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Friday, November 27, 2020

"Come to such a pass" nghĩa là gì?

"Come to such a pass" -> nghĩa là rơi vào tình huống khó khăn, rắc rối.

Ví dụ
Had the Government chosen consensus (đồng lòng)-building over confrontation with regard to the farm Acts, things wouldn’t have come to such a pass.

Prof Chakraborty said till a few months ago, the Trinamool Congress was confident of getting the support of the entire minority (thiểu số) community. He also pointed out that Mr. Pasha had been arrested by the West Bengal government in December 2019 for participating in violent anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests. “Now things have come to such a pass that Trinamool Congress is making a big deal about about a few AIMIM leaders joining them,” he said.

He sought to know whether the situation in the state has come to such a pass that a person's political behaviour was now being made a determining (quyết định) factor for accordance (phù hợp) of security cover.

Referring to the agencies summoning (triệu tập) LIFE Mission CEO U V Jose for a second time, Pinarayi said such actions would only help to demoralise (làm nhụt chí) officials.Things have come to such a pass that the central agencies are now attempting to take a call on all state government plans and policies.

Ngọc Lân

"Salami slicing" nghĩa là gì?

'Salami slicing' = (chiến lược) "cắt lát xúc xích" -> là một hình thức thực hiện những bước tiến nhỏ để đạt được một mục đích lớn.

Ví dụ
Dominic Raab has denied (bác bỏ) the Government is “salami slicing” all parts of the UK’s overseas aid spending (chi tiêu tài trợ ở hải ngoại) as he outlined the priorities for the slashed budget.

Kissinger has often said that his negotiating strategy (chiến lược đàm phán) involves making bold steps rather than countless (vô số, không đếm xuể)  piecemeal (vài phần, từng phần) concessions (nhượng bộ). "I always tried to determine (xác định) the most reasonable outcome and then get there rapidly in one or two moves," he has written, referring specifically to Vietnam. "Shaving the salami encourages the other side to hold on to see what the next concession is likely to be." But in fact, Kissinger kept subtly sweetening the American position in small doses.

A more muscular Quad might also sponsor deeper naval cooperation (hợp tác hải quân) through the creation of a kind of permanent Malabar. There is a perpetual need for search-and-rescue (tìm kiếm và cứu hộ), anti-piracy (chống cướp biển), and maritime security patrols (tuần tra an ninh hàng hải) in the Indian Ocean and the waters of Southeast Asia. Nearly every country in the region must also deal with China’s salami-slicing tactics to degrade target countries’ maritime sovereignty (chủ quyền hàng hải), often relying on irregular forces such as fishing fleets. Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump’s Secretary of the Navy Kenneth Braithwaite has actually suggested the reactivation of a U.S. First Fleet to be based in the area. But with Trump’s 350-ship Navy plan unlikely to be endorsed by President-elect Joe Biden, there is little chance that the ships required for such a fleet would be available—even if a country could be found to host the force.

Phạm Hạnh

"There is no such thing as bad publicity" nghĩa là gì?

"There is no such thing as bad publicity" = chẳng có gì gọi là công khai xấu cả -> nghĩa được dư luận chú ý tới luôn là điều tốt, cho dù đó là tin tiêu cực, không tốt đẹp.

Ví dụ
There is no such thing as bad publicity. That's the sentiment (quan điểm) being expressed by entertainment insider/music consultant Clyde McKenzie regarding the inclusion of Jamaican artistes Shenseea, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Skip Marley, and Koffee as well as radio personality ZJ Liquid on Tuesday's Hip Hop Awards, organised by American television network Black Entertainment Television (BET).

But, this is a multi-million dollar decision the Timberwolves have with the first overall pick in the 2020 draft. It’s not out of bounds (ngoài giới hạn) to wonder if there will be any long-term fallout from having a player’s basketball decision-making process corrupted by a father who is basically the physical embodiment (hiện thân) of the phrase, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” 

As Connor Boyack recently discovered, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The creator of the popular Tuttle Twins children’s book series, which reinforces (củng cố) libertarian values and free-market principles, saw his book sales surge after an established progressive magazine wrote a lengthy feature article attacking the books.

"Mr Loch Ness", Willie Cameron of Loch Ness Marketing, said: "So Nessie has been dragged into the mire (vũng bùn) of American politics? "There is no such thing as bad publicity and at the present moment the more times Loch Ness gets a mention the better it is for the tourism industry in the Highlands, especially since Covid-19."

Ngọc Lân

Sao phải thế?

phản đối đóng cửa phòng gym (phong tỏa vì covid-19),

họ đến vì sức khỏe của họ, tôi mở, tôi ko ép họ đến...

