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Car manufacturers are collecting troves of data (kho dữ liệu) on drivers and passengers — some even tracking (theo dõi) drivers' sexual activity (hành vi tình dục) — according to a new report.

In a review of 25 car brands and 15 car companies published by Mozilla Foundation on Wednesday, researchers found that Japanese car manufacturer Nissan said it could sell information about drivers and passengers’ sexual activity, intelligence (trí tuệ) and health diagnosis (chẩn đoán sức khỏe) to data brokers (môi giới dữ liệu), law enforcement agencies (cơ quan thực thi pháp luật) and other companies. German manufacturer Volkswagen said it could record drivers’ voices to profile them for targeted ads.

“The amount of data that these car companies blatantly said that they could collect was shocking,” said Jen Caltrider, lead researcher at Mozilla Foundation, the nonprofit owner of the company running the Firefox Browser. “It's like nobody's ever challenged them or asked them questions about privacy (sự riêng tư), and so they just include everything.”

Europeans are — in principle — more protected against abuse by their landmark privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but Mozilla's Caltrider suggested the law was poorly enforced (thi hành) with car companies. A look at enforcement action across Europe showed few national regulators (cơ quan quản lý quốc gia) had taken action against car companies' data gathering since the law came into force.

source: politico,

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