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Friday, March 12, 2021

Từ 2021, quấy rối tình dục nơi công sở nhận cái kết đắng

thanh niên thượng hải nhắn tin khiếm nhã tới đồng nghiệp bị tòa ra án phạt 345 triệu đồng...
A Shanghai court (tòa án) ruled (phán quyết) Monday that a man’s persistent (dai dẳng, liên tục) inappropriate (không phù hợp) language toward his colleague (đồng nghiệp) constituted sexual harassment (quấy rối tình dục), the city’s first such judicial decision under China’s new civil code.

The Yangpu District People’s Court said the defendant (bị đơn) should pay at least 98,000 yuan ($15,000) in compensation (bồi thường) to the plaintiff (nguyên đơn) for medical bills, lost wages, transportation expenses, legal fees, and mental distress (nỗi đau buồn, đau đớn).

...Wang Li and Xu Qiang worked in the same department at an unidentified company. Beginning in August 2019, the defendant sent the plaintiff obscene (tục tĩu) and disturbing (quấy rầy, quấy rối) text messages — some referencing rape (hiếp dâm) and suicide (tự sát) — on an almost daily basis.

Không dễ đâu

nhiều hãng đi chung xe của china (gofun...) rồi cũng sắp phá sản thôi...
Chinese car-sharing platform (nền tảng chia sẻ xe oto) GoFun, which once attracted investment from Volkswagen, has quietly withdrawn from many cities due to a failing revenue model (mô hình doanh thu) shared by the country’s once-surging bike-sharing industry.

...“The car-sharing industry is likely to become the next bike-sharing industry,” the source said, referring to the swift rise and fall of China’s shared-bike companies. “The profit model is not sound, capital investment enthusiasm is gone, and the sector has entered a vicious cycle (vòng luẩn quẩn). There’s a mess waiting at the end.”

There are still almost 120 car-sharing platforms operating in China, although many have reportedly been dealing with cash squeezes since last year. The number of domestic operators used to be as high as 300.

...The business model of high investment and low prices is unbalanced (không cân bằng), an industry insider said. On a good day, GoFun earns about 60 yuan ($9.20) per car and as little as 30 yuan during the low season, the person added — but earnings should be above 120 yuan to make a profit.

Vậy cũng làm được

dân china đua nhau ly hôn giả để mua nhà thứ 3...
...Wu and her husband are among those caught by the sudden clampdown (chính sách khẩn cấp). As in other major cities, their hometown of Shanghai only permits each household to buy two homes — one of many restrictions (hạn chế) imposed (áp đặt) over recent years to control property prices (kiểm soát giá bất động sản). But many families found it was possible to acquire a third home through a carefully planned divorce.

Though Wu and her partner already owned two apartments, both were registered under the husband’s name (đứng tên chồng). As a result, Wu technically wouldn’t own any property once she became single, meaning she’d be free to buy an apartment of her own.

Tactical divorces (ly dị chiến thuật) of this kind are frowned upon in China, but they’ve become a useful tool for households looking to exploit (khai thác, tận dụng) local policy loopholes (lỗ hổng chính sách). In one extreme case, a family in the eastern Zhejiang province was found to have separated and remarried 23 times in one month (ly hôn rồi lại tái hôn tới 23 lần trong một tháng) to claim higher compensation payments during a resettlement project (dự án tái định cư).

...“We’re all very optimistic that property prices in this area will continue to grow,” says Wu. “A divorce is the most efficient way to get to our (investment) goal.”

Bài trước: Giờ mới ngộ à?

"Top of mind" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

"Top of mind" -> nghĩa là được ưu tiên, quan tâm trên hết. 

Ví dụ
A defamation (nói xấu) trial isn’t top-of-mind for Porter. Before the ongoing recriminations at law (or should that be professional services?) firm Minter Ellison drew all the oxygen, news that embattled Attorney-General Christian Porter had hired veteran Minters lawyer Peter Bartlett was largely seen as indicating Porter's desire to sue (kiện) for defamation.

So far this year, most leisure (rảnh rỗi) travelers are passing on bucket list trips for shorter trips to rebuild travel confidence. Of course, safety and cleanliness are top of mind and Travelocity has a new feature help give travelers peace of mind.

“I have become concerned about (loss of public trust) given the reaction,” Gardner said. “It’s top of mind to me. One can only go forward, I am committed to good process, good communication, clarity (rõ ràng) about what we’re doing.” 

Ngọc Lân

"Strong-arm tactics" nghĩa là gì?

