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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Tin 'tức không chịu được'

cứt toàn vi hạt nhựa

EVERY MINUTE, A dumptruckful of plastic plops (rơi tõm) into the world's oceans (đại dương). That's eight million metric tons every year. Once waterborne, whatever doesn't wash ashore eventually breaks down into itty bits (nhỏ xíu). The puniest pieces—the ones smaller than 5 millimeters wide—are called microplastics, and their fates are numerous. Some glob onto an Alaska-sized gyre (vòng xoay)d of plastic debris (mảnh vụn) swirling in the Pacific Ocean. Others sink to a variety of depths, according to their densities, perfusing (đổ khắp, làm tràn ngập; truyền dịch (vào cơ thể)) the world's waters. Still others get ingested (ăn vào bụng) by marine life, including fish and shellfish, which are in turn ingested by other animals, like birds and humans.

All of this is a mess, from an ecological (sinh thái) perspective. But it's that last bit—the microplasticine infiltration (sự thâm nhập) of food webs—that worries not just ecologists but gastroenterologists (bác sĩ chuyên khoa dạ dày-ruột). If microplastics are invading the things we eat, it's possible that they're invading our stomachs (dạ dày) and intestines (ruột), too. But while the matryoshka-nature of food chains certainly suggests that human guts harbor microplastics, nobody's really bothered to look in a systematic way...

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sunday - Funday

fun run...

Bài trước: Longbien Marathon 2018

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Điện thoại thật "thông minh"

biết bạn sắp trầm cảm trước khi bạn tự nhận ra/có biểu hiện bệnh

Analyzing the way you type and scroll can reveal as much as a psychological test.

A startup (công ty khởi nghiệp) founded in Palo Alto, California, by a trio of doctors, is trying to prove that our obsession (nỗi ám ảnh) with the technology in our pockets can help treat some of today’s most intractable (cứng đầu cứng cổ, khó bảo; khó chữa) medical problems: depression (trầm cảm), schizophrenia (tâm thần phân liệt), bipolar disorder (rối loạn cảm xúc lưỡng cực), post-traumatic stress disorder (rối loạn tâm lý hậu sang chấn), and substance abuse (lạm dụng thuốc, lạm dụng dược phẩm).

...Once a patient (bệnh nhân) installs Mindstrong’s app, it monitors things like the way the person types, taps, and scrolls while using other apps. This data is encrypted (mã hóa) and analyzed (phân tích) remotely (từ xa) using machine learning (công nghệ máy học), and the results are shared with the patient and the patient’s medical provider. The seemingly mundane minutiae of how you interact with your phone offers surprisingly important clues to your mental health...

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hanoi International Heritage Marathon 2018

sáng dậy lướt fb thấy ảnh này, một phần gato ;)
check NRC thấy 14.60km behind, GATO thêm to :D
quyết chạy giải luôn
coi như ảo cùng 2 bạn, @sơn phan hồng, và @quang anh phạm
đạt huy chương finisher :)

Bài trước: Manulife DaNang International Marathon 2018

Flamingo Spa & Fitness Center: Nơi khởi nguồn hạnh phúc
Giao hữu bóng đá Ams-Trần Hưng Đạo

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Flamingo Spa & Fitness Center: Nơi khởi nguồn hạnh phúc

thời đại AI, 4th IR
một vòng quanh hồ Đại Lải, sang trọng giữa thiên nhiên :)
ráng giữ sức khỏe để chúc chị em mãi 20 t - háng 10 :)

Bài trước: Phòng tập gym Troy Fitness & Yoga Center, quận Hoàng Mai

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

“Bẫy” khách hàng, ngân hàng lập lờ lãi suất

ko như ở ukraine, 21%, nếu đi đủ 10.000 bước mỗi ngày
There is a bank in Ukraine that is offering *21%* interest on a checking account.

But you must take 10,000 steps a day, tracked by their app, to qualify.

Miss one day and you get nothing.

I can't decide if it's insanity or brilliance.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Vì sao ngày càng nhiều thanh niên Việt Nam mắc bệnh ung thư?

Photo credit: thehealthyarchive.

chắc do ít/không thủ dâm thường xuyên :))

Masturbation (thủ dâm) is good for you, according to science (khoa học đã chứng minh).

Australian scientists (nhà khoa học) Anthony Santella and Spring Chenoa Cooper claim that masturbation, or self-pleasuring (tự sướng) by touching (sờ, chạm) one's own genitals (bộ phận sinh dục), helps keep people healthy by warding off diseases like cystitis (viêm bọng đái), diabetes (tiểu đường) and prostate cancer (ung thư tuyết tiền liệt).

A recent U.S. survey revealed that 94 percent of men and 85 percent of women admit to masturbating. In fact, the practice is so natural (tự nhiên) and normal (bình thường) even babies (trẻ em) do it from the time they are in the womb (tử cung, trong bụng mẹ).

masturbation can even "lower risk of type-2 diabetes (though this association may also be explained by greater overall health), reduce insomnia (chứng mất ngủ) through hormonal and tension release, and increase pelvic (khung xương chậu) floor strength through the contractions that happen during orgasm (cực khoái)."

Self-pleasuring also help prevent (ngăn ngừa) depression (trầm cảm) and boost immune function (chức năng miễn dịch) by increasing levels of endorphins and the hormone cortisol.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Sự thật ít biết về đỉnh Everest

quả bom CỨT hẹn giờ khổng lồ, 14 tấn...

