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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Rửa bát là thủ phạm khiến gia đình tan nát

rất khó chịu với cách xếp bát vào máy rửa bát của vợ -> phải làm sao?

-> bỏ qua đi, bát vẫn sạch thì ok, cũng như một dịch giả nổi tiếng ở việt nam coi vợ là bao cát để (khổ) luyện sự kiên nhẫn, kiềm chế, bao dung... mà :D
Dear Dan,

My wife and I alternate who loads and unloads the dishwasher. If she’s the loader and I’m the unloader, I often notice that she has placed certain items facing away from the water jets. My own research suggests that this isn’t the most effective way to get things clean. I haven’t seen a lot of residual bits of food on our dinnerware, but my wife’s habit still bothers me. Should I make some comment about dishwasher arrangements, hoping to give her a learning opportunity, or maybe suggest that we read the instruction manual together? Or should I just forget about it and let the crumbs fall as they may? We are otherwise happily married.


If loading the dishwasher were the only issue in your relationship (now or in the future), I would recommend an evening with the instruction manual and other sources on optimal dishwasher use. But it’s probably not going to be the only small annoyance (điều khó chịu, điều trái ý) in your marriage (hôn nhân)—minor (nhỏ, không quan trọng, thứ yếu) irritations (phát cáu, chọc tức) are a natural part (một phần tự nhiên) of a healthy relationship (quan hệ lành mạnh). So I suggest that you consider this an opportunity (cơ hội) for personal (cá nhân) growth (quá trình lớn lên, phát triển, trưởng thành). Since your wife’s method doesn’t seem to lead to dirtier dinnerware, why not let it be? Letting go (bỏ qua) is an important skill (kỹ năng quan trọng)—and you have in this everyday chore (việc vặt hằng ngày) a great opportunity (cơ hội tốt) to practice (thực hành) it.

Lối sống của đại gia

tỷ phú Bill Gross (Giám đốc quỹ đầu tư trái phiếu lớn nhất thế giới PIMCO) xịt căn nhà - mà tòa yêu cầu chia cho vợ cũ (giá 36 triệu usd) - toàn mùi thối, cá chết...

The bitter divorce (ly dị) battle (cuộc chiến) between billionaire (tỷ phú) bond (trái phiếu) king (vua) Bill Gross and his ex-wife (vợ cũ) is beginning to stink (bốc mùi) — like vomit (nôn mửa), flatulence (đầy hơi; tính tự cao tự đại, rỗng tuếch) and dead fish.

The California moneyman, who lost his beloved 13,819-square-foot Laguna Beach home to his ex-wife in the breakup, used foul-smelling sprays to leave the place a stinking mess — and placed dead fish in the air vents, a “disgusted” Sue Gross claimed in court papers last week.

Mrs. Gross, who won a temporary restraining order against Bill last week, has the evidence of his foul play — empty spray bottles in the trash cans, court papers allege (cáo buộc).

Bill Gross left the home, worth as much as $36 million, “in a state of utter chaos and disrepair,”

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Chuyện tình thời World Cup

shared from Lê Quang Hải,
Nhận được thông tin có người định nhảy cầu anh cảnh sát đến rồi hỏi:
- Mày thua bóng nhưng còn con SH đó đem bán mẹ đi làm con lô đã, biết đâu gỡ lại, giờ mới 3h mà. Sau 6h30’ chưa biết ai giàu hơn ai đâu!

Hắn méo mó buông bớt 1 tay:
-Không phải thua tiền banh bóng anh ơi. Con bồ em đã quen 10 năm nay nó vừa lấy chồng hôm nay rồi...

Cảnh sát:
- Đậu phộng mày! Mày ngủ free với vợ người ta 10 năm lời mẹ rồi còn không đi ăn mừng sao còn đòi chết.....
- Anh kéo em lên với! Chiều anh xong ca em mời nhậu nha.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


vợ bắn vào... tinh hoàn chồng khi chồng đến lấy điều hòa mang đi :D

Dunn's estranged (ly thân) husband said he came to her home -- with his brother -- to pick up the unit. He had discovered that she was attempting to sell it on Facebook.

