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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Những rủi ro khi hẹn hò online, tìm người yêu qua mạng

tưởng hẹn gặp được em người mẫu ảnh, đến nơi em ấy đã phải bay sang thành phố khác để chụp cho album mới, nhờ anh cầm cái vali để lại,

cun cút nghe theo em, ra sân bay bị an ninh giữ lại vì... vali chứa ma túy; em người mẫu cũng bị mafia điều mà thôi

Denise Milani was a 32-year-old Czech swimwear model (mẫu ảnh chụp đồ bơi/bikini). Paul Frampton was a divorced (đã ly hôn) particle physicist  (nhà vật lý) more than twice her age. What happened next was a tale as old as time: they met online; she sent messages by turns steamy (ướt át; khiêu dâm và đắm say) and adoring (tha thiết); they arranged to meet in Bolivia, where she was doing a photo-shoot.

Alas, when Prof Frampton arrived in La Paz to meet her face-to-face for the first time, she’d had to dash to another shoot in Europe. Could she meet him in Brussels instead? And would he mind, terribly, collecting an empty suitcase of hers and bringing it with him?

Of course, the real Ms Milani had no idea that her photographs were being used by a Bolivian drug gang. Prof Frampton seems to have had no idea either, although a friend warned him — correctly — that drugs were surely concealed in the suitcase linings (lớp vải lót (áo, mũ)). Prof Frampton duly spent several years (vài năm) in a Buenos Aires jail (nhà tù) for smuggling (buôn lậu) 2kg of cocaine.

Photo by Matt W Newman on Unsplash.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Prayut Chan-o-cha dời đô

thủ tướng thái lan tính chuyện dời thủ đô khỏi bangkok vì quá ô nhiễm và tắc đường

Taking inspiration (lấy cảm hứng từ) from neighbouring Myanmar and similar plans (kế hoạch tương tự) being formulated (đang được hình thành) in Indonesia, the Thai prime minister suggested that relocating (di chuyển tới, xây dựng lại) the capital could help Bangkok overcome its mounting (càng lúc càng tăng, không ngừng gia tăng) urban challenges (thách thức đô thị).

Like Jakarta, Bangkok is beset (quấy rối, gây phiền toái; bao quanh, vây quanh) by overcrowding, pollution (ô nhiễm), rising sea levels (mực nước biển dâng) and heavy traffic congestion (tắc nghẽn giao thông).

During an address at the Connecting Thailand with the World Conference on 18 September, the retired army general floated (lan truyền (tin đồn); bắt đầu khởi công/khởi sự (kế hoạch, công trình...); cổ động tuyên truyền) two options for a potential move. “The first is to find a city that’s neither too far nor too expensive to move to,” he said, “The second is to move to outer Bangkok to reduce crowding.”

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Khởi nghiệp ngành khách sạn: Startup nên trưởng thành từ vị trí thấp nhất?

vớ vỉn, mua lại luôn 1 khách sạn và đẻ ba con trai nhé :D
Conrad Nicholson Hilton khởi nghiệp bằng việc mua lại khách sạn đầu tiên ở Cisco, Texas năm 1919 khi ngành dầu mỏ bùng nổ ở đây,

con trai cả Conrad Jr., cưới Elizabeth Taylor năm 1950,

con trai thứ William Barron Hilton (sinh 23/10/1927, mất 19/9/2019, thọ 91 tuổi, tổng tài sản 2,5 tỷ usd theo forbes, ông nội của Paris Hilton, là phóng viên hải quân thời trận trân châu cảng) là người nối nghiệp xuất sắc của cha, pursued new ventures (khởi nghiệp, mạo hiểm kinh doanh), turning the family enterprise, based in Beverly Hills, Calif., into a business that included thousands of hotel rooms, casino-hotels, time-share apartments (căn hộ thuê chung theo thời gian) and an early credit-card company, Carte Blanche. He engineered Hilton’s entrance into the Las Vegas casino market in 1970. He purchased Kirk Kerkorian’s International, the world’s largest resort hotel, renaming it the Las Vegas Hilton, and bought Mr. Kerkorian’s Flamingo as well, renaming it the Flamingo Hilton. The company’s casino-hotels later extended to Atlantic City and other locations.

