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Friday, January 8, 2021

"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him" nghĩa là gì?

"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him" = nếu không có Chúa thì sẽ rất cần người nghĩ ra Chúa đấy -> nghĩa là con người cần phải tin vào thần thánh, cần phải có đức tin; quan điểm này bắt nguồn từ triết gia người Pháp Voltaire vào thế kỉ 18. 

Ví dụ
French philosopher Voltaire famously quipped (châm biếm): “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” Something similar can be said of modern monetary (tiền tệ) theory, also known as MMT, because it may be the economy’s only hope to get through the pandemic.

Ever since Voltaire made his famous observation that "If God did not exist it would be necessary to invent Him", others have been applying the idea to mere mortals (người phàm).

The series has been able to offer some answers to big questions regarding God through the three seasons. There’s one question that makes Freeman ponder (suy nghĩ) more than others. In regards to Voltaire’s statement that “if God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him,” Freeman pauses for a few moments and with a puzzled look rhetorically asks the question a different way.

When Voltaire suggested that “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him,” he was not denying (từ chối) the existence of God. Or, as some of his followers have argued, cynically (bất nhẫn) putting down religion. 

Ngọc Lân

"If it comes to the point" nghĩa là gì?

Đến nước này thì chỉ có chạy thôi. Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

"If it comes to the point" -> nghĩa là đến lúc phải hành động, đưa ra quyết định. 

Ví dụ
I think the community can take some assurances (đảm bảo) that we're taking this seriously. If it comes to the point where we have to drastically reduce courthouse activity, that's exactly what we'll do.

We’re not going down that road during jury (hội đồng xét xử) selection. If it comes to the point during the trial that this becomes an issue, then we can have a lot more discussions about it.

At the same time, some nuclear (nguyên tử) plants are operating on thin margins, so a single catastrophic (thảm khốc) disruption (gián đoạn) can lead to early retirement. "If it comes to the point where they will have to make substantial capital investments ... maybe it is the straw that breaks the camel's back," Patterson said.

But if it comes to the point we can't, we'd have to improvise (ứng biến) as best we could. I don't speak for OSHA or any state agency, but I would hope in that scenario that it would be viewed as it is—trying to make every good faith effort to supply that PPE.

Ngọc Lân

“Up a gum tree” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jackson Simmer

“Up a gum tree” = lên cây bạch đàn -> nghĩa là lúng túng bế tắc, không biết xoay sở ra sao. Liên tưởng đến chồn possum thường chạy trốn kẻ săn mồi bằng cách nấp trong cây bạch đàn.

Ví dụ
If your property is invaded, and they change the locks, (or even if they don’t), you’re up a gum tree as far as getting your home back, or anything that happens to be inside it without a long drawn out fight through the courts.

“If no-one else wants to do it then I’m up a gum tree aren’t!” she admitted. What is for sure is that season 11 is going to bring Vera her toughest investigation yet. There aren't a lot of details out there just yet and some of the episodes won’t be airing until 2022. But, the eleventh season will leave fans on the edge of their seats when a very well known builder is found dead and beaten.

A group of dentists in East Kilbride gritted their teeth to ensure motorists weren’t stuck up a gum tree. They braced themselves after swapping scalers for saws to cut away a tree which had fallen during Storm Ali and was blocking Whitemoss Road.Whitemoss Dental Practice Staff branched out from their day jobs and their tree-mendous effort filling in for the council led to them clearing the road inside 20 minutes last Wednesday. Practice owner David MacPherson was glad they didn’t bite off more than they could chew. He told the East Kilbride News: “The tree had come down and was blocking the road. Nobody could get in or out.

Ka Tina

“That would be telling” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Oleg Laptev 

“That would be telling” -> nghĩa là điều đó có thể tiết lộ bí mật hoặc gây bất ngờ.

Ví dụ
Well, that would be telling,” he says. “All I'd say is that you don't want to get in her way, as Stellan and the others soon realize for themselves.”.

With this shutdown affecting only restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms and youth and scholastic athletics (thể thao, điền kinh), if there is a steep (quá quắt, phóng đại) drop in cases, that would be telling. Further steps then could be taken to address how to make it safe for them to operate.