The couple was going through a divorce (ly hôn).

When the man and his brother attempted to unhook the unit, Dunn sat on it to prevent the two men from taking it.

When the ex-husband approached, he tried to remove her from the AC unit, but Dunn produced a pink stun gun and attempted to electrocute (giết bằng cách sử dụng dòng điện) him. Dunn was struck in the head and dropped both the pink stun gun and a handgun.

Dunn reportedly got up off the ground and shot him in the testicles with the handgun. The man's brother pushed Dunn to the ground and attempted to help his brother and drove him to the hospital.

Bài trước: Chậm có thai vì sao?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Chậm có thai vì sao?

15 năm không có con, mà con dê được thừa kế từ bà ngoại cứ đẻ sòn sòn 'sinh đôi'

hỏi phù thủy mới biết, là đã bị phù phép, -> về nhà giết hết dê -> vài tháng sau có thai luôn :)

She had been in a childless marriage for 15 years and the only celebrations she knew was when her inherited goat gave birth.

The goat, which she was given by her maternal grandmother, always gave birth to twins and little did she know that her fertility (khả năng sinh sản) was “transferred” to the goat.

...Mahuni revealed that she was still in shock of what transpired (tiết lộ ra) in her life after consulting a certain Bulawayo prophet (nhà tiên tri) who then asked to go with them to their rural home.

“When we went to this prophet, she said my problem was not a big one, but for me to have children I should make a sacrifice (hy sinh) and allow them to kill all my goats. “It came out that my grandmother had bewitched (bỏ bùa mê) me not to have children, but the inherited goat to have lots of kids at my expense. “It turned out it was true, because after all the goats had been killed and burnt, a few months later I had my first pregnancy,” said the teary Mahuni.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Không thể nằm trong tay dân thường

người đàn ông ném ghế toilet vào nhà vợ cũ :D

Police charged an Upstate man they say threw a toilet seat at his ex-wife's home. The toilet seat bounced off the window of the back door and hit the driver's side door of the victim's Toyota Camry, causing scratches (xây xát, vết xước) to the paint (sơn xe). The victim told police Benton has been harassing (quấy rối) her for a month. The victim's boyfriend said Benton also dumped trash all over the yard on one occasion.

Jerry Ray Benton, 60, of Union, is charged with malicious (hiểm độc, ác tâm, cố tình làm hại) damage to property, according to an arrest warrant from the Union Public Safety Department.

Bài trước: Hẳn phải có lý do

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hẳn phải có lý do

một phụ nữ bị bắt vì cố... giật đứt tinh hoàn của bạn trai khi 2 người cãi nhau

Jamie M. Gammel, 39, was not successful (không thành công) in her attempt (cố gắng, nỗ lực) but did cause serious harm (tổn thương nghiêm trọng) to her boyfriend's genital area (vùng sinh dục), which required medical treatment,

Gammel also hit her boyfriend in the face (đấm vào mặt), authorities said.

According to court documents, Gammel was arraigned Tuesday on felonious (phạm trọng tội, ác độc) assault (tấn công) and domestic violence (bạo hành gia đình) charges.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Phương trời nào có anh

trong 11 tháng qua,

cô vợ khóc than chồng, nhận 'xác' chết đuối từ cảnh sát vào tháng 6/2017, cuối cùng, tháng 5/2018, anh chồng lù lù hiện về...

A Japanese woman mourned (than khóc, thương tiếc) the death of her husband, whom she believed was found dead in a river (chết đuối ở sông), only to be stunned nearly a year later when her spouse (chồng) returned very much alive at her doorstep (thềm cửa).

Tokyo police said a body of a man — initially believed to be in his 40s — was discovered in the Edo River in the city’s Katsushika Ward in June 2017, three days after the unidentified (không xác định danh tính) woman reported her husband missing. The wife, along with two relatives (người thân), went to police and “positively” identified the man as a family member.