It is my choice to remain open. I don’t force anyone to come into my gym. They’re doing it for their health, or well-being, or their mental health. There are going to be thousands of people going to the big box stores over the holidays, but I can’t have 10-15 people in here?

If I’m going to go bankrupt, I’m going to go down swinging.

DBx: You go, excellent sir! Much good luck to you in your struggle against this tyranny – this tyranny that is fueled by a truly horrific and virulent disease, CDS-20 (Covid Derangement Syndrome-20).

Every self-respecting American should be thankful for people such as Mr. Reiter.

Bài trước: Đã đọc chưa?

Người phụ nữ dám nghĩ, dám làm

đưa ảnh chân dung và số điện thoại của tình địch lên mạng hẹn hò... :D

Some of the men — who also sent nude (khỏa thân) photos of themselves to her cell phone — were responding to a fake (giả mạo) profile with an open invitation for brief sexual encounters (làm tình chớp nhoáng, đi "tàu nhanh"), deputies said.

A detective’s investigation (điều tra của thám tử) revealed the 36-year-old woman, who lives in Key West, had been the victim (nạn nhân) of Vanessa Marie Huckaba, 29, of Rockland Key, who had published her home address and mobile phone number on the fake profile,

Bài trước: Trái tim em xao động

Vẫn chưa hiểu tại sao?

hươu tấn công thợ săn và lấy súng chạy vào rừng... :D

...The man said one of the hunting dogs in his group startled (làm giật mình) a stag (hươu đực) in a wooded area, causing the panicked (hoảng hốt) deer to run directly toward him.

The deer's antlers ripped the man's sleeve and ended up snagged on his .22 Hornet rifle, which had been slung over his left hand at the time.

The animal ran off into the woods with the hunter's unloaded (tháo đạn) gun (súng) still attached to its antlers,

Bài trước: Lên tầm cao mới

"There is no such animal" nghĩa là gì?

Chỉ còn trong sách vở mà thôi. Photo by Adam Mathieu on Unsplash

"There is no such animal" = chẳng có con nào như thế cả -> nghĩa là điều đó không có thật. 

Ví dụ
The allegations (viện lý) were "a complete surprise" to the band, but "it still made you think about 'Well, what if this were to happen?'," he said to USA Today. "'Is there something to make people feel they've got someone to tell or someplace to go if there was some weirdness in the workplace?' There is no such animal. Yes, there's the cops and there's management, and that should be enough."

The mom says when she explained to the counselor and principal that her daughter is transgender (chuyển giới), the principal asked her for medical proof. “Instead of apologizing and correcting the behavior, they asked for medical proof that my daughter is transgender. There is no such animal as medical proof,” said Mehojah.

There is no such animal as “reverse racism”. Racism is as basic (cơ bản) as it ever can be, the recognition of one group as being superior to another. To select an applicant on the basis of ethnicity over competence is about as low as you can go.
He looked and looked, and finally decreed (ra lệnh), 'There is no such animal.' According to science, RNA viruses also shouldn't exist, but they do, and we have known them in the form of the SARS and MERS viruses. We knew there would be more. At BATM, we prepared for this."

Ngọc Lân

"Everything in the garden is rosy" nghĩa là gì?

"Everything in the garden is rosy" = mọi thứ trong vườn đều hồng hào -> nghĩa là mọi chuyện đều ổn, tốt đẹp. rosy (nghĩa bóng) là lạc quan, yêu đời, tươi vui; rất khích lệ, rất có hy vọng.

Ví dụ
“I see a gradual (dần dần) improvement as we go along and that’s what I’m looking for. “I like to win, I like to win games, I am not sitting here saying everything in the garden is rosy, but neither is it as bad as everyone is making out.”

Forget lockdown, go on a virtual (ảo) tour where everything in the garden is rosy, says Sandra Dick. The camerawork can sometimes be a tad (một chút) shaky (run run), there may well be occasional interruptions from the cat and the commentary might be a little bit breathless.

I do not wish to suggest that everything in the garden is rosy, though. As we embark upon (bước vào) the new decade, we must learn from the mistakes of the previous one. One of the most important lessons that we must take with us forward is to jettison the ‘growth-at-all-costs’ mentality.

“A ‘best of both worlds’ policy seems to be sensible and right.” However, he warned that despite the good news that has been coming out of the industry in recent weeks, there are numerous areas of concern for golf clubs. “Not everything in the garden is rosy,” he said. “Clubhouses remain closed, cash is tight and I’m not naïve to the prospect that the toughest times might yet lie ahead for many of our clubs.

