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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Không thì làm sao gọi Uber được

nasa tài trợ 14,1 triệu usd cho nokia để xây dựng mạng lưới điện thoại 4g trên mặt trăng :D

That project was part of $370 million in new contracts for lunar surface research missions NASA announced Wednesday. Most of the money went to large space companies like SpaceX and United Launch Alliance to perfect techniques to make and handle rocket (tên lửa) propellant (chất nổ đẩy) in space.

The space agency must quickly develop new technologies for living and working on the moon if it wants to realize its goal to have astronauts (phi hành gia) working at a lunar base by 2028, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a live broadcast.

Cũng ghét tiếp thị rác lắm

nghiên cứu ở úc cho thấy: bò cảm thấy thư giãn hơn khi nghe trực tiếp từ người hơn là nghe ghi âm sẵn qua loa :D

The farm animals prefer face-to-face chat, new research from Austria suggests. Cows are more relaxed after being spoken to directly by a live human rather than when listening to a recorded voice (giọng nói ghi âm sẵn) via a loudspeaker (loa), researchers found.

"Our study suggests that live talking is more relaxing for our animals than a recording of a human voice," said Annika Lange, a doctoral student (nghiên cứu sinh tiến sĩ) at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna and author of the study, in a press statement.

"Interactions may be less positive when they become artificial."

Còn lựa chọn nào đâu

xả súng ở kfc vì phục vụ món sai...

Investigators say that customer went through the drive-through of a KFC on Winchester Road in Hickory Hill on Saturday, then went back to the restaurant minutes later because his order (gọi món, đặt hàng) was wrong.

the man got out of a semi-truck he was driving and walked up to the drive-through window demanding a refund. Surveillance video (camera giám sát) shows an employee giving the man his money back but the customer was still upset and fired shots into the restaurant while driving away.

The bullets shattered a side window and penetrated (xuyên) several walls. Thankfully, no one was hit by gunfire (nổ súng).

Cố làm gì

nghiên cứu năm 2016 cho thấy, dù ăn và tập theo chế độ đúng như 20-30 năm trước, thì thanh niên ngày nay vẫn 10% béo hơn so với thanh niên ngày xưa...

có thể do "phơi nhiễm" với nhiều hóa chất gây tăng cân, sử dụng thuốc kê đơn nhiều hơn...
...First, people are exposed to more chemicals that might be weight-gain inducing. Pesticides (thuốc trừ sâu), flame retardants, and the substances in food packaging (đóng gói thực phẩm) might all be altering our hormonal processes and tweaking the way our bodies put on and maintain weight.

Second, the use of prescription drugs (thuốc kê đơn) has risen dramatically since the ‘70s and ‘80s. Prozac, the first blockbuster SSRI, came out in 1988. Antidepressants are now one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the U.S., and many of them have been linked to weight gain.

Finally, Kuk and the other study authors think that the microbiomes of Americans might have somehow changed between the 1980s and now. It’s well known that some types of gut bacteria make a person more prone to weight gain and obesity. Americans are eating more meat than they were a few decades ago, and many animal products are treated with hormones and antibiotics in order to promote growth. All that meat might be changing gut bacteria in ways that are subtle, at first, but add up over time. Kuk believes the proliferation of artificial sweeteners could also be playing a role.

Bài trước: Nơi cuối cùng

“Blood, sweat and tears” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Yogendra Singh

“Blood, sweat and tears” = máu, mồ hôi và nước mắt -> nghĩa là nỗ lực rất nhiều để đạt mục đích.

Ví dụ
“It feels just great,” said Wolff, who celebrated the achievement by donning a Niki Lauda cap, in tribute to Mercedes’ late Non-Executive Chairman. “This afternoon is just a culmination (cực điểm, tột độ) of everything, lots of blood, sweat and tears behind closed doors. A lot of sacrifice that’s not always so visible.

“Our goal is to get this program playing their best basketball and see what that is going to take us,” Sykes said last Tuesday at media day. “We’ve got three seniors who have put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the program. We want to have a great season for them in the program.”

“It starts with an idea from long ago. From local leaders to state leaders and it moves on to design staff,” he said. From the politicians and representatives to the men and women who put the road in, everyone had a hand in it. “When I say blood, sweat, and tears, that’s as real as it gets because many hot, summer days are out here with folks driving equipment,” he said.

