David Copperfield lên kế hoạch khiến mặt trăng biến mất trong màn trình diễn hoành tráng sau 30 năm chuẩn bị

David Copperfield is taking his powers of illusion to the stars.

In an interview with "Today," the magician announced the plans for his latest stunt.

"I’m going to make the moon disappear," he said.

"It’s taken 30 years of work, that’s literally 30 years of our lives to develop it," he said. "And there’s multiple methods to make it work, and I’m collaborating with Save the Children, an amazing organization to show the world the difference one person can make."

He continued, "If one person can make the moon disappear from the sky, imagine how together we can make poverty and hunger and danger disappear for our children on Earth."

The illusion is set to take place in February 2024, and rehearsals are already underway.

"They’re going well," Copperfield said. "In fact, I’ve been testing them the past few months and people have reported seeing strange things in the sky at night all around the country."

source: foxnews,

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