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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Đường tình đôi ngả

thôi em hãy đi về, vĩnh biệt kể từ đây,

jeff, người giàu nhất thế giới, sẵn sàng "rũ bỏ" 68 tỷ usd khỏi tài sản của mình để khỏi phải rửa bát...

...Bezos, worth an estimated $136.2 billion, is the richest person in the world. It is not yet clear how the divorce (ly dị) will impact (tác động, ảnh hưởng) his net worth (giá trị tài sản ròng), or whether it will affect (ảnh hưởng) his stake (cổ phần nắm giữ) in Amazon, the e-commerce giant (người khổng lồ thương mại điện tử) he founded (sáng lập, thành lập) in 1994. Bezos, 54, owns roughly 16% of the business, which comprises more than 95% of his fortune. He also owns the Washington Post and rocket (tên lửa) company Blue Origin.

The couple lives primarily in Washington State, which requires divorcing spouses to equitably divide (chia đều) "community property," (tài sản chung) including all income generated during a marriage (thu nhập hình thành sau hôn nhân). "It seems very likely, if not 100% a certainty, that whatever Jeff Bezos has earned at Amazon has been community income," says David Starks, a partner at the Seattle-based law firm McKinley Irvin. He added, however, that through a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement (thỏa thuận tiền hôn nhân/hậu hôn nhân), "You can elect to have your assets treated differently, and that's not uncommon."

Moreover, "Awarding a spouse their share of a community asset doesn’t necessarily mean actually transferring the asset to them". In other words, instead of selling or transferring Amazon shares, Jeff Bezos could offer monetary compensation equivalent to the shares' fair market value.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Thợ sửa ống nước tận tâm

nhớ câu chuyện 3 năm trước, và khi sửa đường ống đã lấy lại được chiếc nhẫn cưới của một phụ nữ - người làm rơi nó cách đây gần một thập kỷ khi đang dọn phòng tắm,

Stanton was sure the diamond-encrusted gold ring (nhẫn vàng nạm kim cương) was lost forever after she noticed it wasn’t on her finger while she was cleaning her bathroom nearly a decade ago.

Luckily, a member of Somers Point’s public works department remembered Stanton mentioning the ring about three years ago.

Last month, Ted Gogol was doing maintenance work near a manhole (miệng cống, nắp cống) about 400 feet from Stanton’s house. He tells the Press of Atlantic City he saw a shiny (sáng chói, bóng) object sitting the mud. It turned out to be Stanton’s ring, and after boiling it in peroxide (dung dịch oxi già; chất nhuộm tóc) and lemon juice (nước chanh), she is wearing it again.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Vợ cao tay đã làm thế nào để dạy chồng đi chợ "chuẩn không cần chỉnh"?

thôi khỏi cần,

ford đang liên kết với walmart chế tạo xe ôtô tự hành để giao hàng thực phẩm hằng ngày rồi

Ford has announced a new partnership with Walmart to test autonomous vehicles in Miami for delivery of everyday items like groceries (hàng tạp phẩm), diapers (tã lót, khăn vệ sinh khô (phụ nữ)) and pet supplies. The automaker is also developing a program, set for launch within three years, to allow riders to hail a self-driving Ford with an app.

CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave got early access to the cars. A safety driver sits up front and keeps their hands on the wheel, but the car does the driving. The on-board technology is still being refined before actual passengers will be allowed to hail a ride by 2021.

Ford invested $1 billion in Pittsburgh-based Argo, a startup that some say is on a mission to save Ford's future. More than 2,000 miles away from Silicon Valley, it built the technology that powers Ford's self-driving ambitions.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Trước khi trao nhẫn cưới

kiểm tra tay bạn gái nhé,

ngón trỏ dài hơn -> dễ ngoại tình hơn ;)
Women with long index fingers are MORE likely to sleep around, claim scientists

photo credit: dailymail.