"Strong-arm tactics" = chiến thuật mạnh tay -> nghĩa là phương pháp răn đe, gây áp lực để khiến nguời khác tuân lệnh mình. 

Ví dụ
There cannot be any doubt that the workers have the right to resort (phải dùng đến) to strike or dharna to effectively bargain with the management and to ensure that unfair labour practices are avoided. However, in the guise (chiêu bài) of a strike, the union leaders as well as the striking workers cannot resort to strong arm arm tactics and violence to intimidate and force the management to succumb to their demands.

However, some of the guidelines, such as allowing travel outside Vandenberg's surrounding counties only for those who have received two doses (liều) of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, are being perceived as strong-arm tactics by some.

The intervention application also calls for a “detailed inquiry” to ascertain (biết chắc) if the state government or BJP resorted to any “strong arm tactics” to compel Kavlekar to breakaway from the Congress.

But the goal was only partially to nurture (nuôi dưỡng) an interest in the past. The central aim of the new curriculum (giáo trình) guidelines, unveiled by the Hong Kong government this month, was much more ambitious: to use those historical stories to instill (làm thấm nhuần) in the city’s youngest residents a deep-rooted affinity (mối quan hệ) for mainland China — and, with it, an unwavering loyalty to its leaders and their strong-arm tactics.

Ngọc Lân

Lần cuối (đi bên em xót xa người ơi)

bệnh nhân covid-19 bị tác dụng phụ, cương cứng suốt 3 giờ đồng hồ, mặc dù đã được các nữ y tá tận tình chăm sóc, vẫn thăng...

...the patient (bệnh nhân) had a history of obesity (béo phì) and was suffering from a prolonged cough, congestion (sung huyết), anorexia (chứng biếng ăn, chán ăn), weakness and shortness of breath (khó thở) when he went to the emergency room (phòng cấp cứu) at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, last year. He tested positive for COVID-19 and remained in hospital for several days, during which his health continued to decline. He was eventually sedated (cho dùng thuốc an thần), intubated (luồn ống thở), placed on a ventilator (máy thở) and moved into a prone position to make him more comfortable.

“Nursing noticed an erection (cương cứng)” on the afternoon after he was repositioned, doctors wrote in the case study. Health-care workers tried to help by placing ice packs (chườm đá) around the man’s penis (dương vật), but it stayed erect for three hours.

Experts took a look at the man and ran ultrasound scans. They ultimately determined that he was suffering from ischemic (chứng thiếu máu cục bộ) priapism (chứng cương dương vật), an urgent (khẩn cấp) and potentially dangerous condition during which blood cannot leave the penis. The condition was likely triggered by a blood clot caused by COVID-19...

"Alphabet soup" nghĩa là gì?

"Alphabet soup" = món súp bảng chữ cái -> nghĩa là mớ hổ lốn (chữ nghĩa).

Ví dụ
The ocean north of Antarctica (nam cực) has turned into an "alphabet soup" of broken icebergs (tảng băng), according to a new blog post on NASA's Earth Observatory website.

Against this alphabet soup of patchwork (chắp vá) regulation, we may be reaching a tipping point. For one thing, more states are expected to pass consumer privacy laws in 2021. Even with pandemic-altered legislative calendars, 16 states nearly passed laws in 2020.

Everyone is surprised when I tell them I chose my own name — what parent in their right mind would let their kid do that? Haven’t we all had that phase of wanting to call ourselves some alphabet-soup name we heard on TV or read in a fantasy book?

The nine-day-long debate on the Government and ministries' spending plans threw up an alphabet soup of support schemes (kế hoạch). As can be expected with an annual exercise of this magnitude, many details will be lost on the public. But there are two key takeaways.

Ngọc Lân

“Availability bias” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

“Availability bias” = định kiến về sự có sẵn -> nghĩa là xu hướng đánh giá xác suất (thường xảy ra hơn) dựa trên sự xuất hiện dễ dàng của những ví dụ (mà thực tế không phải vậy), ví dụ tin tức dồn dập về người trúng xổ số, người giàu nhờ khởi nghiệp, người bị cá mập cắn v.v...

Ví dụ
As a leader, understanding the availability bias is the key to minimizing (giảm thiểu) its potentially damaging impact. It simply means that we form a picture of the world based on examples, events, and experiences that come readily to our mind. If everything you see, read, and hear is bad, then you're more likely to expect the future will be bad, too. 

