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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

"I'm all ears" nghĩa là gì?

"I'm all ears" -> nghĩa là tôi đang rất tập trung vào lời bạn nói.

Ví dụ
But after seeing how they made life more tolerable (khá tốt) for Texans without power last week, she’s not so sure she’s ready to make the change. “Someone, please (sincerely, I’m all ears!), tell me why I’m wrong,” Onion wrote.

Then: “Right. How is voluntarily entering into a business relationship with Kendall Jenner exploitation? I’m all ears bro. I would loooove to hear this explanation.” “For real, wait until those people know how the economy works lmao,” another commented.

If you’re about to announce your candidacy (ứng cử) for Select Board, I want to know first. If your business is about to have a big anniversary, I want to talk to you about what has changed over time — and what’s remained the same. If you’re experiencing hard times because of a crop failure, I want to interview you about that. If you know a piece of history the Gazette hasn’t covered in a while, I’m all ears. Ditto with any activism or charity work.

"Next time around, I don't think you're going to get elected," said his Myrtle Beach constituent (cử tri), from the district Rice has represented since 2013. "I'm not happy with you. And I certainly won't vote for you again. So if you can figure out some way to redeem yourself, I'm all ears."

Ngọc Lân

"The top flight" nghĩa là gì?

"The top flight" -> nghĩa là vị trí, chức vụ cao nhất trong công việc, giải đấu thể thao.

Ví dụ
The top flight of the men's football pyramid, along with the Orchard Welsh Women's Premier, have both been granted elite (ưu tú) status by the National Sport Group (NSG).

In the EWS-E title chase we will finally get to see Josh Carlson take to the stages on his Reign E+ Pro. The Australian was another victim (nạn nhân) of the travel restrictions of 2020 but will hopefully be able to contest the top flight races this year. He’s already an e-bike national champion in Australia and will be hoping to draw on all his experience to become a factor in the title race. 

The Nigerian forward has been one of the breakout (đột phá) stars of the Ligue 1 season this term, and heading into this weekend’s meeting with Osimhen’s former club Lille, no one else in the top flight had scored more this term.

For all defenders in the top flight, he is joint-fifth with Southampton’s Kyle Walker-Peters while Manchester United man Aaron Wan-Bissaka (71) tops the list.

Ngọc Lân

“Cognitive bias” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

“Cognitive bias” = định kiến nhận thức -> nghĩa là lỗi tư duy hệ thống khi xử lý thông tin và ảnh hưởng tới việc ra quyết định.

Ví dụ
Cognitive biases can have a negative effect on an operator’s situational awareness. To improve operations and make our plants safer, cognitive biases and other things that adversely affect their decision-making must be recognized and improved upon. This process in ongoing, and can't be started too soon.

That medical examiners are subject to cognitive bias shouldn’t be controversial (gây tranh cãi). Good scientists know cognitive bias is inescapable (không thể ránh được) and use measures such as double-blind studies and peer review to counteract it. Yet studies have shown forensic examiners tend to believe cognitive bias is a problem for other fields but not their own (or for other analysts, but not for them).

Croskerry told defence counsel Jeff Manishen that cognitive biases are becoming more common in the medical field, influencing health care workers to fixate on a particular feature of a case. “If somebody comes in there and they’re coughing (ho khan) and wheezing (thở khò khè) and turning blue, then you anchor immediately to that presentation and decide that they have probably got something wrong with their breathing,” Croskerry explained to the court.

Anh Thư

"The ayes have it" nghĩa là gì?

"The ayes have it" có ayes là phiếu thuận, phiếu đồng ý -> cụm từ này nghĩa là đa số đã bỏ phiếu ủng hộ.

Ví dụ 
The ayes have it. The nomination of Thomas J. Vilsack to be Secretary of Agriculture is approved.

All other democracies, not to mention our local commissioner and mayoral races and even the way we choose leaders of clubs and chairs of non-profit organizations, use majority rule, in other words, the popular vote. What’s so heretical (thuộc dị giáo) about “the ayes have it” when choosing a U.S. president?

In voice vote, members orally communicate their agreement or disagreement with the proposed motion (bản kiến nghị) by responding to Speaker's question. When a motion is put for vote, the speaker says, "Those in the favour of the motion say Aye and those opposing it say No." The Speaker then takes a call on which voice was the loudest and declares "the ayes have it" or "the noes have it," depending upon the outcome.

