Dậy mà đi

người dân Sydney biểu tình phản đối phong tỏa, vì đã phải ở nhà cách ly hơn một tháng trời...
photo credit: abc.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott says 57 people have been charged after attending an anti-lockdown protest (biểu tình phản đối phong tỏa) in Sydney today, and that a strike force has been established to identify others who were there.

Officers issued more than 90 infringement (sự vi phạm, xâm phạm) notices to people at the demonstration for breaching public health orders. More arrests are also likely.

"What we saw today was 3,500 very selfish boofheads (thằng ngu ích kỷ) — people that thought the law didn’t apply to them,” Mr Elliott said.

Earlier, Central Sydney was shut down for several hours as thousands of protesters breached (vi phạm) COVID-19 restrictions (hạn chế, cấm đoán) to march, sparking brawls (cãi lộn ầm ĩ) and several arrests.

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