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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Chú cảnh sát ơi, Cứu cháu với!

thiếu niên vùng halton gọi 911 vì mẹ đổi mật khẩu xbox... :D
Kids do the darnedest things. A teen in Halton Region region caused a flurry (xao động) of funny news pieces this week, after they dialled 911 for a not-so-necessary reason. Apparently, their mother committed the heinous (cực kỳ tàn ác) crime of changing their Xbox console password.

Cue the oohs and ahhs, people. How dare she??

Listen, obviously (rõ ràng là) screen time (thời gian sử dụng màn hình) has taken on a whole new meaning during this pandemic (đại dịch). But to go as far as calling emergency services at the loss of your video games might just be a touch overboard. Just a touch.

...Although this is a pretty funny story, we should note that unnecessarily calling 911 can result in some not-so-funny consequences. Apparently, you can be fined up to $5,000 for taking up police time and resources.

Bài trước: Đồng cảm với em

Monday, March 1, 2021

Cứu bé 2 tuổi rơi từ tầng 13: Người hùng không đi vắng

...Manh works as a truck driver (lái xe tải) and provides professional packing services (dịch vụ đóng gói chuyên nghiệp). The incident (vụ việc, vụ tai nạn) took place (diễn ra) around 5 pm on Sunday. “I was sitting in the car and waiting to deliver some belongings for a client in the opposite building while hearing a baby’s bawling (khóc oang oang), just thought she was yelled by her mothers. However, no sooner had I heard someone screaming for help (gào thét kêu gọi giúp đỡ) than I stuck my head out of the car, looking around, and saw a girl climbing out of the balcony (ban công). I plunged out of the car immediately and found ways to climb into the nearby building. I mounted on a 2-meter-high tile roof to seek a proper position to get the girl.

I tried to reach out my hand and took the maximum effort to catch the girl. When the baby falls, I just can ward her off so that she would not fall directly to the ground. Luckily, the baby fell into my lap, and the two landing on the sheet roof. I hurriedly embraced her then saw blood leaking from her mouth, I was very frightened ”, Manh reminded.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Quà Giáng sinh cho con đến khi nào?

dưới 7 tuổi thôi nhé,

8 tuổi trở lên ko còn tin ông già noel nữa rồi, đã hiểu sự thật...
Research in the Journal of Cognition and Development in 2011 shows that 83% of 5-year-olds think that Santa Claus is real, the study’s lead author, Jacqueline Woolley, wrote in The Conversation last year.

“We have found in more recent studies that that number of 85% sounds about right,” said Thalia Goldstein, assistant professor of applied developmental psychology (tâm lý học phát triển) at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

“Children’s belief in Santa starts when they’re between 3 and 4 years old. It’s very strong when they’re between about 4 and 8,” she said. “Then, at 8 years old is when we start to see the drop-off in belief, when children start to understand the reality (sự thật, thực tế) of Santa Claus.”

Bài trước: Đồng cảm với em

Đồng cảm với em

dọa giết thầy giáo vì sắp lịch thi lúc 7h sáng... :D

...Decomas told police he was upset that his data structure professor had schedule a final exam for 7 a.m. Because Decomas lives in Riviera Beach, police said he told them, he would have to wake up at 5 a.m.

"Decomas stated he did not intend to harm anyone and tweeted the post out of frustration (buồn bực, chán nản, tuyệt vọng)," the report said. "Decomas advised that he deleted the post soon after publishing it."

Bài trước: Cháu nó đúng rồi

Cháu nó đúng rồi

gọi 911 báo cảnh sát vì nhận được quà giáng sinh là quần dài mùa đông (ko thấm nước)...

...He said the boy was upset (buồn bực) with his present (quà tặng) and wanted the police (cảnh sát) to help.

Schmidt said officers took the necessary steps (các bước đi cần thiết) to ensure (đảm bảo rằng) the call was not an emergency (khẩn cấp) and police were not dispatched (phái, cử) to the scene (hiện trường) to investigate (điều tra).

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Schmidt told that the incident is "an awareness and educational moment" that prompts another reminder for parents and caregivers to talk to children about making 911 calls.

Bài trước: Cũng là một cách

Cũng là một cách

gọi điện ẩn danh dọa máy bay có bom, để bố mẹ ko đến thăm...
The 23-year-old student made an anonymous (ẩn danh, nặc danh) threat (đe dọa) against flight EZY4319 travelling from Lyon to Rennes on 18 January.

His parents (bố mẹ) were travelling on board the aircraft and he did not want to see them.

The aircraft, which was reportedly carrying 159 passengers, was forced to turn around and shortly after take-off.

The flight was operated by a replacement aircraft and crew from London Luton.

Police later arrested the man who confessed (thú nhận) to creating "false news compromising the safety of an aircraft in flight”.

Bài trước: Mày nghịch dại thế con

Mày nghịch dại thế con

vẽ bậy bạ lên hộ chiếu của bố, giờ tắc ở hải quan ko xuất cảnh được rồi...

The child got busy during a recent family trip to South Korea, where he took to the back page of his dad’s Chinese passport with a black pen and drew some really nice pictures of people, animals, and – obviously – added a bit more hair to his dad’s face. 

The only problem is that now his dad is stuck in South Korea because of his unrecognisable (không thể nhận ra) documentation (tài liệu), and authorities  (cơ quan có thẩm quyền) have warned (cảnh báo) it is likely he won’t be able to travel home with his son, and the rest of his party.

Bài trước: Cứu tôi với

Cứu tôi với

con tôi nó đánh tôi, vì ko mặc bộ đồ nó muốn...

Mikkel Dankner, 40, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery (đánh đập, bạo hành) on a victim (nạn nhân) over 65 years old and domestic battery (bạo hành gia đình) by strangulation (bóp cổ, bóp nghẹt).

A woman reportedly called police after Dankner's 65-year-old mother ran to her house with blood on her face (mặt đầy máu) and Dankner in pursuit.

Bài trước: Con cái khó bảo

Con cái khó bảo

kiện bố mẹ ra tòa, đòi 86.000 usd vì đã... vứt bộ sưu tập khiêu dâm của con :D

...The family rift began in October 2016 when the man moved back into his parents' Grand Haven, Michigan, home after a divorce (ly dị). Among his possessions was a smut (tục tĩu, dâm ô) collection, he said in court documents, worth $29,000.

Less than a year later, the man moved to Indiana. When his parents delivered his property to his new home, the son alleges his massive collection was missing.

Bài trước: Chỉ có ở Texas

Friday, January 22, 2021

Chỉ có ở Texas

cưỡi bò đến trường trong ngày cuối cùng của năm học... :D
There are just some things you’d probably only expect to see in Texas and a teenage girl riding a cow to school most likely would be one of them.

Kayden Bayer, a 17-year-old junior at Buna High School, and her friend Autumn Burt, planned to ride their horses (ngựa) to school Friday morning to celebrate (kỷ niệm, đón chào) the last day of school.

But Bayer decided she wanted to switch things up so she saddled up her 3-year-old Black Angus heifer, “Velvet,” and rode the 600 pound cow (bò) to school.

...Teens will be teens (trẻ con vẫn là trẻ con), of course, and in at least one photo both Bayer and Burt can be seen using their phones as they ride across a field (cánh đồng) near the school.

Bài trước: Thật quá quắt

Thật quá quắt

con trai dán đồ của bố lên trần nhà, bốn ngày ko tìm thấy đâu :)
It might be one of the most infuriating (làm điên tiết, chọc điên tiết) things in the world when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Why does the remote control (điều khiển từ xa) have such a penchant (xu hướng) for disappearing (biến mất)? (is someone working on a ‘find my remote’ app yet or what?) 

