Hơn 50 nhân vật Pháp bảo vệ Depardieu sau cáo buộc hành vi tình dục sai trái

trong lá thư công khai, hàng chục diễn viên, đạo diễn và người nổi tiếng cho biết Depardieu là nạn nhân của vụ “hành hình”, khi ông phải đối mặt với cáo buộc tội phạm tình dục

Over 50 actors, artists and other celebrities in France have issued a letter ardently (nhiệt tình) defending Gérard Depardieu, the actor accused of sexual harassment and assault (quấy rối và tấn công tình dục), calling him the victim of a “lynching” and arguing that he should be able to continue working despite a storm of criticism.

They included the actresses Nathalie Baye, Charlotte Rampling and Carole Bouquet — one of Mr. Depardieu’s former partners — as well as the actors Jacques Weber and Pierre Richard; Roberto Alagna, the opera tenor; Carla Bruni, the singer and former first lady of France; and Bertrand Blier, the director whose 1974 film “Going Places” vaulted Mr. Depardieu to fame.

The letter came less than a week after President Emmanuel Macron of France mounted his own staunch defense of Mr. Depardieu and condemned (lên án) a “manhunt” against him, prompting swift shock and bewilderment from French feminists.

In interviews with the media this year, over a dozen women have accused him of groping, harassing or sexually assaulting them and making inappropriate sexual remarks. He has been charged with rape and sexual assault in one case, involving Charlotte Arnould, a French actress.

But the documentary also kicked up a new storm of criticism of the actor because of the previously unseen footage of Mr. Depardieu on a 2018 trip to North Korea, where he had been invited for the country’s 70th anniversary. In it, Mr. Depardieu repeatedly blurts crass comments about women, sometimes to their face, using graphic language to describe their physical appearance and to refer to their genitals and to his own.

In the documentary, Mr. Depardieu uses explicit sexual language (ngôn ngữ tình dục rõ ràng) about a girl, who the documentary says is about 10 years old, riding a horse. Mr. Depardieu’s family had accused the documentary of misleadingly editing (tài liệu biên tập sai lệch) that specific scene, but France Télévisions said last week that there was “no doubt and no ambiguity” about the images and that they were authenticated by an expert review of the raw footage.

source: nytimes,

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