Trung Quốc điều chỉnh thời gian ngủ trưa của học sinh

lo lắng về sự phát triển thể chất và tình trạng thiếu ngủ của trẻ em đã khiến một khu học chánh ở Hàng Châu yêu cầu học sinh nằm ít nhất 30 phút mỗi ngày.


A district in eastern Hangzhou has become the first in the country to introduce standards (tiêu chuẩn) for primary and secondary school students’ “lying-down breaks” (giờ ngủ trưa) at school, mandating (yêu cầu) at least 30 minutes of sleep in a prone position (tư thế nằm sấp) during the lunch break. 

Qiantang District education officials (quan chức giáo dục) made the announcement (thông báo) on Tuesday, recommending between 40-50 minutes of lying-down sleep time (thời gian nằm ngủ) for primary students and between 30-40 minutes for secondary students.

In China, it is common for students to have naps (giấc ngủ trưa) at school in the middle of the day. Most students nap at their desks, but experts have warned that the practice is bad for children’s physical development (sự phát triển thể chất).

In recent years, some schools have introduced methods for students to lie down during their naps, such as via reclining chairs (ghế tự nghiêng) and beds. But the cost of such equipment (thiết bị) and a lack of room have prevented more schools from adopting the practice. 

Under the new standards, schools in Qiantang District will be required to provide the equipment for students to lie down, while the students themselves provide the bedding.

source: Sixth Tone, 

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