At varying times the Hilton empire also included the Waldorf Astoria and the Plaza in New York, as well as the Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco, the Mayflower in Washington and the Conrad Hilton and Palmer House in Chicago.

The Hilton company split off its United States and international hotels into separate entities in the 1960s, but reunited its properties in 2006 with the acquisition of more than 400 overseas hotels, creating an empire of 2,800 hotels. Barron Hilton was co-chairman of Hilton Hotels together with the financier Stephen Bollenbach when it was sold for some $26 billion to the private equity group Blackstone in 2007.

Vì sao Trump là nhà đàm phán tồi?

quá dễ đoán, chỉ có “ vụt gậy và quăng bom tình”,

các thành công trước kia, toàn do cấp dưới và cộng sự làm hết mà thôi,

các nhà lãnh đạo thế giới không thể đơn giản là đầu hàng và âm thầm cuốn xéo như một người bị đánh gục trong thỏa thuận kinh doanh.

...To the extent that Trump and his business did negotiate successful deals, Lapidus said, it was largely because of the skill of his senior executives such as Harvey Freeman and Susan Heilbron, who handled most of the Trump Organization’s Atlantic City and leasing negotiations (hợp đồng thuê tài sản). “They did all the detailed analysis (phân tích kỹ lưỡng) and reading, none of which he would ever do.” Other former Trump business associates say that his frequent (thường xuyên) boasts (khoe khoang, tâng bốc) about beating (đánh bại) the banks (ngân hàng) at the negotiating table (bàn đàm phán) are also overstated (được thổi phồng); it is widely agreed that the negotiating skill of Trump’s then-chief financial officer (giám đốc tài chính), Stephen Bollenbach, is mainly what saved him from a close brush with (tiếp xúc ngắn, gần chạm tới) personal bankruptcy (phá sản cá nhân) when he was $900 million in debt (nợ nần) in 1990.

...When negotiating with countries rather than companies, however, the situation is different. There are only so many countries in the world, and a president must deal with the major ones again and again, and on many different levels—goodwill counts, in other words. Moreover, countries cannot be driven out of business like competitors in business; they don’t file for bankruptcy and conveniently disappear. There is no zero-sum “Only I win” outcome in trade. Above all, national pride (tự hào dân tộc) comes into play—a successful negotiation must leave the other side a face-saving way out. World leaders can’t just surrender (đầu hàng) and slink off (âm thầm cuốn xéo) like someone who’s been beaten on a business deal.

Trời đánh

Sét oánh 1 phát chết 300 con tuần lộc ở Na uy. Bọn này chắc mấy kiếp trước ăn ở thất đức lắm nên kiếp này bị đọa làm súc vật rồi mà vẫn bị trời đánh thánh vật chết cả bầy. Hay chỉ đơn giản là hôm đấy anh Thiên Lôi đang nhắm rượu thì hết mồi nên làm tí thịt huơu nướng thôi nhỉ? 😂, hat tip to Diep Nguyen,

The Norwegian Environment Agency released images to the public and reported that a total of 323 of the animals were killed during the storm, including 70 calves (con thú con).

A spokesperson for the agency, Kjartan Knutsen, told The Associated Press that reindeer tend to huddle together (túm tụm vào với nhau; nằm rúc vào nhau) in bad weather (thời tiết xấu) which could be the reason why so many were killed at once.

He lamented (than vãn, phàn nàn), “We have not heard about such numbers before. I don’t know if there were several lightning strikes, but it happened in one moment.”

Friday, September 20, 2019

JPMorgan là tổ chức tội phạm?

cướp hàng triệu USD từ các đối tác bằng "thủ đoạn" thao túng giá kim loại...
...Michael Nowak, the head of precious metals (kim loại quý) trading (giao dịch) at JPMorgan and a bank managing director, and two others, Gregg Smith and Christopher Jordan, were accused of placing fake orders (lệnh mua bán giả mạo) to buy and sell futures contracts (hợp đồng tương lai) — a practice called spoofing (bịp bợm, lừa đảo, chơi xỏ) — to manipulate (thao túng) prices (giá cả). That allowed the men and unidentified (chưa xác định danh tính, "chưa bị lộ") co-conspirators (đồng chủ mưu) “to generate trading profits and avoid losses for themselves and other members of the precious metals desk,” the government said in its indictment.