The family cremated (hỏa táng) the body.

The “dead” man, however, suddenly showed up at the family’s home in May.

It’s unclear where the Japanese woman’s husband has been for the last 11 months...

Bài trước: Đừng ham vợ trẻ

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Đừng ham vợ trẻ

chú rể 40 tuổi sốc, vì cô dâu 21 tuổi, bỏ đi theo giai đúng 16 ngày sau lễ cưới xa hoa 30.000 usd

Taxi service manager Andy put his wedding ring up for sale - and posted messages shared between partner Meaghan and her lover.

Andy, from Kelty, Fife, claimed the affair started on her hen night.

The couple married in Akumal Bay Beach Resort, Mexico, at a lavish wedding attended by friends and family, on which they personally spent £6,000. He wants £400 for the wedding bands. Photos of the wedding on Facebook show the apparently happy couple frolicking on the beach with their well-dressed guests. But barely a fortnight later Andy, 40, decided to make a very public statement that their marriage was over.

...Andy said he was more "shocked than hurt" when he found out.

Meaghan today admitted going off with another man but denied cheating on him before the wedding. She said: "We did not have sex on our hen do - it was after the wedding. I didn't do anything on my hen night. "We know what we've done and take full responsibility. I was young and naive when I first got with him."

Bài trước: Bớt một miệng ăn

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Bớt một miệng ăn

anh chồng ra tối hậu thư "cô chọn đi: tôi hay đàn chó" -> cuối cùng, anh là người ra đi :D

Liz, 49, said she ordered spouse Mike, 53, to go when he gave her an ultimatum (tối hậu thư; mục đích cao nhất; nguyên tắc cơ bản): “It’s me or the dogs.”

The mother of one said: “I haven’t seen or heard from him since. I thought after 25 years, he should know giving up the dogs was not what my intentions (ý định) were.

“He’d got to the point where he’d had enough and wanted to slow down. But I wasn’t prepared to give it up. So he decided to go.

"Obviously that was his choice.”

...The pair met when she was 16 and left home to move in with him after finishing school. They got married in January 1991 and are parents to 22-year-old son Ollie.

Dogs had always been part of Liz’s life.

Her mother bred West Highland terriers (chó sục) and her father owned an animal food business so she was used to canine (răng nanh) company.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Chắc chắn phải có lý do

một em gái lôi quần áo của bạn trai ra giữa phố đốt

...The Waterville Morning Sentinel reports police learned a 29-year-old Waterville woman had gotten into an argument (cãi vã) with her boyfriend earlier that night, prompting her to drag his clothes and a few of his belongings into the street to set them on fire.

The woman faces arson and criminal mischief (trò tinh quái, việc ác, mối hại) charges. Massey says the fire was minor and didn’t damage any other property.

The woman was released on bail (tại ngoại nhờ đóng tiền bảo lãnh) and has a court date set for July 23.

Bài trước: Tôi cho cô hay

Tôi cho cô hay

bị vợ cằn nhằn lái xe quá nhanh, ông chồng đốt xe của vợ luôn

A real hothead (người nóng nảy, nóng vội, bộp chộp) has been jailed (tống giam, bỏ tù) for setting his wife’s SUV on fire after she told him he was driving too fast.

Joshua Miller and his wife Sarah had gotten into an argument on the way to their home in Barry, Wales, on March 10 when she asked him to let her out on the side of a road, where she was left without a phone or money. Miller was later spotted in the parked vehicle revving (làm cho máy chạy nhanh hơn, rồ máy, tăng tốc độ vòng quay) the engine (động cơ) before a loud bang was heard, according to court testimony (lời khai tại tòa án), Wales Online reports.