Usually, though, we find the elusive (hay lảng tránh)) device wedged behind the sofa cushions, hidden underneath it, or randomly in the bathroom or next to the kettle. One place we might not look, however, is the ceiling (trần nhà). 

Understandably, one unfortunate dad didn’t think to look up after four days of constantly losing his stuff. 

Reddit poster SeamanTheSailor shared images of some of the items he glued (dính băng keo), including glasses, a phone case, a shoe, and the one to end all the games – the remote.

Bài trước: Em còn bé lắm

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Em còn bé lắm

em gái 36 tuổi gọi điện thoại 911 nhiều lần để báo cảnh sát rằng... bố mẹ thu giữ điện thoại di động của em, đã bị bắt...

Seloni Khetarpal, 36, of Jackson Township, was charged with disrupting (phá rối) public services (dịch vụ công), a fourth-degree felony (trọng tội).

...The first time she called, police warned her to only call for a legitimate emergency (tình huống khẩn cấp chính đáng). Hours later, she called again.

According to court documents, she was “belligerent” (tham chiến) and said she thought it was a legitimate issue.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cấm từ nay không chơi Play Station nữa nhé

bé trai 11 tuổi ăn trộm xe buýt của trường, giơ ngón tay thối vào mặt cảnh sát...
His joyride lasted a while, but his jail ride might be even longer.

The pre-adolescent thief led multiple police cruisers on a 13-mile pursuit through the streets of Baton Rouge before crashing into a tree and getting arrested, authorities told local news outlet WBRZ. The child even flipped the middle finger (giơ ngón tay thối) to officers as he drove past them.

Eyewitness videos shared on social media captured part of the pursuit, with one clip showing more than a dozen police cruisers following the bus.

Bài trước: Thật khai sáng

Thật khai sáng

đan mạch có phim hoạt hình cho trẻ em về người đàn ông có... chim dài nhất thế giới và phải vất vả với cuộc sống ra sao :D

The Danish equivalent of the BBC, DR, has a new animated series aimed at four- to eight-year-olds about John Dillermand, the man with the world’s longest penis who overcomes hardships (vượt vất vả/khó khăn) and challenges (thách thức) with his record-breaking genitals.

Unsurprisingly, the series has provoked debate about what good children’s television should – and should not – contain.

Since premiering on Saturday, opponents have condemned the idea of a man who cannot control his penis. “Is this really the message we want to send to children while we are in the middle of a huge #MeToo wave?” wrote the Danish author Anne Lise Marstrand-Jørgensen.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

"Seo phì" ít thôi!

mải chụp ảnh không nhớ/biết gì đến trải nghiệm đâu...

nếu bà chụp ảnh cháu suốt ngày, dặn bà lần sau đến chơi bỏ điện thoại ở nhà, dành thời gian chơi với cháu... :D
Dear Dan,

Whenever my mother visits us, she’s preoccupied with taking photos of her grandchildren (cháu) so that she can remember every moment. Having her camera in our faces all the time is annoying, but I don’t want to deprive her of good memories when the visit ends. Should I try to convince her to stop taking pictures?

Now that most of us carry a phone with a camera all the time, it’s hard to resist the temptation (ham muốn) to document every significant moment in photographs. But it turns out that taking pictures all the time isn’t just annoying; it can make it more difficult to remember the very experiences the photos are intended to capture.

In one experiment, pairs of visitors took a tour of a historic landmark (mốc lịch sử). One person in each pair was instructed to take photos and the other was told not to. A few weeks later they were given a surprise memory test about the landmark, and it turned out that the visitors who took photos remembered much less than those who didn’t. While the photographers were preoccupied with trying to get the best shot, the nonphotographers were able to think about the experience and absorb it into the structure of their memories.

With this in mind, try asking your mother to experiment with leaving her camera at home next time she visits. She might find that this allows her to spend more time really interacting with the grandchildren, leaving her with memories that are more vivid and meaningful than any photos.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Vào danh sách bé hư của ông già Noel rồi

con chơi game trên điện thoại của mẹ đã tiêu 16.000 usd ở thẻ tín dụng...
Well, someone has made Santa’s naughty list.