...The Justice Department charged the men under the federal government’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (Đạo luật về các tổ chức tham nhũng và những ảnh hưởng của xã hội đen), under which prosecutors (công tố viên) pursue (theo đuổi) people involved in an organization that perpetuates organized crime, including gangs and drug cartels. The law is commonly associated with the mafia, but it was used to pursue Wall Street traders in the 1990s.

Bài trước: Thật man rợ

Friday, September 13, 2019

Thật man rợ

Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ nhấn chìm thành phố 12.000 năm tuổi để làm đập thủy điện...

The ancient settlement (khu định cư cổ xưa) of Hasankeyf will soon be submerged (dìm, nhận chìm) as part of a controversial (gây tranh cãi) dam (đập thủy điện) project – despite residents’ protests (biểu tình phản đối)

After the half-hour drive from Batman in south-east Turkey, the ancient city of Hasankeyf, which sits on the banks of the Tigris River, appears as an oasis.

Hasankeyf is thought to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements on Earth, dating as far back as 12,000 years and containing thousands of caves (hang động), churches (nhà thờ) and tombs (lăng mộ).

But this jewel (viên kim cương) of human history (lịch sử loài người) will soon be lost; most of the settlement is about to be flooded as part of the highly controversial Ilisu dam project.

Photo courtesy luca oliviero

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Vì sao John Bolton phải ra đi?

cố vấn an ninh quốc gia mỹ phải ra đi vì ông này định hủy truyền hình thực tế của trump :)

John Bolton had to go -- because he wanted to cancel President Donald Trump's worldwide reality show (truyền hình thực tế).

For a time the now ex-national security adviser (cố vấn an ninh quốc gia), who first caught Trump's eye with his tough talk on Fox News, was useful to the President -- sharing his desire to shake up (làm rung chuyển) the globe (địa cầu).

But like everyone else in Trump's dysfunctional (sự hoạt động khác thường của một cơ quan trong cơ thể) foreign policy (chính sách đối ngoại) team, Bolton wore out his welcome, standing in the way of his boss' impetuous (mạnh mẽ, dữ dội; bốc, hăng) instincts (bản năng) and seeking a share of the spotlight (ánh đèn sân khấu).

Only in the bizarre Trump orbit (quỹ đạo) could the exit of a national security adviser seen an ideologue and aggressive hawk (diều hâu) be seen in some ways as the removal of a stabilizing force. But he did have a view of American interests (lợi ích Mỹ) and the use of US power (sức mạnh Mỹ) that while hardline was predictable and logical and positioned within the historic boundaries of US diplomacy.

With him gone, Trump may have more leeway to indulge (cho phép ai tiếp tục mà không cản trở) his more dovish instincts, which rarely match big talk with action. And US diplomacy is likely to reflect its principal author even more closely. It will be more impulsive (hấp tấp, bốc đồng), less strategic and more geared to creating iconic moments, like the President's stroll into North Korea with Kim Jong Un.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Di sản xanh của Ethiopia

Ethiopia trồng hơn 350 triệu cây xanh chỉ trong một ngày

The burst (sự gắng lên, nỗ lực lên) of tree planting was part of a wider reforestation (sự tái trồng rừng) campaign (chiến dịch) named "Green Legacy," (di sản xanh) spearheaded (làm mũi nhọn dẫn đầu) by the country's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Millions of Ethiopians across the country were invited to take part (tham gia) in the challenge (thách thức) and within the first six hours, Ahmed tweeted that around 150 million trees had been planted.
"We're halfway to our goal," he said and encouraged Ethiopians to "build on the momentum (tạo đà) in the remaining hours." After the 12-hour period ended, the Prime Minister took to Twitter again to announce (tuyên bố) that Ethiopia not only met its "collective #GreenLegacy goal," but exceeded it.
A total of 353,633,660 tree seedlings (cây trồng từ hạt (đối với cây chiết hoặc ghép); cây giống con) had been planted, the country's minster for innovation and technology, Getahun Mekuria, tweeted.

Bài trước: Tôi phản đối

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Tôi phản đối

luật sư khuyên khách hàng có thể trồng cần sa hợp pháp, khiến họ bị tội, giờ phải trả 370.000 usd để đền

Ian Christensen, who lost his law license thanks to what the Florida Supreme Court called his “incompetence (thiếu khả năng, thiếu trình độ, kém cỏi, bất tài) and extremely serious harm,” told Scott and Marsha Yandell that they could legally use and grow marijuana if it was for a medical purpose, even before the state legalized medical marijuana.