...The Nissan Qasqhai, which is sold in the U.S. as the Nissan Rogue Sport, then caught fire and burned until it was totaled (vỡ tan tành). Emergency services (dịch vụ cứu hộ khẩn cấp) responding to the fire discovered a fuel canister (hộp nhiên liệu) near the scene.

Miller pleaded guilty to arson (cố ý gây hỏa hoạn, đốt phá (nhà cửa...)) and driving without a full license or insurance and was given an eight-month jail sentence, along with a driving ban for 10 months and a day.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Còn ai trồng khoai đất này?

một nông dân nga, khi làm vườn trồng khoai, phát hiện ra đầu lâu và xương người chôn ở vườn nhà, nói với vợ thì vợ bảo: "đừng lo lắng, chồng cũ của em đấy mà" :D

The 52-year-old from the Siberian town of Luzino found the human bones and a skull and immediately told his 60-year-old wife.

According to Russian media, she told him: “Don’t worry, it’s my first husband. “Bury the remains again, forget about it, and we won’t tell the police.”

But he told officers and the unidentified woman confessed (thú nhận) to killing (giết) him, said Russian cops. The killer (kẻ sát nhân) claims her first husband (người chồng đầu tiên) came home drunk (say rượu) in 1997 and began hitting (đánh) her. So she says she grabbed (chộp lấy) an axe (cái rìu) and hit (đánh, bổ) the man in the head (đầu). When she discovered (phát hiện) he was dead she sliced up his body and buried the parts in the garden - where they lat undisturbed (không bị phá rối/làm phiền/xáo trộn) for 21 years.

...A police spokesman said: "It's possible that, by planting potatoes, this man saved his own life."

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Những nhà giáo truyền lửa

một thầy giáo toán đã nghỉ hưu, vẫn muốn tạo điều khác biệt cho thế hệ tương lai,

nên lái oto khắp đất nước, đỗ xe trước nhà người lạ và... thủ dâm, một hành động dẫn tới sự ra đời của 79 đứa trẻ...

hiến tinh đó mà, và vợ thầy hoàn toàn thoải mái với điều này ;)

After retiring from his career as a maths teachers, Clive decided he still wanted to make a difference to future generations.

And to do so, he drives up and down the country pleasuring himself in his van in front of strangers' houses - a move that has so far resulted in 65 kids and another 14 on the way.

But he's not a creep (=a detestable person, người đáng ghét, đáng ghê tởm) - he just gives his sperm (tinh trùng) away for free to help women have children.

Whereas sperm from a fertility clinic would usually cost around £6,000, Staffordshire-resident Clive gives his away for free.

Often spending an entire day on the road, he drives his van to wherever he's needed, climbs into the back and fills a syringe (xơ-ranh, ống tiêm, ống chích; vòi phụt nước) with his sperm, which he keeps warm under his arm until handing it over...

Bài trước: Gã hàng xóm ồn ào

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Vợ chồng khai thuế lợi tức: Làm thế nào có lợi hơn?

vợ cứ muốn chồng phải tự khai thuế để (có thể) giảm số tiền phải nộp,

đối với chồng (lương cao), mất tới 1-2 ngày, thà thuê tư vấn làm giúp còn hơn,

-> nếu vợ vẫn bắt tự làm thì yêu cầu "cô đi mà làm" :D
Dear Dan,

My wife and I often argue about infrequent but time-intensive and complex administrative tasks like filing taxes. She’s very sensitive about money and thinks that since we save some by doing these tasks ourselves, I should spend a day or two on them. I think my time is worth some money and would rather pay an expert to take things off my plate. How can I convince her?


In general it’s easy for us to discount someone else’s annoyance. So, for the next few of these irritating administrative tasks, why not ask your wife to do them herself (or at least do them together with you). After experiencing the pain of these tasks first-hand, she will most likely change her mind and see the rationale of paying a professional.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Gã hàng xóm ồn ào

cãi nhau với... vẹt của bạn gái :D

A resident (cư dân) in Loerrach, near the Swiss border (biên giới), called the emergency  (khẩn cấp) number Monday to report his concerns (lo âu, mối bận tâm) about loud shouting from a next-door apartment that had been going on for some time.