While working from home during the pandemic (làm việc ở nhà trong đại dịch), Wilton., Conn., real estate broker (môi giới bất động sản) Jessica Johnson, 41, didn’t realize the younger of her two sons had gone on a shopping spree (mua sắm điên cuồng) on her iPad. Over the month of July, George bought add-on boosters — starting with $1.99 red rings and moving up to $99.99 gold rings — that allowed him to access new characters and more speed, spending hundreds of bucks at a time.

Hãy cho con được lớn

con trai thắng kiện vì mẹ vứt bộ sưu tập tạp chí khỏa thân (trị giá 25k usd)...

U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney in Kalamazoo granted the son’s request for summary judgment in his favor.

The parties have until mid-February to file written submissions on damages (thiệt hại, tổn thất).

The parents’ attorney, Anne Marie VanderBroek, said she is working to establish the value (giá trị) of the items that were disposed of but declined to comment about the case.

David Werking contends damages are around $25,000.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Không bao giờ cho con nghịch điện thoại

bé gái 2 tuổi gửi ảnh khỏa thân của mẹ cho tất cả mọi người trong danh bạ điện thoại, có cả đồng nghiệp và bạn đại học... :D

Emily Schmitt allowed her daughter Carsyn to play with her phone while she dried her hair (sấy tóc) on Sunday.

But as she stood naked (khỏa thân), the 30-year-old did not notice that her child was taking naked shots of her bare (trần truồng) behind and sending them to various friends on Snapchat.

When she received a message from a co-worker saying "thanks for the nude", Emily realised (nhận ra) what little Carsyn had done.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Không ổn rồi

trẻ em uống sữa công thức qua chai nhựa đang nuốt hàng triệu hạt vi nhựa mỗi ngày...
Bottle-fed babies are swallowing millions of microplastic particles a day, according to research described as a “milestone” in the understanding of human exposure to tiny plastics.

Scientists found that the recommended high-temperature (nhiệt độ cao) process for sterilising (khử trùng) plastic bottles (chai nhựa) and preparing formula milk (sữa công thức) caused bottles to shed (rơi, tung ra, tỏa ra) millions of microplastics and trillions of even smaller nanoplastics.

The polypropylene bottles tested make up 82% of the world market, with glass bottles being the main alternative. Polypropylene is one of the most commonly used plastics and preliminary tests by the scientists found kettles and food containers also produced millions of microplastics per litre of liquid.

Microplastics in the environment (vi nhựa trong môi trường) were already known to contaminate (làm ô nhiễm) human food and drink (thức ăn và đồ uống của con người), but the study shows that food preparation in plastic containers (chuẩn bị thức ăn trong đồ chứa bằng nhựa) can lead to exposure (phơi bày, phơi nhiễm) thousands of times higher (cao hơn hàng nghìn lần).

Bài trước: Thật đáng sợ

Thật đáng sợ

ô nhiễm không khí gây ra cái chết của nửa triệu trẻ em trên toàn cầu...
Air pollution (ô nhiễm không khí) last year (năm ngoái) caused (gây ra) the premature death (chết yểu) of nearly half a million babies in their first month of life, with most of the infants (đứa bé còn ẵm ngửa, đứa bé dưới 7 tuổi) being in the developing world, data shows.

Exposure (phơi bày, phơi nhiễm) to airborne pollutants (chất gây ô nhiễm (do xe cộ, động cơ.. thải ra)) is harmful also for babies in the womb (tử cung). It can cause a premature birth or low birth weight. Both of these factors are associated with higher infant mortality (tỷ lệ tử vong cao hơn ở trẻ em).

Nearly two-thirds of the 500,000 deaths of infants documented were associated with indoor (trong nhà) air pollution, particularly arising from solid fuels such as charcoal (than củi), wood, and animal dung (phân động vật) for cooking (nấu nướng).

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