Every year, some 1,200 people make a mad dash for the summit of Mount Everest during the climbing season that begins in May - taking on the arduous (khó khăn, gian khổ; hết sức mình, gắng gỏi), often congested (đông nghịt, chật ních) route to the world's highest peak that most will not complete and some will not survive.

Working against them: temperatures far below zero, altitude sickness (chứng khó thở vì không khí loãng, chứng say núi) with effects that range from disorientation (mất phương hướng; đặt hướng sai (bàn thờ không quay về hướng đông...) to death, and the ever-present threat of frostbite (hoại tử vì bị tê cóng). More than 200 corpses of ill-fated climbers line the mountain's slopes, a constant reminder of those climbers' fatal (chết người, chí tử) missteps (lỗi sơ suất, bước lầm lạc; bước hụt, sẩy chân; hành động sai lầm, không chín chắn).

So it should probably come as no surprise if people traipsing up a mountain with its own death zone don't give too much thought to one particular question: What should we do with all this poop (phân)?

In the roughly two months that it takes to climb Mount Everest, the average alpinist will have produced nearly 60 pounds of excrement (phân). This season, porters (cửu vạn) who work on Mount Everest carried down 14 tons of human waste from base camp and other locations. It's dropped into earthen pits on Gorak Shep, a frozen lake bed near a village 17,000-feet above sea level...

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Tìm bạn bốn phương

mới về hưu, và do bạn bè (từ lâu) toàn là đồng nghiệp, nên thấy cô đơn, phải làm sao?

-> chọn một môn ưa thích để tham gia: như 'chạy bộ', 'ngắm chim'... -> có thể tìm được người hợp ở đó; và nếu ko thích môn mình chọn lắm, thì (có lẽ) những người khác đến đó cũng với lý do tương tự (mà thôi): kết bạn :)
Hello, Dan.

I recently retired, and since many of my friends were from my workplace, I feel lonely and deprived of connections. Any advice?


It’s a bit awkward to advertise “friends needed,” and if you tried, you could attract some shady characters. Instead, I’d suggest that you pick an activity that is likely to attract the kind of people you want to be friends with: the Sierra Club, or bird watching, or maybe pickleball. Odds are that you will find your next friends there. And don’t worry if you don’t like the activities very much: The other people are probably there for the same reason—to make friends.

Monday, August 27, 2018

John McCain, con sư tử cuối cùng của Thượng viện Mỹ

Thượng nghị sĩ Mỹ John McCain qua đời ở tuổi 81

...He had been diagnosed (chẩn đoán) with an aggressive glioblastoma (= a highly invasive glioma (khối u thần kinh đệm) in the brain), and the prognosis (tiên lượng bệnh) was serious (nặng, trầm trọng). In the year since, John has surpassed expectations for his survival. But the progress of disease and the inexorable (không động tâm, không mủi lòng) advance of age render their verdict. With his usual strength of will, he has now chosen to discontinue medical treatment.

...In 1967, his A4 Skyhawk was hit by a surface-to-air missile over Hanoi. McCain was captured by the North Vietnamese, who tortured (tra tấn) and beat (đánh đập) him for more than five years. He was in solitary confinement (biệt giam) for several of those years.

His captors (kẻ bắt giữ) offered him early release after learning his father was a notable (có tiếng, trứ danh, uy quyền, nhân sĩ) naval officer. But McCain refused to leave before the other prisoners. He was released in 1973.

McCain’s injuries from his imprisonment were visible the rest of his life, most noticeably the restricted movement of his arms.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Lý do không về nhất marathon

bị gấu đuổi nên phải chạy thêm 5-6 km nữa :D

Veteran runner Denise McHale finished first overall Sunday in the Yukon River Trail Marathon.

McHale was quick to point out the two bears Morphet encountered while he was the lead runner most likely played a factor in her first-place finish.

It did force him to turn around and as a result he probably ran four or five kilometres more than she did,

...When he peaked back around the corner, they were coming toward him, and he decided running back down the trail to leave the area to warn and join the company of other runners behind him was the best choice at that point.

Morphet said he knows the rule of thumb is not to run away from bears. But with the adrenaline that was pumping through him at that point, he said the bears were not going to catch him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dỗ trẻ bằng điện thoại thông minh: Mối nguy khôn lường

mặt điện thoại bẩn như... bệ xí toilet

Researchers found more than a third of people have never washed their phone with wipes, cleaning fluid or a similar product.

Insurance2go measured the dirtiest parts of the phones by counting the amount of colony-forming units per cm2.

The units are used to measure the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample.

...This mean there was an average of 84.9 units on each screen.

In contrast a toilet and flush was found to have just 24 units, while an office keyboard and mouse was found to have just five.

Bài trước: Lâu thật vậy sao?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Manulife DaNang International Marathon 2018

ngắm trời mây tối hôm trước, đi bộ đủ 10.000 bước mỗi ngày, @fpt city complex
4h40 am, 12/8/2018 @công viên biển đông :)
kết quả đêêê...
tự thưởng sau khi đạt mục tiêu, just a finisher :), @a la carte,

Check-in cảnh xả lũ
CLB bãi biển Vanessa: Trải nghiệm độc đáo tại Cocobay Đà Nẵng
Bé Anh Restaurant - Hải Sản ở Quận Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng