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Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Put (all) your cards on the table" nghĩa là gì?

Chinese seniors playing cards. Photo courtesy Soctech.

'Put (all) your cards on the table' = lay your cards on the table (đặt hết quân bài lên mặt bàn), nghĩa là giải thích những gì bạn biết hay nghĩ một cách thành thật.

Ví dụ
The FCC should lay its net neutrality cards on the table: Ajit Pai, one of two oft-ignored Republicans on the five-member Federal Communications Commission, could be rolled again later this month if the FCC adopts a tough new set of rules to preserve net neutrality. So Pai, who opposes the whole idea of neutrality rules, has spent the last several days denouncing the plan as oppressive regulation that will strike broadband dead.

In the quad category, Rafał Sonik finally tasted glory in his sixth Dakar start, following four top 5 finishes. The Pole hit the ground running, but he spent a big chunk of the rally battling Ignacio Casale, who was determined to make it two in a row after his brilliant victory in 2014 —Chile's first at the Dakar. Casale won the first two stages and put his cards on the table, locked in a fierce battle with Sonik until a mechanical problem in stage 10 sent him home.

In a feature that has become a hallmark of the pre-shutdown activity surrounding Megaupload, the Hong Kong restraining order was made ex parte (một bên, một phía), meaning that the defendants (bị đơn) in the case were not allowed to put their side of the story. Dotcom’s lawyers say that in such circumstances the prosecution is under obligation to exercise additional caution. “Did the secretary for justice put his cards on the table face up? This application is a clear example of the duty either being ignored or simply misunderstood,” McCoy said.

Phạm Hạnh

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