Manh mối Covid từ Trung Quốc bị bỏ qua trong năm 2019

New documents (tài liệu) indicate that Chinese scientists sent eight pages of the coronavirus’s genetic code (tám trang mã di truyền của virus corona) to a U.S. genetic data repository (kho dữ liệu di truyền) in late December 2019. The information was revealed for the first time in documents released this week by House Republicans investigating Covid’s origins (nguồn gốc).

The U.S.-run repository (kho lưu trữ), designed to help scientists share run-of-the-mill data (chia sẻ dữ liệu thông thường), never added the submission to its database. Instead, it asked the Chinese scientists to resubmit the genetic code with more details, a request that went unanswered. The virus’s code was made public two weeks later by a separate pair of virologists (nhà vi-rút học), setting off a frantic (điên cuồng) global effort to save lives by building tests and vaccines.

source: nytimes,

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