An interesting link to Scotland. But is he really little more than a machine – and can machines fall in love ? That would be telling. Soji Shimada is the master of postmodern (chống lại chủ nghĩa hiện đại) whodunnits (truyện/phim trinh thám) who originally wanted to become a painter turned instead to reinventing the art of mystery (huyền bí) writing. His debut novel, The Tokyo Zodiac Murders, now ranked among the top five best locked-room mysteries published worldwide, became an instant classic, transforming him into Japan’s Man of Mystery and one of the country’s bestselling authors.

Ka Tina

“What's done cannot be undone” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Adrian Dascal

“What's done cannot be undone” -> nghĩa là điều đã xảy ra thì coi như xong, không thể thay đổi hay đảo ngược; 'không thể thay đổi quá khứ'.

Ví dụ
In the current crisis, musicians and others no doubt hope that with the end of the pandemic what has been given up will be restored. That remains to be seen, but it is certain that nothing will be regained without an enormous struggle, with far-reaching political and social implications (sự dính líu). Management may well side with Lady Macbeth, who reasoned that “what’s done cannot be undone.”

“What’s done cannot be undone overnight. The only way we are going to turn the ship around is by getting involved and making a difference yourself, while being positive and getting everybody working together. Positive actions and thoughts breed positive outcomes. Yes, we’d all love to be racing for better stakes. But we all need to commence (khởi đầu) rebuilding first. And unless we start today and spread the love of the game – and look after the owner and punter – we aren’t going to keep the people we have, never mind try and attract new players!”

It’s true that Owen Coyle’s side had to bear the brunt of most of the incorrect calls this season, or else the team could have easily ended the year in a better league position than they are at the moment. SC East Bengal’s miserable debut could have been more bearable had decisions gone their way, while Chennaiyin FC was all but set to invade into sniffing (khụt khịt, sổ mũi) distance of the top-four. What’s done cannot be undone. As you might have already guessed, ISL does not have the privilege to avail goal-line technology. But we need to look forward, make arrangements to avoid such situations - and the organisers have taken the first step.

Ka Tina

“There ought to be a law” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by David Veksler

“There ought to be a law!” = cần có luật -> nghĩa là điều đáng phản đối đã xảy ra hoặc ai đó làm trái luật.

Ví dụ
So, you’re exasperated after looking out your pet-free condo window for the umpteenth time to catch a glimpse (sự thoáng hiện, ý nghĩ lờ mờ) of your neighbor walking by with—of all the nerve—her emotional support chicken. And to top it off, the chicken even has its own emotional support chicken! Your blood boils as she walks by. There ought to be a law!

In times of trouble, we often can’t help ourselves. We immediately cry out, “There ought to be a law.” However, when making current laws, a principle of economics keeps rearing its ugly head. This principle is sometimes referred to as a law itself: the law of unintended consequences. Much economic research has shown that the actions of people and institutions have effects that are often unanticipated or unintended. Such consequences may be positive, others negative. The latter are most easily spotted.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t adopt the rule, or some form of it. We should give no quarter to discrimination (sự phân biệt) or harassment (sự quấy rối/xâm phạm) in any form in our practices or our courts. But if we’re going to try to tease out the line Palko attempted to define, we’d best do it carefully and with a good legislative record to support it, beyond the usual “there ought to be a law.” Just because something’s a good idea or long overdue doesn’t mean it’ll survive strict scrutiny (sự kiểm tra nghiêm ngặt) if challenged on constitutional grounds. The devil, as always, will be in the details.

Ka Tina

“Meals rejected by Ethiopians” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Brett Jordan

“Meals rejected by Ethiopians” = miếng ăn mà người Ethiopia cũng bỏ, (cố tình) giải nghĩa sai, một cách hài hước từ MRE "meal ready to eat" (thức ăn sẵn, trong quân đội) -> ngụ ý nói đùa về thức ăn dở đến nỗi ngay cả người đang chết đói cũng từ chối ăn.

Ví dụ
There was plenty of humor and companionship (tình bạn bè, đồng đội) to enjoy, as well. One memorable moment came when Dr. Schoenbeck was introduced to military rations called MRE at the field hospital. According to military personnel, MRE was short for 'Meals Rejected by Ethiopians'. "But there was nothing wrong with them, they were actually pretty good," laughed Schoenbeck.

