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Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Come clean" nghĩa là gì?

Say what you like, the guy has a sense of humor. Photo courtesy hi-lo.

'Come clean' nghĩa là thú nhận, nói hết, thường về điều gì đó tồi tệ, xấu xa mà bạn cố gắng giấu kín, giữ bí mật (to be honest with somebody about something, to tell the truth, often about something bad that you have been trying to keep a secret).

Ví dụ
Currency firm 4X wants banks to come clean on rates. Last year saw massive fines imposed (áp đặt) on banks by UK and US regulators, after foreign exchange rate rigging (lừa đảo) came to the fore. Helen Scott, managing director of 4X Currency Corporation, told The Yorkshire Post that businesses and consumers are paying thousands of pounds in opaque (tối tăm, không rõ ràng) fees and charges...

Government urged to come clean over decision to cut benefits of mentally ill man Tim Salter who killed himself. Tim Salter, 53, who was agoraphobic (người sợ khoảng rộng) and had previously attempted suicide, was found dead in his home in Stourbridge in 2013 by his sister, Linda Cooksey. He had no food, no money in the bank and his housing association was threatening to evict him. Now Ms Cooksey has asked the Government to reveal the findings of its review of the decision to declare him fit for work...

Labour has been challenged to come clean over £21 billion-worth of spending plans in their first year of Government if the party wins May’s general election. The plans would result in economic chaos (hỗn loạn) with £20.7 billion of unfunded spending commitments (cam kết) in only the first 12 months of a new Labour Government, George Osborne said.

For more than a year, I had tried to address the threat from Saddam Hussein without war. We had rallied (tập hợp) an international coalition (liên minh) to pressure him to come clean about his weapons of mass destruction programs (vũ khí hủy diệt hàng loạt).

Phạm Hạnh

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