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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Chúng tôi đợi đến lượt nữ tiếp viên

cơ trưởng hãng hàng không Southwest Airlines bị đuổi việc vì... khoe chim khi đang bay... :D

The pilot, Michael Haak, “intentionally committed an act of lewd (dâm dật), indecent (khiếm nhã) and obscene (tục tĩu) exposure of his genitals in a public place” on the Aug. 10 flight, on which “he was the pilot in command,” a one-page federal complaint filed in Maryland alleges.

...It’s unclear what lewd acts he specifically participated in during the flight beyond exposing himself.

Bài trước: Thật ngưỡng mộ

Thật ngưỡng mộ

"giang cư mận" xôn xao vì bức ảnh chú sóc sáu múi, BÌU TO... :D

People are shocked, impressed and even a little jealous (ghen tị) of a muscular (cơ bắp) squirrel (sóc) with an abnormally large scrotum (bìu to lạ thường) after his photo went viral, with some suggesting he "belongs in the movies" (chỉ có trong phim)

..."I saw him while out walking my dog, did a double take and then doubled over laughing," Sarah told Jam Press.

"I wasn't sure if I should post it anywhere but then my grade school sense of humour got the best of me."

Sarah later shared the image on Facebook, where the post has attracted more than 4,000 likes and 800 comments.

Bài trước: Lan đột biến

Monday, April 5, 2021

Lan đột biến

ko tuyệt chủng nhờ việc khiến bọ hứng tình... :D
Biologists thought Disa forficaria orchids went extinct (tuyệt chủng) twice. Once in 2018, when a single specimen was found after 52 years without a sighting, and again in 2019 when that one orchid seemingly disappeared. There have only been 11 plants ever found in the last 200 years.

But in 2020, when researchers in South Africa were conducting a field experiment at the last known location of the mysterious flower, three male longhorn beetles showed up carrying D. forficaria pollen. That means there must still be at least one orchid still blossoming—we just can’t find it.

In the brief window in which the flower was in human possession, biologists leapt at the chance to study how it attracts pollinators (làm thụ phấn). So, over eight days in March 2016 and another four days in March 2018, researchers observed how Chorothyse hessei beetles—the only insect spotted visiting the orchid—behaved around the flowers. They published their results in Current Biology.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Đồ ăn sao lâu thế không biết?

an tâm, giờ đồ chơi tình dục có thể rung báo shipper sắp đến rồi nhé... :D
More than a year into lockdowns (phong tỏa) and stay-at-home orders (ngồi nhà đặt đồ ăn qua mạng) because of the pandemic (đại dịch), people have been accustomed (quen với) to ordering food online from their favorite restaurants. And you know what else is in demand right now? The use of teledildonics, or those smart devices that allow long-distance partners to still be intimate, albeit remotely.

A company called CamSoda is using the power of internet-connected toys (đồ chơi tình dục có kết nối internet), like the trusty vibrator (dương vật giả), through “Grubuzz” that alerts its user the status of one’s order by sending vibrations (rung) to the toy.

With the different stages of one’s order, the vibrations’ frequency (tần số) will gradually increase. For example, when the restaurant receives the order, the toy’s vibration will start slowly. The vibration will progressively increase as the driver picks up the food and leaves the restaurant with the order until the driver gets to one’s door.

Không ngờ tệ đến thế

tắc nghẽn tại kênh đào Suez khiến chuyến hàng 20 công-te-nơ... đồ chơi tình dục ko thể tới được hà lan... :D
According to Dutch news outlet RTVNoord, a shipment of 20 containers filled with...*ahem...’dildos (dương vật giả), vibrators (kích thích âm vật) and male masturbators’ (thủ dâm) is stuck on one of the many ships that is being held up by the situation in Egypt which doesn’t look like it will be resolved anytime soon.

The products are made by the Dutch company EDC Retail, who sell their items across the Netherlands and Belgium. They’ve called they hold up ‘annoying’ as they had been aiming to restock their supplies after selling ‘a lot’ during Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Evertine Magerman, the CEO of the firm is quoted as saying: “There is now an extra lot on the way to restore stocks. But that is not possible now...