No matter who they’re fighting for, soldiers around the world have something very basic in common: they need to eat. Perhaps unsurprisingly, field rations, known among U.S. soldiers as “Meals, Ready to Eat,” or “MREs,” have a pretty bad reputation (danh tiếng) among the troops (quân đội, lính), who have to rely on the freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed meals while out on patrol (đang tuần tra) or on the battlefield (chiến trường). While no one expects field rations to provide a five-star dining experience, many militaries do what they can to give their soldiers a decent meal, whether it's serving traditional fare or measuring how eating MREs can affect their troops' health.

Ka Tina

“Raised by wolves” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Annie Spratt

“Raised by wolves” = được nuôi bởi sói -> nghĩa là người rất thô lỗ, bất lịch sự hoặc bị xã hội gạt bỏ.

Ví dụ
A story about an accomplished singer/songwriter musician who was raised by wolves in a bubble with no music wafting through his or her environment would be as huge as it would be unlikely. A story about a guy who is now an accomplished singer/songwriter who was raised in a very musical household surrounded by instruments is not surprising.

Legato also describes the Jungle Book production pipeline (ống dẫn) in detail, how it has evolved and improved since his Avatar days, and how these techniques were used to allow Favreau, Pope, and the visual effects teams at MPC London and Weta Digital to collaborate seamlessly to offer up a new version of Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale of a boy raised by wolves in an Indian jungle, who is aided by many different creatures in fleeing the jungle to escape the murderous intentions of a cruel Bengal tiger. 

She gazed at her parents, who were crouching low on the carpet in a show of deference. In wolf years, they were four hundred years old. She wondered what they had been like when they were young. They’d been raised by wolves, too, of course. They’d never spoken about their parents, and it occurred to Lauren only now that she had never asked. She held up the ball, and her parents stared at it with tired yellow eyes. Their panting was labored, but their pupils tracked the ball as she tentatively traced it through the air. She could hear them faintly whimpering, plaintive as pups begging for scraps.

Ka Tina

“The powers that be” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jusdevoyage 

“The powers that be” = đó chính là quyền lực -> nghĩa là người/lực lượng nắm quyền thế hoặc sự điều khiển.

Ví dụ
“For their daring to go against the powers that be, and persistence in upholding the rights of ‘the 12’, the authorities have resorted to ending their professional career and cutting off their livelihoods,” they said in a statement.

A group representing family members of the activists said they believed the timing of the actions against the two lawyers indicated that they were "obviously revenge for their involvement" in the Hong Kong case. "For their daring to go against the powers that be, and persistence in upholding the rights of the twelve, the authorities have resorted to ending their professional career and cutting off their livelihoods," the families said in a statement.

However, it is probably not just the new US president's style that is driving Saudi Arabia in particular toward a new course of reconciliation. It is likely the powers-that-be in Riyadh have realized that the boycott (tẩy chay) is one thing above all and that is counterproductive (phản tác dụng).

Ka Tina

“Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

“Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise” = ngu si hưởng thái bình -> nghĩa là tốt hơn hết không nên biết gì, không thì sẽ khiến bạn căng thẳng và lo lắng. Bắt nguồn từ bài thơ năm 1742 "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College," của Thomas Grey.

Ví dụ
Many of us are living in a fool’s paradise. We seem to assume that the COVID-19 pandemic is not really a threat to us. We do not appear to know that most of the population has not been tested for the virus. And many people who are infected do not show any symptoms (triệu chứng). We act as though the number of confirmed cases is an accurate count of the total figure. We also seem to think that the number of people who have died from the virus is really low. So we are enjoying delusional security (an ninh/sự đảm bảo ảo): “Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise”.

Thomas Gray’s 1742 poem Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College,ends in the often misunderstood final stanza ” … Since sorrow never comes too late, and happiness too swiftly flies. Thought would destroy their paradise. No more; where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” Generally the poem is about the unavoidable suffering of humankind and allowing school children to remain innocent as youth is brief. It does not explore how it is better to grow up and remain ignorant. Anyway, I digress (đi lạc, lạc đề).

