Journey in Life: Chàng trai bồi bàn nổi tiếng

Friday, December 22, 2017

Chàng trai bồi bàn nổi tiếng

vì đứng thứ 17 ở cuộc đua marathon quốc tế new york,

anh là người bộ tộc maasai ở kenya, nơi anh thường chạy trên đường đất gồ ghề, bãi dung nham, nhìn anh chạy chỉ có ngựa vằn, hươu cao cổ, sư tử cái..., trên độ cao 1.200m

thì chạy trên đường phố new york, ở độ cao mực nước biển, ngắm anh có các thiếu nữ trẻ đẹp... (đối với anh) là điều quá dễ dàng ;)

the best story of the 2017 New York marathon is the third Kenyan who crossed the finish line in seventeenth place.

...One of the old Maasai traditions was for the young warriors to prove their manhood (tuổi trưởng thành, dũng khí, lòng can đảm, tính cương nghị) by killing a lion, armed only with a spear. In 21st century Africa’s lion population are in severe trouble so this old tradition is incompatible with conservation and ecotourism.

To allow Maasai youth to demonstrate their physical prowess in a different way than killing lions, MWCT and other local organisations initiated Maasai Olympics that includes events in running and spear throwing (ném lao).

...In a place where any job is much sought after, John eagerly accepted the offer. Immediately, he learned the finer points of being a waiter and quickly became an attentive, always smiling presence around the lodge dining table. A knife out of alignment immediately straightened; a glass emptied, a refill on hand.

...Over the next months John worked at his job and trained on his own schedule as time allowed. His runs take him along rough tracks, over lava fields, and along wild animal pathways across the bush. His lone figure may be watched by zebras, buffalos, giraffes, and even lions.

For John, the paved streets of New York are an easy surface and, used to running at about 4000 feet, the sea level altitude of New York feels like drinking oxygen. As the miles went by, thousands of other runners saw the soles of John’s running shoes as he passed them, seemingly effortlessly. As he ran on, the crowds began to notice the young African runner with the 19568 number moving inexorably onward. At the finish line, John had clocked 2 hours 23 minutes and 40 seconds and placed a miraculous 17th overall.

On his second marathon, John had challenged the best in the World and become a quiet hero for the Maasai, for MWCT, for Kenya, and for conservation.

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