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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Vợ chồng nhà này hay thật

vợ dắt chồng đi dạo, khi bị phạt vì vi phạm 'giãn cách xã hội' thì vợ nhất quyết nói rằng... đang dắt chó... :D
A Sherbrooke husband and wife were handed sizeable fines (bị phạt số tiền lớn) for violating (vi phạm) curfew (lệnh giới nghiêm), despite the wife's protests that she was walking her dog and the fact the husband was wearing a leash (dây xích buộc chó).

The woman and her husband were each given $1,500 fines by Sherbrooke police for violating curfew. The pair was caught walking at 9 p.m. on Saturday evening.

Police said the two were walking towards downtown and did not cooperate  (không hợp tác) with the officers (với công an).

...Quebec officials have said people may walk their dogs after the 8 p.m. curfew, provided they stay within one kilometre of their house. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Khuyến mại ngày Valentine

công ty luật tư vấn ly hôn miễn phí... :D 
In our “there’s something you don’t see everyday” department, a local Crossville law firm is conducting a contest to give away a free divorce for Valentine’s Day. The firm, The Powers Law Firm Crossville, posted the following on Monday January 11th,

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Yêu một chàng trai biết nấu ăn, thật là vui!

cứ khen mãi thôi, đừng ngại nhé...

miễn là đừng khen mãi một câu ;)
Dear Dan,

My fiancé (hôn phu, chồng chưa cưới) is an excellent (tuyệt vời) cook (nấu ăn), and every meal (bữa ăn) he makes for us is delicious (ngon miệng). I’m always giving him compliments (lời khen), but I worry that over time they will be less meaningful (ít ý nghĩa) because he’ll get used to them. How can I continue to praise his cooking in a way that shows I mean it?

I wouldn’t worry too much about your fiancé getting used to your compliments. Research shows that receiving compliments is very motivating and that people who give them usually underestimate their impact on the recipient. One study that looked specifically at frequent compliments found they didn’t lose their effectiveness as long as they weren’t identical each time. So keep the compliments coming, but make sure to switch them up from time to time.

Cẩn thận vợ để dao ở đầu giường

vợ tỉnh giấc và đâm chồng 7 nhát dao vì... mơ thấy chồng ngoại tình :D

Lindsey Stephens, 33, was arrested Sunday on aggravated domestic assault charges after stabbing her husband multiple times in the back.

Stephens told investigators she “had a dream that her husband was messing around,” police say, so she went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and attacked him while he was still in bed.

The victim was hospitalized (nhập viện) after suffering four to seven stab  (vết dao đâm) wounds,

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Tại sao chị em bây giờ lại lười sinh con?

sợ mất tự do, mất sự nghiệp, tốn kém...

quyết định sớm đi thôi, đẻ cho nó xong một việc đi :D
...For members of this cohort, the decision might feel especially daunting (làm thoái chí, nản chí). Studies and stereotypes have frequently branded them as burned out, beset by decision fatigue (mệt mỏi), prone to scrupulous (thận trọng; cẩn thận để không làm sai; tuyệt đối chân thật) self-examination. They struggle with analysis paralysis in their careers, and with FOBO (fear of better options) in their personal lives. They’re waiting longer to get married, and so are more likely to confront a narrowing fertility (khả năng sinh sản) window. Throw in subpar parental leave, exorbitant (giá cắt cổ, đắt đỏ) child-care costs, the looming specter (bóng ma) of climate change and a culture that has slowly grown more accepting of women who don’t want kids, and there are plenty of reasons for deliberation. Which can sometimes spiral into anxiety and confusion.

By the time the angst-ridden turn to Davidman, they have typically exhausted other potential sources of insight. They’ve late-night-panic-Googled their way to every parenting blog and advice column and TED talk; they’ve read feminist essays by women who are proudly child-free. They’ve fielded nosy questions from relatives, sought advice from friends, made lists of pros and cons. Finally, they decide it is worth the time and cost (ranging from about $400 for an online group course to upward of $2,500 for one-on-one counseling) to have an expert help solve the problem.

Bài trước: Vẫn lãng mạn

Vẫn lãng mạn

bị ngã xuống hồ và bị cô dâu đá vào mặt vì... cầu hôn trên thuyền... ;)
Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage can be a real nerve-wracking moment, especially because people want it to be perfect. Creating the perfect scene to ask someone to marry you can be difficult and nothing ruins it like an out-of-control boat.

...In the footage, an unnamed man stands on one boat, while his fiancé-to-be stands on another boat nearby. He brings the two boats together and then, standing on the edge of his boat, pulls out the ring and pops the big question.

The woman appears to say yes and the two embrace. Unfortunately, the excited bride-to-be apparently hit the throttle (điều khiển động cơ) of her vehicle, sending it flying forward. She falls over and her husband-to-be ends up in the water.

Also, it appears that as she falls, her foot flies up and kicks him in the face.

