"Cool his heels" nghĩa là gì?

Lots of legs. Photo courtesy Monique Broekhuisen.

'Cool one's heels' = 'kick one's heels' nghĩa là đứng chờ mỏi gối (to wait, especially impatiently or restlessly).

Ví dụ
Court asks Madan Mitra to cool his heels at home.

It means the 21-year-old defender will have to cool his heels a little longer before getting games at a League One or Two club.

A Los Angeles judge had planned to have Mr. Polanski “cool his heels in jail” if he returned to the United States by delaying a ruling on a proposed deal under which the judge would limit his sentence to 42 days served by the filmmaker in 1977-78.

Morgan wouldn’t haggle and presented his bids for foreign exchange on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. He had a way of letting people cool their heels and knew all the silent tricks of authority.

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