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cuộc tình quý giá mong manh

có chơi vơi ngược dòng đời,

đôi tình nhân quá hứng tình, nảy ra ý tưởng... làm tình ngược đời, khiến bạn trai bị... kẹt chim ở cửa phòng ngủ, phải cấp cứu gấp... :D

...Trying to keep up with Katie’s libido (dục tình), Erik explained he took enhancements (làm to dương vật) in order to get ready for a marathon sex session.

Carrying on with DIY around the house, he said: ‘I had to cut a really small hole because of course Katie has to have a vintage door knob. 

‘As I was looking at the new door knob hole I had an amazing idea.’ ‘I was surprised by how turned on (hứng tình) I was,’ Katie said. ‘I was playing with him through the door hole and I got so excited that I just said we should have sex right now through the door.’

But getting frisky (nghịch ngợm, nô đùa) through a hole in a door, perhaps unsurprisingly, started causing issues quickly, with Erik’s penis swelling up and getting stuck.

Bài trước: Không ổn rồi

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Không ổn rồi

giữa dịch covid-19, người canada lại... làm tình ít hơn, ko phải nhiều hơn... ;)
Flexibility (tính linh hoạt, linh động) is the ability to bend without breaking. If we are all trees amidst a pandemic storm (cơn bão), the windy gusts of virus variants and vaccine delays are blowing our branches, hard. It’s been nearly a year now and many of us feel like we are going to snap: It’s bend or break time.

Are we sheltering the storm (tránh bão) by slipping under the sheets with a significant other? Surprisingly, no.

The naked truth is that Canadians are having less sex, not more, according to a national survey by researchers at the University of British Columbia. Reasons for this decrease could include increased mental health problems, too much time together for couples or too much time alone for singles.

It’s an unfortunate twist, because we need this type of feel-good activity when stress is at an all-time high.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Anh em nhớ lịch thi đấu

theo lời kêu gọi của danh hài Alex Williamson, 9/4/2021 sẽ là ngày 1 triệu thanh niên úc... thủ dâm :D

As championed (ủng hộ) by the comedian (danh hài), Australians are being invited to take part in the world’s first crowd-orgasm as the search for ‘Australia’s Biggest W*nker’ starts. We know you immediately know a few contenders for that title (tôi biết trong đầu bạn có tên của một vài ứng cử viên vô địch rồi đấy).

It’s all part of a campaign to break down (phá vỡ, phá bỏ, dỡ bỏ) the dangerous stigma (vết nhơ, dấu hiệu bệnh) that surrounds masturbation and raise awareness (nâng cao nhận thức) about the mental and physical benefits (lợi ích tinh thần và thể chất) of masturbation (của thủ dâm).

It’s the brainchild (đứa con tinh thần) of sex-tech pioneer Hot Octopuss and it will – shudder – reach its climax (cực  khoái, cao trào) on April 9th when the world’s first ever (allegedly) mass participation masturbation event, One Big W*nk.

“The last 12 months have been a lot both mentally and physically. This campaign is an opportunity for Australians across the country to shake it off, quite literally,” Adam Lewis, co-founder at Hot Octopuss said.

Bài trước: Đúng là dê

Monday, March 22, 2021

Đúng là dê

do covid-19, dê ở bắc wales bùng nổ dân số vì... ko được tiêm tránh thai đúng hẹn... :D

When food is scarce in spring, the Kashmiri goats venture down from the Great Orme into Llandudno, Conwy, in search of something to eat.

But there are fears for their safety after numbers spiked and they started exploring further in lockdown.

...While the goats are wild animals, they normally get contraceptive injections (tiêm tránh thai) to manage their numbers but due to the pandemic, this did not happen last year.

