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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Hư đốn quá

Huy Nguyen: Ông Cường Pháp Cường Võ thay mặt ông ấy cảm ơn ông Huy Nguyễn thời tiết, ông Linh Hoang Vu thay mặt ông ấy cảm ơn ông Cường, rồi ông Cường bảo chúng ta phải cảm ơn ông Quan và ông Sơn dịch sách, ông Quang lại bảo nên cảm ơn ông Long. Rốt cuộc là, từ hồi hết thiên tai đến giờ mỗi ngày là một tiệc nhậu - hư đốn quá!. Đi cùng nhau trong những ngày yên bình. Có thiên tai tôi lại tỉnh!

“Chuck under the chin” nghĩa là gì?

“Chuck (someone) under the chin” nghĩa là day day/lắc nhẹ cằm ai đầy âu yếm.

Ví dụ
Chuck me under the chin
and draw my gaze to yours
until I find in you the grace I need
to rise with purpose, strength
and hope...

She smiles, giving Dembe, a year-old Malinois, a chuck under the chin. The constant interruptions are worth it, though.

The best passport to carry in Tonga's Vava'u islands is a blond-haired infant. The Customs officer's teenage daughter played with our son during the whole inwards clearance procedure then, with a broad smile, he stamped the paperwork for our yacht and ourselves, and gave the boy an affectionate chuck under the chin.

Ka Tina

“Be under the impression that” nghĩa là gì?

“Be under the impression that” nghĩa là có cảm tưởng rằng/có niềm tin là đúng như vậy.

Ví dụ
One reason this video may have fooled some viewers is that it plays on a common misconception (quan niệm sai) about chameleons (tắc kè hoa). While many people seem to be under the impression that chameleons change colors based on the surface they are touching, this is not the case.

Authorities said human trafficking of minors involves children being manipulated or exploited into some type of work or sexual acts. While some might be under the impression that this does not take place in the U.S., the police department said that’s not actually true. In fact, an estimated 199,000 incidents happen in the country every year, and Florida ranks among the top five states for reported cases.

Contactless is a word being thrown around a lot when it comes to payments in today's world. Contactless, cashless, touchless, tap-and-pay, whatever the process, the point is these days consumers are leery of person-to-person contact when purchasing any goods from food to furniture. But consumers could be under the impression that by going contactless, that also means it ensures against fraud, which isn't the case.

Ka Tina

"Rummage around for" nghĩa là gì?

"Rummage around for" có rummage là lục lọi -> cụm từ này nghĩa là lục lọi, tìm kiếm không mục đích.

Ví dụ
The incident was captured on the couple's security camera, which showed a male in an Adidas sweatsuit enter the homeowner's white Dodge pickup truck and rummage around for a few minutes. He got out, walked over to the Acura and got inside.

But it’s not just that people are rushing to the local bike shops to purchase or rent bikes, though that is part of the equation. When the global pandemic shut down much of the manufacturing sectors around the world, disrupting the production of everything from processed (xử lí) foods to bike parts, it created a scarcity (khan hiếm) of bicycles and bicycle components at the same time that it propelled millions of people to rummage around for their bike helmets, and head to the nearest shop for a new bike, rental or a tune-up for their own bike.

Three o’clock in the afternoon. It’s the time of day that sends many of us into a downward spiral (xoắn ốc). Our energy levels crash. We rummage around for biscuits or chocolate in the work kitchen. We scroll mindlessly through Facebook or Instagram. We basically do anything except for the thing we are meant to be doing: work.

Who can return alone to another haunted house after dark, climb down into a forgotten well (cái giếng) where the bones of the original ghost have been found, and rummage around for more clues.

Ngọc Lân

"It was ever thus" nghĩa là gì?

Vẫn luôn như vậy từ khi dịch bùng. Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

"It was ever thus" = vẫn luôn là như vậy -> nghĩa là vẫn luôn diễn ra theo cách này, điều này vẫn luôn là sự thật.

Ví dụ
So, Gladys and Daryl, eh. As in the girly swot, goody-two-shoes NSW premier and her secret love affair (chuyện tình bí mật) with Daryl Maguire, a man of dubious (mơ hồ) morality (đạo đức) with his side hustle of bags of cash and unsavoury mates. Yet in terms of the tropes of love, well, it was ever thus – the narrative of the strong, independent-minded woman brought low by a lesser mortal, a man she fell hard for and was forever stained by. 

It was ever thus. In December 1946, a year after the end of the Second World War, with rationing (chế độ phân phối) still very much a fact of life in the UK, American Vogue published its Christmas issue.

The few people who have defended Mr Johnson’s list have done so on the grounds that it was ever thus. Every prime minister comes into office promising to reform the Lords only to end up treating it as a patronage (bảo trợ) pissoir. 

I understand why the feature was introduced, especially in the age of the multi-episodic (nhiều tập phim) binge watch. And I have no problem with a lot of people wanting to skip credits – it was ever thus with home viewing. But I do have a problem with having to “opt-in” to watch something that is often an integral piece of a complete artistic vision.

Ngọc Lân

Bỏ mẹ rồi

lỗi bảo mật có thể khiến "khóa trinh tiết" mãi ko mở được :))
Just because almost every gadget or appliance can be connected to the internet, doesn’t mean they should be. Outages (ngừng chạy/hoạt động vì thiếu điện) can render these “smart” devices useless, and many use weak security that can make them easily hackable.

And as security researchers recently found out, the consequences of having a major security flaw in one popular sex toy could have been catastrophic for tens of thousands of users.

U.K.-based security firm Pen Test Partners said the flaw in the Qiui Cellmate internet-connected chastity lock (khóa trinh tiết), billed as the “world’s first app controlled chastity device,” could have allowed anyone to remotely and permanently lock in the user’s penis (dương vật).

Bài trước: Ai mà chưa từng

"Get the sniffles" nghĩa là gì?

Không phải Corona đâu nha! Photo courtesy: Neil Brennan

"Get/have the sniffles" có "sniffle" là sụt sịt; sổ mũi -> cụm từ này nghĩa là bị cảm nhẹ.

Ví dụ
In Asia, whenever you get the sniffles, you slap on a mask. It's expected. "If you get a cold, you put on a mask immediately," says Chris Beyrer. "If you are coughing or sneezing and not wearing one, people around you don't take it well." But in the United States, even in the midst of a deadly pandemic, mask-wearing has become politicized (chính trị hóa). "It's an epic failure in public health strategy," Beyrer says.

The CMC Leadville campus has had multiple students get tested for COVID-19 but has not had any positive cases thus far. Pokrandt said “they’ve really responded to that personal responsibility asked of them. We’ve had a lot of students quarantine, they haven’t ended up having COVID, but the minute they get the sniffles we get the text message from them and we start delivering meals three times a day. They’ve been really great about self-identifying (ý thức khai báo).”

“We want every one of our members to know that we are in their corner (luôn đứng về phía họ; hỗ trợ và động viên). Whether they are healthy, have the sniffles, or are managing chronic (mạn tính) health conditions, a Nice healthcare provider is going to be able to engage with them and help them accomplish their goals. Expanding our prescription formulary (thuốc có trong danh sách được kiểm soát) and adding access to licensed physical therapists are the two newest examples of how we are broadening ways we can help”.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Get to the root of" nghĩa là gì?

"Get to the root of" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy: Morgan Bryan

"Get to the root of" = đi đến gốc rễ -> nghĩa là hiểu hoặc tìm được nguyên nhân hay nguồn gốc sự việc.

Ví dụ
A competent (giỏi; thạo) mechanic should be able to get to the root of the problem.

Deloitte may finally have got to the root of what happened to the “no” vote that the Dens Park club submitted before the requested 5pm deadline on Friday, March 10, and determined that it had simply been quarantined (cô lập). But many unanswered questions remain despite the “forensic” probe (thăm dò pháp lý).

Ottawa Public Health conducts (tiến hành) public engagement surveys to try to better understand what is going on in the community and has worked to get to the root of what has led to transmissions (lây nhiễm) in some cases. It has released details of spread resulting from several gatherings in the city. In one case, Etches highlighted that infections were resulting from carpools (đi chung xe) and people socializing before and after team sports.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Hit home" nghĩa là gì?

