Paris Ritz tìm thấy chiếc nhẫn trị giá 750.000 euro bị mất trong túi máy hút bụi


The questions began swirling (lan truyền) soon after police were notified (thông báo) that a €750,000 (£644,000) ring had gone missing (biến mất) from the Ritz hotel (khách sạn) in Paris. Was it a meticulously planned (lên kế hoạch tỉ mỉ) and targeted (có chủ đích) robbery (vụ cướp)? An act of carelessness (bất cẩn)? Or simply a quick swipe (cú vuốt nhanh (của sự trộm cắp)), carried out when the opportunity (thời cơ; cơ hội) presented itself?

Two days after a Malaysian guest at the hotel reported (báo cáo) the missing diamond ring (nhẫn kim cương) to police, the hotel proffered an answer (đưa ra câu trả lời), albeit less exciting than many of the theories (giải thuyết) that had circulated (lan truyền) online: the hotel said security (an ninh) had found the ring in the bag of a vacuum cleaner (máy hút bụi).

The newspaper (tờ báo) Le Parisien hinted that the admission (sự thú nhận) had not been enough to dispel all doubts (xua tan mọi nghi ngờ) about exactly what transpired (đã xảy ra), but the hotel said its client (khách hàng) was delighted (vui mừng) by the news.

The client, described only as a Malaysian businesswoman (nữ doanh nhân), told police that she had left the ring on a table on Friday while she went window shopping (đi ngó lòng vòng ở các cửa hàng bán đồ) in the city for a few hours. When she returned to the room, the ring was gone, she said.

A day after she filed the complaint (nộp đơn khiếu nại), the hotel said it was still exploring (điều tra) all leads (manh mối). Police had arrived to investigate (điều tra), and prosecutors (công tố viên) stood ready to take the case on if suspicions (nghi ngờ) pointed to a top-tier burglar (tên trộm). “We’re talking about a colossal loss (mất mát to lớn),” a source with the city’s public prosecutor told Le Parisien.

It would not have been the first time that the celebrated hotel (khách sạn có tiếng) in Place Vendôme had been hit (tấn công). An unnamed member (thành viên giấu tên) of the Saudi royal family (hoàng gia) reported the theft of jewellery (vụ trộm đồ trang sức) worth about €800,000 from her suite (phòng) in 2018, and months earlier five armed men made off (thực hiện việc lấy đi) with jewels worth more than €4m from display windows (cửa sổ trưng bày) inside the hotel.

source: theguardian,

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