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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

“Eat his toads” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Edward Cisneros

“Eat one's toads” có toad là người ghê tởm/đáng ghét -> cụm từ này nghĩa là bợ đỡ, nịnh hót.

Ví dụ
“His attacks don’t bother me and his praise doesn’t eat my toads. The only question was how I could get him to help New York.”

That Trump said to the moderator, “I like the way you are doing this” and then proceeded to ignore the rules, not restrain his outbursts or answer the questions. To those of us watching, this demonstrated his misogyny (tính ghét kết hôn, chứng sợ phụ nữ) and privilege. He thought he could eat her toads and then get his way.

When President Donald Trump uses federal funds to provide regular cash infusions to his failing businesses, or directs government benefits to people who eat his toads and pay him money, his corruption (tham nhũng) is grotesque (lố bịch, kệch cỡm). But it’s not inhumane.

Ka Tina

“Eat off gold plate” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Albany Capture

“Eat off gold plate” -> nghĩa là ăn bằng mâm ngọc đĩa vàng.

Ví dụ
Was Rothschild really the second richest man in history? Was he, in fact, richer than me? True, he could hire a fleet of carriages (đoàn xe ngựa) and eat off gold plate; but I would happily trade both for still being alive, and I suspect that Rothschild would have felt the same. 

Rose wrote that Brigadier Geoffrey Hardy-Roberts, Master of the Royal Household from 1967 to 1973, would worry at the difficulty of keeping food hot when served on gold plate. “People come here not to eat hot food, but to eat off gold plate,” the Queen told him.

Ka Tina

“Eat dirt” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

“Eat dirt” = hít bụi -> nghĩa là nhịn nhục.

Ví dụ
Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptation of the young adult novel series is a mess, but at least it features Josh Gad as a giant dwarf (tên lùn khổng lồ) who eats dirt and shoots it out of his butt.

It’s like saying as an aside that you eat dirt or have sex with barnyard animals. It undercuts the rest, takes the oomph out of your scorn. Hard to be insulted by a man calling you names while nestled close to swine (con lợn, vật/người đáng ghét). And I believe Donald Trump is a swine the way I believe the sky is blue.

Roman Boles, published this summer on Amazon, tells the story of the titular (giữ chức) college football player who is accused of attempting to rape (cưỡng hiếp) a woman he claims to have never met. To make things worse, it is his final year of playing for his university team, and they are headed for victory. “If we did everything we were supposed to, we were headed for glory. If we didn’t? We could eat dirt,” Boles explains in the book.

Ka Tina

“Eat to excess” nghĩa là gì?

“Eat to excess” -> nghĩa là ăn quá độ.

Ví dụ
Being sporadic (thỉnh thoảng, lâu lâu xảy ra một lần) and erratic (thất thường) with eating is a recipe for gut disaster. If you skip meals, you may be overly hungry and eat to excess, which can also cause GI distress. Chewing gum can cause you take in more air, which can make you feel gassy, and if you chew sugarless, the sugar alcohols in the gums, as well as mints, can lead to bloating or gut discomfort.

As anyone who's gone through it can likely confirm, heartbreak can have physical symptoms. It's not just our feelings that are hurt, it's also our bodies. This manifests in different ways. Some people can't sleep or eat, others sleep or eat to excess, but the commonality is often a sort of obsession (sự ám ảnh). That's one of the hallmarks (xác nhận tiêu chuẩn/chuẩn độ) of heartbreak: We become consumed by thoughts of the person who hurt us.

It's very important for the elderly that they make sure they exercise. 'My big worry for the elderly is that we will lose our physical fitness, and psychological fitness,' he said. 'It's important that people who are elderly and frail (yếu) are able to safely get out of the house, and able to exercise and take good care of themselves, no to sit and watch telly or eat to excess.'

Ka Tina

“Eat in moderation” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Brooke Lark

“Eat in moderation” có moderation là sự tiết chế -> nghĩa là ăn điều độ.

Ví dụ
When it comes to keeping his body healthy and fit for the game, “I am not really picky when it comes to the food that I eat but I only eat in moderation and what’s enough to maintain my body. I exercise regularly for about 2 to 3 times a day but before I do that, I would jog first for about 30 minutes”, said Ezi.

