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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

"In and of itself" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Luke Leung on Unsplash

"In and of itself" -> nghĩa là chỉ một yếu tố đó, không thêm bất kỳ yếu tố nào khác.

Ví dụ
David Fletcher contributes (đống góp) little in the way of home runs or stolen bases but is one of the best at putting the bat on the ball, which is worth something in and of itself in the points format.

The move included rebranding (đổi thương hiệu) skin-lightening line Fair & Lovely, mostly popular in Asia, as Glow and Lovely. Some critics saw the changes as purely cosmetic, per Forbes, believing the concept of a skin-lightening product is problematic in and of itself.

As Bath & Body Works has become much more of a destination in and of itself, what we see in our off-mall locations, not surprisingly, is significantly higher conversion rates than we see in mall stores.

Given that implementing (thi hành) a CI pipeline for your delivery process is a large effort in and of itself, make sure it is either completed first or is in the final stages of development. Jumping the gun in this area can result in a test infrastructure that isn't compatible with your resulting pipeline process.

Ngọc Lân

“Buckley's Chance” nghĩa là gì?

“Buckley's Chance” có Buckley là tên của William Buckley - người có thể coi là Robinson Crusoe của Úc, người thoát khỏi chiếc tàu chở tội phạm, và định cư ở Melbourne năm 1803, khi đó không ai nghĩ Buckley có cơ hội sống sót. Gần đây, có giải thích mới Buckley trong tên chuỗi cửa hàng bách hóa Buckley & Nunn (hiện đã phá sản) -> cụm từ này nghĩa là không có cơ hội nào, không có khả năng xảy ra.

Ví dụ
One LNP backbencher, speaking on the condition on anonymity (nặc danh, giấu tên), said they thought the party was "choking" in the final stretch of the campaign. "It was the same story at the 2017 election, it was all smooth sailing and then we got the wobbles," they said. "We have none and Buckley’s chance for a majority, in my opinion, but a hung Parliament is a very real possibility."

A stark example of the unsustainability of the current configuration is the more than $1.2 billion in debts owed by people over 60. Buckley’s chance of getting that back. If we consider the types of degrees and the prospect of youth employment coming back any time soon, we’re to expect a pretty bleak outlook, which is to the point of Tehan’s shake-up.

Except this time, Trump has Buckley’s chance of succeeding, as the Constitution is firmly against him. The Republicans will force a debate about the Electoral College vote in both chambers (hội đồng hành chính hoặc pháp luật), but even if the Senate dares to vote to overturn the people’s election verdict (tuyên án, phán quyết) and they succeed in carrying the Senate, the fact that the House (with its Democratic majority) will vote for Biden, will ensure the defeat of the Republican coup attempt. This is because the Constitution requires both chambers to vote against the results of the Electoral College vote before the results can be overturned.

Ka Tina

“Better than a kick up the backside” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Aziz Acharki

“Better than a kick up the backside” -> nghĩa là có còn hơn không.

Ví dụ
It’s better than a kick up the backside, and it is the same approach with players who have found themselves out of the side and on the fringes.

Alun Armstrong is an affable character usually favouring an arm around the shoulder rather than a kick up the backside, yet he gathered his players on the pitch for an immediate post-match post-mortem and delivered a damning assessment.

Ka Tina

“Better than a ham sandwich” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by petradr

“Better than a ham sandwich” = hơn cả bánh sandwich giăm-bông -> nghĩa là có còn hơn không, cái nào cũng có giá trị hết.

Ví dụ
It's slightly better than a ham sandwich, or in other words, fair market value for what was given up.

But a sense of humor (khiếu hài hước) is even better than a ham sandwich, especially for the Jews and the Muslims.

And after his team finished the year with a perfect 15-0 season, what could be better than a ham sandwich? And maybe some boudin…

Ka Tina

“Wrap your laughing gear 'round that” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Lucas Sankey

“Wrap your laughing gear 'round that” có 'laughing gear' = 'công cụ để cười', ý chỉ cái mồm, wrap là bọc, bao phủ, bao trùm -> cụm từ này nghĩa là ăn (thực phẩm).