"Under the heel of" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Eddie Kopp

"Under the heel of" = dưới gót chân ai -> nghĩa là bị khống chế/điều khiển.

Ví dụ
Riot police officers stood on edge at every street and district, wary of any expression of dissent (sự bất đồng ý kiến). They even kept watch on Lion Rock, a peak overlooking the city, where protesters had taken to hanging banners. Pedestrians in dark clothes were accosted and searched. Shoppers were arrested for unlawful assembly. A Bluetooth speaker playing the protest anthem, “Glory to Hong Kong,” was crushed under the heel of an officer.

DISTANT DINNER PLAY We’ve been under the heel of the pandemic for so long that it’s become a way of life — oh, the ennui! In A Distant Dinner Party With Jess and Jaron, Jessica Coker and Jaron Vessly star in a playful take on our bleak reality. In this production by 42nd Street Moon, Jaron has taken up the pandemic hobby of making homemade bread, while Jess is comforting herself by buying more and more houseplants. To liven things up, the couple decides to host a virtual dinner party and invites fabulous guests — like Angel Adedokun, Anjali Blacker, Danny Cozart and more — to their shared digital space. Listen to catchy numbers from productions like Waitress, Gypsy, Mame, and Next to Normal, and laugh the night away. $20. Nov. 12-22.

Rod Dreher is a senior editor and blogger at The American Conservative, one of the most influential conservative opinion-makers (người đưa ra ý kiến của đảng bảo thủ) in the US, and a man who has moved conspicuously from Protestant to Catholic to Orthodox Churches. His latest book, Live Not By Lies, takes its title from an essay by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, whose monumental The Gulag Archipelago exposed the labour camp system into which millions disappeared in the Soviet era. Dreher argues that Christians in the US and Europe – whether they recognise it or not – now live under the heel of the “soft totalitarianism” (nền toàn trị mềm) of what he calls “the pink police state”. There are many conservative Catholics in the US who listen more to Dreher, a lay member of an Orthodox church in Louisiana, on matters of belief and practice, than they do to Pope Francis.

Ka Tina

"Under the guise of" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jan Kopřiva

"Under the guise of" -> nghĩa là dưới chiêu bài.

Ví dụ
In the scenically beautiful Mullaitivu district, locals and environment activists have witnessed illegal plundering and felling of Teak tress are rampant (mọc dày đặc, um tùm) with apparent state patronage (sự bảo trợ) under the guise of ‘reforestation’ (tái trồng rừng).

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman, while announcing to intensify the protest movement against the government, said that our rallies will be held as scheduled, opposition will not accept the ban on rallies (đồng minh) under the guise of coronavirus.

The social platform ( mô hình/nền tảng xã hội) launched its parental controls earlier this year under the guise of Family Pairing, in which a teen user’s account is linked to an adult’s. The first set of controls included limiting time on the app and the option to disable direct messages through the platform. And, if a user is under 16, then direct messages and other features are deactivated by default, as part of the company’s commitment to guarding against child exploitation (bóc lột trẻ em). 

Ka Tina

"Make a martyr of" nghĩa là gì?

"Make a martyr of" = biến ai thành liệt sĩ/tử vì đạo -> nghĩa là khiến ai đau khổ, mà vì thế lại khiến mọi người thêm cảm thông chính người đó.

Ví dụ
Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension (đình chỉ) shows Keir Starmer is willing to do the right thing, even if it’s not easy. This will make a martyr of Corbyn, whose disciples will make it their life’s work to thwart Starmer’s chances of getting elected
There have been attempts over the years to make a martyr of Kevin Barry. How do you feel about that representation 100 years on?

But he keeps doing pressers. Presumably this is an attempt to forge (giả mạo) his leadership image, make a martyr of himself and parade himself as the savior (cứu thế) of the state, rather than the bloke who messed up the whole show.