Your body will tell you how much water or other liquids are sufficient. Listen to your body. By the way, there is a clean-eating disorder when you are obsessed with eating healthy. There needs to be a balance. No calories are good or bad. A calorie is just a calorie, just like no food is bad or right if you eat in moderation. It is your experience with the food that defines it. And sleep enough. 

Although fats have been a controversial topic (chủ đề tranh luận), they are an essential part of a well-balanced diet. Fats are not produced by our body, which means they need to be consumed through the foods we eat, in moderation. Fats help us absorb (hấp thụ) certain vitamins, protect our organs and provide us with the energy we need to make it through the day. You want foods with unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are considered to be good fats and help lower LDL cholesterol, reduce inflammation (sự đốt cháy) and build stronger cell membranes (màng tế bào). Unsaturated fats are found in nuts, olive oil, avocados, fish and seeds.

Ka Tina

“Eat a hearty breakfast” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Brooke Lark

“Eat a hearty breakfast” -> nghĩa là ăn sáng thịnh soạn/hậu hĩ.

Ví dụ
he fact that it’s a hotel that provides clean towels and allows people to sleep here then eat a hearty breakfast feels more like luck than judgment. Less a hotel, more a sort of “gentrified flophouse”.

That’s why I recently decided to eat a hearty breakfast for five days straight. After all, according to WebMD, eating a fairly large, 600-calorie breakfast can actually be beneficial, since it can reduce food cravings later in the day. I was curious to see what effect eating a substantial breakfast of at least 300 calories might have on my energy level.

The first sign of an absence of conviction comes just minutes into the premiere. We begin with the two Mercury 7 alpha males — swaggering Naval aviator Alan Shepard (Jake McDorman) and morally upright celebrity Marine pilot John Glenn (Patrick J. Adams) — staying competitive with one another even in the final hours before what seems to be the program’s first manned mission. We see them run, shave, and eat a hearty breakfast, each trying to get an edge over the other in whatever tiny way possible. And then suddenly, we have jumped two years into the past, as the series begins the long and winding road to that scene.

Ka Tina

“A good name is better than riches” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Raphael Lovaski

“A good name is better than riches” -> nghĩa là tốt danh hơn lành áo.

Ví dụ
“I believe somewhere along the line, as quickly as we can, we do have to bring to this House whatever measures we need to protect people.” Rahming said he would rather someone steal from a person than damage their dignity and good name. “God told me that a good name is better than riches,” he said.

“I told the boys at Owerri, Imo State, protesting and blaring ‘Ajakumo’, that that’s one of my brother’s songs. They created a partway (một phần, phần nào) for me to escape the horrendous traffic (giao thông khủng khiếp) caused by road blockages. A good name is better than riches we were told, and character matters.”

“A good name is better than riches and if Gyan will listen to me, he should quit the Black Stars because he is not the Gyan we used to know," Kofi told Angel FM. “I think he should honourably resign from the team to save his name." Gyan is currently Ghana's most-capped player and all-time top scorer, having featured in 109 matches since making his international debut against Somalia in 2013 and scored 51 goals over the period.

Ka Tina

“One good turn deserves another” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Marco Xu

“One good turn deserves another” -> nghĩa là ở hiền gặp lành.

Ví dụ
“For all these things that you have done for us, we say one good turn deserves another. We the people of Krachi and Oti will push you up for the good things you have done,” he said.

"On the subject of dogs (C8), people sometimes ask why a dog, particularly in long grass, turns around several times before lying down? The answer is simple: one good turn deserves another," according to Derrick Mason of Boorowa.

In movies, sayings, such as "One good turn deserves another" can be made into a reality or shown in more ways than one. The turn, in LOTR, is started when Frodo saves Sam from drowning in the first film, pulling him out and taking him with him on his journey. Then, at the end of the third film, as Frodo hands above the flames of Mount Doom, after betraying Sam and putting them through hell, Sam still pulls Frodo up, repaying the good deed with one of his own.

Ka Tina

“When the blood sheds, the heart aches” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Annie Spratt

“When the blood sheds, the heart aches” -> nghĩa là vì tình máu mủ ruột thịt, thương yêu đùm bọc nhau, chia sẻ với nhau những nỗi đau khổ (máu chảy ruột mềm), tương tự với tục ngữ “blood is thicker than water” (một giọt máu đào hơn ao nước lã).

