"Not before time" nghĩa là gì?

Tait’s Clock Tower In Limerick, Ireland. Photo courtesy William Murphy.

'Not before time' nghĩa là câu bạn nói khi ai đó kể cho bạn chuyện gì đã xảy ra, mà theo bạn điều đó phải xảy ra từ lâu trước đó rồi (something that you say when someone tells you about something which has happened, in order to show that you think it should have happened a long time ago); lẽ ra phải sớm hơn.

Ví dụ
Increasingly, our marketing partners are also stepping up to the mark, and not before time.

Ireland has worked hard to tighten up drink-driving laws in recent years, and it's not before time.

Mental health is finally being recognised as a legitimate topic of conversation in New Zealand, and not before time.

Not before time, Spain is now consuming more sherry than the UK — most of it the pale, dry, super-refreshing styles known as Fino and Manzanilla — while the relatively static UK market for sherry is still, regrettably in my view, dominated by the sweet cream and pale cream styles that are easiest to make and too often the dreariest to drink.

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