One elected California official even took to tweeting profanities (tục tĩu) about Musk. But, although Musk allowed his irritation to show to some degree, to a greater extent he was concentrating on the new arrival in his life, the idiosyncratically named X Æ A-12. So, was Alameda County ready to make a martyr of Musk?

Ngọc Lân

"Under the auspices of" nghĩa là gì?

"Under the auspices of" nghĩa là dưới sự bảo vệ/bảo trợ/che chở.

Ví dụ
The Iraqi central government and Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) announced Tuesday that the Sinjar deal, inked between Baghdad and Erbil in October under the auspices of UN, has been put into practice.

Four employees working under the auspices of Evans’ office also tested positive Tuesday, including two Juvenile Probation Department workers, a Social Service Department employee from the Rolling Meadows Courthouse, and a court interpreter who last worked at the Cook County Juvenile Center and the Daley Center.

Perhaps the most obvious conclusion is that internationally-backed post-Soviet peace-making forums are no longer credible. The Minsk Group that was established under the auspices of the OSCE in the 1990s to address the Armenia-Azerbaijan peace process failed to make any progress despite the involvement of Russia, France, and the US. After decades of diplomatic deadlock (đình trệ/bế tắc về ngoại giao), military force (lực lượng quân đội) proved decisive in a matter of weeks.

Ka Tina

"Under the affluence of incohol" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Heshan Perera

"Under the affluence of incohol" có affluence là nhiều/dồi dào, nói lái hài hước và có chủ ý của cụm từ "under the influence of alcohol" = dưới tác động/ảnh hưởng của bia rượu -> nghĩa là say xỉn.

Ví dụ
I think the case before us was the lawyer's milkman - not a good idea to go on your milk round under the affluence of incohol.

Recently, during a pub conversation and under the affluence of incohol, I said I'd build the bike I would want for an rtw bike if I was to do it now.

“I’m not under the affluence of incohol. Though some thinkle pepe I am”. For many years I have attributed this to the American cartoonist, writer, and celebrated wit, James Thurber (1894 - 1961), but have been unable to verify this on Google, which credits various versions to the mysterious “Anon”.

Ka Tina

"Under my very eyes" nghĩa là gì?

"Under one's very eyes" = dưới ánh mắt -> nghĩa là rõ rành rành hoặc khi ai đó đang theo dõi/giám sát.

Ví dụ
‎”And those who were not verified, would be made to write the examination and be part of those who are rewriting their examination as promised. And they would write it under my very eyes..”

"Seeing the first sketches by the talented Bunka made me feel like it was all coming alive under my very eyes," Delalande says. "It’s one thing to write things down in a text file, it’s another to see it drawn out in color in a book."

That was the trademark turning point in his career under my very eyes. Taking interest from his personal and professional development, young, tall and slim Baboucarr, whose physical build-up and positive attitude fully commensurate (xứng với) his decision-making abilities, eventually acquired his FIFA badge in 2003 by merit, following recommendations from The Gambia’s Refereeing Panel under the Chairmanship of the late Alh Badou Jasseh before its rubber stamping by the FA.

Ka Tina

CSGT Hà Lan nâng cao nghiệp vụ công tác

giấu camera trong toalet di động để bắt người vi phạm tốc độ :D
The police have started hiding traffic cameras in portable toilets across the Netherlands. This system - using a so-called Dixiflits, an amalgamation (sự pha trộn, trộn lẫn) of the Dutch words for portable toilet (dixi) and traffic camera (flits) - was apparently used for the first time back in 2019 near Almere. To make the seemingly randomly-placed toilet look less conspicuous (dễ thấy, đáng chú ý), police placed it on a trailer (xe mooc) hooked onto a van.

A little unconventional perhaps, but undoubtedly effective. 

...Other unconventional yet successful methods used by police to catch speeders in the act include hiding cameras in wheelie bins, advertising pillars (cột biển quảng cáo), and a variety of inconspicuous cars, vans, and trailers. 

Huyền thoại con chim

bồ câu về nhất cuộc thi được (người china) mua với giá gần 2 triệu usd...
New Kim is worth her weight in gold and then some — actually much, much more.