Bài trước: Tối qua say quá

Tối qua say quá

em gái 27 tuổi cứ tưởng bị lao, chạy chữa suốt 6 tháng không khỏi, cuối cùng các bác sĩ phát hiện ra là... bao cao su trong phổi... :D
A 27-year-old woman showed up to hospital with a cough (ho), fever (sốt), and thick mucus (đờm) that had been persistent for six months (dai dẳng suốt 6 tháng). Four months prior to attending hospital, she had been prescribed antibiotics (kháng sinh) and anti-tuberculosis treatment, which appeared to have no impact on her symptoms (triệu chứng), doctors write in a case report published in the National Library of Medicine.

The school teacher's sputum (nước dãi, đờm) was tested for TB and was found to be negative. However, when her chest was scanned they found a lesion in the right upper lobe of her lungs. Upon further investigation, it appeared to be "an inverted bag-like structure ‘sitting’ in the bronchus (phế quản)".

The team removed the mysterious "bag". Though most of it was destroyed by the process, it was still identifiable as a condom.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Hết lòng vì con

bà mẹ ở Pennsylvania, Mỹ gửi ảnh chế (deep fake) khỏa thân và hút cần của "đối thủ của con gái" tới huấn luyện viên đội cổ vũ, hy vọng các em này bị loại... :D
...Last summer, Spone allegedly created doctored (làm giả, giả mạo) photos and videos of at least three teenage members of the Victory Vipers, a competitive cheerleading squad (đội cổ vũ) based in Doylestown. The images appeared to show the high school-age girls either naked (khỏa thân) or in bikinis, drinking alcohol (uống rượu) and smoking vape pens (hút thuốc lá điện tử), the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, citing an affidavit (bản khai có tuyên thệ) filed by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

The woman sent the images to their cheerleading coaches (huấn luyện viên) in an effort to have them removed from the team and also texted the images to the girls themselves from an anonymous number, telling at least one that she should kill herself (đi chết đi), the affidavit says.

Spone's daughter is on the same team (cùng đội) as the three alleged victims, but investigators (nhà điều tra) do not believe she was aware of her mother’s actions.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

“Lạc trôi” nghề kinh doanh băng, đĩa

ko trôi đâu,

nhân dịp phong tỏa vì covid-19, mở lại cửa hàng phim người lớn ở tầng hầm...
He owns it all, yet he still calls it a rental joint.

Following the closure of his local movie rental store during the coronavirus pandemic (đại dịch), one man spent his extra time in lockdown (phong tỏa) building an homage to it in his own basement.

...The man was inspired to build out his basement into a replica of a ’90s-energy Blockbuster when his local rental spot closed during the pandemic and gave away its shelves. The store apparently went the way of most movie rental brick and mortars — save for one plucky Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon, now a tourist hot spot.

...In the second video on the account, a man dressed in rainbow suspenders and a tucked-in graphic T-shirt — perhaps the basement rental joint’s creator and proprietor — shows where the adult section is.

“It’s up here, behind the counter, so you’ll have to blush when you ask for titles like ‘The Night Crawler,’” the man says, holding up a VHS tape bearing the image of a man in bondage.

Bài trước: Phóng mạnh lên

Phóng mạnh lên

nasa sẽ đưa... 6,7 triệu mẫu tinh trùng lên mặt trăng... :))

In what they’re calling a “modern global insurance policy (chính sách bảo hiểm hiện đại toàn cầu),” mechanical engineers have proposed that humans establish a repository (kho, chỗ chứa) of reproductive cells (tế bào sinh sản) — sperm and ova (trứng) — from 6.7 million of Earth’s species, including humans.

And the proposed bank, or “ark,” (thuyền lớn) would be beneath the moon’s surface.

As our planet (hành tinh) faces natural disasters (thảm họa thiên nhiên), drought (hạn hán), asteroids (thiên thạch) and the potential for nuclear war (chiến tranh hạt nhân) — to name a few troubles — scientists say that humans must set their sights on space travel (du hành không gian) to preserve life (duy trì sự sống) as we know it.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Từ 2021, quấy rối tình dục nơi công sở nhận cái kết đắng

thanh niên thượng hải nhắn tin khiếm nhã tới đồng nghiệp bị tòa ra án phạt 345 triệu đồng...
A Shanghai court (tòa án) ruled (phán quyết) Monday that a man’s persistent (dai dẳng, liên tục) inappropriate (không phù hợp) language toward his colleague (đồng nghiệp) constituted sexual harassment (quấy rối tình dục), the city’s first such judicial decision under China’s new civil code.

