Journey in Life: 03/19/16

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Khi phụ nữ lái xe thì ra sao?

uống rượu say, định đỗ xe bên đường thành đâm vào quán ăn luôn, cảnh sát đến thấy cô nàng định bỏ chạy, hóa ra còn... không cả mặc quần :)

The 44-year-old woman from Crestview, about an hour east of Pensacola in the panhandle, attempted to flee the scene after crashing into the restaurant.

She was trying to park when she instead drove over the curb (lề đường) and into the Waffle House wall and windows.

Two Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies reported to the crash, where they discovered that the woman wasn’t wearing pants (quần) and couldn’t stand without help.

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