...Despite his insistence that they had this legal right, the police, the government and a judge disagreed. The Yandells ended up pleading guilty and agreeing to three years’ probation, a $15,000 fine and 100 hours of community service. Marsha Yandell lost her nursing license.

They filed suit against Christensen in 2016. A few weeks ago, a federal judge in Jacksonville ordered Christensen to pay the Yandells $370,000 for wages they lost due to their convictions.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Cháy rừng Amazon - 'lá phổi' địa cầu trước nguy cơ bị bức tử

ko phải lo về oxy, cung cấp có 6% oxy thế giới thôi,

lỗi do tổng thống brazil đồng ý cho khai thác mỏ, nông nghiệp, và đốn gỗ...

...Do we need to worry about oxygen?
No. Although some reports have claimed the Amazon produces 20% of the world’s oxygen, it is not clear where this figure originated. The true figure is likely to be no more than 6%, according to climate scientists such as Michael Mann and Jonathan Foley.

So should we still be concerned?
Extremely. The fires are mostly illegal and they are degrading the world’s biggest terrestrial (sống trên mặt đất, (thuộc) hành tinh trái đất) carbon sink and most important home for biodiversity (đa dạng sinh học). They also contribute to a more important trend, which is an alarming rise in deforestation (sự phá rừng, phát quang). Scientists say the Amazon is approaching a tipping point (điểm lật), after which it will irreversibly (không thể đảo ngược) degrade (xuống cấp) into a dry savannah (hoang mạc khô). At a time when the world needs billions more trees to absorb carbon and stabilise the climate, the planet is losing its biggest rainforest.

Is this the fault of the Brazilian president?
Jair Bolsonaro has made things a lot worse by weakening the environment agency, (cơ quan môi trường) attacking conservation NGOs and promoting the opening of the Amazon to mining, farming and logging. The far-right leader has dismissed satellite data on deforestation and fired the head of the space agency. But it is not solely his fault. The agricultural lobby is powerful in Brazil and it has steadily eroded the protection system that was so successful from 2005-2014. Deforestation crept up in the past five years under the previous presidents Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer. The rate has accelerated rapidly in the first eight months of Bolsonaro’s rule.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tay lái lụa trong làng tỷ phú

tỷ phú Chiquinho Scarpa người brazil làm dậy sóng nước này khi thông báo kế hoạch chôn chiếc bentley triệu usd của ông ấy để ông có thể du lịch lòng vòng ở thế giới bên kia,

-> để nâng cao nhận thức về việc hiến tạng

Eccentric billionaire Chiquinho Scarpa ruffled (làm trái ý, làm mếch lòng) more than a few feathers in his native Brazil recently when he announced plans to bury his beloved Bentley.

The businessman said he would bury his $500,000 luxury car - a black Bentley Flying Spur- so that he could drive it in the afterlife (thế giới bên kia, thế giới âm, hậu kiếp). 62-year-old Scarpa said he had been inspired after watching a TV documentary on the Egyptians, who were buried with their most precious belongings.

Needless to say, the plan drew an avalanche (tuyết lở, tràng dồn dập) of criticism on social media, with people labelling him as cruel, elitist and downright (đích thực, rành rành) insane (điên cuồng, mất trí). Poverty campaigners savaged him for his “wasteful lunacy (hành động điên rồ, cử chỉ điên dại, ý nghĩ rồ dại)”, saying that the car could have been donated (hiến) to charity (từ thiện).

...Just as the car was about to be lowered into the ground, Scarpa called an abrupt (đột ngột) halt (dừng) to proceedings. He told the assembled media: “I have not buried my car. Everyone thought it absurd when I said I’d do it. It is absurd to bury bodies, which can save many lives. Nothing is more valuable. Be a donor (người hiến tặng), tell your family”.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bị đuổi việc vì tái chế không đúng cách

'này thì tái chế này' vừa hô, vừa đẩy cả tủ lạnh cũ từ trên cầu xuống hẽm núi.