The Yangpu District People’s Court said the defendant (bị đơn) should pay at least 98,000 yuan ($15,000) in compensation (bồi thường) to the plaintiff (nguyên đơn) for medical bills, lost wages, transportation expenses, legal fees, and mental distress (nỗi đau buồn, đau đớn).

...Wang Li and Xu Qiang worked in the same department at an unidentified company. Beginning in August 2019, the defendant sent the plaintiff obscene (tục tĩu) and disturbing (quấy rầy, quấy rối) text messages — some referencing rape (hiếp dâm) and suicide (tự sát) — on an almost daily basis.

Lần cuối (đi bên em xót xa người ơi)

bệnh nhân covid-19 bị tác dụng phụ, cương cứng suốt 3 giờ đồng hồ, mặc dù đã được các nữ y tá tận tình chăm sóc, vẫn thăng...

...the patient (bệnh nhân) had a history of obesity (béo phì) and was suffering from a prolonged cough, congestion (sung huyết), anorexia (chứng biếng ăn, chán ăn), weakness and shortness of breath (khó thở) when he went to the emergency room (phòng cấp cứu) at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, last year. He tested positive for COVID-19 and remained in hospital for several days, during which his health continued to decline. He was eventually sedated (cho dùng thuốc an thần), intubated (luồn ống thở), placed on a ventilator (máy thở) and moved into a prone position to make him more comfortable.

“Nursing noticed an erection (cương cứng)” on the afternoon after he was repositioned, doctors wrote in the case study. Health-care workers tried to help by placing ice packs (chườm đá) around the man’s penis (dương vật), but it stayed erect for three hours.

Experts took a look at the man and ran ultrasound scans. They ultimately determined that he was suffering from ischemic (chứng thiếu máu cục bộ) priapism (chứng cương dương vật), an urgent (khẩn cấp) and potentially dangerous condition during which blood cannot leave the penis. The condition was likely triggered by a blood clot caused by COVID-19...

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Anh giỡn chúng tôi đấy à?

khi bị khám tới háng, gã trai 20 tuổi người florida giải thích với cảnh sát thứ cộm trong quần là cu, nhưng ko phải, đó là khẩu súng lục glock 23... :)
It was when the police pat (vỗ nhẹ) down reached his groin (háng) region that Michael Phillips offered an explanation (lời giải thích) for the hard item in his underwear (quần lót).

“That’s my dick (cu),” the 20-year-old Florida Man told a deputy with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

But it was not, in fact, Phillips's dick, according to an arrest report.

Phillips, who was a passenger in a stolen 2015 Chevrolet Equinox that got pulled over Saturday night in St. Petersburg, was actually packing a Glock 23 holding a magazine (ổ đạn, kho vũ khí) with 22 rounds.

According to the gun’s manufacturer, the Glock has a four-inch barrel and an overall length of 7.36 inches.

After being read his rights, Phillips reportedly copped to owning the gun in his drawers. Phillips said he received the Glock as a gift, and carried the semi-automatic pistol (khẩu súng lục tự động) “for protection.”

Monday, March 8, 2021

Du lịch Phuket 'thất thủ'

thanh niên choai choai 16 tuổi đi khắp làng, ăn cắp quần lót nữ để làm gì ko biết, giờ vẫn chưa truy tìm và bắt được... ;)
-> chuyện "sàm sỡ ở hồ tây" cũng bình thường thôi, đừng bức xúc quá...

As the man made his getaway, a neighbour saw him and yelled out at him.

Woralit Poonthawa, whose wife’s underwear was stolen, told The Phuket News, that he had never had “this kind of incident” at this home before.

“Only me, my 40-year-old wife and our baby girl live here, and we are really worried about the incident,” he added.

Mr Woralit also said that he had already asked police to watch the area for the safety of residents as he said “it is a dangerous situation for children and women”.