The findings have surprised scientists as having a longer index finger is associated with having more typical female characteristics. The longer index finger and shorter ring finger have been linked to being exposed to higher levels of female sex hormones in the womb. It was assumed that women who were 'more feminised' would be more likely to be satisfied with their romantic relationships, and to be less impulsive (hấp tấp, bốc đồng).

Being more exposed to the sex hormone oestrogen in the womb leads to women's index fingers growing longer than their ring finger.

By contrast, being exposed to more of the male sex hormone testosterone in the womb has a more 'masculinising' effect - and results in a longer ring finger and a shorter index finger.

Men with longer ring fingers than index fingers have been found to be better sportsmen (đàn ông ngón nhẫn dài hơn ngón trỏ, thì có tố chất thể thao/vận động viên).

Monday, December 3, 2018

Đám cưới quê rườm rà, lãng phí

vợ sắp cưới nhất quyết đòi phải có hoa, như vậy đám cưới mới trọn vẹn, anh chồng chỉ thấy lãng phí (phù phiếm, 1-2 ngày là tàn) -> làm sao thuyết phục hôn thê đổi ý?

-> ko bao giờ nên tranh cãi, "đánh" vào yếu tố chi phí/lãng phí, mà phải nhấn mạnh yếu tố "vĩnh cửu" -> thay vì mua hoa, thì nên mua đồ nội thất...
Dear Dan,

I'm planning my wedding, and my fiancée (hôn thê, vợ sắp cưới) and I disagree about one major topic—the flowers. All of the options we've seen are incredibly expensive, and I'm just not comfortable (không thoải mái) spending (chi tiền) so much money on something that's only going to last a day or two. But my fiancée feels the wedding wouldn't be complete without flower arrangements at every table. Is there any way I can change her mind?

If I were you, I wouldn't attack the cost of the flowers but their symbolic meaning. In your fiancee's mind, flowers probably represent youth, beauty and nature—all wonderful things to have represented at a wedding. On the other hand, you could argue that flowers are also symbolic of transitoriness (ngắn ngủi, nhất thời, phù du, chớp bóng)—something that is here today but will wilt tomorrow. Why not try telling her that you don't want a symbol of something short-lived in your wedding? Instead, try to convince (thuyết phục (ai tin vào điều gì)) your fiancée to spend it on something long lasting such as furniture or a new convertible (oto có thể bỏ mui)... That way, you'll be spending money on things that are symbolic of your long future together.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Quay đầu là bờ

shared from fb Nhâm Sỹ Thành,
hai vợ chồng nhà nọ cãi nhau,
- anh chồng nói: tốt nhất chúng ta chia tay đi,
- người vợ tiếp lời: nếu điều đó làm anh vui...

anh chồng ra điều kiện: chúng ta mỗi người bước đi 100 bước về hai hướng khác nhau, nếu hết 100 bước mà cả hai quay đầu lại thì coi như không có chuyện gì, còn không thì về sau này nếu có gặp lại nhau chúng ta vẫn coi nhau là bạn bè nhé.

anh chồng kìm lòng bước qua 99 bước, đến bước cuối cùng thì quay đầu lại... sững sờ khi thấy người vợ không đi về hướng ngược lại mà đi theo ngay sau lưng mình.

- người vợ điềm tĩnh nói: chỉ cần anh quay lại, em sẽ luôn ở phía sau anh.

anh chồng nghẹn ngào nấc không thành tiếng, ôm choàng vợ vào lòng rưng rưng,

còn người vợ từ từ lẳng viên gạch giấu trong người xuống bụi cây, nghĩ thầm trong bụng: chỉ cần mày bước thêm một bước nữa, viên gạch của bà sẽ cho nát cmn đầu mày luôn :)))
"quay đầu là bờ" là đây chứ đâu...!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mày râu nhẵn nhụi

'áo quần bảnh bao' -> khiến phụ nữ mê mẩn,

-> tầm bậy, đàn ông có râu mới hấp dẫn phụ nữ, khoa học đã chứng minh :)

The research, which was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, saw 8,520 women asked to rate photographs of men with and without beards for their facial attractiveness (hấp dẫn nét mặt).