A wealthy Chinese pigeon (chim bồ câu) racing fan put down a record price of 1.6 million euros ($1.9 million) for the Belgian-bred bird, saying a lot more than merely what kind of money can be made in the once-quaint (có vẻ cổ, là lạ) sport, which seemed destined to decline only a few years back.

During a frantic last half hour Sunday at the end of a two-week auction at the Pipa pigeon center, two Chinese bidders operating under the pseudonyms (biệt hiệu, bút danh) Super Duper and Hitman drove up the price by 280,000 euros ($325,000), leaving the previous record that Belgian-bred Armando fetched last year well behind by 350,000 euros ($406,000).

Super Duper got the hen, and behind the pseudonym is said to be the same wealthy Chinese industrialist who already had Armando, allowing for breeding with the two expensive birds.

It was proof again that an age-old hobby in Western Europe identified with working-class men now has a new, elitist foreign lease on life. Top breeders relying on generations of family experience can now sell their birds for prices unheard of merely a decade ago, and often China is their destination.

"Thus and thus" nghĩa là gì?

"Thus and thus" = như thế như thế -> nghĩa là theo cách thức cụ thể, như đã chỉ dẫn. 

Ví dụ
Just so are these preachers (người thuyết giảng) and scholars holding various views blind and unseeing. In their ignorance, they are by nature quarrelsome (dễ cáu), wrangling (cãi lộn), and disputatious (thích tranh luận), each maintaining reality is thus and thus.

Current estimates (ước lượng) of R is currently estimated to be below 1, in most regions at around 0.9, although there is uncertainty around these and thus and thus we cannot preclude R being above 1.

For many years he had theoretically believed that all which appears in the mind as motive (động cơ) or intention is merely (gần như) a by-product (sản phẩm phụ) of what the body is doing. But for the last year or so — since he had been initiated — he had begun to taste as fact what he had long held as theory. Increasingly, his actions had been without motive. He did this and that, he said thus and thus, and did not know why. 

Like Phillips, New and Continuing Studies (NCS) Dean Richard Fehrenbacher cited a changing national job market and landscape as reasons for a need to shift (thay đổi) how the university delivers education. Fehrenbacher said that in many ways higher education is shifting away from just traditional students. Instead, there are new demands as people change career paths more often and thus and thus require additional certificates or skills training. He sees this national change as an opportunity for the university to grow or shift its services.

Ngọc Lân

"Bury the lede" nghĩa là gì?

"Bury the lede" có lede (lead) là phần mở đầu trong báo chí -> cụm từ này nghĩa là giấu đi phần thông tin quan trọng/mấu chốt của câu chuyện trong những thông tin không liên quan khác.  

Ví dụ
Down in the story, after the Big Issues were addressed (our reporters don't bury the lede), the story notes that the governor hopes to lower taxes for those coming to Arkansas: "The governor said reducing the top individual income tax rate to 4.9 percent for new residents in Arkansas for five years would help recruit (chiêu mộ) talent for the state's growing tech industry and manufacturing from large urban areas while also attracting retirees (nguời nghỉ hưu) to the state." 

Hizzoner’s barber (thợ cắt tóc), Alberto Amore, displays swag from his favorite Italian football team, Juventus, as well as pictures of celebrity clients and his life mottos (châm ngôn). He’s always playing the Eagles and the Beatles and sometimes lets an aria slip in. Depending on who approaches, Alberto will answer in Italian, Spanish or English and even more expressive gestures (cử chỉ). Oh, and not to bury the lede: A haircut is only $23.

We’re not going to bury the lede here: Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ are fantastic Android tablets. In fact, we just named the Tab S7 the best Android tablet of 2020. Granted (đảm bảo), the number of Android tablets that compete with the Tab S7 and S7+ are almost all from Samsung. Last year’s crop of Tab S6 models left us wanting more, and with the Tab S7 and S7+, Samsung delivered.

He was predeceased (chết trước) by his brother, Eddie Betit. Services will be private. Sorry to bury the lede. Those are the essential (quan trọng) facts. But let me tell you a story. Paul had a gregarious (thích đàn đúm, giao du) personality, always ready with a story to tell and a laugh to match.

Ngọc Lân

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