Phụ nữ Anh mua chiếc trâm cài giá 20 bảng bán được 10.000 bảng

Flora Steel, nhà sử học nghệ thuật sống ở Rome, mua chiếc trâm cài này cách đây 36 năm tại hội chợ đồ cổ. Bà nhận ra giá trị của nó vào năm ngoái khi xem YouTube

Flora Steel, an art historian (nhà sử học nghệ thuật), bought a silver brooch (trâm bạc) more than three decades ago at an antique fair (hội chợ đồ cổ) in the English Midlands for about 20 pounds, or about $35 at the time. After wearing it on the lapel of one of her favorite coats for several years, she put it away in a closet, where it went untouched for two decades.

That was until last year, when Ms. Steel was scrolling through YouTube on her phone and came across a 2011 BBC story about a brooch being presented on the television show “Antiques Roadshow.” In the clip, the presenter Geoffrey Munn showed a page with sketches of other brooches (bản phác thảo của trâm cài khác) designed by the same Victorian-era architect and artist.

Ms. Steel was the third person to sell a William Burges brooch by auction through Gildings; the other two also realized their brooches’ value after watching “Antiques Roadshow.” One of the brooches sold for £31,000 in 2011 (about $50,000 at the time).

Burges, who is best known for designing Cardiff Castle in Wales, made the brooches for the weddings of two friends in 1864, Gildings said, citing annotations (trích dẫn chú thích) on the original sketches of the brooches, which are stored at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Ms. Steel’s brooch, which has a Victorian Gothic aesthetic, is inscribed with the initials “JCG,” the initials of the Rev. John Gibson, a cleric-scholar, and Caroline Bendyshe, a great-niece of Admiral Lord Nelson.

After successful treatment, she said that she was planning to donate (dự định quyên góp) some of the money to a breast cancer research fund and give some to her son. She was also contemplating setting some aside for herself for a five-day horseback riding trip through Tuscany, Italy, and for a visit to the San Carlo opera house in Naples.

source: nytimes,

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