Em yêu, anh đi xem bảo tàng đây

triển lãm ở London mời du khách chen lấn giữa những người biểu diễn khỏa thân...
Two models stand eye to eye, completely nude (khỏa thân).

Between them is space for an average-sized body, squeezing sideways (ép sang một bên). This is the entry to a new London art exhibition.

The Royal Academy of Arts is presenting a retrospective (hồi tưởng) of Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović, whose career has spanned five decades (thập kỉ).

An alternative entrance (lối vào thay thế) will be available for visitors who do not wish to use the naked doorway - a work known as Imponderabilia.

Walking between the models creates a "confrontation with nakedness (sự khỏa thân), gender (giới tính), sexuality (xu hướng tính dục) and desire (lòng yêu mến)",

Abramović is known to push her physical and mental boundaries in the pursuit of art (theo đuổi nghệ thuật).

In 2010, she sat for eight hours a day for nearly three months at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Visitors were invited to sit in front of her for as long as they wanted, with more than 1,500 people joining the performance. Videos of this performance will form part of the Royal Academy's retrospective.

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