Ví dụ
Oil supply chain can 'have cake and wrap your laughing gear 'round that it' despite fossil fuel export policy changes.

You can order in advance online and take it to go. Or you can come out to The Diamond take in the sights and smells, order and wrap your laughing gear 'round that your food there.

So, raise a glass of the amber nectar, wrap your laughing gear 'round that shrimp from the barbie, and enjoy the family-oriented, PR-friendly, vanilla season curtain-raiser – unless, of course, you're watching from the Northern Hemisphere, in which case there really is no need to set your alarm for 4am; simply watch the highlights package the morning after.

Ka Tina

“Tell him he's dreaming” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by DocuSign

“Tell him he's dreaming” = nói cho hắn biết là đừng có mơ, 'mơ ngủ à' -> nghĩa là bảo họ nói cho đối phương biết đừng đưa ra lời đề nghị (kinh doanh, hợp tác, đầu tư...) quá đáng, vô lý.

Ví dụ
In the black comedy-drama, a remake of an Icelandic movie that was a festival favourite in 2015, Caton plays bitter and boozy sheep farmer Les, estranged from his brother Col (Sam Neill) who lives next door, although the pair haven’t spoken for 40 years. And while Caton agrees there might be some belligerent and anti-authoritarian similarities with Daryl “Tell him he’s dreaming” Kerrigan from The Castle, loner Les’s issues run a lot deeper.

A piece of bread and butter has enraged customers today, as a trendy Sydney café is slammed for charging $16 for the simple menu item. The Goodsline, a café in Sydney's inner-west, was criticised on social media for the meal option many believed was unjustifiably expensive. But founder Jack Hanna tells 9Honey the exorbitant (cao quá đáng, cắt cổ) price was simply a "typo." "Who in their right mind charges $16 for bread and butter?" Sydney cafe sells $20 coffee: 'Tell him he's dreaming!'

Labor's mayoral candidate Pat Condren said Cr Schrinner had made an "absolute dog’s breakfast" of Kingsford Smith Drive and could not be trusted to manage large infrastructure projects (dự án cơ sở hạ tầng). "Can you imagine what would happen if this bloke tried to build five bridges?" he said. "Tell him he's dreaming." Cr Schrinner said the new bridges would come with a price tag of more than $550 million and were needed to tackle congestion.

Ka Tina

“A few stubbies short of a six-pack” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Matt ODell

“A few stubbies short of a six-pack” = gã mập thiếu bia -> nghĩa là người chậm chạp, khờ khạo.

Ví dụ
I’LL happily admit to being a few stubbies short of a six-pack. Over the years my pea-brain has got me into all manner of strife, often with results that have cost me plenty of time and/or the folding stuff.

Cripes! 7 News Australia seems to be a few stubbies short of a six-pack, judging by what Twitter user Lee Meadows spotted on TV. During a broadcast interview conducted via a Zoom video chat, the cameraman no doubt imagined he or she was getting a terrific angle pointing over the reporter’s shoulder. Unfortunately, however, the view didn’t just show the interviewee on the screen – but also a monitor festooned with stuck-on login credentials.

Not bad for a man Jack Charlton said was the worst player he’d ever seen and who almost had his leg amputated in childhood. “My mother actually signed the amputation (thủ thuật cắt cụt) order to have my leg removed because it was that bad,” he told Four Four Two. “Osteomylitis is like polio – it rots the bone. You’ve got to have it off so that the infection doesn’t spread.” He survived, but lost eight months of his life, so he was hardly going to be put off by Charlton, his Middlesbrough boss’ view that he was a few stubbies short of a six pack. Johnston worked tirelessly to prove himself having arrived in the north east at 15 years old for a trial, eventually breaking into the first team a few years later in 1978 and then earning a £570,000 move to Liverpool in 1981 by the time he was 20.