Each of the men was snapped (ảnh chụp nhanh) clean-shaven (cạo nhẵn thín), five days after shaving, 10 days after shaving and, finally, four weeks after shaving.

The women involved were randomly assigned (chọn ngẫu nhiên) to treatments wherein they rated faces for either attractiveness in general, attractiveness for a short‐term relationship or attractiveness for a long‐term relationship (quan hệ lâu dài).

Incredibly, every single woman surveyed as part of the study preferred the pictures of the men where they were sporting facial hair.

Heavy stubble (râu (tóc) mọc lởm chởm) came out on top, receiving the highest rating for general attractiveness.

Bài trước: Nổi lửa lên em

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Nổi lửa lên em

hai cô dâu để áo cưới bốc lửa

...The women are both variety entertainers and say fire-eating and fire-breathing are among their talents so they were prepared and took safety precautions.

"You may now light the brides,” the officiant said just before the big moment.

Choi and Byrnes planned the day in reverse starting with the reception so they could end it with a bang.

They wore different dresses to exchange their vows.

"Seeing the other person lit on fire is definitely a little more nerve-wracking, because you can’t see yourself get lit,” Byrnes said.

Bài trước: Đúng theo lý thuyết

Friday, November 9, 2018

Đúng theo lý thuyết

cô dâu sắp cưới cho phù dâu uống sinh tố có chứa "bột nở" trong gần 1 tháng để họ 'xấu' hơn và mình sẽ là 'trung tâm sự chú ý trong ngày trọng đại'

EVERY bride should be the centre of attention on their big day. But one woman was so desperate for her bridesmaids not to steal her thunder that she took drastic (mạnh mẽ, quyết liệt) action.

...Determined to make her siblings look “as ordinary as possible” on her big day, Penny demanded the blonde, fair-skinned pair wore a “neon yellow that made them look washed out and slightly ill”.

...Penny told how every morning she insisted on making “special slimming” breakfast smoothies for everyone.

However, Penny would fill the weight loss shake container with a mega-weight gain (tăng cân nhanh) protein powder (bột) that she’d found in a body building shop (cửa hàng bán đồ tập thể hình).

Naturally by the time of the wedding, both sisters had noticed their thickening waistlines (vòng eo) and needed their dresses altered to accommodate (điều chỉnh cho khớp).

Bài trước: Có vẻ hợp lý

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Có vẻ hợp lý

búp bê ghen tuông đánh bạn trai của cô chủ khiến anh ta rời bỏ cô

she said the doll named 'Deisy' even slashed (chém, rạch) her face (mặt) in a rage, making her scared (sợ) to get rid of it.

the doll can move by itself and also gets up to mischief (điều ác, mối phiền lụy, trò tinh quái, láu cá), making it seem as if other people are walking around the house.

it has poltergeist (yêu tinh, thuộc về ma quỷ)-like powers which it uses to knock things over.

the same thing happened to her cousin, who went to have a lie down in her room but also ran out after allegedly being attacked by the doll.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Hoàn toàn hiểu được

vị khách du lịch 'nhớ nhớ quên quên', không biết đường về ở nhà thờ Edinburg, Scotland thật ra là ông bố người Ý 4 con, giả vờ 'mất trí', 'đi lạc' để... thoát khỏi bà mẹ vợ suốt ngày càm ràm :D

-> nên dừng lại ở 3 con(?) :))

Salvatore Mannino, 52, was found in Edinburgh's St Giles Cathedral by police in a seemingly confused state and suffering from memory loss.

His disappearance from his native Pisa soon raised suspicion when concerned Italian police officers tracked his searches on his computer, which showed that he had looked up terms such as 'how to disappear (làm sao để biến mất)' and 'how to fake (giả vờ) memory loss (mất trí nhớ)'.