Everyone has a bit of “availability bias,” hence this continuous pandemic (đại dịch). This behavioral tendency of not beveling there is a pandemic and acting irresponsibly is what psychologists refer to as “availability biases.”  It’s what plagues (bệnh dịch) otherwise reasonable people, who aren’t crazy, but experience indifference to something that simply hasn’t hit home yet. Since they, or no one they know, has contracted or died of COVID-19, it is not a concern to them at this time. 

One of the most common biases is the availability bias, where decision-makers overweight information that is readily available and highly salient (quan trọng) (such as through recent media reporting) and underweight or even disregard (xem thường) other information that may be equally important, but is more disperse and less salient. The frequency of exposure to particular events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, can lead us to significantly overweight their risks relative to others to which we have received less exposure.

Anh Thư

"Grab some bench" nghĩa là gì?

"Grab some bench" -> nghĩa là ngồi ở ghế dự bị (trong thể thao).

Ví dụ 
After 29 seasons of calling Sox games, Ken "Hawk" Harrelson, who turns 75 in September, will "grab some bench" once the season ends. 

But Markkanen left Friday's game against the Orlando Magic with the shoulder injury, and further testing has confirmed he will have to grab some bench.

Even with the admission that Wrigley Field has many qualities appealing to fans, most Cubs backers would nevertheless probably opt to borrow one of Harrelson’s iconic one-liners from his lengthy broadcasting career and tell him to "Grab some bench."

Thùy Dương

Lại đồ Tàu

tập đoàn năng lượng Mercuria (Geneva, Thụy Sĩ, một trong năm hãng giao dịch năng lượng tư nhân lớn nhất thế giới) bỏ 36 triệu usd mua đồng thì... nhận được những viên đá màu đồng :D
Commodities (thương phẩm) trader Mercuria Energy Group Ltd. struck a deal (ký giao dịch/thỏa thuận) last summer to buy $36 million of copper (đồng) from a Turkish supplier. But when the cargoes (hàng hóa trên tàu) started arriving in China, all it found were containers full of painted rocks.

The saga (tiểu thuyết dài, trường thiên tiểu thuyết) unfolds like a gangland (giới giang hồ, giới xã hội đen) thriller (hồi hộp, ly kì, hấp dẫn), with the Swiss trading house saying it’s been the victim (nạn nhân) of cargo fraud (gian lận, gian trá, lừa lọc). Before its journey from a port near Istanbul to China even began, about 6,000 tons of blister copper in more than 300 containers were switched with jagged paving stones, spray-painted to resemble the semi-refined metal.

The bizarre (kỳ quái, kỳ dị) case highlights commodity traders’ vulnerability (dễ tổn thương) to fraud, even when security and inspection controls are in place. In 2014 and 2015, Mercuria took provisions to cover potential losses after metal contained in a warehouse in the Chinese port of Qingdao was seized by authorities as part of fraud investigation.

Turkish police took 13 people into custody in relation to the faux-copper scheme. Mercuria, one of the five-biggest independent oil traders in the world, is seeking redress (đền bù, bồi thường) in both Turkish courts and a U.K. arbitration case against the copper supplier, Bietsan.

"Sub rosa" nghĩa là gì?

"Sub rosa" tiếng Latin là "under the rose" -> nghĩa là cá nhân, riêng tư, bí mật.

Ví dụ
In Greek mythology the rose was associated with Aphrodite, goddess of love, who was said to have emerged from the sea in a shower of foam (bọt) that transformed into white roses. Her son Cupid bribed (mua chuộc) Harpocrates, the god of silence, with a single rose in return for not revealing his mother’s love affairs, giving rise to the Latin phrase sub rosa, “under the rose,” as a term for secrecy.

While the bankruptcy (phá sản) court concluded that the debtors had demonstrated that the DIP financing was necessary, fair, and in “good faith,” it would not approve the proposed DIP financing, finding that it constituted a sub rosa plan. Ultimately, the conversion feature was removed and the financing approved.

This type of provision (dự phòng) risked the DIP financing being challenged as an improper sub rosa plan of reorganization (i.e. disguised or hidden plans of reorganization), which are prohibited under the Bankruptcy Code. 

Need the Cliff Notes? Stan plays a former World War II soldier who is experimented on with a super soldier serum (huyết thanh), and brainwashed by the KGB. He spends the next 70 years carrying out sub rosa assassinations, which eventually brings him into conflict with his old pal, Captain America, in the present day. They’ve since patched things up and went on to fight a big purple alien together. Got it? Good.

Ngọc Lân

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