Ka Tina

“What's the John Dory?” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Marko Sokolovic

“What's the John Dory?” có John Dory là tên loài cá ở cảng Sydney, nướng chanh tiêu rất thơm ngon, dory vần với story (câu chuyện) -> nên cụm từ này ý muốn hỏi 'john dory gì thế', 'story gì thế', có chuyện gì thế, chuyện gì đang xảy ra vậy.

Ví dụ
I'm trying to keep up on what's the John Dory. I haven't heard too much lately.

What's the John Dory? What do rocket emojis, Shiba Inus, and Elon Musk all have in common?

March 8th marked the beginning of what would soon be known as “The new normal”. “It was crazy. Everybody was scared running to stores trying to see what’s the John Dory. What’s this thing, coronavirus? Our life is going to change.”

Ka Tina

“Have a Captain Cook” nghĩa là gì?

“Have a Captain Cook” có Captain Cook là vị thuyền trưởng người Anh đầu tiên lập bản đồ miền đông nước Úc, người chỉ huy con thuyền HMB Endeavour, sau khi cập bến Vịnh Botany, ông đi thuyền qua Cảng Sydney rồi ngắm xem và thích nơi này -> cụm từ này nghĩa là cuộc kiểm tra, thanh tra ngắn, chóng vánh.

Ví dụ
They are yet to officially launch but plan to offer camel rides on a regular basis. The camels in tomorrow's procession will wear crocheted rugs. "We were going to have a Captain Cook theme but we couldn't get the hats," Matt said. He's optimistic the new venture will succeed despite the downturn in tourists to the Discovery Coast towns the past couple of years.

Speaking of comfort, have a Captain Cook at that interior! The trim patterns and shapes were inspired by those of the Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Huracan. The dash (sự va chạm, đụng mạnh) is the standard unit, albeit (mặc dù, dẫu) trimmed in Alcantara and filled with Speedhut gauges, and a great deal of effort went into making a heating system that works well and is hidden from view – Tomi even 3D-printed his own heater vents, plenums and tubes. Cardboard, MDF and modelling foam were used to create models of the door trims and other custom interior parts, from which moulds were made for the carbonfibre end products.

"Red card, bro. Law 9.12. Physically abusing a player by striking them with his head," says the New Zealander. "Jeez," says the Aussie. "Meet the Kiwi who knows the rules of rugby." "Laws." "What? What you on about? Hey, have a captain cook at this." The Aussie takes out his mobile phone and replays the halftime interview with Blues assistant coach Alistair Rogers during the weekend match against the Highlanders. Rogers is saying, "We've just got to work on our discipline a wee bit. That's letting them back into the game. And keep control of the ball when we've got the ball."

Ka Tina

“No worries, mate, she'll be right” nghĩa là gì?

“No worries, mate, she'll be right” = đừng lo nhé anh bạn, sẽ ổn thôi -> nghĩa là (chủ nghĩa khắc kỷ) rằng mọi điều rồi cũng tốt đẹp, không phải lo lắng gì cả.

Ví dụ
"We thought it was a bloody ripper of an idea, we'd pull the wool over the umpires' eyes, get a fair crack of the whip at winning the test, and no worries mate she'll be right."

"His speech was punctuated with words like 'no worries mate', 'she'll be right mate', I think he used the word mate more than anyone I have ever met, and the only difference was with Steve it was completely genuine (xác thật, thành thật)."

For many watching from afar, the season's curtain-raiser in Australia has become the Bore Down Under – but for riders and fans in and around Adelaide, it's the ideal race. While previewing the 2018 edition, Felix Lowe asks whether a Tour Down Under of portentous quality needs a shake up, or if it's a case of 'No worries, mate, she'll be right'.

Ka Tina

“Fair go, mate” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

“Fair go, mate” -> nghĩa là bạn muốn được đối xử công bằng; 'công bằng nhé bạn!'.