Ví dụ
"I learned that when the blood sheds, the heart aches," . "Depending on how strong you can be, it's hard to slam the door [on your sister]." She has seen the episode but hopes to watch it with friends Monday during a pajama party over Zoom and is eager to see their reactions.

The state and its broadcasters (người nói trên đài phát thanh) know that loyalties outside party needs can lead only to thought crime, which is why it prefers families to be divided as well as physically separated by decree. This is intolerable (không thể chịu đựng, quá quắt), yet people tolerate, and in some cases welcome it. The British public needs to be reminded that when the blood sheds, the heart aches, and there is nothing worse than a grass. 

When the blood sheds, the heart aches, they say, and horses and rodeo is thicker than most ... or at least stronger in holding family members together. Among the 113 cowboys and cowgirls competing at the 2020 RAM Badlands Circuit Finals in Minot, there are six groups of family members: brothers, fathers and sons, a cousin, nephew and uncle, and husband and wife.

Ka Tina

“Eat with avidity” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jamie Brown

“Eat with avidity” có avidity là sự khao khát, thèm thuồng -> nghĩa là ăn tham lam/ngấu nghiến.

Ví dụ
He’s starving for a long time, just let him eat with avidity freely.

Please be careful with your manners when eating or drinking! No matter how hungry you’re, never eat with avidity.

They’re beggars and homeless at this town, even leftovers (thức ăn thừa) in the garbage bins can be eaten with avidity by them.

Ka Tina

"On a biblical scale" nghĩa là gì?

"On a biblical scale" = trên quy mô kinh thánh -> nghĩa là ở mức độ/quy mô rất lớn. 

Ví dụ
Elton received a standing ovation (hoan hô) after saying, “And lastly, there’s the plight (khó khăn) of the animals, a loss of their habitat that frankly is on a biblical scale and it’s heartbreaking. Therefore, tonight, I will be pledging $1 million dollars to support the bushfire relief fund.”

Each neighbor was given a small funeral, with a handful of mourners (người khóc thương) standing six feet apart on their front lawns in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Borough Park. “There is not a single Hasidic family that has been untouched,” said Mr. Leifer, 34. “It is a plague on a biblical scale.”

INDIA has warned its citizens to be prepared for a possible invasion (xâm lăng) of locusts (châu chấu) on a biblical scale after swarms (bầy đàn) ravaged areas in the north.

Even in losses (if we throw ULM’s disaster against Army), the Sun Belt performed in entertaining fashion before national audiences. Sweeping the Big XII sweetened the pot, with Louisiana’s win over ranked Iowa State providing the bow and the cherry. As a result, we’ve seen two Sun Belt programs crack the AP Top 25, which is historical on a biblical scale.

Ngọc Lân

"On short notice" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Saffu on Unsplash

"On short notice" -> nghĩa là rất nhanh, không có thông báo trước kịp thời.

Ví dụ
In this world, you don’t need to have an ample (rộng) amount of time to do everything. Sometimes, you don’t have enough time that is required for a specific task. Moving is such a task that is difficult to do in a short period because it is the task that requires a lot of tinny (không chắc chắn) tasks to do. It is a process that requires months to complete but sometimes, due to certain reasons, you have to complete the process on short notice. If you also have to move on short notice because of any reason such as your job then there are certain things that you have to complete in a short duration of time.

When Jones and Easterby departed Parc y Scarlets, Flanagan was parachuted in on short notice and worked alongside Pivac, Byron Hayward and Ioan Cunningham.

Next Russell talked about Head of State, a comedy starring (đóng vai) Bernie Mac and Chris Rock. In the film, the Democratic party is desperate for a candidate after an accident leaves them without a nominee. They choose Chris Rock’s character, a low level politician, to fill in on short notice, and are surprised when his straightforward style gets him elected.

Due to the increase in community cases over the last two weeks, the Sitka School District’s alert level has shifted (chuyển đổi) to “high.” Hitting the threshold (ngưỡng cửa) of 12 cases over a 14-day period prompted the shift. According to the city’s COVID-19 dashboard, school buildings will remain open for the time being, with additional health and cleaning  protocols in place, and families are being advised to “be ready to go to virtual instruction on short notice.”

Ngọc Lân

"Effing and blinding" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jack B on Unsplash

"Effing and blinding" -> nghĩa là chửi bậy, chửi thề luôn mồm.

