"Under the weather" nghĩa là gì?

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'Under the weather' (shared via VOA) có từ under là ở dưới, và weather là thời tiết. 'Under the weather' được dùng để chỉ tình trạng không được khỏe mạnh, có lẽ do thời tiết gây ra.

Ví dụ
She was sufficiently under the weather to have to pull out of the championship.
I feel sick, have a painful headache and feel a bit under the weather, but I know that if I push myself and get out of bed I will feel better.
And every time I go for a stroll by the river when I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I come back home wondering why I felt so poorly in the first place.

John called and said he’s under the weather (bị ốm) and can’t make it (không đến họp được). He’s got something that will go away soon, like a cold or a headache.

Do you often feel under the weather (mệt mỏi đau yếu)? Try Vi-tabs, the extra strength (cực mạnh) vitamins that help keep your body strong (cường tráng) and healthy. Stay well, stay active (năng hoạt động), try Vi-tabs today.

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