Ví dụ
ASIC, the Australian regulator, devised two very important methodologies (phương pháp luận) very early on- one was the implementation of First Derivatives’ real time surveillance system (hệ thống giám sát) that continuously checks the activities of all firms with an ASIC license and has proven completely infallible, and the other being its ability to take companies to civil or criminal trial as well as actually wind their operations up – not just remove or suspend their license, but to send the bailiffs (người quản lý, chấp hành viên) in and actually close the company down. “Fair go mate, you’re a doner” as they say.

The Australian Distillers Association wants a six dollar reduction in the $88 of tax per litre of pure alcohol. Local Four Pillars Gin founder Stuart Gregor told Ben Fordham his gin (rượu gin) is sold for USD$34 in California but he sells it for $75 in Australia. “You’re paying about $30, would you believe it, per bottle of spirits in tax. “Beer pays lower tax, wine pays lower tax, but spirits, because we never had a local industry, we pay heaps more tax. So we’re just asking for a bit of a fair go, mate.”

He explained, “Australian values may be idealistic to some, but where will we as a species be without aspirations? I am still proud of the oath I took when I became Australian. I made the conscious decision when I applied, and defied the ‘accident of birth’, as Obama said.” “Here the rule of law is as real as other advanced democracies. That counts as a huge positive, does it not? And if you are coming from a third world country, what do you have to lose?” he asked. “Come here and grab your chance of a fair go, mate!” Thus, one can only surmise that the Singapore PR, likely to be a Malaysian given the family name Cheong, rejected the Singapore citizenship because he did not feel that the “rule of law” is real in Singapore?

Ka Tina

"Not built that way" nghĩa là gì?

"Not built that way" -> nghĩa là không có tâm trạng, sức khỏe để làm gì.

Ví dụ
And he's a professional, you know, one thing I know about Larry — if he's gonna play, he wants to play at a certain (nhất định) level. He doesn't want to watch yourself on tape being just a guy hanging around. I mean, he's not built that way. So it'll be interesting what decision he makes.

As I thought about this, it made me think of God and how He invites us to trust Him. God calls us to put our lives in His hands. It is a scary thought. Most of us are pretty self-reliant (tin vào bản thân). We don’t trust many people. We have to do it ourselves. Trust means putting your future, your health, your well-being in someone else’s care. And we are not built that way.

"I truly did not know I was breaking the law because I had done this all my life, as a farmer, I'd done this," says Hall. "Had I known I was such a criminal (tội phạm), I would have never done it. I'm not built that way."

“Shavar’s given me everything he’s had, and I’m really proud of the effort he’s given and what he’s done, it’s just I’ve got to figure out a way to not get him 36 minutes, because he’s not built that way,” Willard said.

Ngọc Lân

"How's the wife?" nghĩa là gì?

"How's the wife?" -> nghĩa là 'bà xã dạo này thế nào?' (câu chào hỏi thân mật đàn ông với nhau).

Ví dụ
He says: "I said how's the wife he said 'aw she's deed'. Whit? 'Dead, out the game. Deed. I murdered her, I'll show you if you want.' I says aye show me. So we went away up to his tenement (căn hộ) building out the close - that's the entrance to the tenement - and sure enough there's a big mound of earth but there's a bum sticking out of it.

Onto the punishment, then. It's as excruciating (đau khổ) as it is hilarious. The phone rings. "Phil, it's Warby," begans the Lions skipper. "How's the wife and kids?" he follows up with impeccable small-talk. Warburton then gets to the crux of the call.

I think when it comes to injuries we both have empathy (cảm thông) for other players who experience it. I feel like we both see the human side of it even though in football or sports the person gets dehumanized and people forget about the whole family. I think we both kind of like gel in that. When somebody gets hurt we both want to know, ‘Oh, how are the kids doing? How’s the wife doing? How’s the player?’

Owens and his Brother Knights are staying connected and checking in with one another regularly. “We text each other a lot,” he said, “even if it’s just to ask your Brother Knight, ‘How are you doing? What’s new? How’s the wife? How’s the kids?’ It helps.”