Thế bằng gì bây giờ?

bị bắt vì... tát bạn gái bằng miếng pizza... :)

...The victim (nạn nhân) told deputies Wednesday night she was throwing things away, including a pizza box she thought was empty, at 21150 Gertrude Ave. When she was almost out the door, Metcalf told her to not throw his things out, and got “very angry,”.

Metcalf started yelling (quát) at her, saying the pizza was his dinner (bữa tối).

Bài trước: Thanh niên cứng

Thanh niên cứng

phá tan sàn nhà bằng gỗ của bạn gái phải bội...
A man got revenge on his cheating girlfriend by ripping up her floorboards with a power drill in a savage (cực kỳ nghiêm khắc, dã man, man rợ) prank (trò đùa tinh nghịch) that has seen him earn viral fame in the process. 

The unnamed boyfriend was caught on camera using the power tool to remove all of the flooring from his girlfriend's apartment by his friend Ivan Cervantes, 21, who then posted footage of the prank on TikTok, where it racked up millions of views. 

In the video, Ivan's friend is seen using an electric floor scraper (cái nạo, vật dùng để cạo) to completely destroy all of the hardwood flooring in his girlfriend's home - with the Arkansas resident claiming that he had actually paid for the $2,000 feature, and even helped to install it.

Bài trước: Quá kích động

Quá kích động

dọa giết chó cưng của bạn trai vì đổi mật khẩu wifi... :D

Reddit user Scary_Xenomorph shared a five-minute video of the unnamed tenant freaking out on the family's front doorstep. The shocking footage was filmed by the person's friend, whose brother lives in the basement with the woman. 

...'You want me to try that way, or you want your dog to come dead?' she asks. 'I have ways in, and your dog won't be breathing tomorrow. You have two seconds to give me the WiFi. I need the WiFi!' 

Bài trước: Ôi khoa học

Ôi khoa học

đàn ông mà giọng ngọt là hay lừa dối đấy, không chung thủy đâu... :)

In a revelation (phát hiện, phát giác, khám phá) that should alarm anyone blessed with a manly James Earl Jones baritone, Chinese researchers found that men with deeper voices are more likely to cheat on their partner (lừa đối bạn tình, bạn đời). The sound-breaking study was published in the journal “Personality and Individual Differences” and approved by the Ethics Committee of Southwest University.

Indeed, while females largely find lower acoustics more arousing (khuấy động, gợi), masculine-sounding men are also “more likely to engage in infidelity (không chung thủy, không trung thành, bội tín” than “feminine men,” researchers said.

Bài trước: Sớm lên phim thôi

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Sớm lên phim thôi

đang cắm trại thì... "ngực nổ" và chồng phải giữ bằng hai tay... :D

The couple regaled the hosts of Good Morning Britain with the tale on Tuesday's show, speaking from their home in the states.

'We were on a caravan trip and I just got the stitches (vết chỉ, đường may) out, and I turned to the kids and it split!

...'It did look like a shark attack and Gary had to hold it together!'

Người ơi hãy quay về đây

cãi nhau, thế là leo lên xe oto định... chèn qua người yêu cũ (và bạn gái mới của anh ta) luôn...

The footage, obtained Friday by KRQE, shows Amanda Gonzales, 25, in a heated Nov. 15 spat (cãi nhau vặt) outside the Las Cruces home of her former boyfriend, where he was staying with his new girlfriend.

The pair start bickering outside the home when Gonzales is seemingly pushed to the ground, setting her off, the clip shows.

Ai khóc nỗi đau này

ngã xuống vực ngay sau khi... nói lời 'em đồng ý' khi được cầu hôn...

...But after the bride-to-be (sắp làm cô dâu), from St Pölten, Austria, said yes, she slipped and fell on the snow.

Her fiancee (vị hôn phu), a native of Carinthia, jumped to try and save her but he also lost his footing (trượt chân) and the two toppled (làm ngã, đổ, lung lay; lật đổ) over the edge. 

...Once the unconscious (bất tỉnh) woman had landed near a lake, an onlooker took the her to safety, and she was left with a concussion (chấn động). 

The groom-to-be plunged nearly 50ft before landing on a ledge, and had to be rescued by the Alpin 1 helicopter (máy bay trực thăng) team using a rope.

They were both given medical treatment (điều trị y tế), with the man being diagnosed (chẩn đoán) with a vertebrate fracture (gãy xương sống). 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Tìm quán cafe hẹn hò riêng tư

ko nên,

đến những chỗ ồn ào, đông người thì hơn, vì... có cớ đụng chạm, ghé vào tai thầm thì, và cũng... dễ hứng tình ;)
Dear Dan,

Why do young people on dates go to loud, crowded places? The dim light prevents the couple from talking to each other and eliminates any possibility that they will actually get to know one other better. So what's the point

Have you considered the possibility that these daters are not interested in getting to know each other better?