-> bị phạt 45.000 euro (1,16 tỷ vnd) và phải kéo tủ lạnh lên để 'tái chế đúng cách'

The video went viral after the man, who works for a company that recycles domestic electronic equipment in Olula del Río in Almería was seen tipping the fridge in the Valle de Almanzora. In the video, the man and his companion who filmed the incident can be heard joking, “recycling, let’s go, let’s see how many flips it can do”.

He was identified by the civil guard police who ordered him to haul the fridge back up and recycle it in a proper manner. The police filmed the retrieval which was also posted online.

The offender was fined €45,000 (£41,000) and sacked from his job at the waste management firm which also faces possible sanctions of up to €300,000. Another video has emerged of him disposing of a washing machine in a similar manner.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hướng dẫn cách qua mặt máy chấm công vân tay khi hay đi làm muộn

cần gì phải thế, công ty nào làm vậy -> kiện luôn,

Jeremy Lee, đến từ tiểu bang Queensland, Australia, đã thắng kiện công ty cũ trong một vụ kiện mang tính bước ngoặt sau khi ông bị công ty Superior Wood Pty Ltd sa thải vì từ chối sử dụng máy quét dấu vân tay để chấm điểm giờ làm việc.

Jeremy Lee from Queensland, Australia, was fired (sa thải) from his job at Superior Wood Pty Ltd, a lumber manufacturer, in February 2018 after he refused to use the company’s newly-introduced fingerprint scanners to sign in and out of work. According to case documents, Lee asserted that he had ownership over the biometric data (dữ liệu sinh trắc học) contained within his fingerprint (dấu vân tay), and that Superior Wood could not require that information from him under the country’s Privacy Act (đạo luật quyền riêng tư).

Lee filed a suit with Australia’s Fair Work Commission in March 2018, claiming he was unfairly (không công bằng) dismissed from the company. The commissioner (ủy viên hội đồng) reviewing the case in June ruled in favour of Superior Wood, concluding that the fingerprinting policy was reasonable and therefore employees were obliged to comply (buộc phải tuân thủ).

Dissatisfied (không hài lòng) with the outcome of his case, Lee decided to represent himself and appeal (kháng cáo) the commission’s decision in November 2018...

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Nhà ai có gara ô tô lớn nào?

thì nhận tên lửa saturn thời kỳ apollo của nasa nhé, free, chỉ phải trả 250.000 usd phí vận chuyển thôi :D 

The booster (động cơ đẩy) is the bottom or first stage of the Saturn I, which was the United States’ first heavy-lift rocket (tên lửa), developed in the early 1960s. It was the more massive fifth version, or Saturn V, that would send Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on their trip to the moon in 1969.

We asked why they were still there, and the answer was rather simple – Because there’s no reason to move them. Unless they need to use the space, or someone is buying them, there’s no reason to spend resources on clearing them out (dọn dẹp, vứt bỏ).

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sợ hai anh 'Hiền' và 'Lành' lắm

thẩm phán mỹ từ chức vì bình luận bị cáo đáng được khoan hồng vì "nhân thân tốt"

...James Troiano, the Monmouth County judge who recommended leniency (tính nhân hậu, tính hiền hậu, tính khoan dung) for a 16-year-old boy accused (bị buộc tội) of rape (hiếp dâm) because the boy was from a “good family,” (gia đình văn hóa) resigned (từ chức) from the bench (ghế thẩm phán), officials said.

The comments (lời nhận xét) by Judge Troiano, which were made in a 2018 ruling (phán quyết), were seen by advocates for sexual assault victims as emblematic (tượng trưng, biểu tượng, điển hình) of a legal system (hệ thống luật pháp) that is mired (ngập ngụa trong) in bias (thiên vị) and privilege (đặc quyền), and has deterred (ngăn cản, làm nhụt chí) victims from reporting assaults.

Shortly after the comments became public in early July, elected officials called for the judge’s resignation (từ chức), petitions (đơn kêu gọi) circulated for his disbarment (sự khai trừ ra khỏi đoàn luật sư) and a protest (biểu tình) was held outside the Monmouth County courthouse (tòa án) where the judge had made the ruling. Judge Troiano and his family even received threats of violence (đe dọa bạo lực).

