthetic appeal (thu hút về thẩm mỹ) whatsoever, right? Sure…but only when they’re being worn. That’s because those same panties, once reconfigured, look like this.

Produced in partnership with clothing brand Jaconne, they’re called the Nyanko Pocket Panties (“nyanko” being a cutesy word for “kitty” in Japanese). On the front inside lining, there’s a cat-shaped pocket that you can fold the panties back into when not wearing them.

Dị chưa

facebook hủy thử nghiệm sau khi 2 chương trình trí tuệ nhân tạo chat với nhau bằng ngôn ngữ chỉ chúng mới có thể hiểu được... (bài năm 2017)

The two chatbots came to create their own changes to English that made it easier for them to work – but which remained mysterious (kỳ bí) to the humans that supposedly look after them.

The bizarre (kỳ lạ) discussions (thảo luận, nói chuyện) came as Facebook challenged its chatbots to try and negotiate (thương lượng, đàm phán) with each other over a trade, attempting to swap hats, balls and books, each of which were given a certain value. But they quickly broke down as the robots appeared to chant at each other in a language that they each understood but which appears (dường như, có vẻ như) mostly incomprehensible (gần như không thể hiểu nổi) to humans.

The robots had been instructed to work out how to negotiate between themselves, and improve their bartering (trao đổi, hàng đổi hàng) as they went along. But they were not told to use comprehensible English, allowing them to create their own "shorthand",

Bài trước: Ăn mừng thôi

Trong khi con của bạn mải xem 'khá bảnh' ở youtube

con nhà người ta (13 tuổi) đã thực hiện được 'tổng hợp hạt nhân', và được ghi tên vào sách kỷ lục thế giới Guinness...

This could only mean one thing. Jackson officially became the world’s youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion (tổng hợp hạt nhân). 

His impressive achievement (thành tích ấn tượng) was verified (kiểm chứng, chứng thực) by, The Open Source Fusor Research Consortium, and confirmed by fusion researcher Richard Hull, who maintains a list of amateur scientists who have achieved fusion at home. 

This incredible feat has led him to be one of the stars of this year’s Guinness World Records 2021 edition, alongside other record holders. 

Ăn mừng thôi

đã tìm thấy... phân người ở dạng hóa thạch lớn nhất :D
Did you know that Paleoscatologists (nhà cổ sinh vật học) consider (coi) stools (phân, cứt) as valuable (có giá, giá trị) as the crown jewels (ngọc trên vương miện)? Oh, and by ‘stools’, we’re not talking about the chair kind.

However, there’s one fossilised poo that is of most importance, and funnily enough, the largest on record. Dating back to approximately the 9th century (thế kỷ 9), there’s an interesting backstory to this piece.

You won’t believe how much it’s worth!

Now, we know what you’re wondering. Just how big was this… turd?

Bài trước: Ca này khó

"Equal to the occasion" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Juan Ramos on Unsplash

"Equal to the occasion" = ngang bằng với tình huống -> nghĩa là có đủ kĩ năng/khả năng, tiêu chuẩn để hoàn thành nhiệm vụ được giao. 

Ví dụ
Nature has done great things for them, in giving them a pleasant and fruitful land. Pluck, industry, courage, and above all hard work is required of them, that they may be equal to the occasion and opportunity (cơ hội) that is before them.

The time at our disposal (chuyển nhượng) is very short, but I hope that the Punjab will rise equal to the occasion and no pains will be spared to make the session a successful one. The public and the District Congress Committee are requested to bestir (khuấy động) themselves to begin collecting subscriptions. 

Still, pro football “experts” theorized Otto and the Browns would get their comeuppance (quở trách) once they faced the NFL in 1950, but both the quarterback and the team proved more than equal to the occasion. In the Browns’ 30-28 victory over the Los Angeles Rams in the 1950 NFL Championship Game, Graham threw four touchdown passes.

Striker (tiền đạo) Jordan Lamb got a break but Tracey was equal to the occasion. The goalkeeper again thwarted (cản trở) a speculator from Allan from about 25m out from the centre of the park.

Ngọc Lân

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