Yesterday the father-of-four was forced to drop his façade (vẻ ngoài/mặt nạ giả dối), admitting to British police: 'I did it to get away from my nagging mother-in-law.

'I never lost my memory. I wanted to show my family (cho gia đình thấy) I was important to them (tôi quan trọng như nào).

'I wanted to regain (lấy lại) my position (vị trí) as a husband and father (người chồng, người cha) as I felt my mother-in-law had taken that (mà mẹ vợ đã lấy mất) from me.'

Monday, October 15, 2018

Nhà tôi cạn tiền vì quá nhiều tiền ăn

vợ rất nhiệt tình hưởng ứng phong trào hành tinh xanh, giảm rác thải nhựa -> rất khó hiểu khi vợ ko như vậy đối đồ ăn hằng ngày, mua lãng phí quá nhiều hoa quả, rau, đến mức thối trong tủ lạnh mà chưa kịp ăn -> phải làm sao?

-> do quá chú trọng đến mục tiêu này mà quên mục tiêu khác -> đừng suốt ngày "lên lớp" vợ về vấn đề này -> giúp vợ lên danh sách mua thực phẩm khi đi chợ, ghi số lượng cụ thể
Hi Dan.

My wife is pretty involved with green initiatives—in particular, reducing plastic waste. She tries to get bars and restaurants to stop offering plastic straws, she purchases products that do not use plastic packages, and once a month we volunteer to clean up trash in public spaces. So I'm baffled that she doesn't have the same reaction to wasting food. When it's her turn to go grocery shopping, she always brings home such an excess of fruits and vegetables that many of them rot before we have a chance to eat them. We've had many conversations about this, but nothing has worked so far. What can I do?

It is often the case that when we care a lot about one thing, we focus on it to the exclusion of other priorities. So don't take your wife's behavior too personally, and don't try repeatedly to educate her about it. Instead, why don't you simply help by making a shopping list? When we go shopping with a shopping list we are likely to stick to it. If you write down the specific amount of needed fruits and vegetables, the odds are that the waste problem will be solved.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Cách giúp bạn viết được một cuốn sách hay

có gì viết nấy, đừng dựng chuyện,

tác giả tiểu thuyết lãng mạn ‘How To Murder Your Husband’ đã bị bắt vì... tình nghi là thủ phạm giết chồng :D

Romance novelist Nancy Crampton-Brophy also wrote the books “The Wrong Husband” and “Girl Most Likely To.”

Police in Portland, Oregon arrested Nancy Crampton-Brophy, 68, last Wednesday and charged her with murder (giết, tàn sát; vụ án mạng, tội giết người; một việc rất gay go; cái gây tổn hại lớn hoặc sự khó chịu) and the unlawful (trái pháp luật, ngoài giá thú, phi pháp, bất chính) use of a weapon (vũ khí). Her husband, a 63-year-old chef, was fatally (chết người, chí tử) shot (bắn) in a kitchen (bếp) at the Oregon Culinary Institute on June 2.

...Crampton-Brophy has since made her now-famous essay “How To Murder Your Husband” private. It was published on the See Jane Publish blog and reportedly included sections on motives (cớ, lý do, động cơ) and possible weapons.

In 2012, Crampton-Brophy told the Romancing the Genres blog what attracted her to romantic suspense (tình trạng chờ đợi, tình trạng hồi hộp) stories. “Murder, mayhem (tội gây phế tật cho người khác) and gore (đổ máu, vũng máu) seem to come naturally to me which means my husband has learned to sleep with one eye open (ngủ với một mắt vẫn mở -> cảnh giác),”...

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Xin hãy tin em

Photo courtesy Sakura Mutsuki.

