"Keep a stiff upper lip" nghĩa là gì?

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"Keep a stiff upper lip" có từ "stiff" là cứng rắn, kiên quyết = giữ cho cái môi cứng rắn -> tỏ ra kiên cường, không lộ vẻ sợ hãi hay lo lắng trên mặt.

Ví dụ
The teenager kept a stiff upper lip in school, but he didn’t hide his pain from his family.

So let’s see if we understand each other. The British press, and jealous British white women, want Prince Harry to tolerate (chịu đựng) their venom and vitriol (lời nói cay độc) against his wife and family. He’s to keep a “stiff upper lip” for the benefit of “being royalty.” If he speaks out, he’s delusional (hoang tưởng) — and if he doesn’t, he’s “whipped (sợ vợ).”

I held my grandma close – dear, sweet Grandma, who always kept a stiff upper lip, but not today – and we wept (khóc) in each other's arms for half an hour. I knew I was breaking her heart, but had no choice. The awful, incomprehensible (không bao hàm) reality of being true to yourself is that sometimes it means hurting those you love most dearly.

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