Ka Tina

“Word of mouth” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kevin Bluer

“Word of mouth” -> nghĩa là truyền miệng

Ví dụ
In other words, people are always searching for ways to reduce their stress that is caused by cognitive dissonance when shopping and selecting brands. One of the ways they do this is by searching for confirmation that they have made the right choices. Receiving positive word-of-mouth opinions of products and services from friends or family members will reduce the dissonance (sự bất hòa), as it confirms people’s beliefs in what they have purchased.

Social media users are constantly commenting on brands, products, and services, recommending the ones they like and pointing out problems with the ones they don’t. There are entire social media platforms, like Yelp, that are devoted solely to reviews of businesses. And social media is powerful—that’s why brands pour so much money into social media marketing. It works. In many ways, it’s the new word of mouth. 

"While both word of mouth and advertising can provide information regarding quality to consumers, one would suspect a high-quality business should have to spend less on advertising as it would benefit from word of mouth," said Yogesh Joshi, a professor at the University of Maryland. "However, this research shows that word of mouth, rather than softening the need for spending on advertising, may require a high-quality business to allocate more resources to these quality signaling efforts."

Ka Tina

“Lead the field” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Katrina Berban

“Lead the field” có field là bãi chiến trường, trận đánh -> cụm từ này nghĩa là dẫn đầu, vượt qua mọi đối thủ cạnh tranh.

Ví dụ
Nevertheless, that didn’t seem to hurt Waite — who also serves on the Planning Commission — at the ballot box, where he received about 26% of the vote to lead the field.

From horses in gas masks, to polo portraits, sculptures and more, the best equine (ngựa) and country inspired photography, painting and sculpture will lead the field in a new Equine & Country Spirit exhibition.

Woods didn’t just lead the field in driving distance every chance he got, he blew the competition away. He averaged 307.4 yards per drive across the four events, which was 29 yards farther than the cumulative field average. The biggest disparity (sự chênh lệch, sự khác biệt) came at the Old Course, where his drives averaged 319.8 yards – 34 yards better than the field average. Of the players who made every cut, his closest competition was Els. But even the Big Easy was lagging 18 yards behind him off the tee.

Ka Tina

“Rain before seven, fine before eleven” nghĩa là gì?

“Rain before seven, fine before eleven” -> nghĩa là mưa trước 7 giờ, trời đẹp trước 11 giờ.

Ví dụ
Rain before seven fine before eleven. Why Puerto Rico should be your next holiday destination?

‘There is the saying ‘rain before seven, fine before eleven’, which relates to weather fronts generally moving quite quickly across the UK between 7am and 11am.

For frontal rain, Rain before seven, fine before eleven Is an encouraging one. A frontal band from the west can move across the UK in a few hours, however, there are times when they just stall and setup a conveyor belt (băng chuyền) of rain which just keeps on feeding in more and more rain, often over Cumbria or other parts of western Britain.

Ka Tina

"Have a falling out" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by cloudvisual on Unsplash

"Have a falling out" -> nghĩa là cuộc cãi vã, tranh luận gay gắt đến mức có thể chấm dứt một mối quan hệ tạm thời hoặc mãi mãi.

Ví dụ
The two have a falling out when Mark cuts Eduardo out of their now successful company and the two become bitter (cay đắng) enemies in the ensuing lawsuits.

When Borat and Tutar have a falling out, he decides to commit suicide by going to a synagogue (hội đạo Do thái) and "wait for the next mass shooting." Instead, he is met by two elderly women and one of them particularly sees Borat is hurting and makes him feel better.

“[Occom had] reason to believe that his people [would] benefit from this school specifically, and the move to New Hampshire sort of assure[d] that that [wasn’t] going to happen,” Fuentes said. “Samson Occom and Eleazar Wheelock specifically have a falling out about the location of the school because the location of the school determines (quyết định) who gets to benefit from the school.”

"I would probably have felt guilty (có lỗi) if us breaking up caused them to have a falling out. "These days I still think it's a little weird, but at the same time it doesn't bother me all that much."

