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chủ trang trại ở Wyoming bị buộc tội tẩy trắng hình dương vật trên bò của hàng xóm...
Accused of bleaching (tẩy) images of male genitalia (cơ quan sinh dục nam) and other markings onto their neighbor’s cows, a Crook County father and son are now facing felony-level property destruction charges (tội hủy hoại tài sản cấp trọng tội).

Two criminal complaints filed last month in the Sundance Circuit Court allege that Patrick Sean Carroll, who is 66 this year, and his son Tucker Kye Carroll, who is 34 this year, funneled 189 heifers (bò cái) and six bulls (bò đực) into a chute (cái máng) and bleach-dyed them to get a neighbor’s attention after three years of having the cattle cross onto their land.

Some of the heifers had penis shapes bleached onto their bodies, according to an evidentiary affidavit (bản khai có bằng chứng) written by Crook County Sheriff’s Deputy Alex Jessen.

The Crook County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint June 21 from the cattle’s owner, Philip Habeck, saying his neighbor had “bleached” some of his yearling heifers.

The day before, Habeck’s ranch hand had noticed that some cattle got out of their pasture (đồng cỏ) and went over to Sean Carroll’s land. Another hand came to help her get them back in, but they couldn’t find them, the affidavit says.

Later that evening the ranch hand and her dad went to Carroll’s corrals, and there they found Habeck’s cattle in the corral (bãi quây). Sean Carroll was “marking” the cows with bleach while two other men helped push the cattle through the alley and into a chute, the document claims, adding that the bleach is a common peroxide mixture (hỗn hợp peroxit) used to mark cattle for “various reasons.”

The ranch hand’s father witnessed the bleaching, the affidavit says.

“This has been coming for three years,”

source: cowboystatedaily,

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