Thùy Dương

"Where the rubber meets the road" nghĩa là gì?

Giày cũng làm từ cao su đúng không? Photo courtesy: Tony Sullivan

"Where/when the rubber meets the road" = khi cao su gặp đường nhựa -> nghĩa là ý tưởng hoặc giả thuyết được đưa vào thử nghiệm. Cụm từ này bắt nguồn khi chế tạo xe ô tô, người ta sẽ lái thử trước khi đi đến sản xuất.

Ví dụ
What’s important, of course, is what BlackRock actually does with these assessments. This is where the rubber meets the road and where corporate board members are wondering if BlackRock really means it. In the last substantive (trọng yếu) section, headed “Holding Boards Accountable.”

The unemployment rate seems an obvious starting point for such a policy discussion. “That’s where the rubber meets the road for workers,” said Heidi Shierholz, director of policy at the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning (nghiêng về cánh tả) think tank (tổ chức nghiên cứu), and a former chief economist at the U.S. Labor Department.

The question is “how willing are the Chinese when the rubber meets the road”, said Mr Wuttke. “For them to take over part of the western system is unthinkable.” There are “rights violations shouting at you everywhere, but how much leverage do we have there?” 

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Move the needle" nghĩa là gì?

"Grumble in the gizzard" nghĩa là gì?

"Grumble in the gizzard" có grumble là càu nhàu, cằn nhằn, gizzard là cổ họng -> cụm từ này nghĩa là khó chịu, buồn phiền.

Ví dụ
Jonathan grumbled in the gizzard when he climbed into the car next to his brother, Mike.

The outcome of that race left me grumbling in the gizzard—I thought for sure I had bet on the right horse!

One of the characteristics of women that cause men to 'headache' and sometimes even crazy is the habit of grumbling in the gizzard. 

Norland nanny is also encouraged not to grumble in the gizzard the same problem, since children only listen a few times, then they will get bored and ignore. Therefore, Norland nannies are taught to try to discern the positive aspects of the child. 

Thùy Dương

Rợn người sự thật kinh hoàng về nước tăng lực “Bò Húc”

phát nổ khi ăn thịt nướng, cảnh sát ập đến phát hiện ra 2 thanh niên trồng cần sa :D

A concerned member of public called the police after hearing the three Red Bull cans exploding, believing them to have been gunshots (súng nổ) being fired inside a house.

Armed officers quickly surrounded the semi-detached property in Hollydale Road, Bakersfield.

They heard loud voices from the back of the house, only to find the burst cans.

Police found two men inside surrounded by cannabis plants.

Following a search, 180 cannabis plants were seized and officers also found a large amount of fertilizer, chemicals, three mobile phones and a large amount of cash.

Thôi rồi còn chi đâu anh ơi

Có còn lại chăng dư âm thôi
Trong cơn thương đau men đắng môi

cãi nhau trên phố, nam thanh niên bị em gái scotland giả vờ hôn rồi cắn đứt lưỡi, vừa nhổ ra thì... chim mòng biển ăn béng mất... :D
He took a licking (chịu thua).

Bethaney Ryan, 27, clashed (va chạm) with the stranger (người lạ), James McKenzie, sparking an argument (nổ ra tranh cãi) in Edinburgh on Aug. 1, 2019.

After McKenzie walked towards Ryan with “a clenched fist,” she inexplicably (không lý giải nổi, khó hiểu) kissed him — then chomped (nhai rào rạo) off a 3-by-2-centimeter piece of his tongue.

...After he spat (nhổ ra) out a bloody chunk of the organ, a bird plucked it off the ground and ate it — making reattachment surgery (phẫu thuật nối lại) impossible (không thể được).

...McKenzie was treated (điều trị) for “the laceration (vết rách) to his tongue” after it began “oozing blood (rỉ máu),”

Bài trước: 
Cổ tích Thánh Gióng ở Indonesia

"In pari delicto" nghĩa là gì?

"In pari delicto" -> nghĩa là có lỗi như nhau, chịu trách nhiệm như nhau.

Ví dụ
Your situation may fall under the doctrine (chủ nghĩa) of in pari delicto, which was explained by the Supreme Court in Constantino, et al. vs. Heirs of Pedro Constantino, Jr. (GR 181508, Oct. 2, 2013), penned by Associate Justice Jose Perez.

When the nullity (vô giá trị) proceeds from the illegality of the cause or object of the contract, and the act constitutes a criminal offense, both parties being in pari delicto, they shall have no action against each other, and both shall be prosecuted.