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sân bay Homey và Hồ Groom

là 'Khu vực 51' (Area 51) đó bạn, bạn đã đăng ký tham gia sự kiện ngày 20/9/2019 này chưa, hơn 1,3 triệu người rồi, cẩn thận hết phòng khách sạn :)

In the latest of the weird (không tự nhiên, huyền bí, kỳ lạ; khách thường, khó hiểu) and wacky (dở người, chập mạch, lập dị, mất trí) on the internet, a Facebook event entitled "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" has gone viral. Over 1.3 million people have indicated (cho biết, ra dấu; ngụ ý, biểu lộ) that they're going to this 3 AM joke event on September 20th to stage a joint invasion (xâm lược, xâm chiếm, xâm lấn) of the military base (căn cứ quân sự) and finally "see them aliens (người ngoài hành tinh)." The event has flooded (tràn ngập) the internet with attack plans and memes.

...while the original intent of the event may have been to get some likes and laughs, some are taking the raid a bit more seriously. Hotels and campsites in the area have reportedly recieved a boost in reservations (đặt phòng) because of the event, and the Air Force issued a stern warning to any potential raiders (người đột kích).

Area 51 has been a hub of speculation and conspiracy theorists (nhà lý thuyết âm mưu) since 1989. In a televised interview, Bob Lazar claimed that he took apart a UFO and read government documents about aliens involved in life on Earth as a physicist (nhà vật lý) working in Area 51. Although there was no evidence to back his claims, the military base has since been a pilgrimage (hành hương) site for those convinced that the government is hiding proof of alien life. Area 51 was formally recognized as a spy plane testing site (địa điểm thử nghiệm máy bay do thám) in a 2013 CIA declassified document release in 2013, but this did little to stem the rumors about the base's secret extraterrestrial (ngoài trái đất, ngoài khí quyển) purposes...

Bài trước: Loài giun trỗi dậy

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Loài giun trỗi dậy

loài giun 41.000 năm tuổi đang sống lại từ băng giá

It raises the possibility of long-dead or extinct (tuyệt chủng) species being brought back to life.

Nematodes — half a millimetre long with a head, brain and nervous (thần kinh) system — were resurrected (khai quật) by microbiologist Tatiana Vishnivetskaya at the University of Tennessee, US.

Nematodes are known to be able to withstand (chống lại, chịu đựng) extreme environments. They can go into suspended animation (dừng chức năng sinh học tạm thời, ở trạng thái lơ lửng) and grow a coating (lớp phủ ngoài) that protects against temperatures.

She put samples in nutrient-rich soils (đất giàu chất dinh dưỡng) at Canada’s University of Alberta. Nearly a third sprang into life

Bài trước: Rất hiếm gặp

Monday, June 17, 2019

Rất hiếm gặp

sản phụ tiết sữa từ... âm hộ

Women can experience some odd body changes after pregnancy (mang thai), but for one mother in Austria, those changes were particularly unusual: A rare (hiếm gặp) condition caused her to lactate (tiết ra sữa, chảy sữa) from her vulva (âm hộ) after childbirth (sinh con).

The 29-year-old woman had recently given birth to her second child when she developed severe pain (đau dữ dội) on the right side of her vulva. Doctors noticed she had a lot of swelling (sưng) in an area where she had received sutures (mũi khâu vết mổ), and they thought she had developed an abscess (chỗ rỗ). But it was actually something much rarer.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Ngoại giao - nghề lao tâm khổ tứ

còn bị 'ngỏm củ tỏi' vì đàm phán thất bại nữa đấy,

hội nghị mỹ - triều thất bại, bắc triều tiên xử tử cán bộ cấp cao luôn,

North Korea executed (hành hình, hành quyết) Kim Hyok-chol, its special envoy (đặc phái viên) to the United States, and foreign ministry officials (quan chức bộ ngoại giao) who carried out working-level negotiations (đàm phán cấp chuyên viên) for the second US-North Korea summit (hội nghị thượng đỉnh) in February, holding them responsible for its collapse.

Kim Yong-chol, a senior official who had been US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s counterpart in the run-up to the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, is also said to have been subjected to forced labour  (lao động cưỡng bức) and ideological education (giáo dục ý thức hệ).

The North Korean leader is believed to be carrying out a massive purge (thanh trừng hàng loạt) to divert attention (lái sự chú ý) away from internal turmoil (bất ổn nội bộ) and discontent (bất bình).