Thích cách truyền thống của sao JAV hơn

bạn có tiêm tinh trùng cá hồi vào mặt không? xu hướng mới tuyên bố sẽ loại bỏ nếp nhăn đồng thời tránh hiện tượng 'mặt gối' sưng húp...
Beauty is becoming increasingly innovative (đổi mới), with people willing to go further and further to look perfect.

From Cleopatra bathing in milk to people injecting toxic (tiêm chất độc) into their faces, there seems no need to the pursuit for beauty (theo đuổi vẻ đẹp).

But perhaps one of the most extreme beauty rituals (nghi thức làm đẹp) is set to become popular in 2024 - facial injections of salmon sperm derivatives (dẫn xuất tinh trùng cá hồi).

Tweakment expert Nadine Baggott appeared on This Morning today to discuss the new treatment, what participants can expect, and the cost.

And it may shock the more less experimental among us: one of the top trends involves having a small needle (kim tiêm) of a substance derived from salmon sperm into their face.

Like botox, it is a procedure (thủ tục) that will need repeating around three times a year, at a cost of £2&5+ (this will depend on factors like the salon and the area).

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