"Get in the swing of things" nghĩa là gì?

Jogging in morning light. Photo courtesy Hartwig HKD.

'To get in the swing' (of something) nghĩa là thích nghi với một thói thường (to join in with people and their activities; to become more social and up-to-date).

Ví dụ
"I was not even looking for a running group when I found this," he said. "Then I realized that running with a group really does help. I think I'm a far better runner now than I was on my own." Moore has gone from running 5K events to competing in marathons. Gibson said that running in a group can help people get in the swing of things. "A lot of people are intimidated (e sợ) to start running," she said. She explained that the members of Northwest Houston Runners don't judge others by the shape they are in or the pace they keep on the trails.

Now that we’ve successfully broken through those workout comfort zones and set attainable (có thể đạt được) health and wellness goals (don’t dare call them resolutions!) for 2015, it’s time to start developing a regular fitness regime that will not only get you where you want to be physically, but will also be enjoyable. Maybe even fun once you get in the swing of things?

New gym lets golfers get in the swing of things: If you’re a golfer, you’re already thinking about the Masters, your first round, and you probably have the putter (gậy ngắn đánh gôn) out and are rolling golf balls across your living room carpet. A new business that opened earlier this month in Keene, and celebrates with a grand opening today, can help you to get ready for golf, or to simply improve your fitness.

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