Ví dụ
Steam's new Chat Filtering options let you fine-tune effing and blinding. Valve have added new options to filter obscenity (tục tĩu) and slurs (nói xấu) from chat on Steam and in some games, letting you level up without getting cussed out. With the new Steam Chat Filtering enabled, words caught in the filters are replaced with “***” or “♥♥♥”.
“It was one of the most shocking arguments I’d seen in 30 years of making films,” Nigel Dick previously told The Mirror. “They just started yelling (la hét) at each other out of nothing, really letting off.” “They were snarling (càu nhàu), effing and blinding for about 90 seconds and I feared one might lift a fist (nắm đấm). The whole crew took a pace backwards.

In 2016, Green called me to complain about a story, effing and blinding as if I were one of his minions (người hầu). We rapidly got into a shouting match which ended with an improbable (không chắc chắn) overture (lời đề nghị) from the one-time king of retail.

After all, there’s a reason Rob got given the series: to remake Halloween in his voice. And, for better or worse, that’s precisely what he did with his sophomore (lần thứ hai) effort. Sure, it’s got some of his worst qualities as a writer: the constant effing and blinding coming from unlikeable characters dressed in grunge gear.

Ngọc Lân

"Hail Mary pass" nghĩa là gì?

"Hail Mary pass" -> nghĩa là đường chuyền dài trong bóng bầu dục, thường khó bắt và được thực hiện trong tuyệt vọng ở cuối hiệp. 

Ví dụ
The melee (cận chiến) started when Missouri’s Trajan Jeffcoat delivered a high, late hit on Florida quarterback Kyle Trask on the final play of the first half. The Hail Mary pass fell incomplete, and Trask landed hard on his back. His linemen came to his defense. So did Mullen, who started screaming at officials and the opposing sideline. 

Under intense (căng thẳng) defensive pressure and near midfield, Nugent realized he was about to be sacked and intentionally grounded the ball to stop the clock at 9 seconds. While the Rams took a 15-yard penalty, it allowed Nugent to make the call to his offense (tấn công) for the Hail Mary pass to the right corner of the end zone. After the game, flanker Ron Jenkins said, "Terry just told us to run the Hail Mary and for Keli to go up and tip (vỗ nhẹ) it to me and watch for the ball. He said 'Keli you tip it, and Jenx you catch it.'"

The Hawks trimmed the lead to 25-20 with a 5-yard rushing touchdown by Jack Boyle with 7:21 to go in the fourth quarter. Chaska then drove 40 yards to the Chanhassen 38-yard line on its final drive, but a Hail Mary pass fell incomplete in the end zone as time expired (hết giờ).

It is hard to steal some of the shine from Cook, but Wonnum came up big when Minnesota needed him most. After Green Bay had cut it to a six-point game, the Packers had the ball on a second-and-10 from Minnesota’s 41-yard line with 12 seconds left in the game. Rodgers rolled out to the right and just as he attempted to heave another patented (môn bài) Hail Mary pass to save the day again, Wonnum came crashing in and forced the game-sealing fumble.

Ngọc Lân

"Due diligence" nghĩa là gì?

'Due diligence' nghĩa là hoạt động thẩm tra, 'thẩm định chuyên sâu', nghiên cứu nghiêm túc, rà soát cẩn thận... (khi một nhà đầu tư có ý định đầu tư vào một doanh nghiệp hoặc cân nhắc mua bán, sáp nhập với một đơn vị khác (M&A))

Ví dụ
Markets regulator Sebi came out with a framework for creation of security for listed debt securities and 'due diligence' that needs to be carried out by debenture trustees.

Croatia's Fortenova Group, the successor to the collapsed food-to-retail concern Agrokor, said on Monday it invited selected bidders to start due diligence at its frozen food units Ledo Plus, Ledo Citluk, Frikom and several smaller ones, which have been offered for sale.

Under the norms, DTs will have to exercise independent due diligence and it places obligations on the DTs to ensure that the assets of the issuers are sufficient to discharge the interest and principal amount with respect to debt securities of issuers at all times.

