Nữ nhân viên khát tình sáng làm ngân hàng, tối bán dâm

Ngân hàng trung ương Hà Lan mới đây đã sa thải một nữ nhân viên cao cấp do phát hiện người này tranh thủ "kiếm thêm" bằng nghề gái gọi do... không trung thực trong nghề nghiệp, có thêm thu nhập mà không khai và đóng thuế :)
Just when it seemed the image of bankers couldn’t get any more battered or bizarre, the Dutch central bank has fired a 46-year-old female employee claimed to have been working after hours as a highly paid prostitute – specialising in sadomasochism (chứng ác-thống dâm (đạt được sự thỏa mãn về tình dục bằng cách gây đau đớn cho chính mình và cho người kia cùng một lúc hoặc luân phiên).

The woman, who had been with the central bank for eight years and had allegedly worked previously with both ABN-AMRO and ING Bank, had allegedly been offering her services under the name “Conchita van der Waal”, advertising under the motto: “the kinkier the better”.

Ms van der Waal also offered to engage in sexual role play, according to the Dutch-language business magazine, Quote, which said one of the roles in which she was photographed online was that of an SS commandant.

...More broadly, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, so she is in the clear from that point of view. However, sex workers are expected to register with their local chamber of commerce, have a VAT number, and pay income tax, none of which Ms van der Waal appears to have done – leaving herself open to possible legal action for back taxes.

Unfortunately for Ms van der Waal, she appears to have set out her charges, starting at €450 an hour and including her rate for a “wonderful weekend”, on her personal website...

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