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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Đó là một khẩu súng nhỏ

gã thanh niên florida bị bắt giữ đêm halloween vì vẩy súng dọa người khác khi bị trêu là... chim nhỏ :D
A Florida Keys man was jailed Halloween night after police said he threatened a man with a handgun while in his Jeep on Duval Street.

The reason for the gun flash (vẩy súng)?

Someone questioned the size of the driver’s penis after he revved the Jeep’s engine.

“You must have a small d---,” the driver said he was told.

Dustin Allen Kouns, 21, who is listed in the police report as a student living on Ramrod Key, was arrested on felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and dealing in stolen property. He was also arrested on a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid driver’s license.

"The emperor's new clothes" nghĩa là gì?

"The emperor's new clothes" = bộ áo mới của hoàng đế -> nghĩa là điều gì được chấp nhận/ca tụng rộng rãi do mọi người không muốn bị chỉ trích là đi ngược lại quan điểm chung. 

Ví dụ
Evatt ticked every box when Phoenix brought him aboard in the summer. He radiated (tỏa ra) professionalism, his communication was positive, his style of football promised much. But evidence supplied thus far suggests there was something of the emperor’s new clothes about his appointment.

You can remove personhood (nhân vị tính) from a human being, I suppose, but on the other hand they are still human beings. To pretend an unborn child is not a human being is a fantasy (hư ảo), just like the emperor’s new clothes.
But we don’t need grandiose (vĩ đại) statements from VDH of how many hundreds of thousands of cases have been avoided. To me, this falls under the category of the emperor’s new clothes.

Free ports: post-Brexit triumph (chiến thắng) or the emperor's new clothes? Proponents (đề nghị) say the policy will "level up" left-behind coastal regions but critics warn it risks facilitating illegal activity. Typically of a government led by an admirer of the ancient world, its consultation paper on free ports opened with a classical image: "Greek and Roman ships, piled high with traders' wines and olive oils, found safe harbour in the freeport of Delos, a small Greek island in the waters of the Aegean.

Ngọc Lân

"Tighter than Dick's hatband" nghĩa là gì?

"Tighter than Dick's hatband" = chặt hơn băng mũ của Dick -> nghĩa là rất chật chội, kín đáo.

Ví dụ
I loaded 5 rounds of Liberty CD .357 into a Taurus 605. Fired the 5 rounds and tried to eject the cases from the 605. Stuck (mắc kẹt) tighter than “Dick’s hantband.” Had to wait about 5 minutes until the shells apparently returned to their original diameter (đường kính) and could be ejected.

“Tighter than Dick’s hatband”… I had a friend who used this phrase often. He was taken from us in the mid 90’s during an assault (cuộc tấn công). I miss him, he was a really good friend, and this was a good memory… thanks!

She loved her family dearly and lived a good life. At her core, she was friendly, humble (khiêm tốn), fun and kind. And she was funny well-known for her countless idioms and expressions like "that baby is kicking up shindy" or "that man was tighter than Dick's hatband." 

While the good Lord finds time to speak to some of our pastors (mục sư) to warn of the so-called homosexual agenda, the Almighty was apparently remarkably silent on the recommendation that the state set a limit of two children for unwed (độc thân) mothers and thereafter their fallopian tubes (ống dẫn chứng) are to be stitched-up tighter than Dick’s hatband, by order of King Richard.

Ngọc Lân

Vợ ở nhà nội trợ

'đàn ông xây nhà, đàn bà xây tổ ấm'

mở tài khoản chung cho mọi thu nhập, chi tiêu trong gia đình; và hai tài khoản tiết kiệm riêng cho hai người (chia đều nhau)
Dear Dan,

Many women don't feel recognized for all the work they do at home. When their husbands come home late from the office to something other than total bedlam (bệnh viện tâm thần, nhà thương điên; cảnh hỗn loạn ồn ào), the oblivious (lãng quên, không nhớ tới; không biết, mù tịt) men often fail to provide any appreciation or recognition. Would it help if women got paid for their housework? And if so, what is the best way to set up those payments?

I can't think of any context in which one partner in a family should directly pay the other. But we do need to make sure that earning inequality doesn't turn into power inequality.

One of the best (and worst) things about money is that it is easy to measure (dễ đo đếm). So each partner's financial contributions (đóng góp tài chính) to the household are very clear, and differences can be overemphasized (quá chú trọng, nhấn mạnh quá mức).

Consider a couple in which Person A earns much more than Person B, but Person B does everything else for the household. In such a case, A's contribution to the relationship is easily quantified (bringing home most of the bacon), whereas B's bit (taking care of the house, raising the children, dealing with paperwork, bills and so on) can't be measured as precisely.

If the couple focuses on what's easy to measure, A's contribution looks more central. So A could feel more deserving, entitled and commanding while contributing less overall.

There is no magical solution to this problem, but one good step is to deal directly with the flow of money. Start by having one joint checking account for all income and ongoing expenses. On top of that, open two separate savings accounts (one for each partner), and split all savings equally into them.

Legally speaking, this type of accounting doesn't make any difference, but in psychological terms, it makes a key statement about equality in financial contributions. It could weaken the link between financial contribution and power and offer a more holistic (thuộc chính thể luận) view of contributions to family life.

"Do a bunk" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Linh Nguyen on Unsplash

"Do a bunk" -> nghĩa là tẩu thoát/bỏ đi nhanh chóng, thường trong các trường hợp phi pháp, đáng nghi.
Ví dụ
It's certainly possible. I do wonder if The Traveler is actually preparing to leave, and that's going to be the shock twist. The arrival of the pyramid ships represents an existential (tồn tại) threat to it, and so it may be planning to do a bunk if it thinks the Guardians aren't up to the job of protecting it.

What is wrong with people, they agree to isolate (cô lập) and then do a bunk. This is too serious a matter and 6 months prison is not a strong enough deterrent (ngăn chặn).

Is Vinny about to do a bunk after landing a punch on Phelan? In upcoming Coronation Street scenes it looks like the Weatherfield bad guy is about to do a runner to sunnier climes (vùng, miền). Why else would he be wearing such a snazzy (mốt) colourful Hawaiian shirt?

The last time I gave this option serious consideration I was a young man on the run. Faced with imminent (sắp xảy ra) arrest I decided to do a bunk, to grab a few weeks of freedom before the pillars of my life collapsed around me.

Ngọc Lân

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