One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age. A woman who would tell one that, would tell one anything.
~ Oscar Wilde

Không bao giờ nên tin tưởng người phụ nữ nào nói tuổi thật của mình. Người phụ nữ nào nói điều đó, sẽ tiết lộ bất kỳ điều gì.

Bài trước: Thuyền theo lái

Friday, September 7, 2018

Vì sao số người ngủ bụi ở McDonald ngày một tăng?

tăng 6 lần trong 5 năm qua, do... cãi vợ :D
The number of people sleeping in McDonald’s outlets has increased six-fold over the past five years, a trend partly driven by rising rents (giá thuê nhà tăng) and substandard housing  (chất lượng nhà kém) that makes life especially unbearable in the city’s baking (nóng bỏng, thiêu đốt, oi bức) weather, a study has found.

...Researchers were able to interview 53 McRefugees aged between 19 and 79 in depth, and found 57 per cent of them had a job and 71 per cent of them had flats that they rented or owned, contrary to the common belief that these people tended to be jobless and homeless.

Saving on air conditioning costs (tiền điều hòa đắt đỏ), as well as comfort and security, topped a list of reasons given by these interviewees, followed by high rents, conflict with family members (mâu thuẫn với thành viên gia đình), the ability to develop social relations at the chain and substandard housing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Độc thân không phải là ế mà là đang đợi người tử tế để yêu thôi

gái hơn 30, độc thân, thường được mời đi tiệc tùng -> mọi người hay hỏi chuyện 'sao là một cô gái tuyệt vời mà vẫn chưa có chồng' -> khó chịu với 'câu chuyện làm quà' kiểu này -> phải làm sao?

-> trả lời: "đây là một câu hỏi rất cá nhân; trước khi bắt đầu chuyện của tôi/em, hãy kể phần nào trong cuộc sống của anh/chị mà anh/chị muốn 'giá mà nó khác đi...'"

-> họ sẽ hiểu và dần ko làm phiền bạn nữa,

-> tác dụng phụ là sẽ ít và không còn được mời đi tiệc nữa đâu :)
Dear Dan,

I’m a single woman in my mid 30s. I get invited to a lot of cocktail parties, which I don’t particularly enjoy, but I feel I have to go. To make things worse, during these parties people who I know only superficially often feel free to ask me why I am so wonderful and yet unmarried. I have some real answers to this question (I didn’t find the right person, I’m very excited about my career right now), but mostly I’m annoyed that they have the audacity (cả gan, táo bạo; trơ tráo, càn rỡ) to ask me such a personal (cá nhân, riêng tư) and complex  (phức tạp, rắc rối) question as a form of small talk (chuyện phiếm). How would you deal with this situation?


It is indeed odd that while so many topics are considered taboo (cấm kỵ) for standard small-talk—how much do you earn (lương bao nhiêu)? what are your sexual preferences?—others that should be considered just as personal, like marital status, are considered fair game. With this in mind, I think that your job is not to answer the question but to demonstrate to the people asking it how inappropriate (không thích hợp, không thích đáng) it is.

I’d suggest that you respond by saying: “That’s a very personal question. Before we talk about me, can you tell me what aspects of your life you wish were different?” It might be difficult to say this in the beginning, but my guess is that if you stick to it for a few cocktail parties, it will become second nature. A side benefit of this approach is that you might get invited to these parties less often.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cuộc hẹn ngọt ngào

ăn cắp xe ôtô của bạn hẹn và đến đón cô gái khác đi xem phim

According to the arrest affidavit (lời khai), Kelton Griffin went over to the victim's house to go on a date. Police said Griffin asked to drive her car because she 'did not know where he wanted to take her.'

She agreed and the two switched seats (đổi chỗ). The suspect drove to a gas station and asked the woman to go inside and pick up some cigars. After she entered the business, Griffin drove off in her car.

The victim tried to call him several times. But, he did not answer his cars and blocked her on social media.

Court records said she also let her family know her car was stolen by Kelton. On the same day, the victim's God sister texted her and said Griffin asked her on a date. He was picking her up from her grandmother's house.