To balance Sykes’ unseemly adulation (sự nịnh hót, bợ đỡ), Waugh finally took revenge on (trả thù) Byron in two caustic pages of his late autobiography (tự truyện) A Little Learning (1964). The title comes from Alexander Pope’s couplet in his Essay on Criticism: “A little learning is a dangerous thing; / Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.” While Waugh was modest about his own considerable erudition (học vấn uyên bác), he was outraged that the astonishingly ignorant Byron was treated as the learned authority of distinguished books. As Thomas Gray also wrote, “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” At Oxford, Waugh noted, Byron was a provincial, uneducated and awkward writer, who perversely thought Hamlet was an “emotional hoax”.

Ka Tina

“Too hot to handle” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Marvin Meyer

“Too hot to handle” = quá nóng để sờ -> nghĩa là quá nguy hiểm, rủi ro hoặc cấm kỵ nên người ta không muốn dính líu.

Ví dụ
The character that was on display during India's 8-wicket win must have certainly been too hot to handle, this time for the hosts.

Fogel, director of the Oscar-winning 2017 Russian doping doc Icarus, is simply too hot to handle. But what if the material is merely lukewarm (lãnh đạm, thờ ơ)?

Just like in the previous game against Jamshedpur FC, the Gaurs once again kept it late but in the end, made sure the job was done thanks to goals from 'super-sub' Ishan Pandita, who scored seconds after coming on to the pitch as a substitute and then Igor Angulo who was too hot to handle for the Hyderabad backline.

Ka Tina

Tương lai của "đặc khu"?

công ty bđs china thuê đảo Australia 99 năm rồi đuổi hết dân bản xứ...

China Bloom bought a 99-year lease to a portion of Keswick Island, 34km north-east Mackay in central east Queensland, in 2019. 

Helpless (không có khả năng hoạt động nếu không có sự giúp đỡ; cần sự giúp đỡ của người khác) residents (dân cư) have also been forced to endure ongoing restrictions at the hands of the international group, claiming it has become 'property of the Chinese Communist Party'. (tài sản của đảng)

The company has banned boats from accessing the public ramp, denied them access to the air strip and has attempted to stop them using the beach - with locals claiming it is being kept exclusively for rich Chinese tourists.

Bài trước: Lãnh đủ?

Lãnh đủ?

trả đũa Australia, Trung Quốc gánh hậu quả với những thành phố chìm trong bóng tối?

Analysts said prices of the commodity in the country have shot up due to the reported crunch. The reports also follow rising trade tensions (căng thẳng thương mại gia tăng) between Beijing and Canberra, leading some analysts to tie the coal shortages (thiếu than) and blackouts (mất điện) to the unofficial ban on Australian coal.

...Prices of coal in China have shot up as a result of the shortage and research firm Wood Mackenzie predicts they will remain high during the peak winter demand period.

“China’s thermal coal market is in chaos (hỗn loạn), with prices rocketing after daily price index releases were suspended on 3 December,” research firm Wood Mackenzie said.

The report said power rationing (chia khẩu phần) “has already commenced” in Hunan and Zhejiang provinces due to the shortages, and there is “little scope” for increased production from Chinese producers.

“Piece by piece” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ryoji Iwata

“Piece by piece” = từng miếng một -> nghĩa là tăng/thêm dần, từ từ và chậm rãi.

Ví dụ
This morning, a small crowd of campaigners and curious residents gathered to watch the tree being sliced up piece by piece over three hours.

Since then, crew members have been pulling the machine apart and bringing it back up to the surface, piece by piece. It will take 55 tractor trailer loads to haul the machine back to Pennsylvania.

All in all, she has the urge to discover the world, piece by piece! Solely dedicated to her passion, she never fails to astonish the world where being a female traveller is still a matter of privilege (sự ưu tiên) and power. However, people like her set an example that all it takes is to follow your heart and make the most of this life!

Ka Tina

Trung Quốc tung "đòn hiểm" vào Australia

china cấm nhập khẩu than từ úc...
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Tuesday that a Chinese ban on Australian coal imports would breach World Trade Organization rules, as his government urged Beijing to resume dialog to ease the worsening diplomatic dispute.