Ngọc Lân

"Peer pressure" nghĩa là gì?

Hai bạn làm mình thấy hơi áp lực một tí! Photo courtesy: Wim Vandenbussche

"Peer pressure" = áp lực đồng trang lứa -> nghĩa là cá nhân chịu áp lực từ bạn bè (đồng trang lứa) và phải thay đổi để phù hợp.

Ví dụ
Debilitating (làm cho yếu) peer pressure to look good and obsession over body image were identified as key factors in why teenagers dropped out.

Rising prevalence (sự phổ biến) of major depressive disorders (các chứng rối loạn trầm cảm) across the globe is one of the major factors responsible for the growth of depression drugs market. Various factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, peer pressure, lack of sleep, stressful work life, etc. induces depression thereby, there has been a growing demand for depression drugs globally.

Peer pressure, a powerful influence in the lives of students, has rather negative connotations (ý nghĩa) in society, which includes the influence of peers on juvenile delinquency (người chưa thành niên phạm tội) and the use of alcohol or cigarettes. According to a new study, affiliated with (liên kết) UNIST, observing social peers making safe choices may lead some teens to make healthy decisions than they would otherwise.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Double-dip" nghĩa là gì?

Cần ngăn chặn và bài trừ tệ nạn mê tín dị đoan

sang taiwan mà giảng giải cho Cục Thủy Lợi, Bộ Nông Nghiệp của họ nhé,

lượng nước ở các hồ chứa thấp kỷ lục, taiwan vừa phải... lập đàn cầu mưa đấy... ;)
...To cope with the drought (đối phó với hạn hán), the water pressure in Hsinchu County, Miaoli County and Taichung has been lowered, and the WRA has set up pipelines (đường ống) that transport water from Taoyuan to Hsinchu.

The agency also said on Saturday that it would allow science and industrial parks (khu công nghiệp, khu công nghệ) in the country to apply to drill water wells if there is no risk of land subsidence.

Drilling wells (đào giếng) is a reasonable and necessary measure in a drought, and the wells will be sealed once the drought ends, said Wang Yi-feng (王藝峰), deputy director-general of the WRA.

Former Economics Minister Yiin Chii-ming (尹啟銘) has cast doubt on the plan (hoài nghi kế hoạch), however, saying that groundwater levels tend to fall during droughts, so it is uncertain how much water the wells could actually generate.

On Sunday morning, the Irrigation Agency (cục thủy lợi) under the Council of Agriculture held a rain worshipping ceremony (lễ cầu mưa), praying to the Sea Goddess Mazu (nữ thần biển mazu) to alleviate (giảm thiểu) the drought.

Weather in central and southern Taiwan are forecast (dự báo) to be cloudy (nhiều mây) with sporadic rain (mưa rải rác) on Sunday, though the regions will enjoy sunny skies (trời nắng) for the rest of the week.

"Local-derby" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Fancy Crave on Unsplash

"Local-derby" -> nghĩa là trận đấu giữa hai đội bóng cùng thành phố.

Ví dụ
Manchester United produced yet another memorable performance and result in a local derby as the Reds deservedly (xứng đáng) ran out 2-0 winners over the Blues.

Meanwhile, Sharks coach John Morris has made a huge call on one of his enforcers as they prepare for a local derby clash (cuộc chiến) against the Dragons. Here are the key talking points from this week's team lists ahead of the new season.

Portuguese international Goncalo Guedes netted a dramatic added time winner for the hosts (chủ nhà) to snatch a key three points. Gracia’s side face another local derby in their next outing as they make the short trip to face Levante on March 12.

He said: "I am wondering if anyone has any photographs or match reports for the games with Maidstone or the local derby at Tonbridge, which attracted almost 3,000 fans, that I might share? "I'd particularly like a copy of the programme if anybody has one. "This is very much a labour of love and the booklet (cuốn sách nhỏ) is not expected to make a profit."

