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Monday, April 12, 2021

"Spare-part surgery" nghĩa là gì?

National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

"Spare-part surgery" có spare là thừa -> cụm từ này nghĩa là phẫu thuật ghép bộ phân nhân tạo thay cho các bộ phận trên cơ thể đã hỏng.

Ví dụ
"Spare-part surgery" brought hope to some and fear to others. In February 1968, a special episode of the BBC's Tomorrow's World programme - Barnard Faces His Critics - provided a key forum for probing (tìm kiếm) such social and ethical implications.

They capitalized on the threat of mixing man and machine at a time when prostheses (lắp bộ phận giả) or "spare-part" surgery was developing rapidly.

After the person has fulfilled what usefulness they ever possess (sở hữu), they are returned to the hospital for reprocessing. This technique was perfected in China, after executed political dissidents were used for spare-part surgery.

Ngọc Lân

"Jump for joy" nghĩa là gì?

Peter Conlan on Unsplash

"Jump for joy" -> nghĩa là rất vui, hạnh phúc, nhảy dựng lên vì vui sướng. 

Ví dụ
And now Costa Coffee is giving its customers another reason to jump for joy. They are offering any of their perfectly, handcrafted (thủ công) hot drinks for just 50p. You read that right - 50p for your favourite morning, lunch or evening beverage (đồ uống).

If you've been suffering from a spot of cabin fever (cảm giác khó chịu vì ở trong nhà quá lâu) recently, it seems you're not alone. After a long winter, these Jersey cows were positively jumping for joy in the spring sunshine. This footage, taken on Becky Houzé's Jersey farm, shows her herd (đàn) full of excitement as they returned to the fields of St Martin.

Raise your hand if you’ve never thought that you’d ever hear of a kid who would willingly pass up (từ chối) the chance to have desserts (đồ tráng miệng). After all, don’t kids usually jump for joy whenever something sweet is involved at meal times?

“I love the ocean, but I can also see the issues it’s facing, and I decided I wanted to pursue (theo đuổi) a career that would solve some of those problems,” he said, noting that he “did a little jump for joy” when he heard he was awarded the Goldwater Scholarship.

Ngọc Lân

"A hungry man is an angry man" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Thought Catalog

"A hungry man is an angry man" = người đang đói là người hung dữ -> nghĩa là cơn đói dễ khiến con người có hành động bột phát/không thể kiểm soát; 'bần cùng sinh đạo tặc'.

Ví dụ
“There is a sense of hopelessness in rural Nigeria and even the capital city,” said Ms Hassan. “As young people watch the politicians flaunt their ill gotten wealth, they become not just hopeless but vicious. A hungry man is an angry man, [and] the reaction of the young one is to pick up the guns against the state and their fellow citizens.”

A hungry man is an angry man indeed. Looking forward to having chicken rice for dinner on Monday (Mar 8), a man placed an order via foodpanda. But he soon realised that his order could not be fulfilled in its entirety — the shop had run out of chicken, and he'd only receive four portions of rice with a side of vegetables.

One of the ways through which the government endears itself to its citizens, is by providing adequate food security. There is a popular saying in the lands of my father, that a hungry man is an angry man. This establishes the fact that no meaningful development can take place in a community where the people are poorly fed. Undoubtedly, malnourishment (thiếu ăn, suy dinh dưỡng) also results in poor health which affects productive capability of people.

Ka Tina

"The in thing" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Atikh Bana

"The (in) thing"-> nghĩa là phong cách, thời trang đang mốt, thịnh hành.

Ví dụ
Smart contracts are gradually becoming the 'in thing' across technological advances (sự phát triển, tiến bộ công nghệ), with hundreds of apps that use smart contracts already up and running. However, smart contracts are currently limited as they need oracles to communicate data from the off-chain world.

Big Data is the in thing. Enterprises can no longer dismiss it as hype. The early movers will reap in the significant benefits. The last two years have seen the big data phenomenon (hiện tượng) riding the hype wave and now reached the ‘necessity’ phase and increasingly inevitable for enterprise computing. But as we look at the adoption curve, in geography like India, its just about starting.

Recently though, there’s been one trend making waves on social media and the wider world and we’re not quite so taken by it. For those unaware of what the influencers are doing these days, it seems wearing your bikini top upside down is not only fashionable, it’s the in thing. Led by the Kardashian clan and Kylie Jenner, the new swimwear trend is all the rage and countless Aussie influencers are now getting in on the action by wearing their bikinis the wrong way up.

Ka Tina

"Up an' at 'em" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by bruce mars

"Up an' at 'em" = up and at them -> nghĩa là thức dậy và bắt đầu ngày mới.

