Cháy xưởng in quần áo ở Philippines, ít nhất 15 người thiệt mạng

ko rõ an toàn pccc ra sao, chủ xưởng/chủ nhà cũng chết, 44 tuổi

vụ cháy thảm khốc nhất ở đất nước này gần đây là vụ cháy hộp đêm năm 1996 ở thành phố Quezon, khiến 162 người chết, chủ yếu là học sinh, sinh viên tiệc tùng vì mới xong tốt nghiệp...
A fire in a house that was being used as a T-shirt printing shop in the Philippines killed at least 15 people on Thursday, including its workers, the business owner (chủ xưởng/chủ nhà) and his family members, officials said.

...When the fire alarm was triggered (kích hoạt), 37 fire engines were sent to the site of the blaze (vụ cháy), The fire was extinguished (dập tắt) two hours later,

Among the dead were workers at the shop, including quality checkers, printing staff and a driver, many of whom lived in the house and were in their 20s, the police said. The business owner, Michael Cavilte, was 44.

...The cause of the fire was being investigated (điều tra). The authorities are also looking into any possible violations of the building code, fire code (quy định phòng cháy chữa cháy), occupancy permit (giấy phép cư trú) and other regulations, according to Quezon City officials. It was unclear if Mr. Cavilte, the owner, had a permit to operate the business at the house, Chief Ragundiaz said.

Past deadly fires around Manila have raised questions about whether safety standards (tiêu chuẩn an toàn) were being adhered to. A 2015 fire in a slipper factory (nhà máy sản xuất dép) in Valenzuela, a suburban city north of Manila, killed at least 72 people. A 2001 fire at a hotel in Quezon City killed at least 75.

The worst fire in the country’s recent history killed 162 people in a nightclub in Quezon City in 1996 — mostly students who were attending high school and college graduation parties.

source: nytimes,

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