Before commencing the litigation in question, the eventual plaintiff M7D was searching for potential investors. M7D ultimately found an interested party, and entered into a non-disclosure agreement specifying that an “agent of [M7D] is furnishing to [the investor] certain information . . . concerning [M7D] . . . which is strictly confidential.” After agreeing to maintain the confidentiality of information exchanged between M7D and the investor, the investor’s law firm conducted due diligence regarding M7D’s intellectual property and trade secrets.

Phạm Hạnh

"A rousing send-off" nghĩa là gì?

"A rousing send-off" -> nghĩa là buổi tiệc chia tay sôi nổi, nhiệt tình.

Ví dụ
MEMBERS of roller derby (mũ quả dưa) skating clubs from all over the South West gave a rousing send off to a woman who died after battling breast cancer (ung thư vú) for four years.

Modly resigned (cam chịu) days later over his handling of the incident, actions which included a $240,000 trip to Guam where he slammed Crozier and admonished sailors for giving Crozier a rousing send off in public remarks to the crew.

Given a rousing send-off by flag-waving supporters who also let off firecrackers when they left Pristina for the 90-kilometre road trip to Skopje on Wednesday, Kosovo were missing key players and it proved a bridge too far.

If he really doesn’t know, fair enough. Brad Fittler says the whole thing is “a joke.” I think it’s plain (rõ ràng) awkward. If he finishes the grand final and then says he’s done, there will be the general sense of a rip-off. One of the great joys for devoted (cống hiến) sporting fans is to give a rousing send-off to a legend.

Ngọc Lân

Cha mẹ nên nói gì với con để sử dụng mạng xã hội an toàn hơn?

quá nhiều quảng cáo, làm sao nói cho con hiểu: tránh khỏi cám dỗ 'chi tiền cho thứ vô bổ'...

ko nên nói theo quan điểm/giá trị của mình (bố mẹ), mà nói những cám dỗ đó ngược/trái với chính giá trị của bản thân con..., -> con cảm thấy tự bản thân chống lại cám dỗ chứ ko phải là nghe lời bố mẹ...
Hi, Dan.

I have a 12-year-old son, and when I looked at his social media accounts (tài khoản mạng xã hội) last week, I was shocked (thất kinh) to see how many ads and solicitations (gạ gẫm, níu kéo, chài khách) he receives. I’ve already talked to my son about more serious internet dangers (mối nguy internet nghiêm trọng), but how can I teach him to resist the pressure (cưỡng lại sức ép) to throw away money online?

Instead of telling your son how these solicitations conflict with your values as a parent, try pointing out how they conflict with his own values. A clever 2016 study by behavioral scientist Christopher Bryan and colleagues found that adolescents could be convinced to avoid unhealthy snacks by framing it as a way of standing up against the deceptive advertising practices of junk food companies. Similarly, asking your son to take a stand against manipulative online solicitations will help him feel that he’s striking a blow for his own independence rather than obeying a parental rule.

Từ thiện đúng cách

cam kết với một chính sách từ thiện từ trước, ví dụ sẽ dành tặng (donate) toàn bộ số tiền biểu diễn trong năm, để không phải cân nhắc với mỗi lần nhận được thù lao (stipend) tại sự kiện...
Dear Dan,

I’m an actor in a local theater company, and sometimes we perform at benefit events for nonprofits that only pay a small stipend. In those cases, I always donate the money back to the group. But recently I was in a benefit where the play was so popular that we gave a number of extra performances, and the fee I received was significant. This time I find myself resisting the idea of donating the money, even though I never expected to earn anything from the play. Why do I feel so reluctant and how can I overcome it?

We all enjoy the warm glow we get from being generous, but that feeling tends to diminish as the amount of money we give increases. Donating $500 doesn’t feel 10 times as good as donating $50, while the pain of giving up the larger sum is much more noticeable. The best way to avoid this problem is to commit to a donation policy in advance, rather than to evaluate each individual gift. For example, you could tell your theater’s manager that you want to donate all your stipends from benefit performances for the coming year and even ask for a certificate or receipt. That way you won’t feel tempted to change your mind each time.

Để quản lý thời gian hiệu quả

đừng dùng quá nhiều công cụ "quản lý thời gian" như danh sách công việc, ứng dụng, ghi sổ... (cùng lúc), chuyển qua chuyển lại, mất thời giờ hơn,

chọn và chỉ dùng một phương pháp thôi trong một tháng, rồi xem có cần phương pháp khác ko, tìm cách hợp với mình nhất...
Dear Dan,

I’ve tried several techniques to be more organized and productive—to-do lists, time-management apps, keeping a journal. But switching between all these methods only makes things more confused. How do I figure out the best productivity system for me?

