Cô ấy không đang mặc thì có sao đâu

anh nông dân nhất quyết khẳng định mình vô tội khi bị tòa buộc tội phá hủy 5 chiếc quần lót của bạn gái cũ trong lúc cãi nhau...
A livestock farmer (chăn nuôi gia súc) firmly maintained his innocence (vô tội) on Monday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, where he faced allegations (cáo buộc) of destroying five of his ex-girlfriend's panties (quần chíp) during an argument.

Jheavaun Gayle is charged on an indictment (cáo trạng) for one count of malicious destruction of property (phá hoại tài sản). In addition to the underwear, he is accused of destroying a remote and SIM card which also belong to the complainant. But Gayle, who has not retained (thuê) legal representation, is adamant (cứng rắn) that he did not destroy the panties.

"I told her I wanted my clothes and she say to do anything that I want. I went into the draw (ngăn kéo) and the remote fell and I broke it in half and the SIM card was on the dresser and I break it in half," he explained.

The complainant (người thưa kiện), however, provided her account of the incident to Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque.

"He took them [underwear] out the draw and cut them up and then he flung my phone in the wall," the complainant said, before informing the judge that she would settle for $30,000 in compensation (đền bù).

"That includes the panties?" Gayle asked.

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