More seriously, noisy and crowded places help daters in many ways—most clearly by masking (giấu giếm, che kín) awkward silences (im lặng ngượng ngùng). If the could-be-couple runs out of topics (hết chuyện) from time to time, they can have the illusion (tưởng rằng) that the silence isn't due to their inability to keep up a lively conversation (chuyện trò vui vẻ, sôi nổi) and chalk it up to the difficulty of talking over the music or their fascination with the song being played.

A second benefit of such date venues: The noisy surroundings give couples an excuse to get physically closer to each other in order to be heard. A loud bar may even give them permission to talk into their date's ear. (Permission to nibble (gặm, nhắm, rỉa) is up to the date.)

Finally, music and crowds have been found to be very effective in creating general arousal. Yes, arousal (gợi tình, hứng tình). With noise and people all around them, our daters may feel more aroused as well—and, more importantly, they may attribute this emotional state to the person they're with. (Social scientists call this "misattribution of emotions.") To the extent that people confuse the emotions created by the environment with the emotions created by the person sitting next to them, going out to loud, busy places could well be a winning strategy. I hope this explains the mystery—and inspires you to start going on dates in noisy places.

Bài trước: Sao em vẫn tin?

Monday, December 14, 2020

Những việc cần thiết bạn nên làm khi chồng ốm

chăm sóc chồng ốm nặng, vợ sụt sùi hỏi:

- anh thấy trong người thế nào?

- mấy hôm nay em bớt nói, thần kinh anh đã ổn định dần, đỡ co giật...

Bài trước: Tại sao bạn ế?

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Thật đáng tự hào nhưng đừng thái quá

boy 14 tuổi bỏ trốn với em người yêu 11 tuổi trên xe oto của bố, xa nhà gần 2.000 cây số...

The young lovebirds (kẻ si tình), Kevin Figueros, of Midwood, and Amaya Arguelles, of Bensonhurst, were reported missing on Thursday — and made it more than 1,200 miles before cops in Council Bluffs pulled them over.

The modern-day Romeo was zooming at the wheel of his dad’s Toyota mini-van when he was stopped.

It wasn’t clear exactly why the kids had left the Big Apple.

Sai người, sai địa điểm

người đàn ông bị bắn và đốt oto vì... ra nghĩa địa hẹn hò :D

The man said as he was waiting, a man identified as Brandon McJunkin came out of the woods and walked toward the victim’s car. The victim (nạn nhân) said as he sat there, McJunkin raised what appeared to be a .22 caliber rifle (súng trường) and fired three shots (nổ ba phát) at the driver’s side window (cửa sổ bên ghế lái) of the victim’s 2000 Ford Expedition.

The victim said he drove away from McJunkin and McJunkin allegedly fired four more shots at the rear of the vehicle.

The victim said at this point he jumped out of the car (nhảy ra khỏi xe) and into the woods. He kept running and eventually had his sister go back to get his car. He said when she got to the cemetery, she found it on fire.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Hành động sẽ định nghĩa con người bạn

vợ mang bầu nhảy xuống nước cứu chồng khỏi cá mập...

Margot Dukes Eddy managed to pull her husband, Andrew Eddy, away from danger after seeing a dorsal fin (vây ở lưng) near their boat and blood in the water during their snorkeling outing Sunday at Sombrero Key Light.

Andrew, 30, suffered a “severe” injury to his shoulder after being bitten by the shark and was airlifted by officials following the attack.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Người phụ nữ dám nghĩ, dám làm

đưa ảnh chân dung và số điện thoại của tình địch lên mạng hẹn hò... :D

Some of the men — who also sent nude (khỏa thân) photos of themselves to her cell phone — were responding to a fake (giả mạo) profile with an open invitation for brief sexual encounters (làm tình chớp nhoáng, đi "tàu nhanh"), deputies said.

A detective’s investigation (điều tra của thám tử) revealed the 36-year-old woman, who lives in Key West, had been the victim (nạn nhân) of Vanessa Marie Huckaba, 29, of Rockland Key, who had published her home address and mobile phone number on the fake profile,

Bài trước: Trái tim em xao động

Friday, November 20, 2020

Sao em vẫn tin?

những lời đường mật (tán tỉnh) ở quán bar nhỉ,

-> cứ thử khen chồng vài tuần liên tục xem kết quả như nào :)
Dear Dan,

I am happily married and was never much for the bar scene. But I do wonder if those cheesy pickup lines (lời tán tỉnh) actually work—"If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me" and so on. I can't imagine anyone would buy such transparently empty (rỗng tuếch) flattery (nịnh bợ, tâng bốc), but these lines are so common that they must be doing something. Any insight?

I'm no expert here, but my guess is that these kinds of pickup lines work much better than you might expect. Some interesting research shows that we love getting compliments (lời khen), that we are better disposed toward people who give us compliments and that we like those people even when we know that the compliments are insincere. So beyond the pickup lines, the real question is why we don't give compliments more frequently. After all, they're free, and they make the recipient happy. Try out some pickup lines and compliments on your husband for the next few weeks, and let me know how it works out.

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