More than 50 vessels carrying Australian coal have been stranded off  (mắc kẹt) China after ports were verbally told (lệnh miệng) in October not to offload such shipments. China’s National Development and Reform Commission on Saturday appeared to formalize those curbs after giving power plants approval to import coal without restrictions, except from Australia, under efforts to tame price gains,

...Ties between China and Australia have been fraught since 2018 when Canberra barred Huawei Technologies Co. from building its 5G network on national security grounds, and worsened this year after Morrison’s government called for an international inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus. Beijing accuses Canberra of being a puppet (con rối, bù nhìn) of the U.S. and of meddling in its internal affairs.

China has hit Australian barley and wine with crippling tariffs and told traders to stop buying commodities including copper, sugar, timber and lobster.

Thông điệp của ông Tập dành cho Jack Ma

chẳng là gì ngoài một đám mây...
Twenty-one years after his death, Japanese master painter (họa sĩ bậc thầy) Kaii Higashiyama must have turned in his grave (buồn bực) earlier this month when the Chinese government used one of his paintings to send a stern warning to the richest man in the country.

On the evening of Nov. 2, moments after Jack Ma Yun, the founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, was summoned by Chinese authorities for questioning, a cryptic column was posted on Xinhua's official WeChat account.

The article -- headlined, "Don't speak thoughtlessly, don't do as you please, people can't act on their free will" ("Đừng phát ngôn thiếu suy nghĩ, đừng làm theo ý mình, mọi người không thể hành động theo ý muốn của bản thân") -- made no mention of Ma. But it was accompanied by a striking blue painting of Higashiyama's that shows a white cloud in the sky shaped like a horse (đám mây trắng hình con ngựa).

Some of the sentences were boldfaced for emphasis. The last one went like this:

"There is a price behind everything. If you don't have capital, don't do whatever you want."

Bài trước: Thôi xong

"Hit the high points" nghĩa là gì?

"Hit the high points" = đánh vào điểm cao -> nghĩa là bao hàm, nhấn mạnh những khía cạnh quan trọng nhất của điều gì.

Ví dụ
He then hit the high points of next year's budget, which show an overall 2% increase countywide, and a 3% increase for sheriff's office union positions.

As the keynote (chủ đạo) speaker for the Institute’s virtual event, Dr. Anthony Fauci hit the high points on where the country stands with COVID-19. “America has been the worst hit country in the world with 8.1 million cases and over 218,000 deaths,” Dr. Fauci said.

This article will hit the high points—broader (rộng hơn) analysis of its provisions (cung cấp) will come in the days ahead.  

Dr. Lee recently published a book entitled –The Long Fix – Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis with Strategies that work for Everyone – in which she explains the fundamental (cơ bản) problems in healthcare and provides practical solutions. The book speaks directly to policy makers, providers, payers & patients. In this interview, we’ll hit the high points of the book and get a sense of the priority (ưu tiên) Dr. Lee assigns (chỉ định) to certain problems.

Ngọc Lân

"Point of contact" nghĩa là gì?

"Point of contact" = đầu mối liên lạc -> nghĩa là người hoặc địa điểm có thể gặp, liên lạc để nhờ giúp đỡ (khi đến một tổ chức).

Ví dụ
Forkner was the main point of contact between the administration and Boeing in regard to areas like pilot training and manual recommendations, an FAA official explained at the time.

Within the global network of far-right extremists (người có quan điểm cực đoan), he served as a point of contact to the Azov movement, the Ukrainian militant group that has trained and inspired white supremacists from around the world, and which Fuller had come to join.

Whether we serve as the client’s (khách hàng) clinical supplies (cung cấp) department or augment (yếu tố làm tăng) their in-house capabilities through our clinical services, we provide one point of contact, one solution, and one contract.

In 2019, the Montana Invasive Species Council launched the “Squeal on Pigs” campaign which created a single point of contact to simplify (giảm thiểu) reporting and to ensure sightings reach the agency responsible for responding.

Ngọc Lân

"And the like" nghĩa là gì?

"And the like" -> nghĩa là những thứ tương tự khác. 