Behavioral economists refer to this kind of overplanning as structured procrastination. Juggling productivity tools and platforms makes us feel we’re making progress, when in fact they’re just another way of distracting us from our work.

To avoid this, take an experimental approach: Pick one time-management method and use it exclusively for a month. When the month is up, ask yourself if you really need a different method or extra tool. By committing to a single method and giving it time to work, you’ll be able to find out which productivity tools suit your needs and which just waste your time.

Ánh sáng đêm khuya

đèn ở nhà thờ vẫn bật tối muộn hơn bình thường, người qua đường ngó vào xem và thấy... giám mục đang làm tình tay ba với hai phụ nữ ở bệ thờ :D
The lights inside Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River were on later than usual on Sept. 30, so a passerby (khách qua đường) stopped to take a closer look.

Peering inside, the onlooker (người xem, khán giả) saw the small parish's pastor (mục sư, cố vấn tinh thần) half-naked having sex with two women on the altar (bệ thờ). The women were dressed in corsets and high-heeled boots (giày bốt, ủng cao). There were sex toys (đồ chơi tình dục) and stage lighting. And a mobile phone as well as a separate camera were mounted on tripods, recording it all. 

The eyewitness (nhân chứng) took a video and called the Pearl River police, who arrived at the church and viewed that recording. Officers then arrested the Rev. Travis Clark, pastor of Saints Peter and Paul since 2019, on obscenity (lời lẽ tục tĩu, hành động khiêu dâm) charges. 

"Knock him off his pedestal" nghĩa là gì?

"Knock someone off their pedestal" có pedestal là bệ đặt tượng -> cụm từ này nghĩa là khiến ai mất đi vị trí dẫn đầu/nổi bật; nghĩa khác là làm nhục ai, khiến họ mất mặt, xấu hổ.

Ví dụ
Young's record isn't within striking (tấn công) distance for any current player on the 49ers roster, even though he thinks one sack artist can eventually knock him off his pedestal. 

Some consider Jefferson ownership of slaves as reason enough to knock him off his pedestal, as it's seen as a symbol of the oppression (áp bức) and degradation (giảm phẩm chất) of millions of people.
Willie is the man. Willie is the daddy. And for me to be talked about in the same breath as Willie is something else. To be leading Willie Mullins going into Punchestown was never something I thought would happen. Willie has brought it to the next level and it is up to the rest of us to keep up with him and try to knock him off his pedestal.

It’ll be serious business for Bolt come Sunday night, though, with plenty of competitors keen to knock him off his pedestal. The most likely sprint star to do so is the United States’ Justin Gatlin, who isn’t quite as popular with the neutral; he served a four-year ban (lệnh cấm) from 2006 after testing positive for performance-enhancing (tăng cường sinh lực) substances.

Ngọc Lân

"Hold that thought" nghĩa là gì?

"Hold that thought" -> nghĩa là nhắc ai ghi nhớ điều vừa nói và tiếp tục thảo luận hoặc để sau. 

Ví dụ
Hold that thought a minute while I turn to the second issue (vấn dề). A few years back as Donald Trump’s first presidential campaign started firing up, various commentators (including me) took to debating whether Trump was a fascist (phát xít). John Michael Greer wrote around that time that the parallel was absurd.

Seventeen years later, Trump is out of reach even for a berserker (kẻ điên) like Baron Cohen. Nonetheless, in the madcap (bốc đồng) travelogue sequel Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, he returns to circle his old prey. The US president does not appear, but is everywhere in spirit. Starring in the flesh — and then some — is his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Hold that thought.

Okay, so hold that thought for when we get to the what they’re being used for now. But I do want a little bit of history out of you first. Ten years ago, plus or minus, QR codes kind of come on the scene in a biggish way. But as you say, in this piece, they were just terrible.

Now, some of you may be clutching (giữ chặt) your pearls and thinking, “why goodness gracious (tốt bụng), Jessica. I just had no idea what Mr. Trump was going to do. I feel TERRIBLE and wish I knew then what I know now!” Hold that thought.

Ngọc Lân

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