Ngọc Lân

Cây cầu gỗ đi bộ dài nhất thế giới

shared from fb archivu,
Kintaikyo được khởi công xây dựng vào ngày 10/8/1673, hoàn thành chỉ sau ba tháng và được khai trương vào ngày 11/11. Nửa năm sau cây cầu vòm này đã bị sập do bão cuốn phăng ba trụ vào ngày 1/7/1674. Chỉ sau ba ngày cây cầu mới được xây dựng lại với phần kết cấu móng đặc biệt chắc chắn và đưa vào sử dụng sau đúng bốn tháng tức ngày 3/11/1674.

Với kết cấu trụ cầu đặc biệt, cầu đã tồn tại được gần 300 năm trước khi bị bão lũ phá hủy năm 1950.

Kintaikyo, bắc qua sông Nishiki với năm nhịp mỗi nhịp dài 35 mét và tổng chiều dài là 175 mét, được xây dựng để nối thị trấn Iwakuni với lâu đài Iwakuni. Cho đến năm 1868, chỉ có lãnh chúa và thuộc hạ mới được phép sử dụng, nhưng bây giờ bất kỳ ai cũng được phép đi qua miễn là trả phí 300 yên.

Danh họa bậc thầy ukiyo-e là Hokusai đã vẽ cây cầu vào khoảng năm 1831, so với những hình ảnh hiện nay thì gần như có rất ít thay đổi trong thiết kế của nó này trong mấy trăm năm qua.

Kintaikyo được ghi vào sách kỷ lục Guiness là cây cầu gỗ đi bộ dài nhất thế giới.

Chọn vợ

shared from fb H. Orion, hat tip to phuong nam,
Mười bẩy thì muốn chọn người ngon
Muốn được mông cong với ngực tròn
Muốn được làm tình như phim sex
Chân cao gầm thoáng và eo thon…

Hai nhăm thì muốn tìm gái ngoan
Hơi béo cũng được miễn còn xoan
Miễn là nói chuyện vui và hợp
Miễn là làm tình được hân hoan…

Ba mươi thì muốn chọn gái lành
Giặt giũ thoăn thoắt mạnh và nhanh
Nấu ăn khéo léo ngon và nóng
Làm về ị cái… có cơm canh…

Ba nhăm chỉ cần gái bình thường
Biết kêu ú ớ ở trên giường
Trời mưa biết chạy vào nhà trú
Nửa đêm không nhặt lá ngoài đường…

Bốn mươi thì tính trở nên liều
Gặp ai cũng muốn nhẩy vào yêu
Pê đê cũng được, miễn chuyển giới
Gái già cũng chén – méo nói nhiều…

Bốn nhăm thì ế mẹ nó rồi
Cái trim chỉ dùng để đái thôi
Đéo nghĩ vợ con cho nó mệt
Cứ để thế này cho thảnh thơi….

Năm mươi thì nên ra khỏi nhà
Mua một liều thuốc Vi Gờ Ra
Bẻ uống một nửa trước khi đái
Để còn đỡ nhỏ ướt nền nhà…

Sáu mươi rất dễ trở thành gà
Lấy vợ chỉ để đỡ sợ ma
Mùa đông nó kéo chăn một phát
Sáng ra nó được hưởng căn nhà

ước mơ tuổi mười bảy... :D Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash.

"Growing on me" nghĩa là gì?

Nhìn cũng đẹp mà phải không? Photo courtesy: Kārlis Dambrāns

"Growing on somebody" -> nghĩa là càng ngày càng thích hơn.

Ví dụ
The design is fairly unique so it’s no surprise that Marques was all over it as soon as he could get his hands on one. Initially, he stated that it may not be worth the cost – but has now revealed that it is growing on him.

When I first saw low-rise jeans and glitter pants on social media, I was nervous. But as Y2K slowly made it's way back into the fashion scene, I'm actually embracing (đón nhận) it. While today's outfits inspired by the era may not be exact replicas of the looks Destiny's Child and Paris Hilton donned (mặc) in their time, the modern takes on velour and baguette bags are growing on me. I may even have added a specific classic Coach bag to my cart.