Ngọc Lân

Danh thủ Diego Maradona qua đời

chỉ một tháng sau lễ sinh nhật thứ 60 sau một cơn trụy tim...
Diego Maradona, the Argentine who became a national hero (người hùng quốc gia) as one of soccer’s greatest players (cầu thủ bóng đá vĩ đại nhất), performing with a roguish (xỏ lá, gian giáo, tinh nghịch) cunning (xảo quyệt, gian giảo, láu cá) and extravagant (quá mức, quá cao, quá độ; ngông cuồng, vô lý) control (kiểm soát) while pursuing a personal life (lối sống cá nhân) rife with (có nhiều, đầy dẫy) drug and alcohol abuse (lạm dụng chất kích thích, rượu bia) and health problems (vấn đề về sức khỏe), died on Wednesday in Tigre, Argentina, in Buenos Aires Province. He was 60.

His spokesman, Sebastián Sanchi, said the cause was a heart attack (trụy tim). Maradona had undergone brain surgery (phẫu thuật não) several weeks ago.

At Maradona’s feet, the ball seemed to obey his command (tuân theo sự chỉ huy) like a pet (cún cưng). (He was said to do with an orange what others could only do with a ball.) And he played with a kind of brilliant (xuất chúng, xuất sắc) camouflage (ngụy trang), seeming to be somnolent  (buồn ngủ, gà gật) for long stretches before asserting himself at urgent moments with a mesmerizing (mê hoặc, quyến rũ, thôi miên) dribble (dê bóng), astounding (làm kinh ngạc, sững sờ, sửng sốt) pass (đường chuyền) or stabbing (đâm như dao) shot (cú sút bóng).

...Wearing the traditional No. 10 jersey (áo thi đấu) of a playmaker, Maradona led Argentina to soccer’s world championship (vô địch thế giới) in 1986, scoring one of the game’s most controversial (gây tranh cãi) goals and one of its most celebrated in the span of four minutes during the quarterfinals against England.

All the fame and infamy (điều ô nhục, bỉ ổi; sự mất quyền công dân) that attended his career and his life were on display in that quarterfinal match, on June 22, 1986, when Argentina faced England at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Tension from the Falklands war between the two countries, four years earlier, still lingered (ở lại một thời gian dài, nán lại, không vui lòng rời bỏ; nấn ná, lần lữa, chần chừvẫn tồn tại mặc dù trở nên yếu hơn; sống lây lất).

Lên tầm cao mới

ăn mặc như chuột khổng lồ thay cho... khẩu trang...

“Buddy the Rat” — aka performance artist Jonothon Lyons — has been boring seen-it-all subway riders a lot these days as he perches on seats in all his rodent (loài gặm nhấm) regalia (những biểu chương, y phục của nhà vua), including a full-face mask and a long pink tail.

But TikTok loves him.

“Oh NYC is dead? Explain this,” self-described comedy writer Alison Williams posted on Twitter over a TikTok video of the human rodent boarding a No. 1 at 42nd Street that’s going viral.

Lyons, who wears a suit and nice shoes, plus gloves on his hands as he crawls (bò, trườn, lê bước), has posted about 30 other TikTok videos, and appeared in a few filmed by passersby (người qua đường), including one where he scampered (chạy vụt, chạy vội vàng, chạy láo nháo) across a city street.

Cẩn thận nôn

cảnh sát ý dùng siêu xe Lamborghini Huracan để chở thận (được hiến tặng) trên quãng đường gần 500km chỉ mất 2 tiếng...
In what may be one of the most Italian things that has ever happened, the Italian State Police rushed a donor kidney from Padua to Rome for a transplant in a Lamborghini Huracan. Last week’s journey is around 300 miles, but with the help of a specially-outfitted supercar, the police made it happen in just about two hours at an average speed of 143 mph—and that’s a journey that normally takes around six.

Yes, the Italian Police own a Lamborghini and use it as a regular ol’ patrol vehicle most of the time. It’s outfitted with lights, a police computer, and other equipment for traffic stops and arrests. That said, though, the machine isn’t exactly ideal for the day-to-day (where, exactly, do you intend to put someone that you’ve arrested?). It’s still cool as hell for these more extreme circumstances, though.

But for this specific instance, the frunk came in handy. The police force turned it into a refrigerated compartment for organ transport or the delivery of other temperature-sensitive medical supplies.

Tốt để barbecue mà

người dân china phát hoảng khi nước máy có thể bốc cháy vì khí ga rò vào nguồn nước...

Shocking footage shows the running liquid turning into a blaze after a local put fire under it in Panjin city, Liaoning Province. 

The Panjin authorities claimed today that the incident was a result of natural gas leaking into the groundwater, which was supplied to the local village.

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