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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Đau khổ chi bằng mất tự do

không được chữa trị sau 91 giờ cương to... :D
A Wilburton man was mocked and needlessly denied medical care by jail officials while suffering a 91-hour erection in 2016, according to a $5 million lawsuit filed on his behalf.

Lance, in his petition initially filed Sept. 18 in Pittsburg County District Court, says his troubles began Dec. 15, 2016, when, while incarcerated in the county jail, he ingested a pill offered to him by another inmate. He made jail personnel aware the next day that he was suffering “unbearable pain” as a result of his condition.

The lawsuit says jail personnel repeatedly mocked Lance while denying medical treatment until Dec. 19.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Để bữa cơm gia đình thêm đầm ấm

cửa hàng mcdonald ở singapore có tủ khóa/cất điện thoại để mọi người dành trọn thời gian cho nhau...

Nothing ruins lunchtime conversations more than a smartphone.

And McDonald's thinks it has a way to combat our modern addiction. The fast food chain has recently introduced mobile phone lockers in one of its branches in Singapore, encouraging diners to take a break from the virtual world and have real conversations over meals.

Named the "Phone off. Fun On." campaign, the first 100 transparent lockers are installed in the McDonald's Marine Cove outlet.

...It's not the first time restaurants have tried to discourage mobile phone usage during meals. Earlier this month, a restaurant in southern France made the news by banning diners from using their mobile phones. Waiters would blow a whistle and show a yellow card when someone was caught using a phone.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thời của "vạn vật kết nối"

đồ chơi tình dục ghi âm lén "buổi giao ban" (= "hai vật kết nối") của 2 vợ chồng... :D

Today, a Reddit user pointed out that Hong Kong-based sex toy company Lovense's remote control vibrator app (Lovense Remote) recorded a use session without their knowledge. An audio file lasting six minutes was stored in the app's local folder. The users says he or she gave the app access to the mic and camera but only to use with the in-app chat function and to send voice clips on command — not constant recording when in use. Other users confirmed this app behavior, too.

A user claiming to represent Lovense responded and called this recording a "minor bug" that only affects Android users. Lovense also says no information or data was sent to the company's servers, and that this audio file exists only temporarily. An update issued today should fix the bug.