Ví dụ
Off the same 2018 album with the song "Total Football," this potent ditty is a pair of jumper cables for a fresh-out-of-bed workout. If you're not up an at 'em after the first few bars, there's not much more help for you.

“The kids love ice fishing, it’s a bit of an event in our house. We tend to pack everything up the night before and when the alarm goes off we’re up and at them out the door right away before the sun comes up,” Cunningham said.

“Compared to 60, 80 miles away, we are selfishly relieved,” said Roberts, referencing the Bahamas, which were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. “Although we’re not completely relieved because of what’s going on over there. But we’re trying to get everything ready to go so we can be up an at ‘em here.”

Ka Tina

"Sow your wild oats" nghĩa là gì?

Michael Discenza on Unsplash

"Sow one's wild oats" -> nghĩa là chơi bời tác tráng lúc còn trẻ.

Ví dụ
Because you’ve been in prison for 20 years, do you think it’s best for you to sow your wild oats or are you looking to jump into a committed (tận tâm) relationship?

I don’t think you’re ready for serious commitment and, if that’s what this is all about, then you need to admit it to yourself. If you want to be young, free and single and sow your wild oats, there’s nothing wrong with that, but leave your girlfriend first.

Still, Rinaldi wouldn’t necessarily recommend (khuyên bảo) that other women take exactly the same path she did. Instead, she’d advise younger women to “sow your wild oats before you settle down — that’s a no-brainer.”

Keep things honest, and if you really must stray, do it ethically (có đạo đức), which might mean breaking up your great marriage. I used your own word to describe your union in hopes of showing you just how big of a mistake you might be making. Respect your husband, his wishes, and the integrity (chính trực) of your relationship with him, or put an end to all of that and sow your wild oats.

Ngọc Lân

"In a stitherum" nghĩa là gì?

June O on Unsplash

"In a stitherum" -> nghĩa là trong trạng thái kích động, xúc động, bối rối.

Ví dụ
A myriad of situations may put a legal practitioner in a stitherum on whether Nigerian Courts would recognize unjust enrichment as a cause of action and whether restitution would be an appropriate remedial (cứu chữa) action.

The pigs were kept on the premises (trong nhà) of a retired farmer who was always in a stitherum because one of the Ministry of Agriculture people would come along sometimes, kill one of the hens and open its crop. If he found corn in it, he was for the high jump. 

Aranya Kand in Ramcharitmanas is only one kand. There are many more kands in the book and many more kands to come in our lives. Good, bad, sad, happy. They have to come one after the other, in a cycle in our lives. You can’t remain stuck in Aranya Kand all your life. Tum jao, khush raho.

She saw her Arnavji fainting (ngất) due to low sugar, his knees buckling, standing up only by the support of her arms and frail body and she had got herself in a stitherum...

Ngọc Lân

"In chronological order" nghĩa là gì?

"In chronological order" có order là trình tự, chronological là theo thứ tự thời gian -> cụm từ này nghĩa là sự kiện đã xảy ra, từ đầu đến cuối.

Ví dụ 
Facebook makes it easier for users to see News Feed stories in chronological order.

The Metal Gear Solid games span across decades, though not in chronological order. This should clear the timeline up.

The Naruto series has many story arcs (cốt truyện). From the original series to Shippuden, here are all of them in chronological order.

Patients with damaged motor cortices (vỏ não) seem to have trouble placing photos of people's actions in chronological order – though they have no trouble ordering photos of, say, a falling ball.

Thùy Dương

"In a fit of pique" nghĩa là gì?

Izzy Park on Unsplash

"In a fit of pique" -> nghĩa là tỏ ra bất bình, khó chịu vì bị xúc phạm, đụng đến lòng tự trọng.

Ví dụ
Kim Si-woo is likely to receive at the very least a stern (cứng rắn) lecture after breaking his putter (đánh bóng nhẹ vào lỗ) in a fit of pique on the 15th hole of his second round. The South Korean managed to play his closing three in level par despite putting with a fairway wood.

Cristiano Ronaldo flung down his captain's armband (băng tay) in a fit of pique, but its retrieval (thu về) has helped to fund vital (quan trọng) treatment for a baby boy. The armband tossed away by an angry Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal's match against Serbia last Saturday has sold for more than £50,000 in a charity auction.

Morrison's not as known for his Marvel work, possibly because the publisher (nhà xuất bản) worked for years to do away with everything they did in a fit of pique over their return to DC. However, Morrison's work with the X-Men and other Marvel properties is some of the best of their career.

What is marked is that at any other point in time, that revelation (khám phá) that Harry and Meghan seemingly felt their lavish public "spectacle" of a wedding was all "for the world", the British press would have nearly self-combusted in a fit of pique and 72-point headlines over such a horrifying waste of public money.

Ngọc Lân

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