Police said Tuesday that officers sent to the scene found there was a loud argument going on — but it was between a 22-year-old man and a parrot (con vẹt). The man told them he had been annoyed with the bird, which belonged to his girlfriend.

The parrot responded to being shouted at with loud noises of its own. Police said it couldn't speak but could bark (sủa) like a dog.

Since no one was hurt, the officers left.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Để có tuần trăng mật hoàn hảo

phải ra khỏi nhà tù đã,

vợ chồng mới cưới nhau lúc chiều, lãng mạn trên bãi biển, -> say rượu, cãi nhau, đánh nhau ngay buổi tối, cảnh sát đến đưa cả hai vào đồn vì tội 'bạo hành gia đình' :D

Officers learned that Gillen and Riposta had been married on Clearwater Beach earlier that day. "Both parties became intoxicated (say rượu) today and have been arguing (cãi nhau) throughout the day (suốt cả ngày)," a police officer wrote in an arrest report.

Riposta said Gillen at one point "grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the ground," which caused scratches (vết trầy xước) on her leg.

Gillen, meanwhile, accused his new bride of attacking him and scratching (cào, cấu) him on the chest (ngực). He had "scratch marks and injury to his torso (thân mình) area which was consistent with his statements," an arrest report states.

Both were arrested on charges of domestic battery (bạo hành gia đình).

Bài trước: Cứ để anh lo

Cứ để anh lo

máy bay trực thăng bị tai nạn rơi, cô dâu may mắn thoát nạn, đám cưới vẫn diễn ra bình thường, mặc chiếc máy bay cháy gần đó...

The woman's arrival at the wedding venue, a vineyard in Brazil, went horribly wrong when the four people on board had to flee the burning wreckage.

But incredibly (khó tin nổi, đáng kinh ngạc) she escaped (thoát được, tránh được) unharmed (không bị tổn hại, bình yên vô sự) and went ahead with the ceremony (nghi lễ, (sự) khách sáo, kiểu cách), while the pilot and the other two passengers got away with minor injuries.

The wedding vows went ahead with the remains of the helicopter still on the ground nearby,

...The venue said the bride and groom had decided to go ahead with their nuptials (hôn nhân, lễ cưới) despite the accident (tai nạn).

Firefighters were summoned (mời đến, triệu đến, tập trung) after the helicopter plummeted (lao thẳng xuống, rơi thẳng xuống) to the ground at the wedding venue north of Sao Paulo.

Bởi vì anh quá yêu em

ném đồ chơi tình dục, áo bốc lửa vào bạn gái cũ khi hai người chia tay

Police say James Andrew Moses, 31, first flung a sex toy (đồ chơi tình dục) at the woman, who had a red mark on her chest the size of the object (đồ vật).

Moses proceeded to set his T-shirt aflame (rực cháy, bốc lửa) using the stove (bếp lò, lò sưởi) and tossed (quăng, ném) it at the woman after he threatened to burn down the house,

He then took the woman's cellphone and pushed her to the ground, police said, and broke her brother's tablet device over his knee.

Moses was arrested on charges of assault causing bodily injury, interfering with an emergency request for assistance and criminal mischief.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cách kích sữa về nhiều và nhanh đơn giản của mẹ Scotland

nông dân Scotland đeo xu-chiêng cho bò để tránh nhiễm trùng :D
Photo credit: Graham Burnett.

The couple from Easter Ross in the Highlands came up with the idea after the cow’s calf (bê con) was only feeding from the front quarters of her udders (vú động vật, nầm).

They feared the animal’s back quarter, which were filled with milk, would become inflamed (viêm, sưng) by a condition called mastitis (chứng viêm vú).

The bra can be used to cover either quarter to relieve (làm nhẹ bớt, làm dịu, làm khuây khỏa) the pressure (áp lực) on them.