Ví dụ
Sigh. Rough day. I can't muster (tập trung) my usual enthusiasm for wireless earbuds, cheap TVs and the like. And because I can't give each and every one of you the big hug I'd like to, I'll instead offer some ideas for chasing away the stress we're all feeling.

Wearing a mask or face covering in two high-risk scenarios can help prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. These include being indoors (trong nhà) with others outside of your immediate social bubble, in places like grocery stores, indoor malls, restaurants, churches, public transportation, and the like; and being outside in a crowd.

I write from my heart, from my personal experiences, and not about information shared in medical journals and the like. I will do it (and sometimes with great enthusiasm and joy) if I have a personal attachment to the subject, but in truth, I usually find it frustrating, and it tends to drain (bòn rút) my joy of writing.

This will be the third regular session for Vetter, and he expects it to be dramatically different from the last. COVID will mean big differences in committee meetings, how to whip up (động viên mọi người quan tâm đến điều gì) colleagues’ support and the like. And Vetter, like most of his colleagues, is coming to the Capitol with big ideas about how to handle the pandemic.

Ngọc Lân

"Jaw me down" nghĩa là gì?

"Jaw (one) down" có jaw là răn dạy, "lên lớp" (ai) -> cụm từ này nghĩa là nói nặng ai theo kiểu độc đoán, bề trên.

Ví dụ 
My manager jawed me down in front of everyone for being late.

A couple of students began protesting the teacher's decision, but she jawed them down.

Male students applying for jobs are insolent, do not even greet, and are jawed him down by employers.

Urgent Henry phoned the Ministry of Health Hotline to reflect: He went to the doctor at 5 am, waiting for the code to visit. He went to the registration counter to ask for the priority number, but the hospital jawed him down.

Thùy Dương

Vẫn dùng tốt

bệ xí thông minh ở china có thể... giật điện...
It’s the last place you’d want to receive an electric shock (giật điện).

But a recent inspection (kiểm tra, thanh tra) by Shanghai authorities found that nearly 40% of the so-called smart toilet seats sold on China’s shopping sites were faulty.

Smart toilet seats, which come with functions including heated surfaces, warm water rinsing and air drying, are popular among China’s middle class.

And while in the past consumers had to travel to Japan to buy the inventions, these products are now widely available in Chinese malls and on e-commerce platforms.

Cộng hòa nhân dân khát khao

phim tài liệu People’s Republic of Desire về sự nổi danh các ngôi sao live-stream và đội ngũ fan 'loser' ở china...
...Wu’s documentary explores the way in which hierarchies (tôn ti trật tự, hệ thống thứ bậc) that have developed in the world of live-streaming—between the stars, their rich patrons, and the masses of diaosi or “loser” fans—mirror inequalities (bất bình đẳng) in China’s offline economy.

“I feel like live-streaming is a mirror to a lot of people desires that are unmet in real life,’ Wu says. “A lot of the poor diaosi, they have no status in real life… If they are willing to spend just a little bit of money people will notice them. The live-streamers will notice them and call out their names.”

The term diaosi has been around for several years, used by young Chinese to mock (chế nhạo, chế giễu) themselves for not achieving the traditional markers of success, like having a home, well-paying job, or good-looking partner. Critics of the term note that it’s sometimes used by relatively well-off urban young people—rendering invisible (pdf) the masses of people who power China’s economy without fully sharing in the wealth that has resulted.

In the movie, the diaosi fan is represented by young men (and sometimes young women) who sleep five or six to a room, work in factories (công nhân nhà máy), make deliveries (giao hàng), or do other difficult and low-paying jobs. Eighteen-year-old Xiao Yong is an admirer of Big Li, a male idol featured in the documentary who appeals to fans “who want a male buddy,” says Wu. “He plays the camaraderie card.”

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quan chức china tạo ứng dụng cho người dùng biết ai trong bán kính 500m đang mắc nợ...

Dubbed the "Map of Deadbeat Debtors," the app was launched in Northern China after the Higher People's Court of Hebei developed it as a means to name and shame (làm cho ai xấu hổ) debtors, according to China Daily.

Users of the app will be alerted if they are in close proximity to debt and will also be able to tap avatars on a map to access to the name, national identification number (số cmnd) and reason why the "deadbeat" made the list.

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