When the Xbox Series S first leaked in a grainy off-video screenshot, I thought it looked odd. Even after growing on me, it's still fairly striking, with a two-tone monochromatic design that draws your eyes to its incredibly large fan grill. Up close and personal, though, the design of the console is quite immaculate (không chê vào đâu được) and meticulous (tỉ mỉ), with lots of subtle design cues that give it a premium-look despite its affordable price tier (phân khúc). The reverse of the console has raised etchings (vết khắc) to help you feel out where cables should be placed, for example.

Ngân Nguyễn

"Chuck a wobbly" nghĩa là gì?

Thật là đáng yêu! Photo courtesy: GrazerX

"Chuck a wobbly" -> nghĩa là đùng đùng nổi giận, nổi cơn thịnh nộ.

Ví dụ
When Gilbert protested (phản đối), Buehning said, ‘If you keep giving me bad calls at your end I’m going to give you bad calls at my end.’ Gilbert chucked a wobbly.

"She didn’t see my toddler have a good old cry and scream over which trolley we took, she didn’t catch him stealing grapes out of the bag that we hadn’t paid for yet and she hadn’t even seen him chuck a wobbly because I didn’t have any coins to toss down the money spinner in the entrance way.

Even cruising on the freeway the D-Max is surprisingly quiet and refined for a work ute (xe tải nhỏ). Overtaking power is there on command and the suspension doesn’t chuck a wobbly when you seize that power. In fact, it is firm but forgiving, with no undue (thái quá) bobbing, pitching or boat impressions. This is probably due to a very strong chassis (khung gầm) that shrugs off (loại bỏ) mountain climbing and towing duties with that Isuzu work ethic. Standard hill descent control and selectable 4×4 back this up.

Ngân Nguyễn

"Local yokel" nghĩa là gì?

"Local yokel" có yokel là người nông thôn -> cụm từ này nghĩa là dân làng.

Ví dụ
With the series fast approaching 700 episodes, it is expected that the show would step on its own toes occasionally. And that is the hornet’s nest that this episode found itself in. With Homer once again becoming the manager (quản lý) for a successful country music act. This time in the form of Springfield’s local yokel, Cletus Spuckler.

The local yokel said that Zac “is so lovely” and always v. friendly to waiters, servers, etc which we absolutely bloody love to hear.

The COVID vaccine is safe. There have not been multiple deaths. Don’t listen to ignorant (ngu ngốc_ squawks (lời than vãn). Hundreds of thousands of folks around the world have taken it. Deaths are rare. I took it with no side effects. I feel great. My 93-year-old mother in law took hers and is doing great. I’m an RN. I know a bit more than your local yokel.

Well, it’s been three days since we local yokels have given our final burp of turkey, stuffing, and assorted sides and pies, and our thoughts turned to bicarb and then to the annual ritual (nghi lễ) of holiday shopping.

Ngọc Lân

"Swim with sharks" nghĩa là gì?

"Swim with sharks" = bơi cùng cá mập -> nghĩa là (người) giao du, 'cùng hội cùng thuyền' với những kẻ xảo quyệt, nguy hiểm.

Ví dụ 
I know you think you're a hustler, but you're swimming with sharks nowyou could lose all your money against these guys.

Before you start swimming with sharks, consider this—the last guy who went into business with them wound up dead!

Some of the most innovative businesses were created during times of uncertainty, and a new angel investor community is hosting a virtual event to help entrepreneurs (doanh nhân) learn “how to swim with sharks and invest like an angel” during these especially tumultuous (hỗn độn) times.

Thùy Dương

"A hungry belly has no ears" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by gbarkz on Unsplash

"A hungry belly has no ears" -> nghĩa là không biết gì khác ngoài cơn đói; 'bụng đói tai điếc'.

Ví dụ 
Meethi lassi was definitely not the healthiest choice to wash down our high-calorie meal at Chattha's but it was the need of the hour and as they say, "a hungry belly has no ears".