Bài trước: Anh thật dũng cảm

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Anh thật dũng cảm

ông bố đưa vợ và 2 con gái đi ăn quán, mà vẫn... vỗ mông nữ tiếp viên 21 tuổi được

The man who was slammed to the ground by a Savannah waitress after he groped the young woman is in a relationship - and has two young daughters.

...Cherwinski and Erica Martin have been together for 11 years, and she was with him at the restaurant when he groped their server and was arrested.

Cherwinski is also now facing criminal charges after Holden responded to his grope (vuốt ve, mơn trớn) by grabbing him by the arm, pulling him towards her and then slamming him to the ground.

One of the girl's co-workers then called the Savannah Police Department who sent an officer to the restaurant. After reviewing the surveillance footage (video giám sát) taken inside the restaurant, police arrested him and handed him over to the Chatham County Sheriff's Office.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Rửa bát là thủ phạm khiến gia đình tan nát

rất khó chịu với cách xếp bát vào máy rửa bát của vợ -> phải làm sao?

-> bỏ qua đi, bát vẫn sạch thì ok, cũng như một dịch giả nổi tiếng ở việt nam coi vợ là bao cát để (khổ) luyện sự kiên nhẫn, kiềm chế, bao dung... mà :D
Dear Dan,

My wife and I alternate who loads and unloads the dishwasher. If she’s the loader and I’m the unloader, I often notice that she has placed certain items facing away from the water jets. My own research suggests that this isn’t the most effective way to get things clean. I haven’t seen a lot of residual bits of food on our dinnerware, but my wife’s habit still bothers me. Should I make some comment about dishwasher arrangements, hoping to give her a learning opportunity, or maybe suggest that we read the instruction manual together? Or should I just forget about it and let the crumbs fall as they may? We are otherwise happily married.


If loading the dishwasher were the only issue in your relationship (now or in the future), I would recommend an evening with the instruction manual and other sources on optimal dishwasher use. But it’s probably not going to be the only small annoyance (điều khó chịu, điều trái ý) in your marriage (hôn nhân)—minor (nhỏ, không quan trọng, thứ yếu) irritations (phát cáu, chọc tức) are a natural part (một phần tự nhiên) of a healthy relationship (quan hệ lành mạnh). So I suggest that you consider this an opportunity (cơ hội) for personal (cá nhân) growth (quá trình lớn lên, phát triển, trưởng thành). Since your wife’s method doesn’t seem to lead to dirtier dinnerware, why not let it be? Letting go (bỏ qua) is an important skill (kỹ năng quan trọng)—and you have in this everyday chore (việc vặt hằng ngày) a great opportunity (cơ hội tốt) to practice (thực hành) it.

Lối sống của đại gia

tỷ phú Bill Gross (Giám đốc quỹ đầu tư trái phiếu lớn nhất thế giới PIMCO) xịt căn nhà - mà tòa yêu cầu chia cho vợ cũ (giá 36 triệu usd) - toàn mùi thối, cá chết...

The bitter divorce (ly dị) battle (cuộc chiến) between billionaire (tỷ phú) bond (trái phiếu) king (vua) Bill Gross and his ex-wife (vợ cũ) is beginning to stink (bốc mùi) — like vomit (nôn mửa), flatulence (đầy hơi; tính tự cao tự đại, rỗng tuếch) and dead fish.

The California moneyman, who lost his beloved 13,819-square-foot Laguna Beach home to his ex-wife in the breakup, used foul-smelling sprays to leave the place a stinking mess — and placed dead fish in the air vents, a “disgusted” Sue Gross claimed in court papers last week.

Mrs. Gross, who won a temporary restraining order against Bill last week, has the evidence of his foul play — empty spray bottles in the trash cans, court papers allege (cáo buộc).

Bill Gross left the home, worth as much as $36 million, “in a state of utter chaos and disrepair,”