Huy chương Olympic ở Paris sẽ chứa một phần của tháp Eiffel

tất cả những người giành huy chương vàng, bạc và đồng tại Thế vận hội Olympic mùa hè ở Paris cũng sẽ mang về nhà một phần mang tính biểu tượng của thành phố

The Olympic and Paralympic medalists (người đoạt huy chương) this summer will not only get to take a piece of Paris home in their hearts, but they’ll also be taking a literal piece of the city home around their necks.

On Thursday, organizers of the Paris Summer Games unveiled the gold, silver and bronze medals that will each showcase a hexagonal piece of the original wrought iron (sắt rèn nguyên bản) used to build Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower 135 years ago. The emblem will be the unique identifier of a Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic medal.

The unique iron portion of the Olympic medals was taken from bits of the tower that had been previously removed during various renovations and kept preserved in storage, Joachim Roncin, head of design at the Paris Games organizing committee (ủy ban), said according to the Associated Press.

The 330-meter monument was designed in 1889 for the World’s Fair by Gustav Eiffel, after whom the tower was named. It stood proudly over Paris as they hosted two other Olympic Games, the last one exactly 100 years ago.

The 20-year tradition of Greek embellishments are still proudly included in the medals’ designs. Nike – the Greek goddess of victory – and the Athens Acropolis will be featured on the other side of the medals to represent the history of the Games.

However, this year will also include an engraved image of the Eiffel Tower as a nod to the Olympics being held in France, if the chunk of iron on the front wasn’t enough of an identifier!

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