Citing the Vietnamese proverb "Có thực mới vực được đạo" (or "a hungry belly has no ears"), Minister Tiến said the ministry "attached great importance to increasing incomes for medical staff."

That was the year when we launched renewal. Internationally, we were isolated (cô lập). Domestically (trong nước), we were destroyed. The country was in bad shape. A hungry belly has no ears. So policies by the party were not listened to by the population. 

Thùy Dương

"Escape the bear and fall to the lion" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ramon Vloon on Unsplash

"Escape the bear and fall to the lion" = thoát khỏi tay gấu lại rơi vào móng vuốt sư tử -> nghĩa là thoát nạn này lại gặp nạn khác tệ hơn, 'tránh vỏ dưa, gặp vỏ dừa'.

Ví dụ 
A: "After I swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian, I wound up in oncoming traffic, and my car was totaled." B: "That's awful. You escaped the bear and fell to the lion."

As expected, Ozil was able to play regularly at Fenerbahce. However, escaping the bear and fall to the lion, former Real Madrid and Arsenal midfielder is having difficulty in the new team because he struggles to regain his best form.

Accordingly, many households living in the Po Ko river erosion (xói mòn) area have been relocated to the resettlement (tái định cư) areas. However, people have fallen into the "escape the bear and fall to the lion" when the new place is more dangerous than the previous one.

Thùy Dương

"Lion of the day" nghĩa là gì?

"Lion of the day" có lion là cảnh lạ, vật lạ, vật quý, vật hiếm -> cụm từ này nghĩa là người mà thiên hạ đều chú ý.

Ví dụ 
Redshirt senior Michael Menet joined teammate Tariq Castro-Fields as the second Nittany Lion of the day to be honored with an invite to the 2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

In 1923 the English novelist William Gerhardie — then very much the young literary lion of the day — published a short monograph (công trình nghiên cứu về một chuyên đề nào đó) entitled Anton Chekhov (Gerhard’s spelling).

During his immensely (vô cùng) productive lifetime (1775-1851), Turner was confident that he would be remembered as one of the greatest painters who ever lived: "I am the real lion. I am the great lion of the day," he was known to boast when in his cups.

Thùy Dương

"A lion in the way" nghĩa là gì?

"A lion in the way/path" = sư tử chặn đường -> nghĩa là mối nguy hiểm hay chướng ngại vật.

Ví dụ 
I allow that there are difficulties ahead, but whenever such a problem presents itself, do not fear it as a lion in the way and be scared of facing it head-on.

There the bill finds a lion in the path. It is not Mr. Cromwell's support of another plan. Such an obstacle (vật trở ngại) at first glance appears as unlikely as it would be.

My buddy, this is a lion in the path of the advance of the mobile phone and the computer in his life. He prefers to speak on the landline (viễn thông-dùng cáp xuyên đại dương không phải bằng điện đài). He goes to the bank and transacts business in person.

Thùy Dương 

Một quảng cáo không thể tuyệt vời hơn

điện thoại bị rơi dưới đáy hồ Harrison (Chilliwack, Canada) cách đây 6 tháng được trả về cho "khổ chủ", vẫn hoạt động tốt...
là chiếc iPhone 11 nhé :)

Ghodsi, who lives in Vancouver, was confused and thought one of her friends might be playing a prank (chơi khăm) on her. But she was soon convinced (bị thuyết phục) and made the trip to Chilliwack to collect the phone, which amazingly (thật ngạc nhiên) still works.

Clayton Helkenberg and his wife Heather found the lost iPhone 11 during a sweep (quét, rà) of the lake bottom (đáy hồ) under the water park (công viên nước) at Harrison Lake — part of a hobby that includes the odd treasure find, but mostly just lots of garbage clean up.

Ghodsi dropped the phone in the water in early September, during a ride on the bumper boats — photos recovered from the phone show her still smiling moments before the mishap (việc rủi ro, việc không may, tai nạn, sự bất hạnh).

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