Tiệm hớt tóc khỏa thân ngày càng phổ biến ở Brazil

Beards (râu), hair (tóc), moustaches (ria mép) and not a piece of clothing in sight. It’s a concept that some Brazilian barbershops and salons are now offering their customers, where you can get your hair done while wearing nothing but your birthday suit (bộ đồ sinh nhật). According to its supporters, this isn’t just a fad (ham mê) – it’s a quiet, laid-back alternative (sự thay thế thoải mái) to the macho atmosphere of typical male grooming spaces (nơi cắt tóc nam).

To the best of my knowledge, there are currently four nudist hair salons (tiệm tóc theo chủ nghĩa khỏa thân) spread across the country, each with their own distinct style (phong cách riêng biệt). Barbearia Naturista in Fortaleza, the first to open in Brazil, according to founder Rodney Araujo, 29; Studio Motta and Barbeiro Itinerante in São Paulo; and Spa Naturista in Rio de Janeiro.

Araujo lives in Fortaleza, the capital of the Ceara state in northeastern Brazil and one of the hottest regions in the country. He opened his place back in 2021 and claims to be the only officially registered nudist business (doanh nghiệp khỏa thân được đăng ký chính thức) in the country. “A lot of businesses are trying to copy our name to get more clients, but they’re not associated with us,” he explains. With eight employees offering multiple services, the male beauty salon offers a range of treatments.

To Araujo, the point of the salon is to spread the practice of nudism far beyond beaches and campsites and into urban spaces. Due to high demand, his salon’s opening hours stretch to 2AM every night. “I wanted to encourage men to take care of their bodies (cơ thể) and souls (linh hồn),” he says, “by showing a form of internal beauty (vẻ đẹp nội tâm) that few get to see.”

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