Ngọc Lân

“Clear moon, frost soon” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kevin Buman

“Clear moon, frost soon” -> nghĩa là trăng càng tròn, trời càng dễ sương giá.

Ví dụ
Clear Moon, Frost Soon. If you have a clear view of the winter moon at night, you can expect a brisk morning to follow. Without cloud cover to insulate (cô lập, cách ly) the air, the Earth’s heat rises, which causes surface temperatures to plummet (tụt xuống). This quick drop often yields a blanket of frost the next day.

I knew that farmers and other out-of-doors laborers watched the weather. Their work depended on the weather. If the hay didn’t dry, farmers could not harvest it. The adage telling farmers to “make hay when the sun shines” came about as a result. Weather maxims exist, among them these two: “Clear moon, frost soon.” “Ring around the moon, rain real soon.”

Ka Tina

“The higher the clouds the better the weather” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kenrick Mills

“The higher the clouds the better the weather” -> nghĩa là mây càng cao thì trời càng đẹp.

Ví dụ
Hornets' nests built in the tops of trees indicate a mild winter is ahead; nests built close to the ground indicate that a harsh winter is coming. The higher the clouds, the better the weather. If the cat washes her face over her ear, the weather is sure to be fine and clear. Clear moon, frost soon. When leaves fall early, autumn and winter will be mild; when leaves fall later, winter will be severe.

There are all types of clouds out there, and while they can be quite intriguing all year long, kids seem to love the summertime puffiness of the cumulus clouds. Grandma didn’t play the “cloud game” with us, but she didn’t ignore the clouds either. She could tell what kind of weather was coming by the height of the clouds. She would say, “the higher the cloud, the better the weather.” She was right. Clouds have always played a big part in short-term weather forecasting. When the air is dry, the condensation (sự tụ) level is higher off the ground than it would be if the air was muggy (oi bức), so the base or bottom of the cloud forms higher in the sky. Dry air comes with a fair weather system.

Ka Tina

“Tempt a child to eat” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Minnie Zhou

“Tempt a child/someone to eat” -> nghĩa là dỗ trẻ/ai đó ăn.

Ví dụ
Take care to avoid decorations that are sharp or breakable, keep trimmings with small removable parts out of the reach of children to avoid the child swallowing or inhaling small pieces. Avoid trimmings that resemble candy or food, which may tempt a child to eat them.

“At first, my friends didn’t understand what I was going through and would try to tempt me to eat. But that soon changed after they realised that I was serious. Still, it wasn’t easy for me to resist eating, so I decided to keep my outings few and far between in order to reduce the opportunity for temptation.” 

Camera IconIt isn’t uncommon for many puppies to become fussy with their meals. Charge: istock, even iStock. You might find adding a chicken or beef to his or her dry food or perhaps adding some broth could be sufficient to tempt him to eat. Some dogs might have intolerances (tính không chịu được) to certain components in certain meals and so need particular nutritional trials. 

Ka Tina

"A thing of shreds and patches" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

"A thing of shreds and patches" có shred là mảnh vụn, patch là chắp vá -> cụm từ này nghĩa là cái gì được tạo ra từ nhiều mảnh vụn nhỏ chắp vá với nhau. 

Ví dụ
“I don’t envy (ghen tị) Adrian his death, but I envy him the clarity (sáng sủa) of his life,” Tony muses (trầm ngâm, suy tưởng) in old age. “When you are in your twenties…you can remember your short life in its entirety. Later, the memory becomes a thing of shreds and patches.”

Tennyson’s last great sequence, Idylls (thơ điền viên) of the King, proved a thing of shreds and patches, albeit packed with memorable lines: “My strength is as the strength of ten / Because my heart is pure."

Her narrative (chuyện kể) is as colourful as it is pacy. Where she’s less successful is in making sense of Turner’s contradictions (mâu thuẫn), of bringing them together into a cohesive (cố kết) whole - he remains more a thing of shreds and patches than a fully rounded person.

Putting a new institutional (cơ quan) structure on to what is “a thing of shreds and patches” is self-evidently unwise. One hopes the current reform project for employment rights and industrial relations structures and procedures will progress from structure to substance, bringing together individual employment rights into a consolidated (thống nhất) statute.

Ngọc Lân

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