Following Court of Appeals precedent (quyết định), the Commercial Division has consistently maintained the narrow scope of the adverse interest exception to the in pari delicto defense. In a recent reversal of a Commercial Division decision, however, the First Department signaled a widening of the adverse interest exception. In their Commercial Division Update, Thomas J. Hall and Judith A. Archer discuss the decision and its background.

These captive owners might not have been in pari delicto with the promoters who got them into these microcaptive (vi mô) deals, but they were almost certainly at least delicto in a goodly number of cases.

Ngọc Lân

Loại virus nào còn nguy hiểm hơn coronavirus?

đó là gocontrovirus...

One of the most alarming things about the pandemic (đại dịch) is how sheepish (bẽn lẽn, e lệ, ngượng ngùng) almost all of us have been in surrendering (đầu hàng) our freedoms to government. The initial (ban đầu) lockdowns (phong tỏa) last spring were met with little protest (phản kháng). Even today, nearly a year later, after the benefits of lockdowns have proven questionable (đáng đặt dấu hỏi, nghi vấn) and the costs exorbitant (cao quá đáng, cắt cổ), even in jurisdictions where the terms of the lockdowns are arbitrary (chuyên quyền, độc đoán; tùy tiện, tùy hứng) and senseless (điên rồ, ngu dại), and despite the fact that many prohibited activities can be done responsibly with minimal public health risk, there is not much pushback against governments’ widespread restrictions of economic and civil freedoms. (If “arbitrary and senseless” seems too strong, just how should we characterize Ontario’s policy that small retailers are not allowed to sell “non-essential” goods in-store but crowded big box stores can?)

After having so easily surrendered our freedoms to the government, we will find it much more difficult to get them back, even after the pandemic is over. Some of the freedoms, such as being allowed to eat at a restaurant or attend a hockey game, will undoubtedly return, but the government-control virus, unlike the coronavirus, is nearly impossible to fully recover from. As economic historian Robert Higgs explained in his 1987 book Crisis (khủng hoảng) and Leviathan (thủy quái), when government both expands its reach and curtails freedom during a crisis, it usually does not return all of the freedom to citizens after the crisis ends.

"Cái ấy" cũng phải bằng vàng mới xứng

nasa chuẩn bị đưa hệ thống toa-lét vào vận hành, trị giá... 23 triệu usd ;)

It’s packed inside a cargo ship set to blast off late Thursday from Wallops Island, Virginia.

Barely 100 pounds (45 kilograms) and just 28 inches (71 centimeters) tall, it’s roughly half as big as the two Russian-built toilets at the space station. It's more camper-size to fit into the NASA Orion capsules that will carry astronauts (phi hành gia) to the moon in a few years.

Station residents will test it out for a few months. If the shakedown goes well, the toilet will be open for regular business.

With SpaceX now launching astronauts to the space station and Boeing less than a year from sending up its first crew, more toilets are needed.

Bài trước: Hết răng ăn...

Hết răng ăn...

thợ nước đấm vào mồm đồng nghiệp khi đang... sửa toa-lét...
A plumber (thợ sửa đường nước) reported being assaulted (tấn công) by a co-worker (đồng nghiệp) while on a job at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 28. According to the victim (nạn nhân), he called his boss (sếp) for a second plumber to assist with installing a toilet at a home.

The co-worker arrived and was complaining (phàn nàn) about the job. When the victim told the man to stop complaining and work, the man reportedly punched (đấm) the victim in the mouth (mồm), causing an injury (chấn thương). There was no further information at the time of the report.

Bài trước: Quý khách chú ý

Quý khách chú ý

đi siêu thị ở atlanta, chỉnh quần rơi súng...

The gunshot (tiếng súng nổ) rang out through the Lenox Square mall around 6 p.m. Saturday, Sgt. John Chafee told the Daily News Sunday.

Witnesses (nhân chứng) initially told police (ban đầu nói với cảnh sát) there may have been a “dispute” (tranh cãi) between two people, but officers confirmed (xác nhận) that no such fight (ẩu đả) happened.

Instead, the armed man fired the “accidental” discharge while adjusting, Chafee said.

No one was injured (bị thương), but the man fled the scene and has not been identified (xác định danh tính) or located.

“We urge gun owners to be responsible and we would recommend they leave their firearms at home while they are out shopping in public areas,” Chafee said.

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