Bài trước: Thật cường tráng

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Thật cường tráng

các nhà khảo cổ người anh không nhịn được cười khi tìm thấy cối xay 2.000 năm tuổi chạm khắc con CU lớn... :D
...The team have been examining artefacts (đồ tạo tác) that were unearthed (khai quật) on Britain’s biggest roads. It is fair to say they could not believe it when they found a 2,000-year-old millstone (cối xay) decorated (được trang trí) with an enhanced penis (dương vật).

Steve Sherlock, Highways England’s Archaeology (khảo cổ học) Lead for the A14, said: “The phallus (tượng dương vật (để tôn thờ, biểu tượng cho sức sinh sản của thiên nhiên)) was seen as an important image of strength and virility (tính cường dương; khả năng có con; tính hùng dũng, kiên cường) in the Roman world."

He told Cambridgeshire Live that Roman fighters (chiến binh la mã) would often wear good-luck charms (bùa may mắn) engraved (khắc, trổ, chạm) with penises before entering battle (trước khi vào trận đấu).

This is the latest in a series of bizarre discoveries found by archaeologists working on Highways England’s £1.5 billion A14 upgrade project in Cambridgeshire which started in November 2016 and was completed in March 2020.

Experts were then invited to investigate the ancient relics (thánh tích cổ xưa) found during the work on the road between Cambridge and Huntingdon. More than 300 querns (cối xay) - a type of stone tool - and millstones were recovered during the project.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Bảo mật Zoom: 9 tính năng và cách bảo mật khi họp, học, hội thảo

đề nghị bộ phận IT nghiên cứu thật kỹ và có phương án phòng ngừa,

tránh trường hợp như ở trường trung học Titusville, cô giáo đang giảng bài thì bị hacker chiếu phim sex... :D

...“We have worked closely with our educational technology team (bộ phận IT giáo dục) as well as the administration at THS to reinforce (củng cố) security measures (các biện pháp an ninh) and protocols as well as provide additional training. The incident (vụ việc) was reported to both police and Zoom security for further investigation. While incredibly (khó tin nổi, đáng kinh ngạc, đến nỗi không ngờ) frustrating (thất vọng, mệt mỏi), we want to assure our families that we will continue to do all we can to provide a safe learning environment (môi trường học tập an toàn) in the midst of a very challenging and unusual school year,” 

The person responsible for (chịu trách nhiệm) broadcasting (phát hình) the pornography has not yet been identified (xác định, xác minh), although police are continuing to investigate (điều tra).

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Ai yêu bác Cu-ô-mô bằng các em Niu Óoc

thống đốc Andrew Cuomo của bang new york muốn thơm một em gái ở đám cưới hồi tháng 9/2019, bị chụp ảnh lại và tố cáo 'quấy rối tình dục'...

The governor (thống đốc) was working the room after toasting the newlyweds (tân lang tân nương), and when he came upon (gặp mặt) Ms. Ruch, now 33, she thanked him for his kind words about her friends. But what happened next instantly unsettled her: Mr. Cuomo put his hand (đặt tay) on Ms. Ruch’s bare lower back (lưng trần), she said in an interview on Monday.

When she removed his hand with her own, Ms. Ruch recalled, the governor remarked that she seemed “aggressive” (gây hấn, hùng hổ) and placed his hands on her cheeks. He asked if he could kiss (hôn) her, loudly enough for a friend standing nearby to hear. Ms. Ruch was bewildered (bối rối, hoang mang, lúng túng, ngơ ngác) by the entreaty (khẩn nài, xin), she said, and pulled away as the governor drew closer.

“I was so confused (bối rối) and shocked and embarrassed (xấu hổ),” said Ms. Ruch, whose recollection (nhớ lại, hồi tưởng lại) was corroborated (làm chứng, chứng thực) by the friend, contemporaneous (tồn tại hoặc xảy ra cùng một lúc; cùng thời) text messages (tin nhắn) and photographs from the event. “I turned my head away and didn’t have words in that moment.”

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